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An Educational Catalog of English Resources
Arts & Letters Daily - Ideas - Criticism - Debate
English Association: Links & Resources>Gateways
FOREIGN LANGUAGES: Translations & Translators
Medium – Where Words Matter: Explore Best Topics
The Memory Project:
Portraits of Kindness on Vimeo
Art teachers and their students create portraits for youth
around the world who have faced substantial challenges;
neglect, abuse, loss of parents, violence, and extreme poverty.


* Bartleby.com: Great Books Online
  Combines the best of both contemporary and classic reference works.
Children's Library
Internet Archive: Wayback Machine,
free books, texts, download and streaming.
* Education Publications & Online Books
Tumblebooks - Read | Watch | Learn
    Curated database of children’s e-books, available by subscription
    to Elementary Schools and Public Libraries around the world.

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American Heritage Dictionary - Search
* definr - incredibly fast dictionary
Dictionary & Thesaurus - Merriam-Webster Online
  - Visual Dictionary Online
* Dictionary of American Regional English
  All-in-one dictionary search tool for hundreds of dictionaries
English Literature Dictionary and Glossary for Students
Luminarium: Anthology of English Literature

Forvo: The Pronunciation Guide
  All the words in the world pronounced by native speakers
* Free Dictionary: Online Dictionary, Encyclopedia and Thesaurus
  English, medical, legal, financial, and computer dictionaries, thesaurus,
  acronyms, encyclopedia, literature reference library and search engine.

  Encyclopedia, almanac, atlas, biographies, dictionary and thesaurus.
LEXILOGOS Online Dictionaries
  Languages and countries.

Linguist List: Ask A Linguist
Place where anyone interested in language or linguistics can ask a question
  and, if approved, get responses from a panel of professional linguists.
Linguistic Society of America | Advancing the Scientific Study of Language
List of Online Dictionaries
  - Wiktionary
    Free dictionary.

  Free online dictionary and thesaurus, with combined index
  of external definitions, audio, and etymology.
* Multilingual Dictionaries
  Includes thesaurus, glossaries, abbreviations and synonyms.
* OneLook® Dictionaries
  Meta search of over 1040 plus online indexed dictionaries.
  Find the definition or spelling of more than twelve million words.
Oxford Dictionaries
: Oxford English Dictionary: Definition of Genealogy
  English dictionaries and language references
Oxford Dictionary of National Biography
  - Oxford Language Dictionaries Online
  - Oxford Reference

* Phrase Finder
  Meanings and origins of phrases, sayings, clichés and quotes.
* RhymeZone - Rhyming Dictionary and Thesaurus
  Write poetry, song lyrics, greeting cards, witticisms and more.
Thinkmap Visual Thesaurus
  Online thesaurus and dictionary using an interactive map.

Visuwords™ Online Graphical Dictionary
* WebFinance, Inc.
  Reliable, high-quality and easy-to-use reference material.
* Word Associations Network
  Opportunity to lookup associations with a given word.
* WordNet
nline lexical reference system, with English nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs
  organized into synonym sets, each representing one underlying lexical concept.
  Different relations link the synonym sets.
  Ongoing project devoted to discovering all the words and everything about them.
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English Studies

* Advanced English Lessons [englishpage.com]

  Learn English using in-depth English tutorials
  featuring dozens of interactive exercises.
Articles - English Wikipedia
* Cambridge English: Young Learners | Cambridge English
  Cambridge English exams are accepted by over 20,000 universities,
  employers and governments around the world.
Corpus Linguistics

Samples (corpora) or "real world" text corpus.
IMS Open Corpus Workbench: Important Links
    - Sketch Engine: SketchEngine
Word Frequency Lists & Dictionary
      Corpus of contemporary American English
        45-425 million words each: free online access
* English as a Second or Foreign Language
English & Media Centre
    Providing resources and courses for the teaching of English and media.
  - English-Zone.Com
    English as a second language fun site.  Learn grammar,
    practice English verbs, idioms and spelling conversation.
Free Resources for Teachers | EAL Nexus
    British Council EAL Nexus has the central aim of helping young migrant learners
    access learning and positively engage in schools, in the community and in society,
    thus promoting inter-cultural dialogue and social cohesion.

