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Christmas Spirit Genealogy: The Atonement of Jesus Christ
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons)
The Power of Family History in Missionary Work

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Elder (Apostle) John A. Widtsoe (Church General Authority) has declared:
"Those who give themselves with all their might and main to this work
[of genealogy] receive help from the other side, and not merely in
gathering genealogies.  Whosoever seeks to help those on the
other side receives help in return in all the affairs of life."
Ensign, Feb 1988, page 62
(Utah Genealogical and Historical Magazine, Jul 1931, p. 104.)
[Research Notes:   A careful search of this site will answer the question as to why
Mormons are so interested in everyone's genealogy.  Clearly stated in the Church
Doctrine and Covenants, Section 132,
 "exaltation is gained through the new and
everlasting covenant";   "And verily I say unto you,  that the conditions of this law
are these: All covenants, contracts, bonds, obligations, oaths, vows, performances,
connections,   associations,   or expectations,   that are not made and entered into
and sealed by the Holy Spirit of promise,  of him who is anointed,  both as well for
time and for all eternity, and that too most holy,  by revelation and commandment
through the medium of mine anointed, whom I have appointed on the earth to hold
this power . . . . are of no efficacy, virtue, or force in and after the resurrection from
the dead;   for all contracts that are not made unto this end have an end when men
are dead."
  Thus, all individuals, after this life, return to the post mortal spirit world.
Those without eternal covenants, are restricted in all their interpersonal relationships
that have been experienced on earth, returning back into the presence of God, as His
spirit children, having no valid accomplishments or achievements legally recognized.
Topical Guide: Genealogy and Temple Work
The "Church magazines are essential tools in our gospel teaching program."
(First Presidency Letter, Oct. 2, 1972.)  This fundamental curriculum principle
has been in place for some years and grows in importance as the Church expands
throughout the world.  Church publications (the Ensign, the New Era, the Friend,
and the International Magazines) are referred to as the voices of the Church and
the official line of communication from the First Presidency and the Council of
the Twelve to the members of the Church.  ['For the Perfecting of the Saints':
A Look at Church Curriculum, Ensign, Jan. 1986, pg. 14]  Family History -
Genealogy articles in the Ensign and New Era can be accessed
online at
LDS Magazine Collection.  The Church magazines, including all photos
and illustrations, are available from January 2001 and after in
Adobe® Acrobat® portable document format.

Corpus of LDS General Conference Talks, 1851 to Current (2021)
Allows quick and easy search of talks from General Conference
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons).
What Did Jesus Mean by Many Mansions?
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Family History Topics: Preserving History
Search Church History: Online Resources
The Folded Napkin In Christ’s Tomb After The Resurrection
Is Part Of The
Translated Beings Theology: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Being perfect in this life does not mean being exact, as we all have human frailties.
Being perfect means to acknowledge that The Lord, has given us our
to make us humble. Nevertheless, it is "
our responsibility", at all times, in all places,
and in all conditions, to take whatever necessary action the Lord
inspires us to take,
immediately proceed, and accordingly remove these revealed sins, faults, errors,
from our own lives; having gratitude in our hearts, for being shown the correct way,
and then receiving grace from God, to progress
from grace to grace, by forgiving all
others who ignorantly, willfully
trespass against us, with these same human frailties.
Forgiving all - includes saving deceased ancestors, by doing their LDS temple work.
Thomas Milton Tinney, Sr.
Who's Who In America - genealogical research specialist.
Jesus Christ took upon Himself the sins of all mankind, when He allowed His perfect
body to experience total emotional rejection and subsequent mortal physical death
 [bleeding drops of blood in extreme mental anguish, in the Garden of Gethsemane].
Rebuked: My soul is exceeding sorrowful, even unto death; tarry ye here and watch.

Liahona 2021 (for adults - formerly Ensign)
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Jan 21
Grow into the Principle of Revelation . . . When we couple increased purity
and obedience with fasting, diligent seeking, study of the scriptures and the words
of living prophets, and temple and family history work, the heavens will open.
Jan 21
Enjoying the Later Years . . . Aging has blessed me with: . . .
Interest in family history and temple work.
Jan 21
Recovering from Spiritual Numbness . . . Put in daily effort.
We can also become more sensitive to the Spirit through praying sincerely,
studying the scriptures, partaking of the sacrament, attending the temple,
participating in family history work, listening to spiritual music, ministering,
or however else you feel close to God. The closer we get to Him, the more
we open our hearts to healing spiritual leprosy and feeling the Holy Ghost again.
Jan 21 Could I Honor My Heritage as a Descendant of Lehi?
Feb 21
The Worth of Each Soul . . . Temple and family history work
are important aspects of gathering scattered Israel on both sides of the veil. . . .
“When we gather our family histories and go to the temple on behalf of our ancestors,
God fulfills many of these promised blessings simultaneously on both sides of the veil.
Feb 21
Ministering to Those Who Are Incarcerated . . . Check with local prisons or jails
to see if they need donated items. Reading, crafts like crocheting, art projects,
and family history research are allowed in many facilities.
Australia Local Pages
Feb 21 Pacific Latter-day Saints Share Why Temple Recommends
Are Important to Them . . . In the meantime, we have more time with family
and opportunities to discover names that we can add to TempleReady
and Family File. Yes, my ancestors are waiting, and I know that the time will come
that they too, can enter the holy temple, so I hold a current temple recommend,
the link between me and my ancestors.”
United Kingdom and Ireland Local Pages
Feb 21 FamilySearch—UK and Irish Missionaries
Feb 21 Sister Giles Serves
Feb 21
Career Change even in Uncertainty
Feb 21 RootsTech Connect
Australia Local Pages
Mar 21 This Auckland Young Adult Helped Establish Tonga’s First Public Library . . .
She started weekend English classes, children’s programs, computer
and family history classes, job application skills classes, and even bicycle rentals.
United Kingdom and Ireland Local Pages
Mar 21 Serving the Lord as a Service Missionary
Mar 21
Aylesbury Ward, Watford Stake, Help Youth with Family History
Mar 21 The West Family's 10 Miracles . . . If you ever doubt that the veil is thin
or that there are others across that veil who wish their work done,
let these experiences prove to you that you can be an instrument in their hands.
If you allow yourself to be open to the impressions, the promptings, or urgings,
as a member of this Church or not, the work of Elijah can be accomplished.
Please always live so that you can be a vehicle in the work of redeeming your dead;
so that when you meet them, they will encircle you with their joy and gratitude.
United States and Canada Section
Mar 21 Making Our Homes Media Safe . . . Do family history and temple work.
Apr 21
How does God gather us? . . . Elder Dale G. Renlund of the Quorum
of the Twelve Apostles has taught, “When we gather our family histories
and go to the temple on behalf of our ancestors, God fulfills many . . .
promised blessings simultaneously on both sides of the veil.”
Apr 21
Faith at All Levels of Ability
. . . Bringing Hundreds to the Temple . . .
“The things that I can’t do now I will be able to do later because of the Atonement
of Jesus Christ,” she testified. In the meantime, Sister Nilsson continues to help God
save souls using her talent for family history work. She has researched and helped
complete ordinances for hundreds of people in both her adoptive & biological families.
When hard days come, she reads her patriarchal blessing. It refreshes her faith
and reminds her to view current challenges with an eternal perspective.
Apr 21 Learning from Early Saints: Putting Aside the Cares of the World . . .
Prioritize serving in the temple or doing family history work
United Kingdom and Ireland Local Pages
Apr 21 My ‘One Hundred and Fifty’
Apr 21 New Preston Temple Presidency Begins Service Amid COVID-19 Restrictions
. . . ‘increase [our] participation in family history’
May 21
Virtual Events Create Unity . . . RootsTech Connect
More than a million family history enthusiasts joined the virtual RootsTech
event in February 2021. It was the largest number of participants ever in what
has become the world’s largest family history celebration. RootsTech has facilitated
the development of a virtual learning library that will be available all year long.
Elder Jeffrey R. Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and his wife,
Patricia, were the featured speakers for Family Discovery Day,
which is an annual part of the gathering.
Previous Issues: Liahona [Selected Articles] . . . To Be Continued
January 2020
February 2020
General Conference Notebook
March 2020
April 2020
COVID-19: Messages of Faith
May 2020
June 2020
July 2020
August 2020
General Conference Notebook
September 2020
October 2020
November 2020
November 2020 Let God Prevail . . . For the more than 36 years I’ve been an Apostle,
the doctrine of the gathering of Israel has captured my attention. Everything about it
has intrigued me, including the ministries and names of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob;
their lives and their wives; the covenant God made with them and extended through
their lineage; the dispersion of the twelve tribes; and the numerous prophecies
about the gathering in our day. . . . God changed Jacob’s name to Israel,
meaning  “let God prevail.” God then promised Israel that all the blessings
that had been pronounced upon Abraham’s head would also be his. . . .
When we speak of gathering Israel on both sides of the veil, we are referring, of course,
to missionary, temple, and family history work. We are also referring to building faith
and testimony in the hearts of those with whom we live, work, and serve.
Anytime we do anything that helps anyone—on either side of the veil—
to make and keep their covenants with God, we are helping to gather Israel.
[Research Note: Jesus Christ was a physical descendant of Abraham,
through his earthly mother Mary, and was entitled to this Abrahamic Blessing:
“And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse them that curse thee;
and in thee (that is, in thy Priesthood) and in thy seed (that is, thy Priesthood),
for I give unto thee a promise that this right shall continue in thee,
and in thy seed after thee (that is to say, the literal seed, or the seed of the body)
shall all the families of the earth be blessed, even with the blessings of the Gospel,
which are the blessings of salvation, even of life eternal.” (Abr. 2:8–11.)
A specific example is given in scriptures of how God the Eternal Father,
does not only bless all humanity, but will surely "curse them that curse thee."
(This also reveals that earth's climate changes are directed by mankind's actions,
for or against the House of Israel.) Jesus Christ, the Messiah of All Mankind,
was officially cursed; namely: "Then the high priest rent his clothes, saying,
He hath spoken blasphemy; what further need have we of witnesses?
behold, now ye have heard his blasphemy. What think ye?
They answered and said, He is guilty and worthy of death."
New Testament Revision 2, Page 4 (second numbering) . . .
Following shortly thereafter: "Jesus, when he had cried again
with a loud voice, saying, Father, it is finished; Thy will is done,
yielded up the ghost. And, behold, the veil of the temple was rent in twain
from the top to the bottom; and the earth did quake, and the rocks rent; . . ."
New Testament Revision 2, Page 7 (second numbering)
Thus, the God of Heaven, reversed the sentence back upon the accusers of His
Beloved Son, the Messiah, by first exposing (rent) the Holy of Holies Sanctuary,
desecrated by these blasphemers; after which, the whole earth was convulsed,
as jointly testified by the Book of Mormon, (rocks were rent in twain; they were
broken up upon the face of the whole earth); and multitudes of evil doers destroyed;
and their posterity was crushed, going well beyond the third and fourth generations,
and sorely afflicted. It is astounding to see the Almighty Power of Jehovah in the flesh,
when it is comprehended, that to the very end of His Life, after all of His bleedings,
(massive hemorrhaging from internally damaged blood vessels; with blood dripping
from every pore, so great was His trembling for the wickedness and the abominations
of His people); His excruciating sufferings; yet He had full control over His total soul.]
December 2020
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July 1998 issue missing online.
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July 1997 issue missing online.
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July 1996 issue missing online.
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Jan 1987 issue missing online.
May 1987
Elder Boyd K. Packer: Disciple of the Master Teacher . . . It is obvious,
however, that Donna Packer is a very accomplished woman—skilled homemaker,
talented Church worker, genealogical researcher. A dynamic woman,
she is currently writing a book on the Packer genealogy.
May 1987
The Saints in South Africa
May 1987 . . . To Be Continued.
June 1987
The Missing Book . . . Thanks to this “mistake,” however, I have found
not just one, but more than a hundred names of my German family. Indeed,
the Lord had been helping me all along, even though I had not realized it at first.
July 1987 issue missing online.
Aug 1987 Australia Today: And Now the Harvest . . . If the opening of the temple
suggested a new level of maturity for the Church in Australia,
the following year’s genealogical and temple activity proved it.
Aug 1987 Margaret Lawson: Kununurra’s Solitary Saint . . .
Endowed in the London Temple while on leave, Sister Lawson is 3,200 kilometers
from the Sydney Temple—too far to travel regularly. However, she recently established
Kununurra’s only genealogical society. Her eventual aim: to serve a temple mission
in one of the tropical-climate temples.
Aug 1987
The Book of Mormon Is a Family History for ‘The Jets’
Sep 1987
My Mission across the Centuries . . .
As the patriarch lifted his hands from my head, neither he nor I guessed
that a major part of my patriarchal blessing would be fulfilled so soon
and in such a surprising manner. The very doctrine that had thrilled me
at my conversion two years before—the responsibility of seeking after
my kindred dead—had been specifically mentioned three times in my blessing.
But when I had joined the Church as the only member in my family,
the task of compiling my genealogy had seemed overwhelming.
Oct 1987 This issue is not available for the database.
Nov 1987 This issue is not available for the database.
Dec 1987 This issue is not available for the database.
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Jan 1986 issue missing online.
Feb 1986
Joseph, Example of Excellence . . . Children have always fascinated me.
They are a physical, mental, and emotional blend of two different people,
the combining of two parents into one flesh. Further, the way children take on
the characteristics of their parents intrigues me—their speech mannerisms, gestures,
laughs, attitudes, fashion consciousness, and so on. For this reason genealogy
has also intrigued me. I sometimes wonder how much of my ancestry I still carry in me,
how far back into my genealogical roots I could trace my own mannerisms,
physical attributes, and character traits. How fascinating it would be to have a detailed
written and visual account of each of our ancestors with which to compare ourselves.
. . . Few of us would think of claiming Iraq as an ancestral homeland,
yet that is where our father Abraham was born and reared to early maturity.
Syria remains a foreign country in the minds of many of us, yet our grandmothers
Rebecca and Rachel were born there, as was our grandfather Joseph.
And while our grandfather Joseph claimed Israel as his homeland, his wife,
our grandmother, Asenath, was not only Egyptian, but a daughter of an Egyptian priest.
Ephraim and Manasseh, then were both half-Egyptian. Through our genealogical roots,
most of us are citizens of the world, and whatever happens in the world
often affects those who are our distant cousins.
Mar 1986 issue missing online; however, current Title for Feb Issue, as listed online.
Apr 1986 What I Hope You Would Teach Your Children about the Temple . . .
Elijah brought the keys of sealing powers—that power which seals a man to a woman
and seals their posterity to them endlessly, that which seals their forefathers to them
all the way back to Adam. This is the power and order that Elijah revealed—
that same order of priesthood which God gave to Adam and to all the ancient patriarchs
which followed after him.
Apr 1986
Ready for the Work . . . When we organized a genealogy class,
particularly for a group of nonmembers in town who were doing genealogy as a hobby,
we asked Heavenly Father for help in finding a teacher. He sent us another family;
the wife was a genealogy expert. She agreed to teach the class every Tuesday night.
Apr 1986 Putting Your Talents to Work:
Examples of What Some Missionary Couples Have Done . . .
They were also invited to participate in a television interview and were able to answer
many questions about the Church and about genealogy.
May 1986 issue missing online; however, current Title for Apr Issue, as listed online.
June 1986 A Better Me, A Better Marriage: Developing Emotional Integrity . . .
To learn more about his mother, he did genealogy work and interviewed relatives.
As he listened with compassion to tapes of oral histories, he began to see his mother
as a person, not just as his parent. And he learned to understand her struggles
as she tried to succeed in what she perceived as her role as a wife and mother.
June 1986 An Age of Contrasts: From Adam to Abraham . . . The Bible devotes
only eight chapters to this period (approximately ten pages in modern translations),
and three of those chapters are lists of genealogies, containing the familiar “begats.”
. . . Moses 6 and 8 supplement the genealogies of the Patriarchs by adding information
that is not found in the corresponding narrative in Genesis 5. The most substantial
contribution of this section, however, is the comparatively large amount of material
concerning the great prophet Enoch and his people.
June 1986 Beyond the Veil: Two Latter-day Revelations
June 1986
Grandpa’s Bible
July 1986 issue missing online.
Aug 1986 After Four Hundred Names . . . Mother was soon called to be the stake
genealogy secretary. Whenever a group assigned could not make it, a member
of the temple presidency would call mother to ask if her sons could come
to the temple to do baptisms for the dead.
Aug 1986 Comfort from Beyond the Veil
Aug 1986
George Frideric Handel
Sep 1986 issue missing online; however, current Title for Aug Issue, as listed online.
Oct 1986 President Thomas S. Monson: Always ‘on the Lord’s Errand’ . . .
As a member of the Council of the Twelve for twenty-three years, Brother Monson’s
administrative opportunities have included assignments—and invaluable training—
reaching across the breadth of Latter-day Saint life: missionary work, welfare services,
education, genealogy, home teaching, leadership training, correlation,
curriculum development, priesthood quorum and auxiliary programs—and on and on.
Nov 1986 issue missing online; however, current Title for Oct Issue, as listed online.
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Jan 1985 issue missing online.
Feb 1985 This issue is not available for the database; current Title for Feb-Mar issue.
Apr 1985 Digging into the Book of Mormon: Part 2 . . . The writing system was a vehicle
for carrying sacred significance throughout all aspects of civilized life—commerce,
rulership, “history,” the calendar, astronomy, and such things as warfare, sacrifice,
death, health, destiny, and genealogy.
May 1985 issue missing online; however, current Title for April Issue, as listed online.
June 1985 Working Together in Family Councils . . .
A family council for planning genealogy work will probably be different
from one used to coordinate activities or to establish family rules. . . .
July 1985 issue missing online; however, current Title for June Issue, as listed online.
Aug 1985 My Friend—Far Away and Long Ago . . . My reactions were both embarrassing
and frustrating to me. George had always found genealogical research stimulating,
and I had prayed that the experience would be just as exciting for me.
But the long, cold, stiff hours seemed endless.
Sep 1985 issue missing online; however, current Title for August Issue, as listed online.
Oct 1985 Striving Together: A Conversation with the Relief Society General Presidency
. . . As women, our concern extends beyond ourselves
to the entire mission of the Church. We are concerned
with missionary work and with genealogical and temple work.
Nov 1985 issue missing online; however, current Title for October Issue, as listed online.
Dec 1985
I Found the Heart of Christmas . . .
Like obedient servants my eyes continued reading the genealogy of Jesus,
but my mind was not willing to let the words become thoughts.
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Jan 1984
For Cindy . . . I found a small white journal my mother had kept,
personal letters, and a large chart, yellowed and tattered, with several generations
of family genealogy carefully written by Mother and started by her mother long years
before. . . . Her life and teachings prepared me to receive the fullness of the gospel;
her faith and inspiration guided her to pave the way for me to compile a family history
and complete genealogical and temple work that would unite our family forever.
Jan 1984
The Many Voices: How to Balance the Demands on Your Time
Mar 1984
Instruments of Righteousness . . . I also knew that he could build
all the temples needed, perform all the genealogical research required,
and do all else, single-handedly, letter perfect, and without any wasted motion.
Mar 1984
How Does Jesus Get the Money? . . . It’s sent to Church headquarters
to help with missionary work, with the building of temples and meetinghouses,
with genealogy work, and with other necessary things.
Apr 1984 Genealogy and Temple Work . . . Elder Boyd K. Packer of the Quorum
of the Twelve made the relationship between the two very clear when he said:
“You cannot have regard for temple ordinance work without having great respect
for genealogical work as well. Genealogical work is the fundamental service
for the temples. The temples could not stay open without success
in the genealogical program.”
(The Holy Temple, Salt Lake City: Bookcraft, 1980, p. 224.)
Apr 1984 Please Do My Work . . . Now, in the middle of the night,
here was my great-great-grandfather Wilkie saying to me, “Terry Lynn,
please have my family sealed to me. I want to be with them through eternity.
Please have our temple work done! . . .
Apr 1984 Are there guardian angels?
[Research Note:
Hebrews 1:13-14 KJV . . . 13 But to which of the angels said he
at any time, Sit on my right hand, until I make thine enemies thy footstool?
14 Are they not all ministering spirits, sent forth to minister for them
who shall be heirs of salvation? COMMENTARY: All children under the age
of eight years of age are absolute heirs of salvation, for any child who dies
before the age of eight (8) will enter the Celestial Kingdom of God. All children,
born upon the planet earth are assigned a guardian angel, or, in other words,
are recorded in, and continuously maintained upon the celestial records kept
in heaven. At the age of eight, if then baptized authoritatively, legally and lawfully,
into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, or in all prior administrations
of the true Church of Jesus Christ, from Adam, when its authority was upon the earth;
then, the administrative responsibilities of day to day comforting devolves upon,
or, transfers unto the Firstborn Office of the Holy Ghost, activated by independent
individual reception, worthiness and sanctification efforts, through use of free agency;
by special validating spiritual communication to a person's heart and mind; also, this,
additionally including in person revelation by various divine personages, ministering,
as considered necessary and expedient, through the very Royal Priesthood of God.]

May 1984 issue missing online.
June 1984
News: A Decade of Growth . . . 1982 March 18
Creation of three new Church Executive Councils: The Missionary Executive Council,
the Priesthood Executive Council, and the Temple and Genealogy Executive Council.
                                                                   1978 April 22
Adoption of controlled extraction program in genealogy.
July 1984 How can I keep up with my Church responsibilities? . . .
Suppose you’re a mother of four young children; you also have two Church callings
to magnify, a garden to care for, canning and sewing to do, personal scripture study
and prayer to make part of each day, a desire to help and strengthen a lonely neighbor,
a desire to share the gospel with another neighbor, a need to do genealogical research
and attend the temple regularly, and on and on. What do you do? A prayerful search
may let you know that some responsibilities need to be temporarily limited
when children are small. But when we really desire to serve God, we will find a way.
July 1984
Sprouting the Seed . . . For these missionaries,
training may also be given in the following: . . . Genealogy
Aug 1984 Is it possible to extended ancestral lines to Adam? . . .
In the due time of the Lord we will have our connections back to Adam.
[Research Note: President Joseph Fielding Smith, The Way to Perfection
(Deseret Book, 1949 edition). Excerpts published previously in 1931
by the Utah Genealogical and Historical Magazine; namely,
President Joseph Fielding Smith stated that . . . when the Saints could
“demonstrate [their] faith” and heed the “lesser teachings” would God
keep his promise to restore the sealed records to his people. Meanwhile,
their “faith [was] on trial"; all “the indications point to the fact that our faith
is weak, and therefore we are not prepared to receive these greater revelations
which will come forth when men are sufficiently humbled, prayerful, obedient,
and filled with faith, such as the brother of Jared had.” President Smith additionally
asserted that “this revelation of all the ages cannot come forth until the hearts of men
are prepared to receive it in perfect faith . . . willing to accept all the words of the Lord
without doubts and mental reservations.” (The records of the brother of Jared; i.e.,
the sealed portion of the Book of Mormon plates; the revelations from Christ
to the Lost Tribes, as well as their own written history; etc.)]
Aug 1984
How My Journal Helped in My Conversion
Oct 1984 As a home teacher, what can I do to encourage and involve
my junior companion? . . . 4. Many young men have had good training at home
caring for younger brothers and sisters. If you home teach a family
with small children, perhaps your junior companion could offer to tend
the youngsters (at no charge, of course) while the mother and father
go to the temple or to do genealogy or missionary work.
November 1984 issue missing online.
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Jan 1983 Do we know by revelation that Christ was born on April 6?
[Research Note: +  EASTER TIME - From: Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
JESUS CHRIST: His Historical Validity & Gospel Chronology
"The date of Easter therefore varies between March 22 and April 25.
Eastern Christianity bases its calculations on the Julian Calendar whose
March 21 corresponds, during the 21st century to April 3 in the Gregorian Calendar,
in which calendar their celebration of Easter therefore varies between, April 4 and
May 8." In
D&C 20, a reference is made to "The rise of the Church of Christ in these
last days, being one thousand eight hundred and thirty years since the coming of
our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in the flesh, it being regularly organized and
established agreeable to the laws of our country, by the will and commandments
of God, in the fourth month, and on the sixth day of the month which is called April".
In the Book of Mormon, the first day of the first month would correspond with April 6th.
3 Nephi 2 "And six hundred and nine years had passed away since Lehi left Jerusalem. 
And nine years had passed away from the time when the sign was given, which was
spoken of by the prophets, that Christ should come into the world.  Now the Nephites
began to reckon their time from this period when the sign was given, or from the
coming of Christ; therefore, nine years had passed away."   Continuing,
3 Nephi 8,
"according to our record, and we know our record to be true . . . And it came to pass
in the thirty and fourth year, in the first month, on the fourth day of the month".  The
 Lord Jesus Christ was crucified at the beginning of His 34th year, being 33 years old,
for He hung upon the cross on the fourth day.  "And it came to pass that when the
thunderings, and the lightnings, and the storm, and the tempest, and the quakings
of the earth did cease— for behold, they did last for about the space of three hours."
These written events validate testimony in
Luke 23  "And it was about the sixth hour,
and there was a darkness over all the earth until the ninth hour. And the sun was
darkened, and the veil of the temple was rent in the midst."  Jesus, who was
on April 6th, lived 33 years, and was crucified on the 9th of April, in His 34th year.
The Son of Man (
Messiah) gave witness as risen from the dead, within three days.
The Works of Josephus -
Complete and Unabridged, New Updated Edition, 1987;
from section:
The Antiquities of the Jews, Book 18, Chapter 3, page 480, verse 3.
(63), "Now there was about this time Jesus, a wise man, if it be lawful to call
him a man, for he was a doer of wonderful works - a teacher of such men
as receive the truth with pleasure.  He drew over to him both many of the
Jews, and many of the Gentiles.  He was [the] Christ; (64) and when Pilate,
at the suggestion of the principal men amongst us, had condemned him
to the cross {b}   A.D. 33. April 3., those that loved him at the first did not
forsake him, for he appeared to them alive again the third day
{c}   April 5., as the divine prophets had foretold these and ten
thousand other wonderful things concerning him; and the tribe
of Christians, so named from him, are not extinct at this day."
Jan 1983
The Secret of Cebu . . . Even though a lot of municipal records were destroyed
during the war, the Misaluchas have almost completed their four-generation genealogy
charts, and they keep looking for additional information. Bennette remembers going
to a cemetery to gather names and dates from tombstones, and Benjeline and Benson
are proud of their Books of Remembrance. Belenda keeps a regular personal journal.
Mar 1983 Always Teaching … . . .
Elder Kimball had requested and been permitted to take time to do some genealogical
research on the actual location of the birthplace of his grandfather, Heber C. Kimball.
While it had generally been concluded that Heber C. Kimball was born
in Sheldon, Vermont, Elder Kimball wanted conclusive proof.
He also wanted to check for other genealogical information.
Apr 1983
Elijah and the Power of God
May 1983 issue missing online.
June 1983
The People Have Given Me a New Heart . . . According to guidelines
from the First Presidency, sister missionaries may be involved in leadership
and member training, welfare services, visitors centers, public relations,
mission office staffs, Church education, and genealogy and temple work.
July 1983
Commitment and Dedication . . .
You are probably acquainted with the following illustration from the life of Nephi.
When his father asked his older brothers to go up to Jerusalem to get the brass plates
which contained their genealogy, they whined and whimpered. But Nephi said,
“I will go and do the things which the Lord hath commanded, for I know that the Lord
giveth no commandments unto the children of men, save he shall prepare a way …
that they may accomplish the thing which he commandeth them.” (1 Ne. 3:7.)
Aug 1983
Life Sketches Boost Quorum Brotherhood . . .
President Cowart firmly believes that the success of the procedure hinges
on the extensive time period given for each quorum member to tell his life story.
“It’s been good,” he says, “because nobody has just stood up and said where
he’s from and how many there are in his family. When they have twenty minutes
to talk, they can’t help but share meaningful experiences with us.”
Aug 1983 A Change of Opinion . . . Both sisters are active in their callings
and have done genealogy that has allowed them to accomplish temple ordinances
for several hundred ancestors.
Aug 1983
Friend to Friend . . .
Elder Hunter has served as president of the Polynesian Cultural Center in Hawaii,
as president of the Church Genealogical Society, as a bishop, and as a stake president.
. . . Elder Hunter related an experience he had during the time he served as president
of the Genealogical Society: “I went to see President McKay one day after a computer
representative told me that his company had developed a cylinder that would hold
a billion bits of information. I was excited! This was a break-through for genealogical
record keeping. As I told President McKay about it, I said, ‘Isn’t that marvelous?’
He replied, ‘What’s marvelous about that? You haven’t had use for it before, have you?’
I replied, ‘No, we are just at that point now.’ And he said, ‘Well, that’s the reason
the Lord has provided it now. ’”Because Elder Hunter kept diaries as a boy
and has continued to do so throughout his life, he urges all the children of the world
to do the same. “Even if you don’t think you do anything important, write down what
you do every day. Nothing is too unimportant to go into your daily journal. Encourage
your family to keep a journal also. They are treasured records"
Aug 1983
My Journal . . . It was something he had heard the prophet,
President Spencer W. Kimball, talk about many times during general conferences.
That something was keeping a daily journal.
Sep 1983
Questions and Answers . . . Only when families welcome home teachers
and rely upon their assistance in time of need can they really fulfill their priesthood role.
. . . They assist families in fulfilling their missionary, genealogical, preparedness,
and other responsibilities.
Sep 1983
Through the Veil . . . When they mentioned temples, genealogy work,
and vicarious work for the dead, a voice rang in my ears, Grandpa’s voice,
and I heard again the solemn charge that he had given me.
Sep 1983 Sharing Time: The Miraculous Story of Elijah! . . . 10. On April 3, 1836,
Elijah came to Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery in the Kirtland Temple in Ohio.
Because the prophecy of Malachi was fulfilled, families can now be sealed for eternity,
and genealogy and temple work is done for the dead.
November 1983 issue missing online.
Dec 1983
Revelation . . . In other circumstances, needed information is communicated
by the quiet whisperings of the Spirit. . . . an adult has a problem at work, at home,
or in genealogical research, prays, and is led to the information necessary to resolve it;
a church leader prays to know who the Lord would have him call to fill a position,
and the Spirit whispers a name. In all of these examples—familiar to each of us—
the Holy Ghost acts in his office as a teacher and revelator, communicating information
and truths for the edification and guidance of the recipient.
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June 1982
Questions and Answers Q. What did the Israelites do relating to genealogy,
welfare, missionary work, and the family—the four major emphasis of our day?
What was religion for them? . . .
Record keeping was a permanent part of Israel’s life-style. Beginning with Adam
who kept a book of remembrance (see Moses 6:5), we find men keeping an account
of their own life and times (see Moses 6:46; Abr. 1:31). Later, we find certain men
specifically assigned as record keepers. David, for example, “appointed certain
of the Levites” the task of keeping Israel’s records. (1 Chr. 16:4.) Later still,
professional scribes were employed to write and interpret that which had been written.
Ezra, writer of the book which bears his name, was one of these. (See Ezra 7:11.)
. . . Ezra presents a detailed account of Israel by family. (See Ezra 2, 8; also Neh. 7:5–64.)

Aug 1982
Therefore I Was Taught . . . “As we plan our Sunday activities,
we may want to set aside time for our family to be together . . . We might want to . . .
write in journals; . . . write to or visit relatives and friends; . . .
do genealogical research, including the four-generation program
and family or personal histories; . .
Aug 1982
Quotations . . .
“The time will come when only those who believe deeply and actively in the family
will be able to preserve their families in the midst of the gathering evil around us.”
Aug 1982
How can a father truly give top priority to his family? George D. Durrant,
Regional Representative, director of the Church Priesthood Genealogy Division,
and father of eight children.

Sep 1982
Joseph Fielding Smith (1876–1972) . . .
With the death of President Joseph Fielding Smith July 2, 1972,
the Church lost a great missionary, writer, historian, theologian, and genealogist.
November 1982 issue missing online.
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Jan 1981
Chinese Echoes of Truth . . .
For instance, God told us to have our genealogy worked out, and the Chinese
are a race that keeps genealogical records. My family’s record goes back to 1,000 B.C.
May 1981 issue missing online.
Sep 1981 Question and Answer
What laws governed the inheritance of birthright in the Old Testament? . . .
The patriarchs of the Old Testament times usually governed their families directly—
their wives, sons, unmarried daughters, families of the sons, and so on.
When the father died, he was succeeded as the head of the family by a son.
So that there would be no disputation as to which son would succeed the father,
the practice of primogeniture, or law of the firstborn, developed. (Prime means “first”;
geniture has to do with birth.) Upon the death of the father, the firstborn (eldest) son
became the new head of the family. As this was his right because of the order
of his birth, he was referred to as the birthright son (see Gen. 43:33).
The birthright son was entitled to a double portion as a son, the second portion
as the new head responsible for the family (see Gen. 48:22; Deut. 21:17),
including the care of his mother and unmarried sisters. As firstborn son,
under the Aaronic order, he also held the right of presiding over the family.
When the father had only one wife, there was no question as to who the birthright son
would be. However, in those days the Lord permitted some of his patriarchs to have
more than one wife (polygyny). Thus the father might have several “firstborn” sons,
possibly one from each of his wives. The question then naturally arose as to which
firstborn son of which wife would become the head of the entire family upon the death
of the father. Custom and tradition indicated that the firstborn son of the first wife
would be the birthright son as long as he proved worthy. Only in case of unworthiness
or death would the birthright go to the firstborn son of the second wife.
No second-born sons were considered for the birthright
unless all firstborn sons proved to be unworthy.
Sep 1981
Patriarchal Blessings . . .
I was visiting a patriarch a while ago. He told about a blessing he gave to a woman
who came to him from one of the missions. Among other things he told her that her
progenitors had made a great contribution to the bringing forth of the gospel in these
latter days. And after the blessing was given she said, “I’m afraid you made a mistake
this time. I am a convert to the Church; I am the first one in my family to join
the Church.” “Well,” the patriarch said, “I don’t know anything about it. All I know
is that I felt prompted to say that to you.” And when he told me the story, she had just
been in the genealogical library and had found that some of her relatives— her
grandparents or her great-grandparents—had made great sacrifices in the early days
of the Church. A part of the family had drifted up into the East and had been converted.
She found that she was descended from some of the early pioneers. The patriarch
did not know of it himself. He had spoken by the inspiration of the Holy Ghost.
November 1981 issue missing online.
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Jan 1980 Becoming a Zion Society . . . Through genealogical work members become
saviors on Mount Zion. Through temple worship and covenant renewal, we prepare
and gain strength for the daily, hourly challenge of bringing forth the Zion society.
Jan 1980 Origin of Man and Prophecy Fulfilled The Holy Bible contains the advice
of our Heavenly Father and I accept without mental reservation the statements made
in Genesis, chapters 1 and 2, that in the beginning God created the heaven
and the earth and every living thing that has inhabited the earth, including man.
Mar 1980
The Many Voices . . . The same is true with the varying “voiced demands”
in our lives—family, genealogy, home teaching, missionary work, welfare assignments,
temple work, meetings, civic responsibilities, neighbors, and profession.
Rather than allowing these voices—all of them good—to determine their favorite hymn
and volume, the Lord expects each of us to be the director of his life.
Apr 1980
The Uttermost Parts of the Earth . . .
We have a great Church educational system, and a great program for welfare services,
and a great priesthood department, a great system for training leaders and providing
aids for teaching genealogy and doing missionary work and providing
auxiliary programs for the children, the youth, and the women.
Apr 1980 150 Years of Church History . . . 1965 March. The three-generation
genealogical family group-sheet program was initiated. . . . 1968 December
The Church began microfilming Polish and Korean genealogical records.
Apr 1980
Record Your Own History
May 1980 issue missing online.
Aug 1980
Journey Toward Righteousness . . . I tried to regularly attend the temple,
learn and do genealogy, hold family home evenings, pay tithes and offerings,
give to the ward budget and building fund, and simply do whatever my bishop asked.
Sep 1980 Early Families of the Earth
Sep 1980
The Quest for a Peculiar People . . .
“When the most High divided to the nations their inheritance,
when he separated the sons of Adam, he set the bounds of the people
according to the number of the children of Israel. For the Lord’s portion
is his people; Jacob is the lot of his inheritance.” (Deut. 32:8–9.) . . .
“Thus saith the Lord, Israel is my son, even my firstborn.” (Ex. 4:22.) . . .
Jeremiah prophesied: “They shall come with weeping,
and with supplications will I lead them: I will cause them to walk
by the rivers of waters in a straight way, wherein they shall not stumble:
for I am a father to Israel, and Ephraim is my firstborn.” (Jer. 31:9.) . . .
Although Adam and the patriarchs of the period before the flood
were undoubtedly Israelites in spirit, the temporal house of Israel
did not come into being until several centuries after the flood. Abraham,
a descendant of Shem, . . . “And I will bless them that bless thee,
and curse them that curse thee; and in thee (that is, in thy Priesthood)
and in thy seed (that is, thy Priesthood), for I give unto thee a promise
that this right shall continue in thee, and in thy seed after thee
(that is to say, the literal seed, or the seed of the body)
shall all the families of the earth be blessed,
even with the blessings of the Gospel,
which are the blessings of salvation, even of life eternal.” (Abr. 2:8–11.)
. . . Following the birth of his twelve sons, Jacob, the grandson of Abraham,
was given a new name: Israel, which means “ruling with God.”
[Research Note: Biblical references absolutely invalidate, without any doubt,
the false assertion of evolution, that relies on the process of natural selection.
Natural selection is the open denial by atheistic oriented scientists, that God
does not and has not been involved directly on a regular basis, in the affairs
of all mankind. Evolution is a Fiction that theorizes incorrectly, that DNA changes,
indiscriminately, in the proportions of biological types in a population over time;
in a way that does not show care or judgment, contrary to the Words of the Lord.]
Oct 1980 We Propose That We Establish a Temple … . . . This people is a people
who love their ancestors. . . . one of your brethren has found seventy generations
of ancestors. . . . Why have you been inspired to gather your genealogical data?
Undoubtedly it was in preparation for the opportunities that are at hand for you
when the temple work must be done by the living for the dead.
You have numerous ancestors who have died and have been in their graves
for long years. Undoubtedly they are waiting in the spirit world for you,
their descendants, to get busy and do the work for them in the holy temples of the Lord.
Oct 1980
To Build a House of the Lord . . . As temples become available
Church leaders and members have an even greater responsibility to prepare
for regular temple attendance and expand their genealogical research efforts.
Oct 1980
Why These Temples . . .
This vicarious work constitutes an unprecedented labor of love on the part of the living
in behalf of the dead. It makes necessary a vast undertaking of genealogical research
to find and identify those who have gone before. To assist in this research, the Church
coordinates a genealogical program and maintains research facilities unmatched in all
the world. Its archives are open to the public and have been used by many who are not
members of the Church in tracing their forebears. This program has been praised
by genealogists throughout the world and has been utilized by various nations
as a safeguard of their own records. But its primary purpose is to afford members
of the Church the resources needed to identify their dead ancestors
that they might extend to them the blessings that they themselves enjoy.
They in effect say to themselves, “If I love my wife and children so dearly
that I want them for all eternity, then should not my grandfather and great-grandfather
and other forebears have opportunity to receive the same eternal blessings?
Oct 1980 Why We Build Temples . . .
Every genealogical society, library, and magazine; every genealogical record;
every name on each page of every pedigree and every individual in the United States
and other nations who is engaged in seeking after his dead is a physical witness
that Elijah came, because each indicates the fulfillment of that prophet’s mission
“to turn the hearts of the children to their fathers” as foretold by Malachi.
Oct 1980
Vision of the Redemption of the Dead
November 1980 issue missing online.
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Jan 1979
Writing Systems among the Book of Mormon Peoples
May 1979 issue missing online.
Aug 1979
The Genetics of Genealogy One of the most remarkable outgrowths
of the Church’s genealogy program may be its unique contribution to medical research.
November 1979 issue missing online.
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Feb 1978
Because She Cared . . . and I think too of our kindred dead who have had
their baptisms and endowments and sealings done through our genealogy work.
Mar 1978
Be Ye Therefore Perfect . . . “My patriarchal blessing had said I would work
on the genealogy of my family, but I didn’t understand genealogy,
and just couldn’t get really interested in it,” she confessed.
May 1978 issue missing online.
June 1978
The Single Years: A Burden or a Gift . . .
We have time to begin that long-overdue genealogy. My brother—
who is also a convert—and I dutifully began the data-gathering process
and were delighted to discover an entire new source of joy and excitement.
Now the entire family is involved in collecting old photographs, tracing records,
and constructing our family tree.
July 1978
Genealogy Rules - In order to correctly complete your pedigree chart
or your family group record form for the four-generation program,
please observe the following guidelines.
July 1978
Miracles Today? . . . The Lord is also giving the Saints information
and comfort through miraculous means. For instance, a sister, who was having
marital problems because of her husband’s authoritative attitude, told of a dream
she had that helped her resolve her bad feelings. “This sweet gentle lady came
to me and told me to be patient and loving, that Arnold was a good man, and that
he would change his ways. The dream stayed with me for days; I couldn’t get it off
my mind. I wondered who the lady was, and how she could say what she had.
Then one day, not long after, we received some long-awaited photos of Arnold’s
progenitors that we had sent for to put with our genealogy. Among the photos
was one of Arnold’s mother. He had never really known her, since she had died
when he was only seven. But apparently she knew him well. The woman who
came to me in that dream was his mother.”
Aug 1978
Foundation for the Future . . . If we look at the graduation requirements
from Primary, we see that a boy learns to pay tithing, pray, keep the Word of Wisdom,
attend sacrament meeting, memorize scriptures and the Articles of Faith,
and do genealogy.
Sep 1978
Administration of the Restored Church . . .
Under the Twelve there are at present five departments. Each department
is administered by two or three Seventies, under the direction of the Twelve,
with their staffs. They are, namely: Priesthood, Missionary, Genealogical,
Leadership Training, and the Correlation departments.
October 1978 issue missing online.
Nov 1978 How do we make a deceased child part of our family in mortality?
Dec 1978 New Directions in Work for the Dead -
A conversation with Brother George H. Fudge,
managing director of the Genealogical Department, and the Ensign Magazine.
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May 1977
The Things of Eternity—Stand We in Jeopardy? . . .
I hope to see us dissolve the artificial boundary line we so often place in our minds
between missionary work and temple and genealogical work because it is the same
great redemptive work!
May 1977 Creating a Personal History
May 1977
Organization Begins at Home
For fathers concerned about how to involve their families in missionary work,
genealogy, welfare, and home education, here’s a place to start.
Jun 1977
A Sunday Box . . .Work on recording your own story
from directions in the May (1977) issue. . . . Learn about your ancestors
and fill out a genealogy sheet.
Aug 1977 A New Commandment: Save Thyself and Thy Kindred!
Aug 1977
In Search of Lehi’s Trail, Part 2: The Journey . . . At Abha,
we met an extraordinary man at precisely the time we needed him. Helwan Habtar,
a graduate of American schools with masters degrees in both political science
and economics, took us to his home where he recited for us his family genealogy
back 22 generations. Intrigued, three other men who had come by for the evening
also recited their genealogies back as far as 13 generations. They were delighted
that we would make tape recordings of them
October 1977 issue missing online.
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For the Strength of Youth - formerly New Era
For the Strength of Youth: Fulfilling Our Duty to God | Facebook®
For the Strength of Youth (Manual)
[‘For the Strength of Youth’ Will Reach Latter-day Saint Teens in 140 Countries]
Apr 21
I Will See Her Again . . . Being apart from my grandma is hard.
But knowing that families can be together forever because of Jesus Christ
and the work done in temples brings me peace and joy!

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Ensign 2020
Facebook® | The Ensign Magazine: Ensign
Jan 20 How the Lord Prepared the World for the Restoration . . .
Speaking specifically about the first prophet of the Restoration of the Church
of Jesus Christ, President Brigham Young (1801–77) observed, “The Lord had his eye
upon [Joseph Smith], and upon his father, and upon his father’s father, and upon their
progenitors clear back to Abraham, and from Abraham to the flood, from the flood
to Enoch and from Enoch to Adam. He has watched that family and that blood
as it has circulated from its fountain to the birth of that man. [Joseph Smith]
was foreordained in eternity to preside over this last dispensation.” . . . Fortunately,
patriarchal blessings, personal journals, and personal life histories can provide a lens
to see how the Lord’s hand is manifest in our lives.
Jan 20
Seeing the Lord’s Hand . . .
1836 Jesus Christ appears in the Kirtland Temple
and accepts it. Moses, Elias, and Elijah appear and commit priesthood keys. . . .
1894 President Wilford Woodruff announces a revelation instructing
“the Latter-day Saints … to trace their genealogies as far as they can,
and to be sealed to their fathers and mothers.” . . .
1938 The Church
purchases a microfilm camera and begins filming genealogical records.
1999 The Church launches FamilySearch website.
Jan 20
Have the Greatest Year with the Greatest Book . . .
President Nelson taught, “Nothing opens the heavens quite like the combination
of increased purity, exact obedience, earnest seeking, daily feasting on the words
of Christ in the Book of Mormon, and regular time committed to temple
and family history work.”
Jan 20 There Are No Coincidences . . .
Whenever I would experience promptings or strong answers to prayers,
I recorded them all in a journal. I would go back to that journal when I would doubt,
and those writings helped me hold on to what I knew to be true.
Jan 20 New Zealand Local Pages . . . Young Māori Artist Carves Genealogy on Ukuleles
. . . “I want to inspire people to connect to their heritage
and create a cultural connection that fills their soul.”
‘We Have Come to Zion,’ Apostle Tells New Zealand Latter-day Saints . . .
Elder Stevenson spoke about three priorities that President Russell M. Nelson
is focused on. These priorities are to gather Israel on both sides of the veil;
to have a home-centred, church-supported approach; and to minister
to one another in Christlike ways. Gathering Israel on both sides of the veil
means to share the gospel with others through missionary work,
and to engage in family history research and temple work.
Feb 20 Ministering through Family History
Feb 20 How to Manage Digital Devices and Get Your Family Back . . .
They connect us to an amazing world of information. They help us to do
family history, study scriptures, and speak with family across vast distances.
Feb 20 5 Unique Ways to Record and Remember Revelation
Feb 20 United Kingdom and Ireland Local Pages
. . . A History of a Welsh Baptism Spot
Mar 20 Salt Lake City, Utah . . . Family History Library:
The largest genealogical library in the world. Building completed in 1985.
Mar 20 Ministering through Temple Service   . . .
Ideas to Help Those Who Can’t Visit the Temple . . .
Teach or participate together in a temple preparation or family history class.
Mar 20
Extraordinary Daughters of God . . . We participate in the work of salvation,
which includes member missionary work, convert retention, activation of less-active
members, temple and family history work, and teaching the gospel—
all things which you are already doing.
Mar 20 Australia Local Pages / New Zealand Local Pages
. . . You’ll be the One to Save Our Family
Apr 20 A Special Message for Unsettling Times
Apr 20 The Future of the Church: Preparing the World for the Savior’s Second Coming
As part of the planned destiny of the earth and its inhabitants, our kindred dead
are to be redeemed (see Doctrine and Covenants 128:15). Mercifully, the invitation
to “come unto Christ” (Jacob 1:7; Moroni 10:32; Doctrine and Covenants 20:59)
can also be extended to those who died without a knowledge of the gospel
(see Doctrine and Covenants 137:6–8). Part of their preparation, however,
requires the earthly efforts of others. We gather pedigree charts, create
family group sheets, and do temple work vicariously to gather individuals
unto the Lord and into their families (see 1 Corinthians 15:29; 1 Peter 4:6).
Apr 20 The Ongoing Restoration . . .
It is by temple and family history work
that we help gather Israel on the other side of the veil.
. . . With the tools
we now have at our disposal, temple and family history work can be a regular part
of our participation in the ongoing Restoration. I have been interested and involved
in family history work for years, but online tools have greatly enhanced my success
in taking family names to the temple.
Apr 20
My Not-So-Traditional Easter Tradition
I thought of my deceased grandfather, who had been paralyzed for most
of his life, and the joy I would feel not only to see him again but also to see
him standing and running and to feel his arms around me. I thought of all
the tears that had been shed here for loved ones lost and of the joy
that would come with future tender reunions.
Apr 20 Finding Joy in Doing the Lord’s Work . . . Family History: Just Start Now
Apr 20 6 Things We’ve Learned from Visiting 106 Temples (So Far!) . . .
From family history work to missionary work to temple work, there’s much to be done.
What a blessing it is to be a small part of that! . . . There are countless people
whose names haven’t been spoken for hundreds, even thousands, of years.
But when we do work in the temple for those who have passed on, we honor
their memory. We remember them. We say their names at least 18 times.
And, most importantly, we give them the chance to accept the gospel
and be saved. That’s what family history work is really all about.
May 20
The Coming Forth of the Book of Mormon
His marriage to Emma Hale in 1827 was part of that preparation.
She played an important role in helping the Prophet throughout his life
and ministry. In fact, in September 1827, Emma accompanied Joseph
to the hill where the plates were hidden, and she waited for him
as the angel Moroni delivered the record into Joseph’s hands.
[Genealogy Research Note: Jesus Christ the Messiah was married prior to His baptism
by John the Baptist; else, He would not have had the Priesthood conjoint authority
to administer in the fullness of the ordinances of His restored Rabbinic Gospel. Else,
no Jewish Tannaim authority would have allowed Him to ever preach in the Temple,
which was (under control of the old priestly aristocracy. There were the High Priests,
who were in charge. And those came from particular families.) - Temple Culture.
Rabbis very function and nature, taught ideals of perpetuating Jewish family life.
Jesus Christ, The Jehovah in the flesh, beckoned unto them; and did say unto them,
with a loud voice, unmistakably, by precept and His personal family life, that Judah
should come unto Him, and partake of the white fruit of Eternal Life and Increase.
Scribes and the Pharisees, who brought a woman who had been caught in the act
of adultery, would have never presented this to Jesus Christ, if He had been single.