Interesting Things for ESL/EFL Students
    Fun English study.
International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language

* English Online
  Materials for teaching and learning.
* History of English: History of the English Language
Brief History of English
    - English Club: History of the English Language
    - History of English Language
English 310/410: History of the English Language
    Research Guides at Case Western Reserve University: Kelvin Smith Library

Origin & History of the English Language

* List of Countries by English-Speaking Population
* List of Dialects of the English Language
IDEA International Dialects of English Archive
    Free dialect and accent recordings for the performing arts
North American Accents and Dialects
Accents and Dialects of the United States of America
        - DARE | Dictionary of American Regional English: Search
          - In the News | Dictionary of American Regional English
            Updating The Dictionary of American Regional English,
            which took researchers at the University of Wisconsin,
            forty-nine years to complete. The five volumes document
            dialects in all regions of the United States of America.
          - Index to Volumes I-V | Dictionary of American Regional English
List of Territorial Entities Where English is an Official Language
* Lists of English Words
Official EFSET® English Test
World’s first open-access standardized English test suite.
* Old English:
Old English edition of Wikipedia®
  - Englisc listserv
  - Medieval & Renaissance
Middle English Manuscripts Online
  - Old English
Old English / Anglo-Saxon
  - Old English Links
Ye Olde English Sayings
Speech Accent Archive

Compare and analyze the accents of different English speakers.
Web English Teacher
  K-12 English Language Arts teaching resources: lesson plans, videos,
  e-texts, technology integration, criticism, and classroom activities.
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GRAMMAR and SPELLING: Grammar & Language Courses
English Grammar: English Grammar Blog
  Stay posted when grammar rules change.

Grammar | Net class | EducationGuardian.co.uk
    - Internet Grammar of English
* Grammar, Style, and Usage - Writing Explained
The Writer's Dictionary - Writing Explained
* GrammarBook.com
  Blue Book of grammar and punctuation
Helpful Links
    Grammar, words, writing, translation and business resources.
Grammarly: Free Online Writing Assistant
* Grammarphobia:
Language Links
  Grammar, etymology, linguistics, and usage.

Guide to Grammar & Writing and Grammar & Style
  Sentence level, paragraph level, essay level, forms of communication,
  interactive quizzes and other online resources for writing.
  English grammar, linguistics, composition, writing, essay,
  punctuation, usage and writing style resources.

  - Modern English Grammar
* Road To Grammar
ESL, TESL, EFL, TEFL, TOEFL, grammar and vocabulary practice.
* Spelling it Right - Learn to Spell Confidently

  - After the Deadline
    Check spelling, style, and grammar.
  - SpellCheck.net
    Free online spell checker.
* Verbix
  Conjugate verbs in 100+ languages and grammar.
  Free tips: references, grammar, editing, spelling, design, marketing and typography.
Free Grammar Checker | Grammarly
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LITERATURE: Portal:Literature -
Topic Outline of Literature
Literary Resources on the Net
Index of literary resources available on the web, focusing on those
of interest to scholars.  Searchable and organized by period and topic
Amazon.com: Kinship in Literature History Books
Children's Literature Comprehensive Database
* Children's Literature Links
* Children's Literature Web Guide and Children's Literature Center
  Internet resources related to books for children and young adults.

Classical Studies
Electronic Sources of Information: A Bibliography
English and American Literature
English & Scottish Literature & Language Links
  Links organised by topic, suggested and approved by
  University of Glasgow departmental lecturers and tutors.
* ICDL - International Children's Digital Library
  Making the best in children's literature available online free of charge.
Language Arts - Art, Dance, Music & Theater
* Literary Market Place.com™
Literature Network
  Online classic literature, poems, and quotes; essays and summaries.