Jewish Marriage and Family in the Ancient World | My Jewish Learning
Additionally, Jesus Christ Himself, was temporally part of the royalty and priestly,
landed, merchant aristocracy, as the record clearly shows. His Royal Majesty,
made a triumphal entry into Jerusalem, entering the City, after having acquired
both an ass tied and a colt with her, whereon no man ever yet sat, as "The Lord
hath need of him"; as it is written: "Fear not, daughter of Zion: behold thy King
cometh, sitting on an ass's colt." Jesus, the Greek form for Joshua or Jeshua,
meaning: God is help, or Savior; the reason behind the Hosanna Shout. Only
the Jews, including His disciples, were assuming Roman authoritarian freedom,
with leadership slots in an earthly kingdom; not looking for heavenly mansions.
And that is why the once pleasing Hosannas turned quickly into crowd Crucify Him!
It is clearly stated in the scriptures that Mary, the temporal Mother of Jesus,
attended in Cana of Galilee, with her Son and his disciples. a marriage.
"His mother saith unto the servants, Whatsoever he saith unto you, do it."
This statement validates the mother of Joshua had legal and lawful temporal
jurisdiction over her servants, who had the capacity to fill six stone waterpots,
and then to carry the contents unto the governor of the feast. Mary was strong,
herself. Mary’s capacity for hardship is indicated when she had to leave her home
in Nazareth, in the northern highlands of Galilee, to register for a Roman census;
traveling approximately "90 miles to the city of Joseph’s ancestors: south along
the flatlands of the Jordan River, then west over the hills surrounding Jerusalem,
and on into Bethlehem." All this being performed in the last week of pregnancy.]
May 20 Hosanna and Hallelujah—The Living Jesus Christ:
The Heart of Restoration and Easter . . . The spirit of Elijah,
a manifestation of the Holy Ghost, draws us to our generations—
past, present, and future—in our genealogies, histories, and temple service.
May 20 United in Accomplishing God’s Work . . .
“And then I think of how Joseph went into the woods to pray near their home
in Palmyra, New York. Where did he go? He went to the Sacred Grove.
Why did he go there? Because that’s where Mother went when she wanted to pray."
May 20 He Goes before Us . . .While I was serving in the Presiding Bishopric
many years ago, I was charged with overseeing the design and development group
that created what we named FamilySearch.
May 20 COVID-19: Messages of Guidance, Healing, and Hope . . .
Serving Those on Both Sides of the Veil . . .
To keep busy, I decided to do some family history, even though for quite a while
it has been difficult for me to find any new names. When I logged on to FamilySearch,
I found a notification of a record waiting to be attached. That one record led me to find
about 70 people in my line.
June 2020 United Kingdom and Ireland Local Pages
Temple Blessings . . .
Through family history research, Latter-day Saints search information
about their ancestors and take names to the temple to perform the ordinances for them.
Indexing Opportunity Made Easier
Living and Loving the British Mission: Eda Longbone . . . genealogical supervisor.
July 20 How I’m Preparing for a Temple in India . . . I’m learning how
to do family history work so I can bring my ancestors’ names to the temple.
Australia Local Pages:
July 20 Walk in the Light of Christ . . . If you don’t know how to discover and record
your family history, ask your ward or branch temple and family leader or consultants.
United Kingdom and Ireland Local Pages:
July 20
My RootsTech Experience
New Zealand Local Pages:
July 20 Family Matters
Aug 20 A Promise of Healing and Sealing
Through faithfulness in the gospel and seeking our ancestors,
my mother and I were blessed in ways we couldn’t have imagined.
United Kingdom and Ireland Local Pages
Aug 20
Feeling and Following the Spirit—Learning About What We Feel
In trying to draw more divine guidance into our lives, we can pursue
President Nelson’s encouraging insight that “Nothing opens the heavens
quite like the combination of increased purity, exact obedience, earnest seeking,
daily feasting on the words of Christ in the Book of Mormon, and regular time
committed to temple and family history work.”
Aug 20
Sisters reunited after 68 years
Aug 20 The history work of non-member Terry Jones
Aug 20 The story of Catherine Horner
Sep 20 Seeing Yourself in the Proclamation
Sep 20 The Family Proclamation: How Do I Fit In as a Single Adult?
Sep 20
Miracles of Healing through Temple Ordinances
Sep 20 If Only Our Ancestors Could Talk
Sep 20 I Finally Admitted That I Had Depression.
Jesus Christ Helped Me Out of the Darkness
United Kingdom and Ireland Local Pages:
Sep 20 Service Missionaries: Called to Serve in Europe
Sep 20 Lockdown Positivity in Southport Ward
Oct 20 How do we participate in the Lord’s “marvelous work”? . . . Keep a Record
Oct 20 Apostles Share Messages of Hope . . . Temple closures—
whether for pandemics, remodeling, or cleaning— “provide a marvelous opportunity
to learn more about family history research, indexing, and how to prepare many,
many names for the day when the temple doors will open again,” said Elder Bednar.
Oct 20 Turning Our Hearts - When Jesus visited the Americas,
He taught that the hearts of the children would turn to their fathers.
Oct 20 3 Nephi 20–26 . . . The purpose of temple and family history work
is to turn our hearts to those who have already passed on. When we participate
in this work, we are blessing both ourselves and our ancestors.
Australia Local Pages | New Zealand Local Pages
Oct 20 Prophetic Promises . . . “
I promise that as you increase your time in temple
and family history work, you will increase and improve your ability to hear Him.”
In the same talk, the Lord’s prophet added: “What will happen as you more intentionally
hear, hearken, and heed what the Savior has said and what He is saying now through
His prophets?
I promise that you will be blessed with additional power to deal
with temptation, struggles, and weakness.
I promise miracles in your marriage,
family relationships, and daily work. And
I promise
that your capacity to feel joy
will increase even if turbulence increases in your life.” In closing the conference,
President Nelson left us this promise: “We pray that you will begin anew truly to hear,
hearken to, and heed the words of the Savior.
I promise that decreased fear
and increased faith will follow.” . . .
Oct 20 Ring the Bell! - One ward’s miraculous family history marathon.
Oct 20 Church Members in Hastings, New Zealand,
Index 956,000 Genealogical Records during Pandemic Lockdown
United Kingdom and Ireland Local Pages
Oct 20 “Living With Gratitude” . . . The Saviour knows each of us personally,
by name, and He is there to help and assist us at all times, to eventually triumph.
Of that, we can be completely assured. [Research Note: All Family Genealogy
and History records for all mankind ever born, will be processed and completed.
‘Wherefore, condemn not the things of God, that ye may be found spotless
at the judgment-seat of Christ”.
Nov 20 Moving Forward . . . Family history work has increased exponentially.
Nov 20
Recommended to the Lord . . . We do temple work when we search
for our ancestors and submit their names for ordinances. While our temples
have been closed, we have still been able to research our families. . . .
When the Lord calls for us to “redouble” our efforts, He is asking that we increase
in righteousness. For example, we may expand our study of the scriptures,
our family history research, and our prayers of faith that we may share our love
for the Lord’s house with those preparing to receive a temple recommend,
our family members in particular.
Nov 20
Finding Joy in Christ . . . They will anticipate the blessings of holding
limited-use temple recommends and feel the spirit of Elijah through the influence
of the Holy Ghost as they pursue the blessings of the temple and family history.
Nov 20
Let God Prevail . . . When we speak of gathering Israel on both sides of the veil,
we are referring, of course, to missionary, temple, and family history work. We are also
referring to building faith and testimony in the hearts of those with whom we live, work,
and serve. Anytime we do anything that helps anyone—on either side of the veil—
to make and keep their covenants with God, we are helping to gather Israel.
Nov 20
A New Normal
. . .We look forward to the day when all worthy members
of the Church can again serve their ancestors and worship in a holy temple.
Australia Local Pages / New Zealand Local Pages
Dec 20
2020 Hindsight . . . Now I feel even more a part of Malachi’s prophesy,
that the hearts of the children shall turn to their fathers—
even my fathers in a far distant land.
United Kingdom and Ireland Local Pages
Dec 20 The living and the dead shall hear the Gospel . . . Now let me say here,
Apostle Teasdale did not know that my father came from England and had no way
of knowing that my father’s genealogy was over in England. So, I always thought
that he was most certainly inspired when he said,
“Go to England and get your father’s genealogy.”
Dec 20
‘Lest we forget’ . . . The temple and family history consultants
in Orpington Ward actively encourage members, particularly the youth,
to participate in genealogy and searching out their family history facilitated
by the online genealogy platforms including FamilySearch, Ancestry and My Heritage
Dec 20
Norfolk Relief Society Handmade Poppies . . .
Some sisters made poppies specifically in memory of family members
of whom they had learnt while doing their family history.

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New Era 2020
Facebook® | The New Era Magazine:
New Era
Jan 20 Connect . . . For one of my goals, I chose to find family names and perform
baptisms for the dead for them. It took a lot of work to learn how to do family history,
but I felt so happy every time I found a new name to take to the temple. . . .
Doing family history has helped me become closer to both my living family
and my ancestors. . . . I love to play the saxophone, do family history, . . .
Jan 20 Gospel Living App [includes record keeping]
Feb 20 Firm Foundations . . . A Sabbath Day Blessing for “Lefties”
How Can I Keep the Sabbath Day Holy? . . . Work on family history.
June 20 150th Anniversary of the Young Women Organization . . .
This is a sacred invitation to participate in temple and family history work,
serve in leadership positions, minister to your fellow sisters,
and share your testimony with your family and friends.
June 20
Finding Hope during the Pandemic . . .
My family all felt it would be important to start writing in our journals more.
I’ve never been very good about writing in my journal, but it’s really helped me
remember my blessings and know that I’m not alone, even in the hardest moments.
July 20 Going beyond the Names This teenager taught her high school class
about family history and why it’s cool to learn about our ancestors.
July 20
Searching for Strength in Quarantine . . .
Write in your journal,
study the scriptures, do family history, and read conference talks. . . .
Take time to call or video chat with . . . your . . . grandparents.

Oct 20
Firm Foundations . . . The Quest for the Thomas Family . . .
Anytime you do anything that helps anyone—on either side of the veil—
take a step toward making covenants with God and receiving
their essential baptismal and temple ordinances, you are helping to gather Israel.”

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Ensign 2019
Jan 19 Tokyo, Japan
At the Yanaka Cemetery in Tokyo, Japan, a Latter-day Saint family,
the Saitōs, visit their family memorial. For them it is a place of remembering,
made all the more sacred because of their gospel knowledge that families
can be together forever. Respect for family and ancestors is deeply rooted
in Japanese culture, and Japanese Latter-day Saints rejoice that their nation
is now blessed with three temples: Tokyo (the first in Asia, dedicated in 1980
and currently under renovation), Fukuoka (dedicated in 2000), and Sapporo
(dedicated in 2016). Japan is also home to 64 LDS family history centers.
Jan 19 Senior Missionary Service Made Simple . . .
Senior Missionary Service . . .
The website lists 13 categories (see below), with one to five options to consider
within each category. Information and videos are provided throughout. . . .
Preserve and Share Church History . . . Help People Find Their Ancestors . . .
Preserve Family History Records
Jan 19 All Who Have a Desire to Serve . . . With the help of local service mission leaders
and priesthood leaders, each service missionary receives an assignment customized
to their abilities and preferences. They may serve in: . . . Church-owned operations,
such as Deseret Industries, bishops’ storehouses, family history centers, and seminaries.
Jan 19 Entering the Gate of Heaven
We can also prepare spiritually by seeking our ancestors through family history research;
then we can prepare physically by literally taking their names to the temple to perform
their sacred temple work. Performing the work for our kindred dead will enhance
every aspect of our temple experience and always offers deeper communion
with God and enhanced love and appreciation for His plan of salvation.
Jan 19 How I Found My Great-Great-Grandfather
Jan 19 The Bardic Circle at the National Eisteddfod in Cardiff
Feb 19 Members in the UK and Ireland Commemorate the Service
of Those Involved with the War . . . 11 Days of Remembrance . . .
It was suggested to research ancestors from World War I and take part in other
family history related work. . . . Chorley Tribute . . . A large family history hub
proved extremely popular as visitors sought out their own WWI ancestors
and listened to inspirational speakers who taught from personal diaries
of family members and gave great insight into many aspects of the conflict.
Mar 19
The Church Is Here: Rome, Italy . . . a multifunctional meetinghouse
with a cultural hall and facilities for conferences), a visitors’ center,
a family history center, and patron housing, . . .
Mar 19
5 Reasons Singles Should Participate in Temple Sealings . . .
Temple work is even better when paired with family history. . . .
Mar 19
Redesigning My Life after Loss . . . A Memorial  I started to write
my husband’s story—as a memorial to the goodness of his life. I wanted
everyone to remember his magnetic personality, his zeal for the gospel,
and his love of the Lord. I had collected many family histories over the years
and loved doing that kind of writing. I felt my husband close. Memories of things
that happened in our lives came back to me—things I would not have thought
of on my own.
Mar 19 Off the Dusty Bookshelf
My family benefited when I added my stories to FamilySearch.
Apr 19 Ensign
Apr 19 The Sacred Duty of Record Keeping
Apr 19
What Can I Do to Receive Answers from God? . . . Ask: Is There More?
I’m a family history fan. A few years ago, I felt prompted to ask my grandparents
more about my great-uncle Paul McEwan Cutler, who went missing in an air flight
training mission during World War II. My grandma shared stories I’d never known
and then pulled out five books—two photo albums and three family group sheet books—
that I had never seen before. The albums had pictures from the early childhood of my
grandpa and of his twin, Paul—but the pictures were unlabeled and had been hidden
for years. The group sheets connected me to many cousins and an abundance of temple
work. That simple question about my great-uncle brought many hidden things to light.
Was there more? Yes. An index box of pictures taken in the mid-to-late 1800s. Was there
more? Yes. Recently we discovered some early film from the 1920s with footage of my
great-great-grandfather. Was there more? Yes! My mom then found an audio recording
she’d done of my great-grandmother’s life history. Is there still more? Likely. Sometimes
we get an answer and then move on with our lives. But how much are we missing when
we don’t stop to ask if there is more to know? What are we doing with what we’ve
already received, and are we ready or willing to find more?
Apr 19 The Prophet Taught Me How to Make Hard Choices . . .
Put in the spiritual work. President Nelson said you must “choose to do
the spiritual work required to enjoy the gift of the Holy Ghost and hear
the voice of the Spirit more frequently and more clearly.” He said you
can prepare by increasing your purity, feasting daily on the Book of Mormon,
doing temple and family history work, and expressing gratitude.
Apr 19 A Multicultural Burns Night in Aberdeen . . . Opening the stake centre
to others provided a great opportunity for members to express their beliefs
in the Saviour and the importance of family and family history.
Apr 19 "I member": A Story of True Conversion . . . The next class was a combined
priesthood and Relief Society lesson on family history. . . . “They are speaking
about family history,” I wrote. He gave the sign for thank you. . . . “Brother, do you
understand the things people are saying when they teach?” I wrote as the lesson ended.
He shook his head. “But you still come?” I asked. He took the pen and wrote,
“I member,” then pointed to himself.
May 19
Your Priesthood Playbook . . .
Become an expert in the FamilySearch app, and research your own family history.
May 19
Great Love for Our Father’s Children
May 19 Prepared to Obtain Every Needful Thing
May 19 New Policies, Procedures, Resources . . .
Ordinances Ready is a new FamilySearch tool that simplifies finding names
for the temple, allowing you more time to serve your family and enjoy the blessings
of the temple. And FamilySearch has nearly three dozen new in-home activities,
such as “Walk Where They Walked,” to help engage younger members
with family history. The activities are available in 10 languages.
May 19
Apostles Minister Worldwide . . . During the RootsTech family history conference
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, Elder Bednar presented a $2 million donation on behalf
of the Church to the International African American Museum Center for Family History.
June 19 Fathers . . . “A father’s calling is eternal, and its importance transcends time.”
June 19
When One or Both Parents Don’t Attend Church . . . Family history work
can help children realize that their family began before they were born. And doing
family history work can bless them “with more closeness and joy in [their] family.”
June 19 Australia Local Pages:
The Day I Heard Angelic Choirs . . .
I do not know why I was spared from almost certain death, but since that miraculous day,
I have spent 42 years bringing the saving ordinances of the gospel to thousands
of my deceased relatives through years of family history and temple work.

June 19 United Kingdom and Ireland Local Pages:
Barrow Open House . . . Barrow Ward members had worked hard for many weeks,
sewing and embroidering table cloths and ‘scrapbooking’ (i.e. arranging personal
and family history in the form of a book).
RootsTech . . . “This event model has proven to be a great way for people to engage
in family history, regardless of age or genealogical skill level. Everyone is welcome
at RootsTech,” said Jen Allen, event director.
June 19 New Zealand Local Pages:
Making the Temple a Priority . . .
“I can think of no better way to keep the temple close than to do family history work.
July 19 Ensign
July 19 Our Ongoing Legacy of Pioneers
July 19 Thanking God for the Seagulls in Your Life . . .
Write it down.
Creating a written record (such as a journal, personal history, or family letter)
allows us to reflect on inspiring memories when times are hard,
strengthening our faith and helping us endure well.
July 19 Father and Son, Reunited after 50 years (Australia)
July 19
Who Do You Think You Are? (United Kingdom and Ireland) “Nothing opens
the heavens quite like the combination of increased purity, exact obedience,
earnest seeking, daily feasting on the words of Christ in the Book of Mormon,
and regular time committed to temple and family history work
." President Nelson.
July 19
Miracles from Munich . . . Family history research is about the places
where people have lived as well as names and dates.
July 19
My First Ever Prayer Saved My Life (New Zealand)
“That’s my last name!” she said. We discovered that our grandfathers were brothers
and that we were in fact family. I remember being overcome with emotion as I felt
the Lord speak lovingly to my heart saying, “There’s your sign.”
Aug 19 The Eternal Importance of Righteous Choices . . . Some members of the Church
profess that they would commit themselves with enthusiasm if given some great calling,
but they do not find ministering or gathering family history sufficiently heroic
for their sustained effort. . . . As we begin with the end in mind, temple covenants
and family history service are becoming a purposeful part of the covenant path.
Aug 19 Teenagers Research their ANZAC Ancestry
Aug 19 Helping Others with Family History Came Naturally
Aug 19 Young Missionaries Identify Ancestors
Who Also Served New Zealand Communities
Aug 19 Father and Son, Reunited after 50 years
Sep 19 Ensign
Sep 19 Family Study Fun - Post-Resurrection Family Reunion
Sep 19
1 Corinthians 14–16 - Activity: Family History, Step by Step.” Follow the path
in this Friend article to find out how Mei takes a family name to the temple.
Sep 19
When Senior Missionaries Return Home Service in the temple and association
with family history activities are actually additional forms of missionary work.
Sep 19 The Sweet Sound of Family History
Sep 19
Teen Discovers Joy in Family History and Temple Work (UK and Ireland)
Sep 19 Matthew Cowley’s Great Grand-Daughter “Comes Home”
with BYU-Hawaii Concert Choir (New Zealand)
Oct 19 Preparing Youth for the Temple: Seven Simple Steps . . .
Elder Andersen promised that as youth find and prepare these names,
they will receive incredible blessings:
Oct 19 Eight Funtastic Ways to Jump-Start Your Personal History
Oct 19 Gospel Library App: A Digital Multi-Tool for Righteous Living . . .
It’s a Journal: Personalized notes and highlights that won’t be lost in a fire.
Plus, whenever you need to share a spiritual thought or speak in sacrament meeting,
your notes will be waiting.
Oct 19 The Laie Hawaii Temple: A Century of Gathering . . .
At the dedication, President Grant prayed for the Lord to open the way for Saints
in New Zealand and all the Pacific Islands and to secure their genealogies so they
could come to the temple and become saviors to their ancestors.
Oct 19
New Area President Speaks (UK and Ireland)
He encouraged everyone to make a record of their lives . . .
Nov 19
Nov 19 Adjustments to Strengthen Youth . . . How will our beloved and hard-working
bishops fulfill this responsibility? . . . These responsibilities include missionary work
and temple and family history work in the ward.
Nov 19
Thru Cloud and Sunshine, Lord, Abide with Me! . . .
“Nothing opens the heavens quite like the combination of increased purity,
exact obedience, earnest seeking, daily feasting on the words of Christ
in the Book of Mormon, and regular time committed to temple and family history work."
Nov 19
Beloved Daughters . . . The role and purpose of class presidencies
have been strengthened and more clearly defined. The work of salvation
is one of these significant responsibilities, particularly in the areas
of ministering, missionary work, activation, and temple and family history work.
Nov 19
Spiritual Treasures . . . My dear sisters, your power will increase
as you serve others. Your prayers, fasting, time in the scriptures, service in the temple,
and family history work will open the heavens to you.
Nov 19
Finding Joy in Sharing the Gospel  . . . This work of salvation
includes member missionary work, convert retention, activation of less-active members,
temple and family history work, and teaching the gospel.”
Nov 19
Organizational Changes Focus on Strengthening Youth . . .
Quorum and class presidencies will focus on the work of salvation,
including member missionary work, convert retention, activation,
temple and family history work, and teaching the gospel.
Dec 19 Family Study Fun Ancestor Academy . . .
Dec 19
Revelation 1–11 . . . “Journal Page.”
Invite family members to use this journal guide to help them recognize when and how
Heavenly Father has helped them overcome challenges. (From the Friend.)
Dec 19
Follow the Path of Happiness . . .
Your spiritual genealogy makes each of you a descendant of the fathers,
as foretold by the prophets, and heirs to God’s promises to them.
Dec 19 Obedience and Indexing
Searching for my ancestors was overwhelming until I began indexing.
Dec 19
The Best Gift I Could Give . . . Before our baptism, the stake temple
and family history consultant helped me prepare my mother’s name and the names
of several other deceased ancestors to take to the temple for baptism.
Dec 19 Combating Loneliness: Get Out, Reach Out, Look Out . . .  Even acts of service
as simple as writing a note for my husband or spending time finding family names
to take to the temple always make me feel better.
Dec 19 5 Tips to Enjoy Christmas When You’re Far from Home . . .
Christmastime is the perfect time to do family history work,
whether that be finding names to take to the temple,
researching how your ancestors may have spent their holidays,
or even writing in your journal. Whatever you choose to do,
getting back to your roots will help you feel more connected to your family--
both those living and those who have passed--and bring you greater purpose.
Dec 19 United Kingdom and Ireland Local Pages . . . .
Watford Stake hosts school Heritage Boxes . . .
The intent of heritage boxes is to encourage primary-age children to search
for family photos, speak to different generations of their families to obtain stories,
and compile as much as possible within a shoebox to display to others.
As well as capturing family history for posterity, the project enabled young people
from migrant backgrounds to better understand their heritage and to enhance
their own skills in media creation, potentially also boosting their employability.
It also sought to improve intergenerational connections and community cohesion--
both within ethnic and linguistic subgroups and the wider community. . . .
She also ensured family history specialists would be available to talk to visitors,
as well as full-time missionaries to answer any questions about the Church;
she also organised refreshments.
Dec 19
Best Education Project Award . . . Elinor researched her own family history
and found several ancestors who had fought and died in WWI and, with her family,
visited their memorials in France – which they found to be a very moving experience.
Dec 19
Republic of Ireland’s first Church History Specialist
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New Era 2019
Jan 19 How to Get Better Revelation Reception . . .
Regular time committed to temple and family history work
Jan 19 Family Tree App: Ordinances Ready
Feb 19 “I keep giving in to the same temptations. How can I move past those sins?”
This might help you in staying away from the temptation. Involve yourself
in family and Church activities, especially missionary and family history work.
Mar 19
Finding Miracles in Everyday Life . . . Other times, miracles can confirm
a previous revelation, such as the signs of Christ’s birth in the Americas. God can
also use miracles to advance His work—family history work, missionary work,
and more. . . .
Mar 19 Reassured of My Worth
Learning about my ancestors gave me courage to fight my spiritual battles. . . .
This was my first witness of Elder David A. Bednar’s promise that by participating
in family history work, I would “be protected against the intensifying influences
of the adversary” (
Oct. 2011 General Conference). . . . Elder Russell M. Nelson
has taught that the Spirit of Elijah is “a manifestation of the Holy Ghost
bearing witness of the divine nature of the family” . . . As you respond in faith
to this invitation, your hearts shall turn to the fathers. The promises made to Abraham,
Isaac, and Jacob will be implanted in your hearts. Your patriarchal blessing, with its
declaration of lineage, will link you to these fathers and be more meaningful to you.
Your love and gratitude for your ancestors will increase. Your testimony of
and conversion to the Savior will become deep and abiding. And I promise
you will be protected against the intensifying influence of the adversary.
As you participate in and love this holy work, you will be safeguarded
in your youth and throughout your lives. . . .
Mar 19 @LDSYouth I Love Family History!
I didn’t always appreciate family history work. That changed when
I was baptized for one of my ancestors in the Santiago Chile Temple.
May 19 Great Love for Our Father’s Children (excerpts) . . .
My purpose . . . is to emphasize the essential role of that kind of love
in missionary work, temple and family history work, and home-centered,
Church-supported family religious observance. . . .
Temple and Family History Effort to Gather Israel . . . These changes provide
for earlier and more powerful attention to learning about our ancestors
and gathering Israel on the other side of the veil. Both temple and family
history work are greatly enhanced. . . .
May 19 Prepared to Obtain Every Needful Thing (excerpts) . . .
Family history centers now are in our homes . . .
June 19 The Best Way to Prepare for Your Future . . .
Worthiness, obedience, sincere inquiry, scripture study, and participating
in the redemption of the dead through temple and family history work
all help to bring the companionship of the Holy Ghost.
June 19 Map My Ancestors
Jul 19 12 Facts about the Gathering of Israel . . . “Anytime you do anything
that helps anyone—on either side of the veil—take a step toward making
covenants with God and receiving their essential baptismal and temple
ordinances, you are helping to gather Israel.” President Russell M. Nelson
July 19 Firm Foundations: Inspired for Grace
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Ensign 2018
Jan 18 Home Earlier Than Planned . . . 5. Serving an Online Mission . . . I was able
to serve the Lord for nine months as an indexing support Church-service missionary.
This was a mission I could do!*
Jan 18
Family History at Your Fingertips
Feb 18 Meeting the Women Behind the Pulpit . . . We witnessed how God
teaches us through the records that our fellow Latter-day Saints left behind.
Feb 18 My Mission among My Family . . .
I returned to my mission with a deep love for family history.
Feb 18 Where Is My Treasure?
Mar 18
Unendowed but Not Unimportant . . . Try incorporating family history
into your temple experience. Take family names and do the temple work
with your other family members. Learn about the lives of those ancestors
whose names you take. Involve everyone, children and adults, in the process
and use the time you spend together to strengthen your family relationships.
President Thomas S. Monson (1927–2018) declared, “In my own family,
some of our most sacred and treasured experiences have occurred
when we have joined together in the temple to perform sealing ordinances
for our deceased ancestors.”
Mar 18 Sharing Your Family History
Mar 18 Four Ways to Share Family History That May Surprise You
Mar 18
Coping with Grief . . . After Grandpa dies, it’s hard for Jacob
to do the old traditions they shared.
Fishing Buddies - Friend Magazine
Mar 18
Christian Karlsson . . . My mom gave me a box of old pictures.
One of the surprises in this box was my grandfather’s journals.