Literary Web
NewPages.com: Guide to Literary Links
  News, information, and guides to literary magazines, independent publishers,
  creative writing programs, alternative periodicals, indie bookstores, writing contests.
[OTA] The Oxford Text Archive
  Catalogues, preserves and distributes high-quality digital resources
  for research and teaching.  Texts in more than 25 different languages.

* Pulitzer Prizes
  List of people in journalism, letters, and music whose accomplishments
  enable researchers to trace the historical evolution of their respective
  fields and the development of American society
VoS - Voice of the Shuttle: Literature in English
* VoS - Voice of the Shuttle: Literatures other than English
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READING: Literacy
International Literacy Association: ILA Network Councils & Affiliates
Best Literacy and Language Arts Resources
  Instilling in young learners the importance of reading and writing.
* Get Ready to Read
  Free early learning resources.
* International Literacy Foundation: International Literacy Foundation
* List of Countries by Literacy Rate:
Literacy Rates / Countries of the World
  - Adult Literacy Rate, Population 15+ Years, Both Sexes (%) | Data
    The World Bank Group.
Literacy - Our World In Data
* Literacy.org: Partners
  Research and innovation for a more literate world.
  - Search | Brookings Institution - Literacy
Reading Rockets | Launching Young Readers
* ReadWriteThink
  Highest quality practices and resources in reading and language arts instruction.
* UNESCO: Literacy for All:
Resources on Literacy
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Writing System
* A+ Research & Writing
  High school and college students guide
  to researching and writing a paper.
* Citing Sources
Cyndi's List - Humor & Prose
* Elements of Style
International Writing Centers Association
  - Ultimate Guide to Academic Writing
    100+ Useful Resources, for essays, term papers, dissertation writings, reports
, etc.
    - Harvard College Writing Center
Purdue University's Online Writing Lab
    - University of Richmond Writer's Web
    - Writing Resources - UCLA Graduate Writing Center
* Lists of Writers: Writers and Editors
  Connecting writers and editors with each other, resources, markets, and audiences.
* Online Technical Writing: Online Textbook--Contents
  Used by students in online technical-communication courses worldwide.
* Online Writing Resources
  Comprehensive set of online writing resources for use by students and instructors.
  From writing guides to help with citing sources, you will find that accessing
  these online resources is a quick and easy way to improve your writing.
* State Of Writing:
Choosing a Subject - Developing Your Style
  Grammar and Writing -
Planning for Paragraphs - Writing Resources

  Dictionaries and Thesauruses: Visual Dictionaries;
  Style Guides: Citation Styles, British Style Guides (Different rules from U. S. English);
  Grammar and Punctuation;
  Quotations: Link Collections on Quotations;
  Writing Various Genres: Drama, Poetry, Children's Literature, Technical Writing;
  Foreign Languages - General Resources: Encyclopedia Articles on Languages,
  Texts on Languages, Courses on Foreign Languages,
  Dictionaries, Grammars, & Language Tools, Translation Tools,
  Other Resources on Learning Languages, Link Collections on Foreign Languages;
  [Language Format: Encyclopedia Articles, (Journals), (Dictionaries),
  Courses, (Texts), (Literature), Other Learning Resources, Link Collections
  Arabic - Chinese - English (as a Second Language) - French - German
  Italian - Japanese - Latin - Portuguese - Russian - Spanish
Suite101.de, Suite101.fr, and Suite101.net.
  Online magazine and writers' network.
    - Researching Family Histories in the Middle East
* UNC Writing Center: Handouts - The Writing Center
Write Letters
Free field compiling "fill in the blanks" letter wizard,
  which creates conformity with standard writing rules.
letterexamplehelp - Download Expertly Written Letter Samples
* Writer's Digest
  One-stop shop for information, resources and writing community.
* Writer's Reference
Writers and Editors - Great Search Links
* Writing Systems & Manuscripts
Online Creative Writing Classes

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ART: Portal: Arts
* Art & Architecture Thesaurus® On Line
Art Cyclopedia: The Fine Art Search Engine
Art Museums Around The World
Art on the Web - Boston College
Art - Web Resources
  Research Guides at Cornish College of the Arts.

* ArtLex Art Dictionary
  Terms used in discussing art / visual culture, along with thousands
  of supporting images, pronunciation notes, great quotations & cross-references.
Art(s) & Architecture

  Dictionaries, history, quizzes and resources.
Arts at Home (Toronto, Canada)
  Whether your goal is creation, recreation, learning or appreciation,
  we hope to provide you and your loved ones with meaningful artistic
  experiences across many forms of expression.
* ArtsEdge
  National Arts and Education Information Network.
British Library
  - Art UK
Art Websites - Architecture to Exhibition Venues
  - Art Websites - Exhibitions to Publishers

Digital Library for the Decorative Arts & Material Culture: Resources
Folk Art Society of America: Links
* Google™ Arts & Culture
  Explore stories and collections from around the world.
International Directory of Arts
Mother of All Art & Art History Links Pages
Performing Arts Encyclopedia
  Explore LOC music, theater and dance.
Resources in Art and Architecture on the Web
Theatre & Dance Studies
* Visual and Performing Arts Majors | The Princeton Review
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Art History
"art history" - Google™ Books
Art History Resources on the Web
* arthistoricum.net (arthistoricum.net: Virtual Library for Art): Sitemap
    Provides access to art history websites, such as subject gateways,
    image databases, search engines, or mailing lists.
arthistoricum.net: Partner

* CHArt
  Computers and the history of art group.
* Dictionary of Art Historians
  Historic scholars, museum professionals and academic historians of art.
Getty Union List of Artist Names® Online
* Internet Resources | History of Art | Information Services
* Pulitzer Prizes
  List of people in journalism, letters, and music whose accomplishments
  enable researchers to trace the historical evolution of their respective fields
  and the development of American society.
World Art History Resources
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Language Arts
Federal Registry for Educational Excellence: Language Arts
  Digital teaching and learning resources created and maintained
  by the federal government and public and private organizations.
* National Council of Teachers of English (USA):
Language Arts
College Section
  - Elementary Section
  - Middle Level Section
Secondary Section

* Poetry: Portal:Poetry - Topic Outline of Poetry
All Poetry
    World's largest poetry site; discussion and poem contests.

  - Online Poetry - PoetryTodayOnline.com™
    Thousands of poems and poets, icluding poetry search engine
Classic Poets and Classical Poems
  - Poetry and Literature (Library of Congress)
Poetry Society

  - Poets & Writers, Inc.

Famous Poets and Poems - Read and Enjoy Poetry
Generations of Poetry: The Ezine for Genealogists
    - Poems Only - Love Poems, Inspirational Poems & Quotes
      - LovePoetry: Both Classic Love Poems & Submitted Love Poems
    - Poetry Archive
      - Michelle - Cool
      - Winona Hannah (Quibell) Baker Poetry
    - Poetry Foundation
      Find poems and poets. Discover poetry.

    - poets.org | Academy of American Poets
Ultimate Poetry Resource Guide
  - Princeton Prosody Archive Collection - Versification and Pronunciation
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VISUAL ARTS: Portal:Visual Arts - Topic Outline of the Visual Arts
Design: Category:Design - Topic Outline of Design
  - Aesthetics
Design - Web Resources
* Film: Portal:Film - Topic Outline of Film
Discovering Our History, Telling Our Stories
    Cambridge Community Television
FedFlix : Free Movies : Download & Streaming : Internet Archive
    Directory for film, television, video, and digital media production.
GENIARTS.com: Geniarts.com
  "When a family tree becomes art !"
* Grove Art Online (Oxford Art Online)
  All aspects of the visual arts, ancient to modern.
* HomeSchoolArts
  Visual arts lesson site dedicated to teaching the visual arts.
* Internet ArtResources™
 - Art, artists, galleries and artisans.

* KinderArt®
  Collection of free art lessons and art education information.

* Painting: Topic Outline of Painting
  - Art by Country: Visual Art of the United States
Mormon Art
      - Jon McNaughton: McNaughton Fine Art
  - Artist's Toolkit

    Explore the tools that artists use.