Mar 18 Searching for Ancestors and Finding Truth
Apr 18 Cultivating Meaningful Connections . . . Connect with Self . . .
Write in your journal. . . . Connect with Others . . .
Do temple and family history work.
Apr 18 Stories Help Connect Eternal Families
Apr 18 Down the Family History Rabbit Hole
May 18 Young Women in the Work . . . For example, I recently met several
young women in the Las Vegas area who have been called to serve as ward
temple and family history consultants. They were glowing with enthusiasm
about being able to teach and help members of their ward find their ancestors.
They had valuable skills on the computer, had learned how to use FamilySearch,
and were excited to share that knowledge with others. It was clear that they had
testimonies and an understanding of the importance of seeking out the names
of our deceased ancestors so that essential saving ordinances can be performed
for them in the temple.
May 18 Family History and Temple Work: Sealing and Healing
May 18
The Elders Quorum . . . What are the purposes of the adjustments
to Melchizedek Priesthood quorums? Having one Melchizedek Priesthood
quorum in a ward unifies priesthood holders to accomplish all aspects
of the work of salvation, including the temple and family history work
previously coordinated by the high priests groups.
May 18
Behold! A Royal Army . . . Under the direction of the bishop, more priesthood
resources may assist with the work of salvation. This would include the gathering
of Israel through temple and family history work, working with families and
individuals in need, and helping the missionaries to bring souls to Jesus Christ.
May 18 Revelation for the Church, Revelation for Our Lives . . . Nothing opens
the heavens quite like the combination of increased purity, exact obedience,
earnest seeking, daily feasting on the words of Christ in the Book of Mormon,
and regular time committed to temple and family history work.
May 18
Prepare to Meet God . . . Third, Elijah committed the sealing keys
of this dispensation. For those of us alive at this time, the increase in temples
and family history work is phenomenal. This pace will continue and accelerate
until the Second Coming of the Savior, lest the whole earth “be utterly wasted
at his coming.” Family history work, heaven-blessed by technology, has dramatically
increased in the past few years. We would be unwise to become complacent about this
divinely appointed responsibility and expect that Aunt Jane or some other committed
relative will take care of it. Let me share President Joseph Fielding Smith’s jarring
comments: “None is exempt from this great obligation. It is required of the apostle
as well as the humblest elder [or sister]. Place, or distinction, or long service
in the Church . . . will not entitle one to disregard the salvation of one’s dead.”
May 18
Lisa L. Harkness . . . has also served as a . . . stake family history director,
ward family history consultant, . . .
May 18 Family History: Discover, Gather, Connect
May 18 Witnessing in All the World . . . First Presidency  President Dallin H. Oaks,
First Counselor in the First Presidency, spoke at the RootsTech Family Discovery Day
in Utah, USA, with his wife Kristen M. Oaks. “Family history offers a healing influence
and an assurance that each person is precious in the eyes of our Heavenly Father,”
President Oaks said. . . . Elder Cook also spoke at the Family History Leadership
Session at RootsTech in Utah. “The combination of greatly increased numbers
of temples and advanced technology for family history work make this the most
blessed time in all history,” he said. Elder Dale G. Renlund also spoke.
“We encourage everyone to get on the covenant path as soon as possible—even,
especially, when they are new and tender in the gospel—and then stay focused
on the blessings of the temple,” he said.
May 18
First-Sunday Council Meetings . . .
How can we be more involved in family history work and temple worship?
May 18
Second- and Third-Sunday Meetings . . .
Dale G. Renlund, “Family History and Temple Work: Sealing and Healing,” 46–49
June 18
Finding Answers for Family Caregiving . . .
Family history: Go through
family photos with your loved one. Record names, dates, and significant life events.
Use audio or video recordings to capture remembrances.

June 18
Choosing Good Media
. . . This month’s Family History Quest
(page 18) gives an idea for one great way to use technology.
July 18 April 2018 General Conference [see before]
July 18 Three Modern Pioneer Journeys . . . Joining the Church has allowed me
to honor my family in new ways, by doing family history and researching my ancestors.
July 18 The Spiritual Foundations of Church Financial Self-Reliance . . .
Members get help preserving family photos at their local family history center.
Tithing donations help fund the Church’s worldwide family history efforts. . . .
By policy, sacred tithing funds are approved and appropriated to support
the spiritual and religious mission of the Church. They are spent in support
of six major areas: . . . (5) building and operating nearly 160 temples
around the world, with many more to come, and administering an expansive
family history and records preservation program . . .
July 18
Let Us Not Fail to Feel . . . Today’s prophets and apostles have also stressed
the importance of observing the Sabbath at home and at church and achieving
the salvation of our ancestors through family history and temple work.

Aug 18
Parents, Help Them to Prepare . . . For worthy candidates not eligible
for full-time service, priesthood leaders can help identify other appropriate service
opportunities, such as serving as a Church-service missionary, volunteer, temple
and family history consultant, temple worker, and more. . . .
Aug 18 Worshipping in a Digital Age . . . Mobile devices help members of the Church
with gospel study, family history and temple work, and sharing the gospel.
Aug 18 From Brazil to Finland and Back . . . Are you searching for an elusive ancestor
and wonder where to look for information? The internet has opened up new avenues
for family history research. Even simply typing an ancestor’s name in a search engine
like Google™ can bring amazing results. FamilySearch and other websites offer records,
books, and newspapers online that may prove helpful, and FamilySearch can give you
access to records on,,, and other sites
(see Plus, be sure to check out these resources:
FamilySearch Wiki
Finding Elusive Records on FamilySearch • FamilySearch (video)
Sep 18 The Power of Faith and Family Stories . . . We are more resilient in the face
of trials when we are familiar with the challenges our own ancestors faced.
Oct 18
Where Tithing Money Goes . . . Doing family history research . . .
Oct 18
Elder Gerrit W. Gong: Love the Lord and Trust Him . . . Elder Gong’s
family history traces back 34 generations to First Dragon Gong, born in AD 837. . . .

Nov 18 Deep and Lasting Conversion to Heavenly Father and the Lord Jesus Christ . . .
As individuals and families engage in family councils, family history, ministering,
service, personal worship, and joyful family time, the Sabbath day will truly be
a delight. . . . Beginning with the end in mind, temple covenants
and family history service are becoming a purposeful part of the covenant path.
Nov 18 Our Campfire of Faith . . . These holy habits, righteous routines,
or prayerful patterns may include prayer; scripture study; fasting; remembering
our Savior and covenants through the ordinance of the sacrament; sharing gospel
blessings through missionary, temple and family history, and other service;
keeping a thoughtful personal journal; and so on.
Nov 18 Changes Help Balance Gospel Instruction at Home and at Church family history--
will not be held during Sunday class time. These courses may be taught at other times
for individuals, families, or groups based on local needs and at the bishop’s discretion.
Dec 18 Making Your Life a Soul-Stirring Journey of Personal Growth
Dec 18 We Asked Young Adults What They Think
of the New Curriculum and Sunday Schedule
Dec 18 FamilySearch Indexing: Easier Than Ever

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New Era 2018
Mar 18
Mormonad: Some Brackets
Some brackets last a month. Other brackets live forever.
Mar 18 Family History Tag Team
Mar 18 Fun Stop . . . A Great-Great Family Riddle -
While doing family history, you found an intriguing clue about an ancestor.
Mar 18
Who Knew? . . . Amulek . . . His genealogy is found in Alma 10:2–3.
I am Amulek; I am the son of Giddonah, who was the son of Ishmael,
who was a descendant of Aminadi; and it was that same Aminadi
who interpreted the writing which was upon the wall of the temple,
which was written by the finger of God. And Aminadi was a descendant
of Nephi, who was the son of Lehi, who came out of the land of Jerusalem,
who was a descendant of Manasseh, who was the son of Joseph
who was sold into Egypt by the hands of his brethren.
Mar 18
Firm Foundations . . . Is My Family History Really Done?
May 18
Messages from the Twelve . . . When we gather our family histories
and go to the temple on behalf of our ancestors, God fulfills promised blessings
simultaneously on both sides of the veil.
May 18
1. Q&A How can I be guided by the Holy Ghost?
Answer: . . . Seek personal revelation on questions, know that God wants
to speak to you, be pure, be obedient, study the scriptures daily, do temple
and family history work regularly, be patient (see:
President Russell M. Nelson,
Revelation for the Church, Revelation for Our Lives”)
May 18 Firm Foundations . . . When I was 14, I was called to be a family history
youth consultant. My family history class during Sunday School inspired me
to find my great-grandfather’s parents on my mom’s side. . . .
July 18 Don’t Be Distant from Your Cousins
July 18 @LDSYouth . . . I caught the vision of family history by realizing
I’m not so different from my ancestors. My great-grandma and I have always
had a really special connection, so for a Personal Progress project, I decided
to compose a family history book dedicated to her. Writing this book was such
an amazing experience because it created a closer bond to my ancestors.
I’m so grateful for this new perspective of family history work.
Aug 18
New Era
Aug 18 Worldwide Youth Devotional: Hope of Israel . . .
Their answers also included: “I would be willing to do more family history work.. . . "
Oct 18 But He Already Had His Chance, Right?
Nov 18 Deep and Lasting Conversion to Heavenly Father and the Lord Jesus Christ
(excerpts) Same as: Nov 18 Ensign; See the
full address.
Dec 18
Light the World . . . 4. On the Other Side of the Veil
Help others receive salvation by doing family history, attending the temple,
and preserving memories through interviews. Visit
or download the FamilySearch Memories and FamilySearch Tree apps.

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Ensign 2017
Jan 17 They Walk with Me
Jan 17 Who Is Ready Now?
Feb 17 Family Stories Turned My Heart
Feb 17 Family History and Temple Blessings
Feb 17 Temples, Taproots, and Family Trees
Feb 17 Understanding Church History by Study and Faith
Feb 17 New Resources for Understanding Church History
Mar 17 Armed with Righteousness . . . Work on family history . . .
Mar 17 Helping Children Delight in the Sabbath . . . Family History Activities
President Russell M. Nelson, President of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles,
has observed, “In addition to time with family, you can experience true delight
on the Sabbath from family history work." As children participate in family history,
they will look forward to and have delight in the Sabbath. . . .
Mar 17 Visiting Teaching, Family History, and Mothers
Apr 17 Understanding Your Patriarchal Blessing . . . First and foremost,
your patriarchal blessing declares your lineage, or the specific tribe
of the twelve tribes of Jacob (who was later called Israel) to which you belong.
Apr 17 The Old Family Album: The Power of Family Stories
May 17 “My Peace I Leave with You” . . . I leave you my sure witness that the Father
knows you—knows your needs and your name—loves you, and hears your prayers.
May 17 Gathering the Family of God
May 17
Overcoming the World . . . The blessings that the Lord has promised
to those who overcome the world are breathtaking. They will be “clothed in white . . .
and [named in] the book of life.” The Lord “will confess [their names]
before [the] Father, and before his angels.” Each shall have “part in the first
resurrection, receive eternal life, and “go no more out” from the presence of God.

May 17 That Our Light May Be a Standard for the Nations . . . Our light also grows
as we dedicate and consecrate time to finding the names of our ancestors, taking
their names to the temple, and teaching our family and others to do the same.
June 17 Leading Ourselves Back to Righteousness . . . Reading my old journal
taught me about the importance of recording spiritual impressions. . . .
July 17 An Adopted Son’s Family History Journey
July 17 Comforted after a Miscarriage
Aug 17 Sweeten the Sabbath with Family History
Aug 17 My Missionary Heritage
Sep 17 Prophets to Guide Us . . . Consider writing in your journal
about President Monson and his life--much as he describes in this message
the influence of each prophet he remembers.
Oct 17 Open the Heavens Through Temple and Family History Work
Nov 17 The Truth of All Things . . . Their teenage son had recently
participated in family history research and found a family name
for whom temple ordinances had not been completed.
Nov 17 Seek Ye Out of the Best Books . . . Further strengthening
is evidenced in the increase in temple and family history work
as families gather their ancestors through temple ordinances.
Nov 17 Prophets, Apostles Minister Worldwide . . . President Russell M. Nelson
presented the governor of Nebraska, USA, with a volume of family history, . . .
Nov 17 First-Sunday Council Meetings . . . Possible Topics . . .
How can we be more involved in family history work and temple worship?
Nov 17 Fourth-Sunday Meetings . . . Sabbath day . . . work on family history . . .
Dec 17 Including Grandpa Keiser in Our Christmas
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New Era 2017
Jan 17 Capture Your Life One Day at a Time
Keeping a journal is a lot easier than you think. . . .
Jan 17 Sabbath Day Technology . . . Do family history using
Whether it’s indexing, adding stories about relatives, or finding your ancestors,
technology makes it so easy. There’s even a FamilySearch Tree
and FamilySearch Memories app to make it easy on mobile devices. . . .
Chances are, you’re way more tech savvy than someone else in your family.
Teach Dad something about FamilySearch or show Grandma how to text. . . .
Jan 17
Celestial Moments . . . The first time I entered the temple, I was blessed
to attend with my parents and my sister. I was baptized for my great-grandmother,
and I felt that she was happy.
Jan 17 Instant Messages . . . I have been really engaged in family history. It started
with the invitation from Elder Neil L. Andersen of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles
at RootsTech to do baptisms for my own family names. I felt really committed to do
family history, knowing that if I “knocked,” it would be “opened”. . .
Feb 17 Find, Take, Teach: Join the Temple Challenge
Feb 17 Three Ways to Be Involved in Family History
Feb 17 Personal Progress on My Family Tree
Mar 17 20 Ways to Honor Mom and Dad . . . Research your family history
with your parents, and take family names to the temple with them.
May 17 Apply What You Heard
May 17 3 Promises Made by the Priesthood . . .
“Finding the names of our ancestors and doing temple work for them.”
May 17 Questions & Answers: How do I prepare to receive my patriarchal blessing?
June 17 Your Own Liahona . . . Why is it important to know what your lineage is?
July 17 Your Pioneer Journey—for Real, Not Pretend
Aug 17 Why Baptisms for the Dead
Aug 17 How You Can Help with Temple Work . . .
Once the Saints realized they could perform baptisms for the dead, they wanted
to get their families’ work done as soon as they could. Many wrote to family members
so they could gather names of deceased relatives.
Sep 17 The Extra Smile
Oct 17 The World Is a Great Place . . . Genealogy is a very popular hobby online.
Oct 17 Take Time for a Great Work
Nov 17 Tucson Arizona Temple Dedication: I Will Prepare . . .
Goal: To learn more about my ancestors before I do their temple work. . . .
Goal: To work on my genealogy and do the things the Lord asks of me.
Dec 17 What’s Your Family’s Christmas Tradition? . . . It is also special to me
because I get to learn about my family history in the place where some of my
ancestors lived and experienced trials that they overcame through the Savior.
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Ensign 2016
Jan 16 Elder Andersen in Jerusalem . . .
attending an international genealogical conference in Jerusalem . . .
Jan 16
Revealed Realities of Mortality . . . The full blessings
of the priesthood are received together as husband and wife or not at all.
Jan 16
By Small and Simple Blogs . . .
hare what you’re passionate about in the gospel—whether it’s family history,
general conference, family home evening, temples, or food storage.
You never know what might catch someone’s interest.
Jan 16
Knowing the Godhead . . .
God . . . is a real being, an actual person, a literal Father of flesh and bone
who speaks and sees and feels, who knows all His children’s names . . .
Jan 16 Howard W. Hunter: My Father, the Prophet . . .
Developing a Commitment to Family History - After my parents were married,
one of Dad’s first callings was to teach a family history class. During this time
he became personally committed to doing family history work. His law office
calendar had many afternoons blocked off to go to the Los Angeles public library
to do genealogical research. He started preparing six-foot-long (1.8 m) family group
sheets, which he bound in sturdy ledgers. Dad would also gather data and connect
with our relatives. He sent hundreds of letters to his relatives as he discovered
who they were. He peppered our family vacations with visits to cousins, aunts,
and uncles. From this I learned of the good that can be done when you sacrifice
a pleasant day of vacationing.
Feb 16 The Joy of Family History Work . . . It doesn’t matter if you are single,
whether your husband or wife is less active, or whether you yourself are less active
or even a member of the Church, you too can assist in the salvation of souls.
There can be no more important, fulfilling, or glorious work.
Feb 16 Uniquely Blessed by Indexing
Mar 16 Making the Sabbath a Delight . . . Ask family members to tell stories about
“the good old days.” Have someone record the stories to include in a family history.
Mar 16 Blessings of the Sabbath Day . . . Time for Family History . . .
Mar 16 Resurrection—the Beginning of Immortality . . .
The assurance that the resurrection will include an opportunity to be with our family
member--husband, wife, parents, brothers and sisters, children, and grandchildren--
is a powerful encouragement for us to fulfill our family responsibilities in mortality.
It helps us live together in love in this life in anticipation of joyful reunions
and associations in the next.
May 16 See Yourself in the Temple . . .
The combination of increased numbers of temples and advanced technology
to fulfill our sacred family history responsibilities for our ancestors makes this
the most blessed time in all history. I rejoice in the extraordinary faithfulness
of our youth in indexing and finding their ancestors and then doing the baptism
and confirmation work in the temple. You are literally among the prophesied
saviors on Mount Zion. . . .
May 16 Always Remember Him . . . Family histories, family traditions, and family ties
help us savor remembrance of things past while providing future patterns and hope.
Priesthood lines of authority and patriarchal blessings witness of God’s hand
across generations. Have you ever thought of yourself as your own living book
of remembrance--reflecting what and how you choose to remember? . . .
May 16 Patriarchal Blessings Online
May 16 Doing Good around the World . . . In Malaysia, Church members
focused on the family during the celebration of the Chinese New Year,
an event that traditionally includes visiting burial sites
as ancestors are remembered, honored, and revered.
May 16 Changes to Family History and Temple Service
June 16 I Felt the Blessings of the Temple When . . . . . .
I know that when we do the work for our ancestors, we are guided.
I feel so grateful to Heavenly Father for giving us temples to unite families.
June 16 Keeping Memories Alive
July 16 Finding Grandma
July 16 A Temple Halfway around the World
Aug 16
The Hope of Eternal Family Love
Aug 16 Youth and Family History Come Together
Sep 16 Insights
Oct 16 My Service-Filled Sundays
Oct 16 The Joy of Learning . . . The Prophet Joseph Smith spoke of the importance
of recording insights and impressions: “If you … proceed to discuss important questions
. . . and fail to note them down, . . . perhaps, for neglecting to write these things
when God had revealed them, not esteeming them of sufficient worth, the Spirit
may withdraw . . . and there is, or was, a vast knowledge, of infinite importance,
which is now lost.
Oct 16 Stand as True Millennials . . . Spend more time -- much more time -- in places
where the Spirit is present. That means more time with friends who are seeking
to have the Spirit with them. Spend more time on your knees in prayer, more time
in the scriptures, more time in family history work, more time in the temple.
I promise you that as you consistently give the Lord a generous portion of your time,
He will multiply the remainder.
Oct 16 Family History: Peace, Protection, and Promises
Oct 16
Finding William
Oct 16 A Season for Family History
Nov 16
“If Ye Had Known Me” . . . On a future day, "every knee shall bow,
and every tongue confess" that Jesus is the Christ. On that blessed day,
we will know He knows each of us by name. . . .
Nov 16
Lest Thou Forget . . . Generations are affected by the choices we make.
Share your testimony with your family; encourage them to remember how they felt
when they recognized the Spirit in their lives and to record those feelings in journals
and personal histories so that their own words may, when needed,
bring to their remembrance how good the Lord has been to them.
Dec 16 Coming Home to Your Mission . . . "You can still serve the Lord.
Assign yourself to befriend someone new, serve in the temple,
do family history research, . . ."
Dec 16 Insights
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New Era 2016
Jan 16
Discover Your Gifts . . . 8. Reflect on your family.
What gifts do you have that your siblings, parents, or grandparents have too?
Go further! Research family history, discover stories, and identify even more gifts
you share with your family.
Jan 16
Moroni, My Mom, and a Lesson for My Life . . . Record spiritual promptings.
Writing down your impressions can help you be more spiritually aware, including
after you’ve prayed, read the scriptures, or participated in family home evening.
Jan 16 FHE Object Lesson: Holy Smoke! . . . “We can also keep a journal
and write our family histories to turn the hearts of the living toward the living—
as well as the hearts of the living toward their ancestors.”
May 16
My Conference Action Plan . . . Find Ancestors . . .
May 16 Write It Down
June 16 Leave Your You-nique Mark . . . Create photo collages of family memories.
June 16
Questions & Answers: Feeling the Spirit at Home . . .
Regardless of your home circumstances, you can show Heavenly Father
your commitment to your covenants by working on your family history,
. . .
July 16
Prepare and Do . . . stakes that use youth as family history consultants
have a higher percentage of members finding names for temple work and doing
the temple work. In one stake there are 20 youth who were called to be family
history consultants for one year before they are old enough for missions. As they
visit members in their homes to show them how to do family history, they talk
to people along the way and tell them about family history and the temple.
That is missionary work! . . .
July 16 Instant Messages . . . We'll All Be Together Again . . .
July 16 Conference Poster: True Identity . . . While a child’s earthly situation
may not be ideal, a child’s spiritual DNA is perfect because one’s true identity
is as a son or daughter of God.
Aug 16
The 30-Day “I Love You” Challenge
Aug 16
Rescued by My Brother
Aug 16 Ready to Take the Field
Aug 16 The Extra Smile . . . Why is Grandma up so early?
She joined a family history club. It’s called Early Morning Cemetery.
Oct 16 A Recipe for Learning . . . Write your feelings and impressions in a journal.
"As you write down precious impressions, often more will come.
Also, the knowledge you gain will be available throughout your life"
(Richard G. Scott, "To Acquire Knowledge and the Strength to Use It Wisely,"
Ensign, June 2002, 32). Especially write what the ideas mean in your life.

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Ensign 2015
Jan 15
Follow the Prophets . . . It has been said that history turns
on small hinges, and so do our lives.  Decisions determine destiny.
But we are not left unaided in our decisions.
Jan 15 Indexing Challenge Sets Record
Jan 15 Apostle Offers Counsel about Social Media . . . “I am confident all of us
also recognize how technology has accelerated family history and temple work,
our individual and family study of the restored gospel, and made it possible
for us to learn about, see, and experience the world in remarkable ways.”
Jan 15 Why Michigan?
Feb 15 Loving Those Who Have Gone Before Us . . . many people who lived
on this earth never married or never had children.  They have no direct descendants
to honor their memory.  We need to learn their stories so they can be told. Like those
who have descendants, they too deserve to be remembered.
Feb 15 “My Days” of Temples and Technology
Feb 15 How Family History Changes Our Hearts and Minds . . . Engaging in family history
research teaches us of the vastness and grand scope of God’s creation and underscores
the individual and merciful reach of Christ’s Atonement. . . . [
Amy Harris]
Feb 15 From Family History to the Temple . . . “Temple and family history
work is part of living the gospel at home. It should be a family activity.”
Mar 15 Grandpa, Father
Mar 15
Every Trial Can Bring Greater Faith . . . Consider writing in your journal some
of the lessons you have learned and some of the evidences of Heavenly Father’s love
that you have experienced during a difficult time in your life.
Mar 15 Insights . . . Fathers build family traditions. . .
Memories of these special times together will never be forgotten by their children.
Apr 15 “I Am Not a Son” . . .
Every name indexed represents another chance that someone will find
a missing ancestor and provide the ordinances of salvation for that person.
Jun 15
Families Can Be Together Forever . . . The priesthood power to bind families
eternally is one of the greatest gifts of God. . . . The priesthood keys that make this
possible were restored to the earth by the prophet Elijah . . .
July 15 All Is Well . . . And just as we know that the pioneers demonstrated these
qualities because of the records they kept, your posterity can get to know you through
your journal too. Take a few minutes to record a little about yourself in your journal.
Aug 15 Oral Family History Fades in Just Three Generations
Aug 15 Latter-day Saint Voices . . . A Prayer in the Family History Center . . .
Oct 15 Teaching Youth How to Lead in the Savior’s Way . . . We encourage
youth presidencies to help all quorum and class members participate
in every aspect of the work of salvation, including member missionary work,
convert retention, activation of less-active members,
temple and family history work, and teaching the gospel.
Oct 15 Protecting Our Youth through Family History
Nov 15
“Chosen to Bear Testimony of My Name” . . . “Let me close by bearing witness
(and my nine decades on this earth fully qualify me to say this) that the older I get,
the more I realize that family is the center of life and is the key to eternal happiness.
“I give thanks for my wife, for my children, for my grandchildren and my
great-grandchildren, and for . . . extended family who make my own life so rich and,
yes, even eternal. Of this eternal truth I bear my strongest and most sacred witness”

Nov 15
Making Conference Part of Our Lives . . . Write in your journal this week
about your divine nature and the blessings that come from that knowledge.

Nov 15
Elder Ronald A. Rasband . . . He comes from a multigenerational
Latter-day Saint family, a heritage he treasures.

Nov 15
Elder Gary E. Stevenson . . . He traces his family roots
to Utah’s early Latter-day Saint pioneers.

Nov 15
Elder Gerrit W. Gong . . . He has traced his ancestry back 33 generations
to First Dragon Gong, born A.D. 837 in southern China during the late Tang dynasty.

Nov 15 Women Leaders Join Church Councils . . . Sister Rosemary M. Wixom, Primary
general president, will serve on the Temple and Family History Executive Council.
Dec 15 Insights . . . in addition to time with family, you can experience true delight
on the Sabbath from family history work. . . .
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New Era 2015
Jan 15
Why Is Jesus Christ Important in My Life? . . . Record in your journal
the next time the Savior’s example or teachings help you choose the right.
Jan 15
2015 Mutual Theme . . . You find family names to take to the temple.
Jan 15
Serving God and Come, Follow Me . . . August
Did you realize keeping a journal can be service?
“How will keeping a personal journal bless me and my family?”
shows the importance and blessings of this record.
Consider making a goal for how you want to keep a record of your life.
Jan 15
Mutual Theme Cards . . . Research something important to you—for example,
an event in Church history or an ancestor. . . . Keep a journal and review it periodically.
Jan 15 Five Fun Ways to Record 2015
Jan 15
Be the First on the Dance Floor . . . You can be a force for good
in so many ways. You can help your friends become excited about family history.

Jan 15
Instant Messages . . . It's Time to Keep a Journal
Feb15 These Are Your Days:
Find Our Cousins
Apr 15 Better Than a Loaf of Bread . . . on the how and why of family history indexing
May 15 Thirty Things You Never Knew about Mom
Jun 15 30 Things You Never Knew about Dad . . . Did you realize that you’re doing
family history when you talk with your dad about his life?  Don’t let the stories he
tells you fade.  With his permission, record the stories he tells you
in the “Memories” section of
Aug 15 Ask Papá; Papá Héctor never really talked much,
but I wanted to know more about our family.
Sep 15 75 Truths from the Old Testament and Pearl of Great Price . . . Family history
and temple work turns our hearts to God and our ancestors. Malachi 4:5–6
Sep 15 Mutual Theme 2015: How’s the Sailing So Far? . . . and how important
it is to find and bring your own family names to the temple.
Sep 15 The Extra Smile: Wow! Someone has really done their family history!
Oct 15
Mormonad: Your Book of Life
Oct 15
Kevin Made It Happen
Nov 15 The 1,200-Hour Climb . . .
They even started dedicating one Wednesday a month to family history.

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Ensign 2014
Feb 14
Service . . . Share stories about service from your family history,
a Church magazine, or a general conference talk.
Feb 14
Nurturing Our New Lives . . . Doing Family History Work
. . . First-Time Family Historian?

Apr 14 A Visit from Milton . . . I was always perplexed to think that my
maternal grandmother didn’t know her exact birthday or hardly anything
about her relatives. Even as a boy, I felt compelled to solve the mystery --
probably because my mother would sometimes refer to me as her
“little genealogist,” hoping to instill in me a desire to find her long-lost relatives.
May 14 Roots and Branches Hastening family history and temple work
in our day is essential for the salvation and exaltation of families.
May 14
Wanted: Hands and Hearts to Hasten the Work . . .
Help wanted: family history and temple workers to link families eternally
June 14 Hastening the Work . . .Now, family history work is not easy. . . .
The Lord expects you and me to perform our family history work well.
I think the first thing we must do if we are to perform our work well
is to have the Spirit of our Heavenly Father with us.  When we live
as righteously as we know how to live, He will open the way for the
fulfillment of the blessings that so earnestly and diligently we seek.
June 14 I Find Joy in Family History When …
June 14 Touched by the Spirit of Elijah
June 14
Latter-day Saints in Italy—a Legacy of Faith . . . Paola Fava
of Genoa . . . stays busy serving in the Church and doing family history.

June 14
Latter-day Saint Voices . . . My Note on the Gravestone
June 14 The Power of When . . . We trust in the Lord’s plan of eternal families
and eternal life.  It’s the power of when that keeps us moving forward.
July 14 The Promise of Hearts Turning
July 14
April 2014 Conference Notebook . . . How to hold a ‘Family Tree Gathering.’
July 14 Corrections
July 14 Keeping a Journal Your Way
July 14 Old Testament Prophets: Elijah
Aug 14
We Know Where He Is
Aug 14 Taming the Media . . . and now our son is encouraged to help me
with FamilySearch indexing.  He also likes to explore the FamilySearch
website and dabble in family history.  I believe it is important that we show
our children how to ‘stand in holy places’ online as well as in real life.
Sep 14
Put the Family in Family History
Sep 14
The Work of Salvation: Then and Now . . . The Book of Mormon
makes frequent reference to keeping family histories.  Lehi sent his sons
back to Jerusalem to obtain the brass plates, which contained the “record
of the Jews and also a genealogy of [his] forefathers” (1 Nephi 3:3). The book
of Ether sets forth the names of succeeding sovereigns and, as necessary,
their siblings and children, showing that extensive family history records
were kept among the people.  The Church’s worldwide temple and family
history initiatives are consistent with Book of Mormon teachings.
Sep 14
Strengthening Youth through Uplifting Activities
Oct 14 Family History for the Rising Generation
Oct 14 Missionary, Family History, and Temple Work
Oct 14 What’s a Family Tree Gathering?
Oct 14 My “Forgetter” Is Getting Better . . .
I am now writing
my personal history, and I find that the Holy Ghost helps me
by bringing “things to [my] remembrance” (John 14:26).
Oct 14 Finding Solace in Sacred Hymns
Nov 14 The Book . . . This “book” will be prepared using the records
of names and ordinances in the Church’s FamilyTree database.
Dec 14 Tithing Helps Build Up the Kingdom of God . . . and to sustain
missionary, temple, and family history work. . . .
Dec 14 Old Testament Prophets: Malachi . . . the names of those
who “feared the Lord … and that thought upon his name”
were written in a "book of remembrance."
Dec 14 Angels We Have Heard . . . A Mission to Visit Relatives and Friends
. . . “Our fathers and mothers, brothers, sisters and friends who have passed
away from this earth, having been faithful, and worthy to enjoy these rights
and privileges, may have a mission given them to visit their relatives and
friends upon the earth again, bringing from the divine Presence messages
of love, of warning, or reproof and instruction, to those whom they had
learned to love in the flesh.”
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New Era 2014
Jan 14 Family History Unites Families
Jan 14 Both Parts of the Blessing  Temple attendance and family history
are both important; when combined, they bring additional blessings.
Jan 14 Instant Messages - Family History Unites Families
Feb 14
Faithful, Loving Service . . . We do family history
and take family names to the temple for our ancestors.
Feb 14
28 Ways to Spread Sunshine . . . Teach someone about family history.
Feb 14 Questions and Answers: Making the Temple Part of My Life . . .
I think that doing family history work is about as close as you
can get to being in the temple without being in the temple.
Feb 14 How to Fill Your Book of Life
Mar 14 Sharing the Gospel Naturally . . . Ask your friends
where their names came from.  If they’re family names,
you can bring up family history and share how it connects
us to our past and to our future through temples.
Apr 14 The Gate and the Path . . . Service -- fulfilling our covenants
by serving God and His children, including callings, temple and
family history work, sharing the gospel, full-time missionary service
Apr 14
My Assignment from the Bishop . . .  Spirit of Elijah
and the responsibility the youth have to serve through family history.
May 14
Apostles Speak to Us . . . Roots and Branches
“The doctrine of the family in relation to family history and temple work is clear.
The Lord in initial revelatory instructions referred to ‘baptism for your dead’
[D&C 127:5; emphasis added]. Our doctrinal obligation is to our own ancestors.
This is because the celestial organization of heaven is based on families. . . .
We need to be connected to both our roots and branches . . .
May 14
Words to Live By . . . “The more connected we feel to our righteous
forefathers, the more likely we are to make wise and righteous choices.”
May 14
"Maybe I Should Get My Blessing" . . .  Later that day,
I asked my dad to help me understand the roles and blessings
of the tribes of the house of Israel.  It was long and hard, but we
figured it out, and I recorded what we learned in my journal.
May 14
Four Days at the Hamilton New Zealand Temple . . .
Mahonri K., a priest, researched and brought names from his own family
to do proxy work for them.  “I was excited to help my ancestors who had
passed on through the veil by being baptized and receiving the gift of the
Holy Ghost on their behalf,” he says.
. . . Throughout the temple conference
the youth strengthened their ties with the Savior, with each other,
and with their ancestors.  After gaining such new enthusiasm for the work,
their journey in family history is only getting started.
May 14
Fun Activity Ideas for Any Occasion . . . Temple and family history
June 14
Using Stories to Teach about the Priesthood . . .
Family history is another great resource--your ancestors
may have had an experience that you could share.
June 14
To the Point . . . Who will be on the earth during the Millennium,
and what will they be doing? . . . Family history and temple work will be
especially important and will link the entire family of man all the way back
to Adam and Eve.
June 14 Instant Messages . . . 400+ Names for the Temple . . .
Doing family history became a blessing. I think everyone should do it.
July 14 Outsmart Your Smartphone and Other Devices . . . Use these wallpapers
to help you: Make time for good things, like service and family history.
July 14 Instant Messages . . . Baptism for My Grandfather . . . We joyfully
went into the temple to do baptisms for the dead—for those who are in
the spirit world waiting for us to find our family history and do work for them.
Sep 14 50 Fun Things to Learn . . .
Find family history stories
and discover what you have in common with your ancestors.
Sep 14
What Is “the Work of Salvation”? . . . The Church helps us focus
our efforts in carrying out the work of salvation by dividing it into five categories:
“member missionary work, convert retention, activation of less-active members,
temple and family history work, and teaching the gospel.” . . .
Oct 14
October Issue - numerous articles throughout, themed in combination
with following the life of Jesus Christ and preparation for missionary work.
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Ensign 2013
Jan 13 Latter-day Saint Voices . . . Can I Have a Blessing?
. . . Because Annie was ill, it was difficult for her to get around, but she
soon found her own way to serve the Lord.  We brought her a typewriter,
and she spent hours every day in the hospital doing family history work.
Annie lived three years longer than expected and prepared hundreds of
family names for the temple before she passed away.  [Related Addendum
Research Note: Joseph Smith, Jr.; the Prophet . . . He then made a promise
in the name of the Lord, saying that that soul who has righteousness enough
to ask God in the secret place for life, every day of their lives, shall live to
three score years and ten.  From
Teachings: Section Five 1842-43, p.241]
Jan 13 Members Asked to Tie Family History to the Temple
Feb 13 Converted unto the Lord . . . As members of Relief Society,
we can help new members learn basic Church practices, such as:
Participating in family history work.
Performing baptisms and confirmations for their deceased ancestors.
Mar 13 Young Church-Service Missionaries Find Joy in Service . . .
Potential YCSM assignments include family history research, information
technology, mission office assistants, bishops’ storehouses, and more.
Apr 13 Temple Covenants . . . you can prepare to receive sacred temple
ordinances by: . . . Participating in family history work.
Apr 13 Latter-day Saint Voices . . . The Phone Switched Off . . . A year after
our baptism, the mission president invited us to prepare to go to the temple.
As part of our preparation, we started doing family history research. . . .
Apr 13 Church Leaders Discuss the “Hastening of Work” . . . Elder Packer
said that recently he heard of a young woman who stood and shared her
testimony of family history work. “This is a whole lot more fun than what
the old people said it was going to be,” she said. . . .
May 13 New Online Tools Help Preserve and Share Family Photos and Memories
June 13 Joy in Family History
June 13
Worship the True and Living God . . . our assignment is to use
these many resources in our families and quorums to build up the kingdom
of God—to further the missionary effort and the genealogical and temple work;
. . . An older couple … set out to see the world. . . . They . . . were too busy for
genealogical research . . . He lost contact with his high priests quorum
and was not home enough to work on his personal history. . . .
June 13
Dear Are the Sheep That Have Wandered . . . I believe there is a strong
familial pull as the influence of beloved ancestors continues with us from the other
side of the veil. . . . I hope all children will eventually turn their hearts to their fathers
and also to their mothers. . . .
June 13
Latter-day Saint Voices . . . You Removed My Sadness . . .
I had long understood that family history and temple work can connect us
to our deceased ancestors, but I had never considered that it could connect
us to our living relatives as well.  I am grateful that I have been able to help
unite our family through family history—not only in the spirit world but also
during our earthly life.
June 13
Church Has Witnessed Historic Changes during President Monson’s Ministry . . .
During each area review the leaders also take an in-depth look at what is happening
with the Church in a given ecclesiastical area and review such things as humanitarian
service, welfare needs, missionary work, and family history and temple work.
July 13
Family History Treasure Hunt
July 13 Elder Cook Addresses Members and Investigators in Ivory Coast . . .
Elder Cook and Elder Clayton encouraged the Saints to move forward in four main areas:
increasing their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, strengthening their families, actively sharing
the gospel with others, and continuing their incredible family history & temple work efforts.
July 13 In Other Church Magazines
The New Era: Youth, Family History, and Temple Work . . .
The Friend: Sharing Your Family Stories
Aug 13
Recognize, Remember, and Give Thanks . . . You remember that the book
Moses: says, “And a book of remembrance was kept, in the which was recorded,
in the language of Adam, for it was given unto as many as called upon God to write
by the spirit of inspiration” (Moses 6:5).  President Spencer W. Kimball (1895–1985)
described that process of inspired writing: “Those who keep a book of remembrance
are more likely to keep the Lord in remembrance in their daily lives.  Journals are
a way of counting our blessings and of leaving an inventory of these blessings
for our posterity.”
Aug 13
Timing Is Everything . . . “One of my main projects in life now
is to do as much temple work as I can, as much genealogy as possible.
Sep 13
One Billion Records Now on FamilySearch
Sep 13 1,000 Things to Be Thankful For . . . An Expanding List . . .
Rather than saying “my family,” she listed people individually—name after name,
starting with her mother, who passed away when Charlotte was just eight years old,
then her father, her brothers, her sister, her sister-in-law, her cousins, aunts, and uncles.
Then she went back in time to grandparents both living and dead, great-grandparents
she had heard us talk about or had read about in family records, as well as earlier
ancestors and the legacy they created.  That led her to gratitude for all the journals
and photo books her mother left behind.  Soon the list included memories, birthdays,
weddings, youth conferences, the For the Strength of Youth booklet, refrigerators,
cinnamon rolls, breakfast, and choir practice.
Oct 13
Teens and Temple Covenants . . .
Parents can help their children become involved in family history research so that when
they turn 12 years old they can take family names to the temple.  To the youth who do so,
Elder David A. Bednar of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles has promised: “Your love and
gratitude for your ancestors will increase.  Your testimony of and conversion to the Savior
will become deep and abiding.  And I promise you will be protected against the intensifying
influence of the adversary.”
Oct 13
Making Time for the Temple . . . Elder Dallin H. Oaks of the Quorum
of the Twelve Apostles has observed: “There are many tasks to be performed in temple
and family history work.  We should encourage our members to make prayerful selection
of the things they can do in their individual circumstances and in view of their
current Church callings.”
Oct 13
Hastening the Work of Salvation . . . Our role is to immerse ourselves in loving
and serving those around us . . .  helping a neighbor with her family history. . . .
The work of salvation is Heavenly Father’s work “to bring to pass the immortality
and eternal life of man” . . . includes . . . temple and family history work . . . It is time
for all of us to understand more clearly our role in hastening the work of salvation.
As we make member missionary work, convert retention, activation of less-active
members, temple and family history work, and teaching the gospel a natural part
of our lives, we will experience great joy and be endowed with the spiritual gifts
we need to strengthen the Church in the 21st century.
Oct 13
Latter-day Saint Voices: A Box of Pictures . . .
I testify that family history work is one of the most important works to be done.
Nov 13
The Windows of Heaven . . . sacred funds are used in a rapidly growing church
to spiritually bless individuals and families by constructing and maintaining temples
and houses of worship, supporting missionary work, translating and publishing scriptures,
fostering family history research, . . .
Nov 13
Come, Join with Us . . . "That and more.
We haven't even mentioned family history . . .

Nov 13
Be Ye Converted . . . I would like to share a conversion story
from my family history . . .
Nov 13
The Strength to Endure . . . Great examples of spiritual stamina
come from our own family histories. . . . A story from my own family history
illustrates this principle. . . .
Nov 13 The Power, Joy, and Love of Covenant Keeping . . . We can learn the stories
of our ancestors together, research family history, index,
and perform vicarious temple work for deceased loved ones. . . .
Nov 13 Social Media Pages Created for Church Leaders
Dec 13
The Lord Will Return to Earth in Glory  All that we do in the Church—
missionary work, family history and temple work, teaching the gospel, living Christlike
lives—prepares us and others for eternal life and for the Lord’s Second Coming.
Dec 13 Indexing Is Vital

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New Era 2013
Jan 13 Branching Out to Strengthen Home and Family . . . A creative
craft project helped these young women bring their family history to life.
. . . “Every human being who comes to this earth is the product
of generations of parents.  We have a natural yearning to connect
with our ancestors.  This desire dwells in our hearts, regardless of age.”
Feb 13 Focus on Values . . . The greatest ordinances and blessings
of membership in the Church come in the temple.  There we have the
ordinances of the endowment and the sealings to parents, spouses,
and ancestors.  All ordinances of exaltation are a family matter.  Do
you see that difference?  The ordinances of salvation are individual;
the ordinances of exaltation involve more than one person.
Feb 13 Mornings with Promise
May 13 Me? Teach Family History?
June 13
Gratitude—Feel It and Live It . . . I’m so grateful for my family,
and that includes my ancestors.  One way I like to show gratitude for all
of my family is by doing family history work. . . .
Editor’s note:
Family History How-to Videos to learn how to do your family history.
June 13
Balancing Church History . . . History blesses our lives because
it gives us a chance to look back.  Sometimes it’s hard to look back on
our own lives, but through history we can look back in the lives of others
and learn things that have blessed them.  And we can help ourselves avoid
mistakes by doing the things that have blessed our ancestors.
July 13
Family History Leads You to the Temple
July 13
Capturing Your Family Stories
Aug 13
Why Temple Marriage? . . . If you think about it, you’ll spend a large part
of your life preparing for big changes that come along.  There’s baptism, graduating
from Primary into Young Men or Young Women, attending the temple, and
participating in family history research and temple ordinances for your ancestors.
Family history involves keeping a record of your family today.
Aug 13
The Extra Smile . . . “Seriously, I have no idea
how our ancestors made it through Nebraska without an iPod.”
Aug 13
What’s Up? Unexpected Calling . . . But then she was given a ward calling
she never expected: family history consultant. . . . Watch a video about another
young woman called as a family history consultant at
Oct 13
Church-Service Missions: Real Service, Real Sacrifice . . .
Almost all young Church-service missionaries live at home and serve locally   
in some of the following ways: . . .
Family history: indexing and providing
patron support, document preservation, and system support . . .
Oct 13
Follow in His Footsteps . . . Keep a journal to document your progress.
Dec 13
The Gift of Family History
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Ensign 2012
Jan 12 Church News and Events:
RootsTech 2012 Registration Now Available, pg. 76
Feb 12 Keeping Safe & Balanced in a Google-YouTube-Twitter-Facebook-iEverything World
Feb 12
This Is Your Work
Feb 12 My Family History Challenge
Feb 12 On the Web
Mar 12
Have I Done Any Good in the World Today? . . .
It was
President Thomas S. Monson.
. . . And then he paused and said, “I have been talking with Frances,
I have prayed about it, and I would like you to write my biography. . . .
Mar 12
October Conference Notebook . . . How: “I encourage you to study,
to search out your ancestors, and to prepare yourselves to perform proxy
baptisms in the house of the Lord for your kindred dead.”
Mar 12
Family Home Evening Ideas Creating a Personal History . . .

Mar 12 A Call for Indexers Worldwide
Mar 12
Church Introduces New Leader’s Guide to Temple and Family History Work
Mar 12 FamilySearch to Launch Census Indexing Project

Apr 12
My Mission Was Cut Short . . .  Perhaps the experiences we record today
will emerge in the life of a future loved one, carrying comfort from the past.
Apr 12 Features New Biographies of Living Apostles
May 12
The Vision of Prophets regarding Relief Society: Faith, Family, Relief
. . . Saving souls includes sharing the gospel and participating in
missionary work.
It includes engaging in temple and family history work.  It includes doing everything
possible to become spiritually and temporally self-reliant.
May 12
Seek Learning: You Have a Work to Do . . . Surround yourself with exemplary
women who can teach you skills in homemaking, art, music, family history, sports,
writing, or speaking.
May 12
Now Is the Time to Arise and Shine! . . . Last general conference I thrilled
as I listened to
Elder David A. Bednar   invite each of you to become anxiously
engaged in doing your own family history and temple work for those who have
passed on without the blessings of the restored
Gospel of Jesus Christ . . .
May 12
Elder Richard J. Maynes . . . served . . . as Executive Director
of the Family History Department.
May 12
Linda S. Reeves . . . She has many passions, including art, music,
photography, family history, and missionary work.
May 12
International Art Exhibit Winners Announced, Exhibit Opens . . .
Brandon Daniel Hearty—a Merit Award winner from Alberta, Canada—
uses an oil portrait of his great-grandmother (Matriarch) as a representation
of family history and intergeneration connections.
June 12
Acting on Promptings . . . Years ago I began having a persistent nagging
feeling that I needed to put together a family cookbook, including recipes from my
extended family.  As I took one last look at the completed book, I turned to the family
tree page and became overwhelmed with the Spirit.  Tears ran down my cheeks as I
became keenly aware of why I was to put this “silly” cookbook together.  It had very
little to do with recipes.  I had gathered names and dates of generations of my
ancestors.  All these people could now have their temple work done. Additionally,
I had preserved wonderful stories for future generations.
June 12
Quilted Expressions of Human Ties . . . Some quilts serve to etch
the life story of an ancestor into the hearts of posterity. . . . A traditional
story cloth uses images to preserve family history, community traditions,
and recent or historic events.
June 12
Family History Missionaries Serve in Ancestor’s Home
June 12
Church Asks Members to Understand Policies . . . Church leaders
are asking Latter-day Saints to learn and better understand the Church’s
family history policies on submitting names for temple ordinances.
June 12
In the News . . . The free FamilySearch Indexing app for iPhone and iPad
users now helps individuals preserve and share precious genealogical records
from around the world on mobile devices. . . .
Brigham Young University
will present its annual Campus Education Week . . . on subjects such as
education, family relations, genealogy, health, history, . . .
July 12
Family Home Evening Ideas
: Spotlighting Our Ancestors
Aug 12
The Savior’s Call to Serve . . . After I had done 500 baptisms,
I set a goal to do family history research on my ancestors, and I liked
doing the research so much that I could not sleep because I was looking
for names.  I found 50 names and eight generations of my family history;
I helped do the temple work for all of them.

Aug 12
Latter-day Saint Voices: Look at the Last Page
Sep 12
The Blessings of Focusing on the Temple . . . “The divine plan
of happiness enables family relationships to be perpetuated beyond
the grave.  Sacred ordinances and covenants available in holy temples
make it possible for individuals to return to the presence of God and for
families to be united eternally.”
Sep 12
Senior Missionaries: Responding to the Prophet’s Call
Ye Are the Light of the World . . . Church-service missionaries
are needed worldwide to serve in family history centers . . .
Sep 12
FamilySearch Launches New Indexing Initiative
Oct 12
Loss and Childlessness: Finding Hope amid the Pain
Oct 12
What Have You Done for Them? . . . “We found things we had wondered
about for a long time.  It seemed as though they came to us almost too easily.
More than this, things that we never dreamed existed began to show up.  We
began to learn by personal experience that this research into our families is
an inspired work.  We came to know that an inspiration will follow those who
move into it.  It is just a matter of getting started.”
Oct 12
Traditional Family Championed at World Congress
Nov 12 Ask the Missionaries! They Can Help You! . . . They have ready access
to the vast family history records of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Nov 12 Brethren, We Have Work to Do . . . Another challenging but
stimulating priesthood work is that of family history and the temple. . . .
Nov 12 The Joy of Redeeming the Dead
Nov 12 New Tools Help Members Prepare Family Names
Dec 12 My Christmas Letter
Dec 12 Service Never Grows Old . . . Doing What No Computer Can . . . Brother Schory,
. . . spends hours each day transcribing names from digital images of original records
as part of the FamilySearch indexing program, often in languages such as French,
German, Italian, and Spanish.
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New Era 2012
Jan 12
What’s Up?: You're Invited To Do Family History, pg. 39
Feb 12 Screening Your Screen Time . . . The Internet makes FamilySearch indexing
Indexing Overview —] incredibly easy and accessible anywhere.
Mar 12
How Can We Make the Most of Temple Attendance? . . . You will need
to identify your ancestors.  The new FamilySearch program makes the effort
easier than before.  It is necessary to identify those ancestors, qualify them,
and come to the house of the Lord to perform the ordinances they
are longing to receive. . . .
Mar 12
Be a Defender of the Family  . . . Read the family newsletter
your mother wrote. . . . (You can watch video tutorials about FamilySearch
at [redirect to]
FamilySearch - YouTube, or talk with the family history specialist
in your ward or stake.)
Mar 12
When Life’s Always Changing . . . My dad gave each of us a journal
to write some of the daily things that happen so he can read about what
we are doing and see things from our point of view.
. . .
Mar 12 Heritage
Apr 12
Instant Messages I decided that for a Personal Progress experience,
I wanted to do my family history. . . . Personal Progress and Family History . . .
May 12 More Than a Scripture Journal . . . Robbie explains that he used
to think keeping a journal was just for posterity, but then as he read
in the scriptures each day and actually wrote down the impressions
and ideas that came to him as he read, an important discovery came to him:
“When I started to read my scriptures and write in my journal at the same time,
I figured out that’s one way you receive revelation.”
May 12
Getting Into Indexing . . . … Any young person can do what I am
suggesting, using the modules available at [forwarded to:
Family History].
May 12
Instant Messages Blessed by Indexing
May 12
We’ve Got Mail . . . I have ancestors and current family members
who served in the armed forces.
June 12
Questions and Answers . . . It is very important to live the gospel
together with our family.  We can start living it with them through family
prayer, family scripture study, family home evening, and doing family history.
June 12
How to Endure to the End . . . I read my journals. It reminds me that God
has always helped me before when I needed it, and He will help me again.
July 12 Instant Messages: Baptism for My Grandparents
July 12 Ancestors
Aug 12 Walking with Our Ancestors
Sep 12 Keeping Your Life in Balance . . . "Write down the tasks you would
like to accomplish each day.  Keep foremost in mind the sacred covenants
you have made with the Lord as you write down your daily schedules."
Oct 12
I Needed to Understand . . . Family
relationships can continue beyond death.
Nov 12
Words to Live By Do you young people want a sure way to eliminate
the influence of the adversary in your life?  Immerse yourself in searching for
your ancestors, prepare their names for the sacred vicarious ordinances available
in the temple, and then go to the temple to stand as proxy for them to receive
the ordinances of baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost. . . . I learnt that I need
to do family history work far more, as with it come a lot of blessings and strength
against the adversary. . . . “I liked when Elder Richard G. Scott talked about genealogy
and promised that the Lord would help us with family history work and indexing.  I’ve
had trouble with indexing because I couldn’t read much of the handwriting.  I tried
indexing again and prayed for help to be able to read the handwriting.  I was able
to get through a batch of names without as much trouble as I usually have.”

Nov 12
Conference Cards Family History. This work is a spiritual work. . .
You can make a powerful contribution.

Nov 12
Tell Dad! . . . Consider writing in your journal
about a time when revelation helped protect or direct you.

Nov 12
Thinking outside the Book . . . For millennia, human
beings have been finding ways to keep some record of their lives.

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Ensign 2011
Jan 11
So They Will Know Their Heritage, pgs. 56–59
Jan 11
Small and Simple Things, . . . Engaging in Family History Work . . ., pgs. 70–72
Jan 11
Temple News, . . . Rome Italy Temple . . . family history center . . ., pg. 78
Feb 11
Questions and Answers, pgs. 36–39
Feb 11
Latter-day Saint Voices, . . . I Don't Want to Know You!,  pgs. 66–69
Mar 11
“I Speak of Missionary Work”, pgs. 27–29
Mar 11
Learning to Forgive, . . . Soon after joining the Church
I became keenly interested in genealogy.  Family history started
me down the path to genuine forgiveness. . . ., pgs. 56–59
Mar 11
In Other Church Magazines, pg. 79
Apr 11 Blessed to Give, . . . Church and Family History
Apr 11
Need Growing Internationally for Indexers
Apr 11
In the News: Thousands Find Synergy at RootsTech Conference
July 11
Mi Vida, Mi Historia
Aug 11
World Briefs: now offers more than
140 classes online free of charge to help people with family history.
Sep 11
The Sealing Ordinance Links Families Eternally
Sep 11
Dreams, Covenants, and Secondhand Buses . . . My mother’s journal
summarizes our experience perfectly: “If we were shown on one hand all of the
mishaps and trials and on the other hand being in the temple with our family all
dressed in white, we’d pack up tomorrow and head out again.”