  - Illustration
    - Cartoons:
Cartooning Lessons
        Free online cartooning lessons and cartooning fun.
Peanuts© Collector Club
        Everything related to the world of Peanuts (Cartoons).
      - Toonopedia™
        Toon is a cartoon or cartoon character.

Children's Book Authors Writing Courses
Paint by Numbers
      World's largest poster and print store.

WetCanvas! Cyber Living for Artists
    Each channel provides articles, lessons, discussions, product reviews,
    with "medium-specific" channels, such as oil painting, watercolors,
    sculpture and subject-specific channels, such as landscapes,
    portraiture and wildlife/animal art.
WikiArt.org - Encyclopedia of Painting
* Photography
* Plastic Arts: Plastic Arts
Arts & Crafts: Craft - Topic Outline of Crafts
Arts & Crafts | Michaels Stores and Factory Direct Craft Supply
Craftideas.info - Free Crafts, Ideas, Projects, Patterns & Tutorials and Make-Stuff
      Crafts and hobbies for people who just like to make stuff.
    - CraftStylish®
      Sewing, Knitting, Crochet, Quilting, Paper Crafts, Embroidery, Jewelry Making; Etc.
Etsy - Shop for handmade, vintage, custom, and unique gifts for everyone
Books - Publications: Genealogical Materials
    - How Do I Begin To Document & File Family History?  An Introduction
    - Scrapbooking
  - House - Building - Event - Location Histories
Sculpture: Topic Outline of Sculpture
Textile Art: Portal:Textile Arts
    - Quilting

RIdIM – Association Répertoire International d'Iconographie Musicale
  Worldwide cataloguing and research projects, workshops and conferences
  dealing with visual culture related to music, dance, and the dramatic arts.
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PERFORMING ARTS: Performing Arts Timeline - Topic Outline of Performing Arts

Cyndi's List - Occupations - Entertainment: Fun Stuff & Games
Digital Librarian: Performing Arts
  - Artslynx International Dance Music Visual Arts Theatre Resources (archived)
Internet Resources for Music, Theater & Dance
  Performing Arts Reading Room, Music Division, Library of Congress.
Performing Arts Encyclopedia
    Music, theater and dance at the Library of Congress.

* Juilliard School on the Web: Dance - Drama - Music
* Performing Arts Websites
  British Library help for researchers.
* SIBMAS: Performing Arts Resources -
Research Sites (archived)
  International Association of Libraries, Museums, Archives
  and Documentation Centres of the Performing Arts.
  - International Directory of Performing Arts Collections and Institutions (archived)
    Over 7000 international institutions with material relating to the performing arts
    (theatre, opera, music, ballet, film, circus, radio, television, cabaret, pantomime).
    Not only basic information about the institution is provided, but also information
    about collections found within the institutions.  Access to the Directory is by name
    of institution (local name and English), by name of collections within the institution
    and by location (English name of the city).
Partner Organisations | SIBMAS

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DANCE: Portal:Dance - Topic Outline of Dance
* Cyber Dance
  Ballet and modern
  dance on the net.
Dance Education Web
  Disseminates resources for dance learning in
  diverse educational settings via worldwide links.
Dance - Web Resources

* Hamster Dance
  Humor: Tons of hamsters dancing.