Sep 11
Our Family History Game
Sep 11
Latter-day Saint Voices: His Promise Was Fulfilled
Oct 11
Who Wrote the Book of Mormon?
Oct 11
Teachings for Our Day, . . . It seems that the Lord wanted Lehi to have a forever
family.  He first told Lehi to leave everything behind and save his present family by
taking them to the promised land.  While they were still in the wilderness, the Lord
told Lehi to send his sons back to get the record of past family members.
After that, He sent them to get Ishmael and his daughters. This was preparing
for their future family.
Nov 11
You Matter to Him . . . The Last Shall Be First . . . God knows that some of the
greatest souls who have ever lived are those who will never appear in the chronicles
of history. They are the blessed, humble souls who emulate the Savior’s example
and spend the days of their lives doing good. . . .
Nov 11
The Hearts of the Children Shall Turn
Nov 11
A Time to Prepare . . . I have found it helpful to access research articles,
conference talks, and ancestral records, and to receive e-mails,
Facebook reminders, tweets, and texts.
Nov 11
Summary for the 181st Semiannual General Conference . . .
Elder David A. Bednar of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles announced
a new section . . . (See the article on page 128.)
Nov 11
New Site to Help Teens Start Family History
Dec 11
The Peace and Joy of Knowing the Savior Lives . . .
The Savior's Unique Parentage: More important than the humble place
of the Savior’s birth is His unique parentage.  Several scriptures ask the question
“Who shall declare His generation?”
(Isaiah 53:8; Acts 8:33; Mosiah 14:8; 15:10). This means
“Who shall declare His genealogy?” Now, two millennia later, we proclaim that
Jesus the Christ was born of an immortal Father and a mortal mother. From His
immortal Father, Jesus inherited the power to live forever.  From His mortal mother,
He inherited the fate of physical death. . . .  Each individual with a testimony
of the Lord has the privilege, in faith, to know of His divine parentage and to testify
that Jesus is the Son of the living God. [INSERT: My Own Personal Testimony Online:
Alphabetic History of Civilization: Ancient and Modern Genealogies: Jesus Christ]
↑ up

New Era 2011

Mar 11
Remember to Remember, pgs. 16–19
June 11
What’s Up?, . . . The youth were challenged to use
the FamilySearch Indexing program to index 64,045 names . . .
Sep 11
Introduction to Duty to God . . . Write down what the Spirit tells you to do.
Sep 11
Personal Progress: Individual Worth, Am I a Child of God? . . .
Interview your oldest relatives and create a history of their lives and stories.
You could video record them or tape them so you have their voice, too.  Think
of how their history has influenced your life and helped you become who you are.
Give copies of the history to your family members.
Oct 11
Questions and Answers . . . Like a Journal
We are told to keep a journal.  This is to help the generations after us know how
it was in our day so our descendants can learn from the things we did.  This relates
to the Book of Mormon.  It was written by prophets telling about the things they did
and learned so that we can have a guide to help us be closer to our Heavenly Father.
Nov 11
General Conference Is for You . . . Conference made me more motivated to
memorize scriptures and work on
Family history. I like conference because it helps
me to do better. . . .  An Invitation to the Rising Generation: It is no coincidence that
FamilySearch and other tools have come forth at a time when young people are so
familiar with a wide range of information and communication technologies. Your
fingers have been trained to text and tweet to accelerate and advance the work
of the Lord--not just to communicate quickly with your friends. The skills and
aptitude evident among many young people today are a preparation to
contribute to the work of salvation.
Nov 11
Do You Believe in God? . . . My husband and I recently moved, and while
unpacking, I came upon a box of my old writings. This is an excerpt from a journal
entry I wrote when I was 16 years old. . . . As my journal entry testified to me, . . .
Nov 11
We’ve Got Mail: Excited about Family History, Hearing Elder David A. Bednar's
talk on the Spirit of Elijah and how we youth know how to use technology got me all
excited about family history work. . . . After conference my mother and I sat down
together at and looked to see what information I already had.
I found out that someone had sent in a lot of information about my grandmother’s line,
and I was able to link them together. I am so excited to start working
on my family history, and I hope to find names that I can do baptisms for in the temple.
Dec 11
What Did You Get for Christmas? . . . My parents gave me more: they gave me
fun family traditions, a firm sense of belonging, and a knowledge that true gifts are . . .
Dec 11
This Shall Be a Sign unto You . . . Of the Seed of David . . . Matthew gives us
Christ’s genealogy, showing how the Lord is descended from that king of long ago: . . .
↑ up

Ensign 2010

Jan 10 Coming To
Coming to My Ancestors’ Aid, . . . I searched for my
Chinese ancestors . . . in their ancestral temple there was
a book containing the records of our ancestors going back
4,000 years. . . one of my uncles owned a book that contained
the records of 120 generations of my mother's family. . . . , pgs. 18-20
Jan 10
Family Home Evening Ideas: Family Home Evening
Journal Sharing, pg. 70
Feb 10
Where Worlds Meet: The Oakland, California, Family History Center, . . .
You too can enjoy the excitement of family history research.  There are 4,600
family history centers in 132 countries.  To find the center closest to you,
go to
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and click Family History
and Temples,
then Family History Centers
. . . , pgs. 40–45
Mar 10
The Value of Experiencing and Expressing Gratitude,
Keep a Gratitude Journal, . . . Our Family Journal, pg. 49
Apr 10
Missionaries Support Family History, pgs. 76-77
Apr 10
World Briefs: Family History a Missionary Success, pg. 78
May 10 YouTube
™ - Elder Russell M. Nelson - Generations Linked in Love
May 10
YouTube™ - Elder Robert D. Hales - Our Duty to God

            Mission of Parents and Leaders to the Rising Generation.
June 10
Positive Uses of the Internet, pgs. 13-15
June 10
A Bountiful Harvest in Bardstown, pp. 36-40
June 10
Small and Simple Things: How Do You Spend Your Time?, p. 71
June 10
World Briefs: Family History Classes Now Online, p. 78
June 10 "and research our family history.",  back cover
July 10
Investing in the Golden Years, pgs. 63–65
July 10
Updated to Bring New Features Under One Roof, pgs. 74-75
Aug 10
Remembering Those in Prison, . . .
help inmates work on family history . . . , pgs. 58-63
Sep 10
Using Relief Society Meetings to Teach and Inspire, pg. 35
Sep 10 Redesign Connects Members and Investigators, pgs. 76–77
Sep 10
In Other Church Magazines, pg. 79
Oct 10
Temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Dec 10
Our Responsibility to Participate in Temple and Family History Work, pg. 7
Dec 10
Glad Tidings of Great Joy, pgs. 52–57
Dec 10
Small and Simple Things, pgs. 70–72
Dec 10
Future of Explained at Seminar, pgs. 76–77
Dec 10
World Briefs, pg. 78
↑ upΛ

New Era 2010
Jan 10
The Power of a Question, pg. 13
Mar 10
We’ve Got Mail: Visit to the Family History Center, pg. 48
May 10
We’ve Got Mail: Indexing, I like doing the family history
indexing project,  p. 48
June 10
What’s Up?, . . . Honoring Military Veterans, pg. 36;
STEP into Family History, pg. 37
June 10
Instant Messages: Finding Mary Redhead, pgs. 44–45
July 10
Blazing Trails of Faith, pgs. 16–19
↑ up

Ensign 2009
Jan 09
Drawn to the Temple, . . . doing good includes
researching his family history and serving . . ., pgs. 23–25
Jan 09 My Guilt Was Swept Away, pgs. 34–35
Jan 09 Treasuring the Doctrine and Covenants, pgs. 50–53
Jan 09 My ‘Let It Rain’ Journal, . . . personal revelation is
like rain.  It comes drop by drop, and if we would create a
reservoir for it, so to speak, in our journal, we’d be surprised
at how much the Holy Ghost prompts us every day.  He advised
us to write in our journal any questions we might have and pray
about them.  . . ., pg. 69
Jan 09 News of the Church: Web Extends Distribution Services’ Reach, pgs. 75–76
Jan 09 News of the Church: World Briefs, . . . To help support family history
consultants, the Family History Department is developing new online tools
and services.  These will include access to up-to-date training and new systems,
services, and products. Information, updates, and helpful hints will be e-mailed
periodically to registered participants. Consultants can register at
Temple and Family History Callings with their unit number
and Church membership number; . . . Colin R. Chapman . . . involved
in developing the three-letter Chapman County Code, which has become
the international standard in family history work., pg. 77
Feb 09 Latter-day Saint Voices: . . . Have a Cup, pg. 73
Mar 09 Focusing on the Lord’s Work of Salvation, pgs. 18–22
Apr 09 Random Sampler: Family Stories, pg. 71
July 09 Daddy, Do Not Leave Me Here, pgs. 34–36
July 09 Our Family Picture Book, pg. 67
Aug 09 News of the Church: World Briefs.  FamilySearch recently added
the 1851, 1861, and 1871 Canada Census indexes to its online collection,
which already included the 1881 and 1916 Canada censuses. . . . , pg. 80
Sep 09 This Is Our Religion, to Save Souls, . . . We can do family history
work and serve in the temple often., pgs. 22–25
Sep 09 Random Sampler: Evening of Family History, pg. 71
Oct 09 A Temple-Going People; Family history, fellowshipping, and baptisms for
the dead inspire adult members to receive their temple endowments., pgs. 12–15
Oct 09 Finding and Sharing the Gospel Online, . . . Lisa Caress of California has
always used her blog as a journal and family history record, but . . . , pgs. 22–26
Oct 09 Giving the Past a Future: The New Church History Library, pgs. 38–45
Oct 09 My Privilege to Serve, pgs. 50–51
Oct 09 Temple Worship: 'A Contagious Fire', pgs. 52–57
Oct 09 In Search of My Dad—Online, . . . we were amazed
by what we found online to help us. pgs. 58–61
Oct 09 News of the Church: President Monson, U.S. President Meet, pg. 79
Oct 09 News of the Church: World Briefs, . . . In July 2009, participants in
Brigham Young University’s 41st annual Conference on Family History
and Genealogy were encouraged to embrace changes in technology.,  pg. 80
Nov 09 Stewardship--a Sacred Trust, . . . Recently a group of highly respected
Jewish leaders and rabbis visited Church facilities in the Salt Lake Valley,
including Welfare Square, the Humanitarian Center, the Family History Library,
and the Oquirrh Mountain Utah Temple open house. . . . , pgs. 91-94
Dec 09 Questions and Answers, The Christmas season can seem hectic,
but the angels sang of "peace on earth."  In what ways do you find peace
in your celebration of Christmas? . . . Going to the family history center,
gathering names of my family members, and taking them with me makes
my temple trips even more special.  Performing services for my deceased
relatives gives me a feeling of satisfaction. . . . , pgs. 34–37
Dec 09 I Saw the Hosts of the Dead, pgs. 54–59
Dec 09 Technology Helps FamilySearch Volunteers Hit Major Milestone, pgs. 76–78
↑ up

New Era 2009
Feb 09 The Value of a Good Name, . . . Your good name
connects you with your past family history.  Your righteous
living, your example, your teachings, and your worthwhile
service will bless numerous people with your vision. . . . , pgs. 2–6
Feb 09 Back in Time, pgs. 10–12
Mar 09 Why Do We Baptize for the Dead?, pgs. 2–5
May 09 Indexing Mania: Going to the temple is not the only way
to help redeem the dead.  Take it from these youth who have
learned a fun way to participate in family history. . . ., pgs. 18–21
Aug 09 Looking Back and Looking Forward, . . . As you can learn to see
through the generations—by looking back and by looking forward—you
will see more clearly who you are and what you must become. . . . , pgs. 2–5
Aug 09 The Extra Smile, . . . “Doing family research is like playing
hide and seek with your ancestors—except they want to be found!”, pg. 35
↑ up

Ensign 2008
Jan 08 Random Sampler: Family History Now, pg. 75
Jan 08 News of the Church: New Opportunities Allow More Members
to Serve, . . . FamilySearch, the Church's online genealogical resource,
is being rebuilt with new features that will allow temple ordinance cards
for ancestors to be printed at home and will help prevent ordinance work
duplication.  The need for Church-service missionaries from around the
world will continue to grow . . . and can serve the full mission from their
homes. . . . , pg. 79
Jan 08 News of the Church: 10,000 Volunteers Sought for Project
to Put Latin American Family History Online, pg. 80
Feb 08 Joseph and Emma’s Family, Family of Joseph Smith Jr.
and Emma Hale Smith, pgs. 39–41
Feb 08 Starting from Scratch, No one in my family
had done any family history.  How should I begin?, pgs. 42–45
Feb 08 Latter-day Saint Voices: A Warning Voice, pgs. 71–72
Feb 08 News of the Church: FamilySearch to Put Part
of National Archives Online and Comment, Branching Out, pg. 80
Apr 08 My Journal, My Testimony, pgs. 51–53
Apr 08 Random Sampler: Family Story Ideas, pg. 75
Apr 08 News of the Church: One Mission Enough to Change Lives,
But Not to Satisfy Desire to Serve, pgs. 76–77
Apr 08 Comments: Update, The new Web site will
allow members to print a bar-coded form at home that they can take
with them to the temple to create temple ordinance cards. . . . , pg. 80
May 08 The True and Living Church, . . . This is a true and living Church,
reaching even to those who are no longer living.  As you have the faith to
find the names of your ancestors, as you go to the house of the Lord to offer
them vicarious ordinances, you sustain this great work, whose purpose is to
offer salvation to all of Heavenly Father’s children who come into this world.
. . . , pgs. 20–24
May 08 Faith of Our Father, . . . In fact, my son [son of Dieter F. Uchtdorf]
recently discovered that one of our family lines connects back to Martin Luther
himself.. . . , pgs. 68–70, 75
June 08 In Search of Mary Dudley, pgs. 37–39
June 08 Reaching Out to Belong, . . . It can be easier to get to know
others in classes that tend to be smaller, such as in Gospel Principles,
Teacher Improvement, or Family History classes. . . ., pgs. 64–66
July 08 News of the Church: Genealogy Guides Aid in Research
British Soldiers, Seamen Records in FamilySearch; U.S. Civil War Records,
1860 Census Online; Resources for Family History Leaders Available Online, pg. 80
July 08 Comment: . . . Journal Keeping, pg. 80
Sep 08 Latter-day Saint Voices: I Didn’t Give Up, Family History Reflections,
Searching in Finland and Mom’s Journal, pgs. 68–72
Sep 08 News of the Church: Members Rely on Prayer During Deadly Tornado,
pgs. 74–75
Oct 08 Preparing Yourself for Marriage, pgs. 54–57
Oct 08 Family History Notes, pg. 80
Nov 08 Go Ye Therefore, pgs.10–12
Nov 08 Holy Temples, Sacred Covenants, pgs. 112–14
Nov 08 Finding Joy in the Journey, . . . "These things are important: temple marriage,
mission, college.  Press on, set goals, write history, take pictures twice a year.",
pgs. 84–87
Dec 08 Temple Blessings in a Part-Member Family, pgs. 23–25
Dec 08 Living by the Light of Christ, pgs. 56–58
Dec 08 News of the Church: FamilySearch Indexing: Anyone Can Help
with Family History Anytime, Anywhere, pgs. 74–75;
Comment: No Travel Necessary, pg. 80
↑ up

New Era 2008
Jan 08 Instant Messages: How Could I Relate?, pgs. 44–45
Feb 08 What’s in It for You: Family History Idea, pg. 47
Apr 08 Temple-Going Teens, . . . He is one of a continuing number of young
men since that time who have become interested in temple work while earning
the Genealogy merit badge in Boy Scouts. . . . , pgs. 26–29
May 08 My Family Treasure Hunt, pgs. 40–42
May 08 Line upon Line: Malachi 4:5–6, pg. 43
Aug 08 Mutual Benefits, pgs. 18–23
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Ensign 2007
Jan 07 Getting Back on Track, pg. 21
Feb 07
A Foundation for the Future in San Antonio, pgs. 32–36
Feb 07
Never Alone, pgs. 60–62
Feb 07
Random Sampler: Our Family Storybook, pgs. 72–73
Mar 07 Random Sampler: Heritage Albums, pg. 73
Mar 07 News of the Church: Church Marks Anniversary
of Wilford Woodruff's Birth, . . . avid journal keeper . . ., pgs. 76-77
Apr 07 Consider the Children quilt, picture art on back of Front Cover
Apr 07 Sealed on Earth, Sealed in Heaven, picture art, pgs. 40-43
Apr 07 Branching Out on Your Family Tree, pgs. 44-47
Apr 07 News of the Church: Lecture Looks at Future
of Family History Online, pgs. 77-78
May 07 I Know That My Redeemer Lives!, pgs. 22–25
May 07 Remember and Perish Not, pgs. 36–38
May 07 The Miracle of the Holy Bible, . . . It is a miracle that
the Bible’s 4,000 years of sacred and secular history were recorded
and preserved by the prophets, apostles, and inspired churchmen. . . . , pgs. 80–82
May 07 Repentance and Conversion, pgs. 102–5
June 07 Eight Japanese Brothers, pgs.  52–55
July 07 It’s All Been Done, pgs. 28–31
July 07 This, the Greatest of All Dispensations, pgs. 52–58
July 07 Random Sampler: Family Reunion Story Time, pg. 74
July 07 News of the Church: Revolutionary War,
Other Records to Go Online As Part of New Program, pg. 76
July 07 News of the Church: Comment, A Note on Descendancy Research, . . .
I find that many relatives died having never had children or having had their
children die before reaching adulthood, leaving no descendant.  Descendancy
research is the only way their temple work will be done. . . . ,  pg. 80
Aug 07 FamilySearch Indexing, You can become part of this worldwide effort
to index records and make them accessible on the Internet. . . . , pgs. 34–41
Sep 07 They Waited 2,000 Years, . . . my oldest known ancestor was born
in 474 B. C. . . .  [photos] Top: Chung family history, showing the name of the
author’s grandfather.  (Photograph of Chinese characters by Welden C. Andersen;
Chinese characters created by Maya Nakahara.)  Above: Chung family temple in
Guangdong, China, built in the 1500s.
(Photograph courtesy of Google
™ Images.), pg. 27
Oct 07 Come to the Temple, pgs. 18–22
Oct 07 Turning Hearts in a Land of Temples, pgs  64–69
Oct 07 Seeing a Connection, pg. 69
Oct 07 Latter-day Saint Voices, . . . Uncle Gilberto’s Memory, pg. 70
and Who Turned My Head?, pgs. 72–73
Oct 07 Comment,  pg. 80
Nov 07 Faith, Family, Facts, and Fruits, pgs. 25–27
Dec 07 Questions and Answers, . . . Build new traditions
. . . , pgs. 16–20
Dec 07 There Shall Be a Record Kept among You, pgs. 28–33
Dec 07 The Joseph Smith Journals, pgs. 34–39
Dec 07 Random Sampler: A Photo, a Sketch, and a Story, pg. 67
↑ upΛ

New Era 2007
Jan 07 Reaching for the Top, As Number One,
[photos] . . .The Karaka family photo., pgs. 30–33
Mar 07 Missionary Mail: . . . Post Script, pgs. 58–61
Apr 07 What’s in It for You: . . . Family Home Evening Idea,
. . . Lesson 17, Keeping Family History Records . . . , pg. 47
May 07 Injured and Alone, . . . My testimony of prayer was strengthened
one day when I was reading in my family history. . . . , pgs. 34–36
Sep 07 The Future Is Now, . . . Institute: It’s Where You Want to Go; . . .
At the start of each school term, you can register for any classes the institute offers.
. . . Introduction to Family History, pgs. 22–23
Oct 07 Instant Messages, . . . All in My Family, pg. 45
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Ensign 2006
Jan 06 Wilford Woodruff: Contending for the Faith,
. . . There is hardly any principle the Lord has revealed that I have rejoiced
more in than in the redemption of our dead; that we will have our fathers,
our mothers, our wives and our children with us in the family organization,
in the morning of the first resurrection and in the Celestial Kingdom.
These are grand principles. They are worth every sacrifice.. . . ,
pg. 20
Jan 06 Thanks for Finding Me, pg. 39
Jan 06 Latter-day Saints Voices:
A Gift for My Father, pg. 68

Jan 06 News of the Church: Digitalizing Church History, pg. 77;
Hispanic Saints Gathered at Family History Conference
(15 Oct 2005) 8th annual, pg. 78
Feb 06
Young Adults and the Temple, pg. 12
Feb 06 News of the Church:
Leaders Break Ground for Church History Library;
Family History Centers Spreading, pg. 74
Mar 06
In Denmark, a Quiet, Vibrant Faith, . . . When the Nielsens
discovered a love of family history, they devoted much of their own
free time to helping more than 30 other members compile their
family history. . . . ,
pg. 34
Mar 06 Random Sampler: Bringing the Past into Focus, pg. 70
Mar 06
News of the Church:, pgs. 74-75
Apr 06 Finding What Was Lost, I . . . read name after name of my
ancestors from northern Spain, written generations ago . . . ,
pg. 58
Apr 06 Random Sampler: . . . Acid Free, Worry Free,
Permanently preserving records was of utmost concern even anciently,
when words were engraved. . . . As an archive preservation specialist
for the Church, I recommend the following preservation tips for journals
and other important paper documents.
. . . , pg. 70
Apr 06 Making the Most of This Issue, . . .
Andres Sanchez helped save
his town's genealogical records during the Spanish Civil War. . . . , pg. 80
June 06 
A Chilly Morning in Queens: I went to New York to see the sights
but came home with a testimony of family history . . . ,
pg. 50
June 06
Latter-day Saint Voices: . . . Reuniting the Dancing Couple, pg. 68
July 06
Finding Ancestors, Uniting a Ward, pg. 20
July 06 More Than a Name, pg. 23
July 06 Cambodia - a Land of Developing Peace, . . . In a culture of
traditional ancestor worship, it is no wonder that the people of Cambodia
would be intrigued by the genealogical work of the Church., pg. 48
July 06 Visiting Teaching Message: Strengthening Families, pg. 67
July 06 Random Sampler: Family Home Evening Helps . . .
A Wagon in Our Living Room, pg. 73
Aug 06 Blessings for My Ancestors, Blessings for Me, pgs. 34-35
Aug 06 My Name is Paul Koelliker Too, pg. 39
Aug 06 Our Heritage of Faith, pg. 40
06 News of the Church . . ., the largest
provider of free family history resources and genealogy records in
the world, has helped millions of people find their ancestors and preserve
their family history since it first launched seven years ago in May 1999.
. . .
The Church's Web site now has new resources available to help
priesthood leaders administer family history to Church members.
The "Administering Family History" section of
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (found at the link
"Serving in the Church" and "More Callings") offers priesthood
leaders two lessons that give guidance in overseeing the family history
organization in stakes and wards. . . ., pgs. 76-77
Sep 06 Sharing Family Heritage, pg. 8
Sep 06 For the Divorced Single Parent, . . .
Keep a scrapbook for each child.
. . .
Keep a journal. . . ., pg. 19
Sep 06 News of the Church: Deaf Attend Family History Workshop, pg. 75
Oct 06 Where Do I Go from Here? . . . What is family history?, pg. 24
Oct 06 Resources to Support Gospel Living, pg. 59
Nov 06 The Temple Is about Families, pg. 9
Nov 06 The First Generation, pg. 11
Dec 06 Random Sampler: Christmas Card Keepsake, pg. 66
↑ upΛ

New Era 2006
Jan 06 What's Up?. . . Recommit to Record It, pg. 23
Jan 06
How to Talk about the Temple, . . .
For more information you can share with others, go to
There, you will find more about the history and purposes of temples,
answers to frequently asked questions, and how family history work
relates to temple work. . . . , pg. 45
June 06 Idea List: Grateful and Glad, pg. 13
Aug 06 Line upon Line: The Family: A Proclamation to the World,
Paragraph 3, pg. 27
Sep 06 Uncle Birl's Letter, . . .

[photo/photos] . . . A family photo (far right) of Sarah's grandparents,
Gene and Alice Louise Brown, with her great-uncle Paul Brown. Uncle Birl
gave this photo to Sarah along with 6,000 names he had compiled.
. . ., pg. 8
Sep 06
What's Up?. . . Make a Family Flag,
Here's a great family project that can help you learn more about your
family history, and you'll have a lot of fun doing it.
. . ., pg. 37
Nov 06 Putting the Puzzle Together:
They've found 10,000 names,
and they're still going strong. . . ., pg. 18
Nov 06 What's in it for You, pg. 47
↑ upΛ

Ensign 2005
Jan 05 Random Sampler: My Achievement Journal, pg. 73
Feb 05
The Temple Effect, . . .
[photo] Annabell Lines studies family history records for names
that can be prepared to receive temple ordinances. . . . ,
pg. 42
Mar 05
The Saints of Colombia: An Example of Strength,
. . . Javier Tobón, . . . has compiled many generations of his own
family history
and is teaching others how to do the same.  "We're
doing exactly the opposite of what the guerrillas are doing," he says.
"They are destroying families—we are uniting them." . . . , pg. 38
Mar 05
The Things of My Soul, pg. 62
Mar 05
News of the Church: . . . Before the interview President Hinckley
presented [Larry] King with a binder containing the host's family history,
including genealogy and other historic and legal documents that help tell
the story of King's family. . . . , pg. 74
Apr 05 Random Sampler: . . . What Do You Know about Mom?, pg. 72
Apr 05
News of the Church: Church Renovates Family History Library,
pg. 77
May 05
Constant Truths for Changing Times, . . . I admonish all families:
search out your heritage.  It is important to know, as far as possible, those
who came before us.  We discover something about ourselves when we
learn about our ancestors. . . . , pg. 19

May 05
The Worth of Souls, pg. 32
May 05 Couple Missionaries:
Blessings from Sacrifice and Service, pg. 39 

May 05 Hearts Bound Together, pg. 77
May 05 Be Thou an Example, pg. 112
June 05 The High Priests Quorum, . . . In December 1975
the First Presidency clarified that ward high priests groups
function as part of the stake high priests quorum, with the
stake president serving as president of the quorum and his
counselors in the stake presidency serving as counselors
in the quorum.  Ward high priests group leaders function
under the direction of the stake president. . . . Group leaders
and quorum members set an example in doing temple and family
history work, including regularly attending the temple where
circumstances allow. . . . They also encourage members to identify
their kindred dead and provide temple ordinances for them. . . .
Under the bishopric's direction, the high priests group leader
coordinates temple and family history work in the ward. . . .
Above all, they are patriarchs in their homes and families,
setting an example and establishing a pattern of righteousness
for generations that follow. . . . , pg. 50
June 05 News of the Church:, pg. 79
July 05 Random Sampler: Sharing Family History, pg. 72;
Scripture Study with an Ancestor, pg. 73
July 05 News of the Church:
New Church History Library To Be Constructed
, pg. 74
Aug 05 Picturing the Past, pg. 38
Aug 05 Messages from the Doctrine and Covenants:
Family History Changed My Life, pg. 42
Aug 05 I Found It!: . . .

Whether we search for information about our family members in a cemetery,
on an Internet site, or among faded old papers, the Lord will help us. . . . , pg. 44
Aug 05 Random Sampler: One More Story, Dad!;
Family Home Evening Helps: Two Fun Family Traditions, pg.73
Aug 05
Making the Most of This Issue, pg. 80
Sep 05
Personal Consecration, pg. 42
Sep 05 News of the Church:
Personal Ancestral File Upgrade Prints in Color (PAF Companion 5.2), pg. 78
Oct 05
Polynesian Pearls, pg. 14
Oct 05 Sarah Ann and Me, . . .
My first experience with family history was as a freshman at
Brigham Young University, where I took an introductory class.. . ., pg. 50
Oct 05 Random Sampler: . . . A Lunch Box and a Life History, pg. 71
Oct 05
News of the Church:, pgs. 73 and 79
Nov 05
On Zion's Hill, . . . Genealogy was renamed "Family History." . . . , pg. 70
Nov 05 Aaronic Priesthood and Young Women
Resource Guides, . . . pg. 122
Dec 05 First Presidency Message: Joseph Smith, Jr.--
Prophet of God, Mighty Servant, . . . Family history research . . . program
of the Church did not result from the pursuit of a hobby.  It is an extension
of the teachings of Joseph Smith the Prophet.  He declared that we cannot
be saved without our forebears, . . . , pg. 2  

Dec 05 Family of Joseph Smith, Sr. and Lucy Mack Smith;
The First Family of the Restoration, pg. 7
Dec 05 A Prophet's Life: The Cradle - Sharon, Vermont, pg. 10
Dec 05 Mission Blessings in the Golden Years: . . .
Healed Hearts and Family History, pg. 32
Dec 05 News of the Church: Church History Library Ground Is Broken, pg. 68
↑ upΛ

New Era 2005
Jan 05 Idea List: Jazz Up Your Journal, pg. 15
Jan 05 The Times of the Prophets, pg. 28–29 . . .
Joseph Smith, Jr. (1805–44) [Son of Joseph Smith, Sr.]

The First Prophet, Seer, Revelator and Translator
of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
During His Lifetime:
1827–29 Translates the Book of Mormon in about 60 working days.
1830 Organizes the Church of Christ
1842 Organizes the Female Relief Society of Nauvoo
1805 Napoleon is crowned king of Italy
1812–14 Americans and British fight the War of 1812 over freedom of the seas.
1810 Tin cans are invented.  You had to use a hammer and chisel to get them open. 
Can openers didn't come along until about 50 years later.
1823 Legend has it that when a player at the Rugby School of England picked
up a soccer ball mid-game and ran with it, the idea for rugby was born.
1805 Hans Christian Andersen, famous fairy tale writer, is born
1808 Ludwig van Beethoven's Fifth Symphony premiers in Vienna, Austria.
Food and Fashion
Early 1800s Ponytails and powdered wigs for men are going out of style.
Brigham Young (1801–77) [2nd President]
. . .
Jan 05 Instant Messages, . . . My Great-Great Temple Trip, pg. 47
Jan 05 What's in It for You, (Ideas for Using the 2005 Mutual Theme), pg. 49
Mar 05 Ward of Wisdom, pg. 12
Aug 05
599 Baptisms, . . . My heart began to expand, and I began
to love the ancestors of each person in my ward.. . . , pg. 10
Sep 05 The Message: A Code to Live By, pg. 4
Oct 05 Idea List: Temple Blessings Now and Later, pg. 15
Nov 05 Your Patriarchal Blessing, pg. 4
Nov 05 You Have a Birthright, pg. 9
Dec 05 What Did Joseph Smith Really Look Like?, pg. 28
Dec 05 Joseph Smith's Family Tree, pg. 34
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Ensign 2004
Jan 04 Too Young to Be a Widow, pg. 29
Jan 04
Singles and the Proclamation on the Family, 
. . .
Family History and Temple Work, pg. 33
Jan 04
Joy in the Journey, . . . I learned as a young boy that
family history begins with a love for our ancestors. . . . , pg. 48
Jan 04 Heber J. Grant: A Prophet for Hard Times, . . .
Under President Grant's leadership, the Church . . . began
microfilming family history records, . . . , pg. 57
Feb 04 A Voice of Gladness, pg. 35 
Feb 04 Net Results, . . .
When I began searching for my family
on the Internet, I didn't realize someone was also searching for me, pg. 54
Feb 04
Latter-day Saint Voices: Help from Heaven, pg. 68
Feb 04 Random Sampler:
(Family Home Evening Helps: Five Family History Activities), pg. 72
Feb 04 
News of the Church: Strengthening the Community,
Philippine Saints Celebrate National Family Week, pg. 78
Feb 04 Making the Most of This Issue, pg. 80
Mar 04 With Every Stitch, . . . Some include family genealogy. . . . , pg. 32
Mar 04 Gospel Classics: A Temple-Motivated People, pg. 38;
Letter from the First Presidency, pg. 45
Apr 04 Random Sampler: Our Family History Timeline, pg. 72
Apr 04 News of the Church:
. . . Elder Costa also presented the president
with a copy of several generations of President Uribe's and the First Lady's
family histories
, along with a CD containing FamilySearch™
Personal Ancestral File software and a statuette of a family. . . . , pg. 77

May 04 Roots and Branches, pg. 27
June 04 Julia and Emily: Sisters in Zion . . .
My ancestors' experiences as handcart pioneers . . . , pg.
une 04 Family Newsletters Made Easy, pg. 73
June 04 News of the Church:
Two Family History Products Now Sold Together . . .
Personal Ancestral File (PAF) 5.2 and PAF Companion
are now being sold together as a single package.
PAF is the Church’s personal genealogy management software.
It allows members to capture and organize their personal and family
history electronically on a personal computer and helps in preparing
and tracking ancestors' names and information for temple ordinances.
Users can attach digital pictures or images of original sources, print
charts and reports, capture personal notes about an ancestor, and
add research notes.  PAF 5.2 can be downloaded for free from the

Internet at  PAF Companion allows users
to create additional reports and charts from their family history
databases.  Using information from the user’s PAF database,
the Companion software can also print narrative reports on
an ancestor in a book format that includes pictures, notes,
and sources.  PAF Companion is also compatible with earlier
PAF versions (PAF 3, 4, and 5) . . . , pg. 78
July 04 Random Sampler: Our Family on Film, pg. 67
July 04 News of the Church: . . .
Since its launch in 2003,
Church History) website has been updated and expanded.  Its three
newest features include information on the pioneers, biographical information
on the Presidents of the Church, and a new index to gospel-related
articles and articles about the Church.  Mormon Pioneer Overland Travel
. . . online database allows users to search for names of individual pioneers
and browse company listings chronologically or alphabetically . . . offers
narratives about each company and posts citations of publications that
provide additional information.  Presidents of the Church . . . features
biographical information on all 15 Presidents of the Church. pg. 76
July 04 News of the Church: . . . Formerly known as "Index to Church
Articles," this updated index provides searchers with key articles about
specific topics . . . the site immediately links visitors to the magazine article
in the Gospel Library section of the Church's Web site . . . also refers to
articles about the Church in external sources such as news magazines,
newspapers, and other media . . . the Church History Web site also has
offerings related to the general history of the Church, Church historical
sites, Museum of Church History and Art, the Church History Library,
Church Archives, and BYU resources, pg. 77
uly 04 News of the Church: . . .
158th anniversary of the landing
of the Brooklyn in Yerba Buena
(now San Francisco), California, pg. 77
Aug 04
News of the Church:, pg. 78
Aug 04
Making the Most of This Issue, pg. 80
Sep 04 Couple Missionaries: Going the Second Mile, pg. 20
Sep 04 Random Sampler: My Journal, A Vital Record . . . , pg. 72
Oct 04 You Taught Me, pg. 22   

Oct 04
These Are Your Days, . . . For example, we all are spirit sons
and daughters of our Heavenly Father, an encouraging genealogy
without temporal and national borders. . . . , pg. 26
Oct 04 Book of Mormon Principles:
The Gathering of the Lord's Faithful, . . . In speaking of the gathering
of Israel, one must also include the elect of God from other generations
for whom temple and family history
work is undertaken. . . . , pg. 58
Oct 04 Random Sampler: . . .
Family Home Evening Helps: Just the Two of Us, pg. 65
Oct 04 Parents with Different Standards, . . . I have found ways
to strengthen our relationship through family history
work.  By
researching our ancestors I have come to understand my parents
better.  I have grown closer to them as they have shared with me
stories from their youth.  I feel the strength of the family as I do
temple work for my deceased relatives. . . . , pg. 67
Nov 04 Senior Missionaries and the Gospel, pg. 79
Nov 04 We Did This for You, . . . To accomplish this work there will
have to be not only one temple but thousands of them, . . . Youth programs
such as Personal Progress and Duty to God encourage youth to . . . participate
in journal writing, family history, and performing baptisms for their ancestors.
. . . I encourage you … to begin to unlock the knowledge of who you really
are by learning more about your forebears. … You can easily access a vast
collection of family history records using the Internet on your home computer
or at your nearest family history center. . . . , pg. 89
Dec 04 Family Home Evening for Two, pg. 47
Dec 04 Random Sampler: A Brick for Christmas? . . . Family history
compilations, family cookbooks, a collection of family letters, and a brick
have been favorite heritage gifts as well. . . . , pg. 64
Dec 04 Making the Most of This Issue, pg. 80
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New Era 2004
Jan 04 Lehi's Family Tree, pg. 28
Jan 04
What's in It for You, (Family Home Evening Ideas), pg. 49

Feb 04 We've Got Mail:
Story on Journals, pg. 50
Apr 04 What's in It for You, pg. 49

July 04
Of All Things: Pioneer Days! , pg. 40
Sep 04
Eight Ways God Can Speak to You, pg. 4
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Ensign 2003
Jan 03 Random Sampler: From Your Meetinghouse to Your Home
. . . The meetinghouse library has a variety of books on topics such as
family history work, . . . , pg. 6
Jan 03 News of the Church: Census Information Now Available
through FamilySearch™
, . . . data from the 1880 United States Census,
the 1881 British Census, and the 1881 Canadian Census are now available
at:,  pg. 78
Feb 03
Questions and Answers, . . . Doing his family history
has been my salvation! . . . , pg. 28

Feb 03 Comfort from the Past, pg. 47
Feb 03 On Site: T
o the Ends of the Earth, . . . Automation in
the Salt Lake Distribution Center has also accelerated the mailing
of microfilms to family history centers. . . .
[photos] . . . Right, below:
Microfilms from high-density storage racks (rear) are assembled to
fill family history center order. . . . ,
pg. 64

Feb 03
Random Sampler: Planning for Family Unity, pg. 72
Feb 03 News of the Church:
Ordinance Index On-Line,
Ordinance information for deceased individuals is available for the
first time on-line at . . . contains a record of all
completed temple ordinance work for deceased individuals.  Members
can access this database to verify if temple ordinance work . . . [to]
help reduce duplicate ordinance work.  Ordinance information is found
in the International Genealogical Index (IGI) listing. . . . Members
will need their membership record number and confirmation date for
the registration process.  Ward and branch clerks can provide this
information. . . . Millions of names recently have been added to
the IGI, and it will be updated weekly to ensure members have
current information about their ancestors.  Members who have access
to the Internet at home or through their local family history center
will be able to access the information . . . ,  pg 77; see also Apr 03, pg 79

Mar 03 [illustration] Turning Hearts to the Family, Front cover
Mar 03 Random Sampler:
Family Heritage Month, pg. 69
Mar 03 News of the Church:
Family History:
Changes Announced regarding Submissions to Ancestral File:
In anticipation of a new system that will better handle family history data,
the Family and Church History Department asks members to hold their
corrections for FamilySearch™ Ancestral File until the new system
is in place.  In the interim, new family history information should be
submitted to the Pedigree Resource File.  Submissions will not be accepted
for Ancestral File.  Information in the Pedigree Resource File, Ancestral File
and unprocessed submissions and corrections to Ancestral File will be
incorporated into the new system when it is launched.",  pg. 79
Apr 03 The
Impact of Couple Missionaries, pg. 61

Apr 03 Random Sampler: Picture This, pg. 72
Apr 03 Inviting Extended Family, pg. 73
May 03 The Importance of the Family, pg. 40
May 03
There Is Hope Smiling Brightly before Us, pg. 103
May 03 News of the Church: . . .
Presiding Bishopric announced . . .
in the United States and Canada, that branches, wards and stakes
in these areas may create Web sites for their units, pg. 128
June 03 Random Sampler: Who Needs a Will?, pg. 72
June 03
Random Sampler: Forefather's Day, pg. 73
June 03 News of the Church:

Church Leaders Share Goodwill with Various Nations
. . .
Germany . . . Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf of the Presidency of the Seventy
met with German president Johannes Rau in December . . . Church
leaders made a promise to research the Raus' family history . . .
Missionaries serving in the Family History Library found 400
names in President Rau's ancestry and another 800 names
in his wife's family . . . , pg. 77
July 03 The Savior's Visit to the Spirit World, pg. 32
July 03
Random Sampler: Getting to Know You, . . .
Family reunions provide many opportunities to meet extended
family members . . . fun games have helped our family become
better acquainted, pg. 73
Aug 03 Your Family History: Getting Started, pg. 12
Aug 03 Finding Links in the Chain, . . .

The library's collection includes more than 2.3 million rolls of
microfilmed records; 742,000 microfiche; 300,000 books, serials,
or other publication formats; and 4,500 periodicals.  Currently,
microfilmers are filming records in 45 countries.  The library's
resources increase by an average of more than 4,000 rolls of film
and 700 books a month. . . ., pg. 18
Aug 03 My First Church Assignment, . . . I developed an abiding love
of family history as I discovered my roots in China, Great Britain,
Latin America, and Switzerland,  pg. 22
Aug 03 That Happened to You?, . . . Have you ever interviewed a relative,
wishing you knew more about your family's history?  If not, this article is
just what you need to get started! . . . , pg. 26
Aug 03 One Family, . . . Artist Valerie Atkisson of Manhattan, New York,
created . . . a nine-foot hanging sculpture representing her ancestry.  She
used hundreds of triangles of folded rice paper, each bearing the name of
one ancestor. . . . , pg. 30
Aug 03
Parables of Jesus: The Parable of the Talents, pg. 32
Aug 03 A Walk down Parley Street,  . . . An imaginary walk through old
Nauvoo with the Saints of 1846 can help us appreciate the sacrifices of
these pioneers., pg. 43
Aug 03 Making the Most of This Issue, pg. 80
Sep 03
Finding Grandpa Pablo, pg. 18
Sep 03 Random Sampler: Tapping into Family History Societies, pg. 72
Sep 03
News of the Church:, pg. 74
Oct 03
Your Longing for Family Joy, pg. 28
Oct 03
The Doctrine of Temple Work, pg. 56
Nov 03
Conference Summary for the 173rd Semiannual General Conference,
. . . Music by a Relief Society choir from
. . . Family History mission, pg. 2
Nov 03
Realize Your Full Potential, pg. 41
Nov 03
The Phenomenon That Is You, . . . To turn our hearts to our
fathers is to search out the names of our deceased ancestors and to
perform the saving ordinances in the temple for them.  This will forge
a continuous chain between us and our forefathers eventually all
the way back to Father Adam and Mother Eve.. . .We feel a pull
from our relatives who are waiting for us to find them so their ordinance
work can be done.  This is a Christlike service because we are doing
something for them that they cannot do for themselves.. . . . , pg. 53
Nov 03 Resource Guides, pg. 119
Nov 03 News of the Church:, pg. 127
Dec 03 Catching the Vision of Missionary Work, . . .
While not all our guests immediately began investigating the gospel
in earnest, several are still on the gradual path leading to that point.
For instance, one promising family has agreed to participate in a family
project in our area., pg. 20
Dec 03 Testimonies of Family Home Evening, pg. 26
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New Era 2003
Jan 03 I Hope … I Wish … I Dream …, . . . I received a strong
testimony that day of the power of goal setting. . . . , pg. 41
Feb 03 Birthday Temple Trip, . . . [photos] Fifteenth birthdays are
a big deal to young women in Brazil.  And Priscila Vital's celebration
was even more special than a traditional party or dance--she was able
to travel by boat and bus to the temple. . . . ,
pg. 29
Feb 03 New Era Classic: The Angels May Quote from It, . . .
The Savior emphasized the importance of keeping records.  And one
of the most valuable records is the one you keep of your own life. . . 
Spencer W. Kimball, pg.  32
Apr 03
Still a Sacred Place, pg. 20

May 03 Of All Things, . . .

Adam-ondi-Ahman  . . . an area in Daviess County, Missouri, named Spring Hill
was the location of Adam-ondi-Ahman (see
Doctrine & Covenants 116). . . . after
Adam was cast out of the Garden of Eden he dwelt in Adam-ondi-Ahman.  And
three years before Adam died, he gathered his righteous posterity to this same
area to give them his final blessing (see
Doctrine & Covenants 107:53-54). . . . , pg. 36
June 03 Our Greatest Happiness, . . .
"We want the Latter-day Saints from this time to trace their genealogies
as far as they can and to be sealed to their fathers and mothers.  Have children
sealed to their parents and run this chain through as far as you can get it."
Wilford Woodruff (1807-1898) Fourth President of the Church, pg. 12
June 03 Spanning the Generations, pg.  21
June 03 Of All Things, pg. 32
June 03 Joseph's Family, pg. 42
July 03
Play Your Part, pg. 31
Sep 03 Q&A: Questions and Answers,
(My life isn't very exciting,
and I'm not a very good writer.  Do I still need to keep a journal?), pg. 16
Sep 03 Saving the Stories, . . .
Only one person knew who was buried where in Gary's Creek Cemetery.
Now, thanks to Chris Collier, all that information is recorded where anyone
can find it and use it for family history.,
pg.  39
Sep 03 Of All Things:
. . . Family History Faces, . . . The Young Women
in the Visalia Fourth Ward, Visalia California Stake, are into family history.
. . . ; (Bound in Heaven), . . . the Prophet Joseph Smith . . .
addressed the Saints
in a letter . . . and it contains important directions on baptism for the dead, . . . pg. 42
Sep 03
What's In it for You: . . . Mutual Activities . . . Service Project, pg. 49
Oct 03 The Story Of A Lifetime, pg. 29
Oct 03
What's in It for You, . . . Family Home Evening Ideas, pg. 49
Nov 03
Every Young Man, . . . expanded requirements for the new
Duty to God Award . . . Kept a journal. . . . Prepared a four-generation
pedigree chart . . . , pg. 34
Nov 03
Resource Guides, pg. 48
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Ensign 2002
Jan 02  The Gift of the Blue Lace Curtain, pg. 61
Jan 02 News of the Church: . . . New Genealogy Workbooks Make
Research Easier, pg. 76
Feb 02 Gospel Classics: The
Origin of Man, The First Presidency
of the Church, . . . What was the form of man, in the spirit and in the body,
as originally created?  . . . "God created man in his own image." . . .
Jesus Christ, the Son of God, is "the express image" of His Father's person
Hebrews 1:3). . . . "He that hath seen me hath seen the Father" (John 14:9). . . .
. . . His Father is in the form of a man; for that was the form of the Son of God,
not only during His mortal life, but before His mortal birth, and after His
Resurrection. . . . It is held by some that Adam was not the first man upon
this earth and that the original human being was a development from lower
orders of the animal creation.  These, however, are the theories of men.
The word of the Lord declared that Adam was "the first man of all men"
Moses 1:34), and we are therefore in duty bound to regard him as
the primal parent of our race. . . . , pg. 26
Feb 02 Saints in Saskatchewan, Canada, pg. 73
Feb 02 News of the Church:, pg. 79
Mar 02 First Presidency Message: Communion with the Holy Spirit, pg. 3
Mar 02 Coping with Chronic Illness, . . . As the years have passed,
my ability to do things has diminished.  Instead of the calligraphy
and handcraft I used to love doing, I now do mountains of family history
research for family and friends. . . . , pg. 58
Mar 02 Latter-day Saint Voices: . . . I Hope You'll All Remember Me, pg. 70
Mar 02
Random Sampler: Creating a Ward Newsletter, pg. 72
Mar 02 Making the Most of This Issue, pg. 80
Apr 02 Latter-day Saint Voices: In My Grandmother's Name, pg. 55
Apr 02
News of the Church:
Church Joins Salt Lake City in Welcoming the World
[The First Presidency greeted United States President George W. Bush
and first lady Laura Bush in the Church Administration Building, where
they gave the President and his wife each a personal copy of their 
family history], pg. 75
Apr 02 Making the Most of This Issue, pg. 80
May 02 The Church Goes Forward, pg. 4
May 02 Becoming a Great Benefit to Our Fellow Beings, . . .
You will grow in favor with God as you engage in family history
perform baptisms in the temple for deceased ancestors, . . . , pg. 44
May 02 The Other Prodigal, . . . That incomparable counsel helps us
remember that the word generosity has the same derivation
as the word
, both coming from the Latin genus, meaning of the same birth
or kind, the same family or gender. . . . , pg. 62

May 02 Teachings for Our Time, pg. 102
May 02 News of the Church: . . . Media Spotlight Shines on Church, pg. 110;
Kansas City Stake Helps Put on Family Week, pg. 112
June 02 To Acquire Knowledge and the Strength to Use It Wisely, . . . Fifth:
Temple Worship . . . enhance your capacity to understand and live eternal truths
. . . receive the greatest measure of eternal happiness . . . calming, settling,
consoling influence that distills peace and contentment . . . inspiration in answer
to prayers.  The accompanying family history work yields similar blessings., pg. 32
June 02 Questions and Answers, pg. 49 
June 02 Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration,
. . . The Prophet revealed to us the true meaning of genealogy.  It is not
to prove we are better than someone else, as was the reasoning of the
Pharisees, but to perform essential gospel ordinances for our ancestors,
recognizing "that they without us should not be made perfect"
Hebrews 11:40). . . . , pg. 62
June 02 Latter-day Saint Voices: Honoring My Father, pg. 68;
. . . My Search by Postcard, pg. 70
June 02 Random Sampler: You've Got Mail … and a Journal, pg. 73
June 02 News of the Church:
New Family History Products for European Genealogy Announced, pg. 76;
Appointments - Elder James M. Paramore to preside over missionaries 
and volunteers in the Family and Church History Department, pg. 77
June 02 Making the Most of This Issue, pg. 80
July 02 The First Nauvoo Temple: So Great a Cause, pg. 8
July 02 News of the Church: The Family and Church History Department
recently received two awards for its FamilySearch Web site and for its
publication Denmark: Finding Records of Your Ancestors, Part A., pg. 78
Aug 02 Enriching Our Prayers, pg. 53

Aug 02 Prune Creek and Other Memories, pg. 72
Aug 02 Vital Documents at Your Fingertips, pg. 72-73
Aug 02
Making the Most of This Issue, pg. 80
Sep 02 Random Sampler: Emergency Preparedness Game, . . .
The booklet also recommends preparing a portable packet with valuable
family documents, such as family history records. . . . , pg. 73   
Sep 02 News of the Church: 1881 Canadian Census Available, pg. 79
Oct 02 Latter-day Saint Voices: . . .
Help from the Other Side, pg. 71
Oct 02
News of the Church: . . . New Temple Announced for Downtown
New York City . . .
A Public Affairs Department office and a family history
center will remain., pg. 74
Nov 02
Sacrifice Brings Forth the Blessings of Heaven, . . .
Temple and family history work is a sacrifice of love. . . . , pg. 33

Nov 02
Instructional Resources, pg. 118
Dec 02
Wanted: Modern Nehemiahs, . . . Nehemiah established law
and order in the newly revitalized city [Jerusalem] and withheld
the priesthood of God from any man who did not have genealogical
records to prove his right to the priesthood (see
Nehemiah 7:63-64). . . . , pg. 44
Dec 02 Random Sampler: No-Fuss Family History, pg. 64
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New Era 2002
Jan 02 Duty to God, pg. 13
Jan 02 Decisions, Decisions, . . .
For behold, Laban hath the record of the Jews and also a genealogy
of my forefathers, and they are engraven upon plates of brass. . . ., pg. 40
Feb 02 We've Got Mail: Her relative too . . . Annie Hicks . . . , pg. 50
June 02 Reader's Guide: Family Home Evening Ideas . . . , pg. 49
July 02 A Question of Time, . . .
We don't do our genealogy because we don't have time. . . ., pg. 38
Aug 02 Of All Things:
Get a notebook … a journal that will last through all time .., pg. 38
Sep 02 Of All Things: Write Away!  Do you know who any of your great-great
grandmothers were?  Have you ever done baptisms for the dead?  The New Era
wants to hear about your experiences while doing family history and temple work
for the dead.  Send your true stories to:
New Era
50 East North Temple
Salt Lake City, Utah 84150
or e-mail us at:, pg. 35