* Voice Of Dance: Where Dance Lives
World DanceSport Federation
HISTORY: History of Dance
* Society of Dance History Scholars
: Resources
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MUSIC: Portal:Music - Music & Games - Music & Lyrics - Topic Outline of Music
Recording and Playing Machines - Sound Matters
* 50 Sites to Download Free Sound Effects for Almost Everything
  - American Radio Archives | Thousand Oaks Library Foundation
ARSC (Association for Recorded Sound Collections)
CCAAA: Co-ordinating Council of Audiovisual Archives Associations
International Association of Sound and Audiovisual Archives
Sound - The British Library
    Sound and video recordings from all over the world.
Art & Music Links | LA Phil
  Music and fine arts organizations worldwide,
  as well as websites of related interest.
Association Européenne des Conservatoires
  European cultural and educational network
  for professional music training.
Bibliography: Online Resources for Music Scholars
  Links to archival collections, online scores and sound recordings;
  article indexes, discographies and bibliographies; scholarly societies;
  musical reference works; and a miscellany of useful websites.
Ethnomusicology - World Music and Links - Society for Ethnomusicology
  Ethnomusicology, folk music and world music.
British Forum for Ethnomusicology
  - International Council for Traditional Music
Society for Ethnomusicology
* Google™ Play: Freeplay Music
  Bring all your songs with you and introduce them to millions more.
  Kick back and enjoy custom radio without rules. Then go ahead
  and listen anywhere, on any device - music is totally under your control.
Grooveshark: Last.fm
  Listen to free music online, Internet radio and MP3 streaming;
argest music catalogue online.
iamic - International Association of Music Information Centres
  - iamic - Members' web sites
IAML | International Association
  of Music Libraries, Archives and Documentation Centres
  - Four Rs of International Music Research
    - Retrospective Index to Music Periodicals
* International Association of Sound and Audiovisual Archives
* International Council for Traditional Music
International Music Council
* International Musicological Society IMS
  - American Musicological Society
    - Doctoral Dissertations in Musicology
    - WWW Sites for Musicologists

  - Composers? Union of Lithuania, Vilnius
  - Croatian Musicological Society
  - Czech and Slovak Music Society
  - Czech Musicological Society
  - Dansk selskab for musikforskning (Danish Musicological Society)
  - Gesellschaft für Musikforschung
  - Israel Musicological Society
  - Koninklijke Vereniging voor Nederlandse Muziekgeschiedenis
    (Royal Society for Music History of The Netherlands)
  - Musicological Society of Australia
  - Musicological Society of Japan
  - Norsk Musikkforskerlag
  - Royal Musical Association
  - Schweizerische Musikforschende Gesellschaft
  - Sociedad Española de Musicología
  - Sociedad Venezolana de Musicología
  - Società Italiana di Musicologia
  - South Africa Society for Research in Music
  - Svenska Samfundet för Musikforskning
  - United Kingdom: Society for Music Analysis

  - Apple - iTunes
    Everything you need to be entertained.
List of Online Music Databases
* mu:zines - Music Magazine Archive
* Music Research Online: Guides at Stanford University
  Essential  Tools to explore Western art music.
* Music Resources on the World Wide Web - Yale
* Music - Subject & Course Guides - UCSB: Websites

Mutopia Project
  Free sheet music for everyone.
Oxford Music Online
  Formerly Grove Music Online; a new gateway for online music resources.
* Public Domain Music
* Resources of Scholarly Societies - Music
* Royal Holloway, University of London | Department of Music

Golden Pages
: Musicology Links
    Links for musicians on the WWW.
Spotify: Spotify | Facebook®
  Legal and
access to a huge library of music for everyone.
* VoS - Voice of the Shuttle: Music
* World Music at RootsWorld
  Magazine of the world's roots and folk music.

HISTORY: Musical Timeline
* Beginner's Guide to Music History
Brief History of Music: An Introduction
Folk Music of England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales and America
Musicology: Music History
* Preservation of Audio Materials
Links | International Association of Sound & Audiovisual Archives [Site Map]

Sound Recordings from All Over the World
Summary of Western Classical Music History
SPECIALTY: Sample Focus | The Easiest Way to Find Free Audio Samples & Sounds.
* Children - Teens - Young Adults: Fun with Music
  Music learning websites for children and families:
Children's Music and Children's Song
    - Children's Music Web
Mama Lisa's World
      Children's songs and nursery rhymes from around the world
  - Introduction to Reading Music
Organ (Music): Pipe Organ - Portal:Pipe Organ
Biographical Dictionary of Organists, Composers for Organ & Organ Builders
Charles-Marie Widor
: Toccata
Young Person's Guide to the Pipe Organ - Google™ Search
Piano on the Net by PianoNanny.com
    Free piano lessons online.
Piano Playing Resources for Theaters and Performances
* Classical:
Portal:Classical Music
  - Classical Music Archives
  - Classical-Music.com
    Official website of BBC Music Magazine.
  - Classical Net™:
Presto Classical
  - History of Classical Music Traditions:
History of Classical Music - Eras
List of Artists | Classical Music Artists
    - Felix Mendelssohn: Elijah (oratorio)
George Frideric Handel: GFHandel.org - Messiah - Other Links
Ludwig van Beethoven: Beethoven Digitally
      - How the Ode to Joy Was Written
      "Brothers!, above the starry canopy, A loving father must dwell . . ."
    Classical music community directory
NAXOS - The World's Leading Classical Music Group
    Classical Music - Streaming Classical Music.
DIAMM | Digital Image Archive of Medieval Music
  Website includes the most complete listing of medieval
  and early modern manuscripts of western polyphony.
* Music Theory: Music Theory
Musicca – Learn Music Theory for Free
  - musictheory.net
    All content on the site is available free of charge and without ads.
Society for Music Theory
teoría - Music Theory Web
* Musical Instruments: Musical Instrument:
Musical Instruments
  - American Musical Instrument Society: Linked Resources
  - List of Musical Instruments
Online Collection Tour | Rhythm! Discovery Center
Orchestras & Ensembles all over the World
* Musicians: Musician
  - Composer: Lists of Composers
    - Classical Composer
Composer Birthdays
  - Conducting: Category:Conductors by Country
Classical Music Conductors
  - Lists of Musicians
  - Musical Ensemble:
Classical Music Ensembles
      - Choir Directory Global
Choirs Worldwide

- ChoralNet: Internet Center for Choral Music™
List of Choir Schools
      - Mormon Tabernacle Choir: The Official Site
Singer: Singing
  - Songweavers™ - The Global Community of Music Makers
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THEATRE: Portal:Theatre
- Topic Outline of Theatre

* Theatre Channel.com
Theatre Historical Society of America (archived)
TheatreLinks (archived)
Theatre Library Association
  - Performing Arts Libraries, Archives & Museums
Theater Web Resources:
Theatre Sites on the Web
* WWW Virtual Library for Theatre & Drama
HISTORY: History of Theatre: TheatreHistory.com
Cinema Treasures: Movie Theaters
Movie Theaters Around The World
* Jack Wolcott's Theatre History on the Web
Music Hall and Theatre Site dedicated to Arthur Lloyd 1839 - 1904: External Links
* Oscar G. Brockett Center for Theatre History and Criticism
Pearson - History of the Theatre, 10/E - Oscar G. Brockett & Franklin J. Hildy
Theatre Historical Society of America: Additional Research Resources
* Carnival
Traveling Carnival
Circus: Circus History Links
  - Circopedia:
    International online circus archive.
  - Circus in America: 1793 - 1940
Circus Skills
  - List of Circuses & Circus Owners
  - thegalloper.com:
    Circus, Entertainer, Fairground & Magic Family History Research (archived)

    Census detail, showmen, travellers, stallholders, equestrians entertainers,
    musicians, actors, van dwellers, shows that appeared on the fairground
    and showmen attending fairs.

* Fair:
World's Fair
  - Dingles Fairground Heritage Centre in Devon: UK and International Links (archived)
List of World's Fairs
  - National Fairground & Circus Archive - The University of Sheffield (UK)
* Festival: Fest300 - The World’s Best Festivals | Everfest
Lists of Festivals (worldwide)
    - USA: Festivals and Events, Festival Vendors, Festival Entertainers

* Opera:
List of Opera Topics - Origins of Opera - Portal:Opera
Aria Database
Collection of information about opera and operatic arias.
History of Opera
  - List of Opera Houses
  - Metropolitan Opera: Metropolitan Opera - Opera Archive
  - Opera Database: Resources - The Opera Database
  - William Shakespeare & the Internet

    - Shakespeare's Globe Archive: Theatres, Players & Performance
* Parade
  - List of Christmas and Holiday Season Parades
* Sideshow
  - Sideshow
    World sideshow pictures and history.
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