Nov 02 Resource Guide, pgs. 48-49
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Ensign 2001
Jan 01Faithful from the First, (Joseph Smith, Sr. Family), pg. 52
Jan 01 Random Sampler: Involving Children in Family History, pg. 75
Jan 01 News of the Church:, pg. 79
Jan 01 Making the Most of This Issue, pg. 80 
Feb 01 Pioneering in Chyulu, Kenya, pg. 30
Feb 01 Latter-day Saint Voices: The Lost Pamphlet, pg. 60
Mar 01 News of the Church: . . .
New CES Manuals on Pearl of Great Price, Family History,
[. . .  new Church Educational System manuals . . .  
The Introduction to Family History Student Manual, Religion 261
(item no. 36405; $1.50) has been revised for use with Windows 
applications in Personal Ancestral File, TempleReady,
and the Family History Library Catalog.  The new manual has
user-friendly instructions for using other basics of the FamilySearch™
program.  It does not deal with Internet use.], pg. 75
Apr 01 Special Witnesses of Christ, . . . Now, in our day,
the marvelous work is moving forward—the family history work,
the temple work in which families are being united for all eternity.
And in a world that is degrading itself with the dissolution of families,
this work goes forward across the world. . . . , pg. 4
Apr 01 Looking for William Moulton, pg. 43
Apr 01 'Call the Sabbath a Delight' (Isa. 58:13), pg. 46
Apr 01 Welcome to
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, pg. 54
May 01 Couple Missionaries: A Time to Serve, pg. 25
May 01 Them That Honour Me I Will Honour, pg. 45 
May 01 Born Again, . . . As Nephi said, baptism is the gate, "and then
cometh a remission of your sins by fire and by the Holy Ghost." . . .
Because baptism by water and of the Spirit is essential for full salvation,
in the eternal nature of things all of God's children should have this
opportunity, including those who have lived in centuries past. . . .
At great expense and effort the Church is now the custodian
of the greatest treasure of family records in the world. . . . , pg. 54
May 01 News of the Church: 
Freedman's Bank Records Offer Priceless Family History Tool, pg. 110
June 01 Miracles, (two family history references), pg. 6
June 01 Latter-day Counsel, pg. 74
June 01 News of the Church: 
[A new version of TempleReady and an update of the International
Genealogical Index (IGI) are now in Church Family History Centers], pg. 79
June 01 News of the Church: Discontinuation of Local Church Unit Web Sites,
[The following letter, dated 15 March 2001, has been sent to local unit
priesthood leaders by the Presiding Bishopric. . . ], pg. 79
July 01 Latter-day Saint Voices: . . . The Hidden Book, pg. 58;
I Saw Beyond the Prison Bars, . . . Also, on one side of the chapel
was a Family History Library for use by the inmates. . . . , pg. 61
July 01 Random Sampler: Happy Birthday: Dear Ancestor, pg. 70
July 01 News of the Church:
New York's Ellis Island Genealogy Records Released, pg.76
Aug 01 A Disposition to Do Good Continually, pg. 13
Aug 01 Pink and White Pages, Keeping a journal! I thought. . . . , pg. 59
Aug 01 Latter-day Saint Voices: . . . The Very Experience I Needed, pg. 61
Aug 01 News of the Church: . . . 1880 Census Released on CD-Rom, pg. 75
Sep 01 Tonga: A Land of Believing People, . . . In the past, Tongans
recorded the names, dates, and places of their ancestors on long rolls
of tapa cloth (rough paper made from pounded bark).  Many families
know their family history back hundreds of years. . . . , pg. 42  
Sep 01 Helping Each Other Succeed in Family History, pg. 48
Sep 01 Seagoing Saints, (Between 1840 and 1890, about 90,000 Latter-day
Saints immigrated to America on more than 500 known voyages.), pg. 54
Sep 01 Visiting Teaching Message:
Building Unity through Family History, pg. 69
Sep 01 Random Sampler: Creating a Family Flag, pg. 70
Sep 01 News of the Church: PAF 5.0 Adds Many Languages, pg. 79
Sep 01 Making the Most of This Issue, pg. 80
Oct 01 Latter-day Saint Voices: . . . I Found Them!, pg. 63 
Oct. 01 News of the Church: 
Vital Records Index for Scandinavia Released, pg. 76
Nov 01 Teachings for Our Time, 2002, pg. 105
Dec 01 The Unfolding Restoration of Temple Work, pg. 34
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New Era 2001
Feb 01 Planting Temple Seeds, pg. 20
Feb 01 Remembering Sarah, pg. 40
Feb 01 Readers' Guide: . . . Laurel Project Idea, pg. 49
May 01 The Temple at 12, pg. 9
July 01 Idea List: Starting Your Family History, pg. 43
July 01 Reader's Guide: . . . Young Women and Young Men
Mutual Activities, . . . If the Family History Center in your
stake is close enough to visit, arrange for a tour and some
instruction on how to get started.  Set a goal to take a family
name to the temple on your next temple trip., pg. 49
Sep 01 Ray Roundup, pg. 30
Oct 01 New Era Classic: Every Soul is Precious, pg. 26
Nov 01 Finding My Father, pg. 30
Dec 01 Reader's Guide: . . . Family Home Evening, pg. 44
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Ensign 2000
Jan 00 Out of Obscurity and Out of Darkness, . . . We are now seeing
the Church learning to use the new medium of the World Wide Web to
proclaim the gospel, answer questions, further family history
and proclaim the word of the Lord through His servants. . . . , pg. 45

Jan 00 Latter-day Saint Voices: Comfort from My Mother's
Journal, pg. 62; . . .
And What Have You Learned?, pg. 65:
I Had Shut Out the World, pg. 66
Jan 00 Random Sampler: . . . After a Spouse Dies, pg. 71 
Feb 00 Uniting Generations, (family history and temple work
depicted in photos and artwork), pg. 42
Feb 00 Latter-day Saint Voices: Do This Each Year?, pg. 62
Feb 00 Portraits: . . . Preserving His Heritage,
(Urshel Taylor - Native American), pg. 69
Feb 00 News of the Church: . . . Family History Product Update
(website, PAF 4.0, PRF CDs), pg. 79
Mar 00 Taking Temples to the People, pg. 12
Mar 00 Making Priesthood and Relief Society Lessons
Part of Our Lives, pg. 36
Mar 00 Building Good In-Law Relationships, . . . At this point we might
ask ourselves why this account of King David's family history
is included
in the Old Testament. . . . , pg. 53 

Mar 00 Auxiliary Perspectives: . . .
Young Women Worldwide Celebration, pg. 72
Apr 00 My House Is on Fire!, . . . The table was gone, and the lamp
on it was gone, but there in the ashes our family history book lay
untouched, even to the plastic wrap still unmelted around it. . . . , pg. 28
Apr 00 Two Faiths, One Purpose, . . . Tracing family history together
can help a family develop a sense of being one. . . . , pg. 34
Apr 00 Living the Law of Sacrifice, pg. 44
Apr 00 Family History Together: Family History Together, pg. 58;
Personal Ancestral File Parties, pg. 58; A Night in Sicily, pg. 59;
Two Days in the Temple, pg. 60
Apr 00 I Have a Question, pg. 61  
Apr 00 Latter-day Saint Voices: . . . My Spiritual Journal, pg. 63
Apr 00 News of the Church: . . . LDS Scene . . . (175 Volumes
of Chinese Family History Donated) . . . (Park City, Utah,
Visitors' Center Emphasizes Family) . . . ,
pg. 78; . . .
(Massachusetts Museum to Focus on LDS History), pg. 80
May 00 Resurrection, pg. 14
May 00 We Are Creators, pg. 64
May 00 As Doves to Our Windows, pg. 75 
June 00 Give Heed unto the Word of the Lord, pg. 22
June 00 News of the Church: . . . Descendants Celebrate Hyrum Smith's
Birth, pg. 76; LDS Scene: Newspaper Sparks Family History Emphasis
in Austria, pg. 77; Family History Fair, pg. 77; Family History Software
Available in Five Languages, pg. 79
July 00 Keeping Track, pg. 12
July 00 The Only Member in My Family, . . . I write newsletters
and send pictures, share family history, and attend family reunions., pg. 16
July 00 Time and the Single Parent, pg. 30 
July 00 Family History Via the Internet, pg. 51
July 00 Portraits: Standing Tall in Service, pg. 68
July 00 News of the Church: . . . Second Ancestors Series to Air, pg. 79;
New Family History Tools Announced, pg. 79
Aug 00 News of the Church: . . . Family Search Web Site 
Receives Three Billion Hits . . . [photo] The Church's FamilySearch
Web site can be reached at:, pg. 79
Sep 00 News of the Church: . . . (Historic Milestone Achieved:
More Non-English-Speaking Members Now Than English-Speaking), pg. 76;

(Family History, Historical Departments Combined), The First Presidency
recently announced the consolidation of the Family History and Historical
Departments to form the Family and Church History Department. . . . , pg. 78
Oct 00 Building Temples, Building Lives, pg. 23
Oct 00 Using Family History as a Missionary Tool, pg. 29
Oct 00 Loving the Role I Once Shunned, pg. 59

Oct 00 Random Sampler: Bedtime Teaching, pg. 70;

Fun with Family History, pg. 71
Oct 00 News of the Church: . . . Mormon Immigration Index Released, pg. 78
Nov 00 The Redemption of the Dead and the Testimony of Jesus, pg. 9
Nov 00 Be a Strong Link, pg. 19 
Nov 00 Instructional Resources: Resource Guide, 2001, pg. 106
Nov 00 News of the Church:, pg. 108
Dec 00 Lessons Learned in the Journey of Life, pg. 7
Dec 00 News of the Church: . . . New Family History Resources Released, pg. 65
↑ upΛ

New Era 2000
Jan 00 Mormonad: Get into Family History
Your ancestors are part of the eternal picture. 
Develop an interest in them. (See
Doctrine & Covenants 128:15), pg. 19
Feb 00 Q & A: Questions and Answers, (
I like surfing the Internet on our
computer, but my parents are worried about it.  Aren't they overreacting?),
pg. 16
Mar 00 Lives under Construction: . . . Hearts of the Children, pg. 20 
May 00 Idea List: I'm Going There Someday, . . .
To increase your understanding and testimony of temples
and temple work, find out what the scriptures have to say
about them (see "Temple, House of the Lord"; "Genealogy and Temple Work";
and "Marriage, Celestial" in the Topical Guide;
see also "Temple" in the Bible Dictionary). . . . , pg. 15
July 00 Forever and Three Days: . . . Turning Hearts to the Family, pg. 13
Nov 00 We Are Women of God, pg. 12  
Nov 00 Two-Hundred-Year Wait, pg. 47
Nov 00 Resource Guides: . . . "Families Can Be Together Forever,"
no. 300. . . . , pg. 48
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Ensign 1999
Jan 99 With Love, from Grandma Bess, pg. 60
Jan 99 News of the Church: New Family History Products and Procedures, 
(North American Vital Records Index, British Isles Vital Records Index,
PAF Companion 2.0, new Family File procedures), pg. 78
Feb 99 Getting Involved, Giving Service, Growing, . . .
"A man filled with the love of God, is not content with blessing his
family alone, but ranges through the whole world, anxious to bless
the whole human race" (Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith,
sel. Joseph Fielding Smith [1976], 174)., pg. 21
Feb 99 Luke: One Facet of a Diamond, . . . In addition, the genealogy
in Luke is more clearly universal than the one found in Matthew, for
Luke traces Jesus' lineage
not merely to Abraham but to Adam
and ultimately to God (
Luke 3:38). . . . , pg. 30
Feb 99 Could I Wait for a Temple Marriage?, pg. 48 

Feb 99 News of the Church:
Using Family History Centers™ for
Missionary and Activation Efforts
, . . . Elder Christofferson said that
missionaries are currently "being trained to use family history as one
means of introducing investigators to the gospel, of involving new
converts in significant gospel activities, and of encouraging less-active
members.", pgs. 77, 78 and 80
Mar 99 Family History: A Work of Love, pg. 15
Mar 99 Random Sampler: History As It Happens, pg. 62
Mar 99 Portraits: . . . Her Tip of the Iceberg, (Bliss Anderson), pg. 69
Mar 99 News of the Church:, pgs. 76 and 78
Apr 99 Spain: Exploring Horizons of Faith, pg. 33 
Apr 99 I Have a Question, (How do I determine relationships between
distant cousins?), pg. 52
Apr 99 Random Sampler: . . . Family History from Home, pg. 57
Apr 99 Mormon Journal: . . . Go Back to the Beginning, pg. 63
Apr 99 The Visiting Teacher:
Teaching Family Members Righteous Principles, pg. 70
Apr 99 Auxiliary Perspectives:
Strengthening Families through Relief Society, pg. 72
May 99 Report of the 169th Annual General Conference of
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, pg. 1
May 99 The Work Moves Forward, . . . Our family history work
goes forward with increasing momentum.  There is a tremendous
interest in one's roots everywhere. . . . , pg. 4
May 99 Strengthening Families: Our Sacred Duty, . . . Teach our children
the history of our ancestors and of our own family history. . . . ,
pg. 32
May 99 Your Name Is Safe in Our Home, . . . From our oral family history,
and subject to all of the romanticizing and inaccuracies of such histories,
we learn . . . , pg. 81 

May 99 Bridges and Eternal Keepsakes, pg. 83
June 99 Eliza's Song, Our Song, (Eliza R. Snow), pg. 51
June 99 I Have a Question, pg. 54 
June 99 Mormon Journal: Michelle, Is That You?, pg. 60
June 99 Becoming Part of the Fold, . . . It wasn't long after my baptism
that I was invited to attend the ward's family history class . . . , pg. 62  
June 99 News of the Church:, pgs. 74, 76, 77 and 80
July 99 I Have a Question, . . . (Now that members of the Church
are responsible for clearing their own names for temple work using
TempleReady™, what guidelines apply?), pg. 65
Aug 99 News of the Church: Family History Website Launched, pg.74
Aug 99 Mormon Journal: The Record Box, pg. 60; . . .
My Grandmother's Locket, pg. 65
Aug 99 Priesthood Perspectives: . . . The Role of Priesthood Quorums
in Conversion and Retention, pg. 73
Sep 99 Becoming Our Children's Greatest Teachers, . . .

A Member's Guide to Temple and Family History Work
describes how members may prepare to receive temple ordinances
for themselves or provide them for ancestors. . . . , pg. 15
Sep 99 The Church Grows in Strength, . . . In a number of European
war zone communities, bombs and fires had destroyed civil and church
records, which had been prime family history sources. . . . , pg. 32 
Sep 99 Why Write It?, pg. 56
Oct 99 Preparing for a Worldwide Ministry, . . . The need for increased
attention to genealogy became apparent when President Kimball said
that many temples would soon be built closer to the people. . . . , pg. 33
Oct 99 Images of an Era: Making Ready for a Worldwide Church, pg. 40
Oct 99 Auxiliary Perspectives: The Power of Service in Conversion
and Retention,. . . Help nonmembers learn about their ancestors
through the resources at Church Family History
Centers™. , pg. 52
Oct 99 As Flaming Fire and a Ministering Angel, . . .
when John the Revelator saw in vision the dead standing before God,
John was contemplating the work of the salvation of the dead.  . . .
Latter-day Saints are to take an active part in the work John was
contemplating, which we do through family history and temple work.
The "books" that John saw, from which the dead are to be judged,
include the scriptures, the records of the Church, and "the record
kept in heaven of the names and righteous deeds of the faithful.", pg. 54
Oct 99 News of the Church:, pgs. 76, 78-79
Nov 99 Welcome to Conference, . . . As computer facilities improve,
the number of temples grows to accommodate the accelerated family
history work., pg. 4  

Nov 99 Becoming Our Best Selves, pg. 18
Nov 99 Of Seeds and Soils, pg. 46

Nov 99 We Are Women of God, . . . She was never happier than when
she was working on family history or teaching . . . , pg. 97
Dec 99 Witnesses through Trial and Triumph, pg. 27 
Dec 99 Images of an Era: Becoming a Worldwide Family, . . .
. . . Above: On 24 May 1999 President Gordon B. Hinckley announced
the Church's family history Web site, located at
Free Family History and Genealogy Records
(Photo courtesy of Church News.),
pg. 39 

Dec 99 The Visiting Teacher: Preparing for the Temple, . . . " . . .
Your [temple] endowment is, to receive all those ordinances in the house
of the Lord, which are necessary for you, after you have departed this life,
to enable you to walk back to the presence of the Father, passing the angels
who stand as sentinels" (Teachings of Presidents of the Church:
Brigham Young
[1997], 303, 302)., pg. 55
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New Era 1999
Jan 99 The Bulletin Board: . . . Quality, pg. 38
Feb 99 Mormonad: Write Here  Write Now,
Revelation 1:19), pg. 19
Mar 99 At the End of the Road, . . . gangs of teenagers invaded
the little town of Guadalupe, Arizona. . . . interviewing residents
for town and family histories, . . . , pg. 28

Apr 99 What Grandpa Left Me, pg. 9 

Apr 99 Where Love Is, . . . When they did their genealogy, the Ralphs
discovered they had descended from King Alfred the Great. . . . ,
pg. 12
May 99 Idea List: Making History, . . . Compiling an oral history
for a family member or friend is an excellent way to learn interesting
things about the 20th century.  You'll also learn things you never would
have known about a person while providing a valuable service for them
and their family.  Young women can put together an oral history as
a knowledge value experience or as part of a Laurel project;
young men can do one as part of a Family History merit badge.
Follow these tips for a fun, successful interview: . . . , pg. 15
June 99 Idea List: Summer Testimony Shape-up, . . .
Willingly help your parents and other family members with a project,
such as family history work or an Eagle or Laurel project. , pg. 11
June 99 Summer Here, Summer There: . . . Family History, pg. 20 
Aug 99 Searching for Mary Ellen, pg. 26
Aug 99 Idea List: Beat Summertime Boredom, pg. 37
Sep 99 The Ahuna Adventure, [of Kaneohe, Hawaii], pg. 29
Sep 99 The Inheritance, pg. 41
Nov 99 The Bulletin Board: Worldwide Values,
. . . Good Works . . . Knowledge, pg. 38
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Ensign 1998
Jan 98 The Abrahamic Covenant, pg. 42
Jan 98 Random Sampler: Bedtime Journals, pg. 60
Jan 98 Mormon Journal: . . . The Faceless Man, pg. 64
Jan 98 Excerpts from Recent Addresses of President Gordon B. Hinckley,
 . . . Vicarious Work, "I think that vicarious work for the dead more nearly
approaches the vicarious sacrifice of the Savior Himself than any other
work of which I know." . . . , pg. 72
Feb 98 Remembering Those Who Wait, pg. 8
Feb 98 Argentina's Bright and Joyous Day, pg. 36
Feb 98 Mormon Journal: Finding Aunt Ida's Church, pg. 62
Feb 98 Random Sampler: . . . Grandfather's Book:
Color Him Loved, pg. 71; Our Home Evening History, pg. 72
Feb 98 News of the Church:, pg. 79
Mar 98 Turning Hearts, (Artwork from Museum of Church
History and Art competitions reflects the importance of temple
and family history work in the lives of Latter-day Saints.) . . . , pg. 33
Mar 98 News of the Church: . . . Utah Salt Lake City Temple Square
Mission, which takes in only 10 acres and the Joseph Smith Memorial
Building across the street. . . . missionaries may . . . teach visitors how
to use family history software, . . . , pg. 78
Apr 98 First Presidency Message: "Behold Thy Mother", pg. 2
Apr 98 Random Sampler: . . . Writing Our Family Journal, pg. 72
Apr 98 News of the Church:, pg. 79
May 98 Report of the 168th Annual General Conference of
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, pg. 1
May 98 Live the Commandments, pg. 6
May 98 A New Harvest Time, pg. 34
May 98 New Temples to Provide 'Crowning Blessings' of the Gospel,
. . . All of our vast family history endeavor is directed to temple work. 
There is no other purpose for it. . . . , pg. 87
May 98 Understanding Our True Identity, . . .
The Spirit of Elijah is with young women. . . . , pg. 91
May 98 News of the Church:, pg. 118
June 98 The Church in the United Kingdom and Ireland, . . .
[photos] Above: Jack and Marie Burdock, Phoenix Park Ward, Dublin, Ireland,
in the stake family history center
. . . . , pg. 40
June 98 Building Bridges of Understanding, pg. 62 
June 98 Random Sampler: . . . Question-a-Week Family History, pg. 73
June 98 News of the Church: New Family History Software, 
(SourceGuide, 1851 British Census, Australian Vital Records), pg. 77
June 98
[illustration] Inside back cover: Latter-day Journal Keeping,
by Anne Marie Oborn, . . .
July 98
Adversity, pg. 7

July 98 Sharing Life Histories, pg. 13
July 98 Walk in the Wilderness, pg. 46
July 98 Mormon Journal: . . . Discovering Dad, pg. 65
July 98 Random Sampler: A Tour Back in Time, pg. 72
July 98 News of the Church: . . . Exhibit Forges New Link with Missouri, pg. 79
Aug 98 A Stitch in Time, (In the heart of Manhattan, Lynda Gunther uses
quilting to teach family values and family history to her eight children.), pg. 37
Aug 98 Portraits: . . . , pgs. 68-69
Aug 98 Random Sampler: Guess Who, pg. 70
Aug 98 News of the Church:, pg. 79
Sep 98 Mealtime, Family Time, . . . You might ask if family members at the table
recall other family history
stories meaningful to them. . . . , pg. 22 
Sep 98 Random Sampler: The Write Habit, pg. 71
Sep 98 News of the Church:, pg. 74
Oct 98 First Presidency Message: Feed the Spirit, Nourish the Soul, pg. 2  
Oct 98 Portraits: . . . Searching Her Roots, (Sheila Hsia), pg. 69
Nov 98 Parents in Zion, . . . Genealogy was renamed family history
and set to collect records of all the families. . . . , pg. 22
Nov 98 Small Temples--Large Blessings, pg. 64
Nov 98 What Are People Asking about Us?, pg. 70

Nov 98 Walking in the Light of the Lord, . . . At the marriage of each of our
daughters and granddaughters, my wife has presented a special gift. . . . a
seven-generation family history chart of her maternal line . . . made up of
photographs of her maternal great-great-grandmother, . . . Every woman
. . . a Relief Society worker. , pg. 97 

Dec 98 Sealing Families, Strengthening a Ward, pg. 30
Dec 98 Australia: Coming Out of Obscurity Down Under, pg. 35
Dec 98 Random Sampler: Gifts to Remember, pg. 60
Dec 98 Portraits: By Small and Simple Things, pg. 64
Dec 98 News of the Church:, pgs. 66
and 70
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New Era 1998
Jan 98 In Black and White, (Even in tough times, life is not only
worth living—it's worth remembering.  Just ask Sharla.) . . . For some
reason, writing things down makes them easier to remember. . . . , pg. 12
Feb 98 Have I Done Any Good?, . . . These Scouts have learned
to safely operate weed whackers, to properly glue broken headstones
together, and to keep a journal of names and locations for people who
wish to visit graves or do family history
research. . . . , pg. 20
Feb 98 History in the Making, pg. 28 
Apr 98 Where In History is Josh Taylor?, pg. 12
Aug 98 See What We Mean, . . . She knew about family history
and genealogy, since Alla had told her about the hundreds of names
she has researched. . . . , pg. 12
Aug 98 It's About Time, pg. 21
Sep 98 Contest Winners: All Things Bright and Beautiful, pg.  8
Sep 98 Fiddle, Harp, and Bones, . . . Obviously, the group has a strong
interest in genealogy and family bonds.  Sam explains that one of the highlights
of his musical career so far has been playing his fiddle at the graves of some
of his ancestors in Nova Scotia.. . . , pg. 28
Nov 98 A Site to Behold, . . . Researching family history is another way
the Albuquerque youth are preparing for the temple. . . . , pg. 12
Nov 98 Turning Their Hearts to the Family, pg. 20
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Ensign 1997
Jan 97 A Prophet for the Fullness of Times, pg. 50
Jan 97 Mormon Journal: . . . A Letter from Russia, pg. 62
Jan 97 Random Sampler: . . . Keeping the Family in Touch, pg. 72
Jan 97 News of the Church:, pg. 74;
Series on Family History
Produced by KBYU, . . .
[photo] Hosts Jim and Terry Willard are
amateur genealogists and former high school teachers. . . . , pg. 75
Feb 97
Australia's Pioneer Saints, pg. 45

Feb 97 Reaching Out to Their Own, . . .
[photo] Arleen and Annie Standiford
review family history records.; [photo] Bobby Jo Casey enters data in family
history center computer.; . . . [photo] Many youth became experts at using
the family history center's research aids.,
pg. 54
Feb 97 Random Sampler: Getting Started with Family History, pg. 66
Mar 97 Instruments of the Lord, pgs. 27–28
Mar 97 A Conversation with Single Adults, pg. 58 
Mar 97 I Have a Question, (How much of the human family has had
its temple work done?), . . . Over time, as many as 105 billion people
may have lived on the earth.  (Estimates courtesy of Population Reference
Bureau, Washington, D.C.; see Carl Haub, "How Many People Have Ever
Lived on the Earth?" Population Today, 23 [Feb. 1995]: 4–5). . . . this work
has been performed for about .13 percent (just over one-tenth of 1 percent)
of the earth's estimated historic population of 105 billion. . . . , pg. 73
Apr 97 Random Sampler: Learning to Use the IGI, pg. 71;
Family Pioneer Celebrations, pg. 73
May 97 Report of the 167th Annual General Conference of
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, pg. 1
May 97 True to the Faith, pg. 65  
May 97 News of the Church:, pg. 107; Church Has Internet Home
Page, . . .
Since the December activation, the home page has had
an average of 1,600 Internet visitors a day. . . . , pg. 112
June 97
Temple Blessings: On Earth and in Eternity, pg. 7
June 97 The Pioneer Trek: Nauvoo to Winter Quarters, pg. 31  
June 97 Portraits: My Place Is at Church, pg. 68
June 97 Random Sampler: Six Ideas to Strengthen Family Ties, pg. 73
July 97 Family Home Evening for One, pg. 65
July 97 Random Sampler: Using TempleReady, pg. 66; Golden Years
of Service, pg. 66: Old Photos to New, pg. 67; Teaching the Mission
of the Church, pg. 68
July 97 Portraits: Centered in Family History, 
(Mardean Peterson Steinmetz), pg. 70
July 97 Excerpts from Recent Addresses of President Gordon B. Hinckley,
. . . Temple Attendance . . . , pg. 72
July 97 News of the Church:, pg. 74 
Aug 97 Dad's Lessons, pg. 51
Aug 97 Faithful, Good, Virtuous, True': Pioneers in the Philippines, pg. 56
Aug 97 Random Sampler: Double-Duty Letters, pg. 72
Aug 97 News of the Church:, pg. 75
Sep 97 Random Sampler: . . . Using Personal Ancestral File, . . . [photo]
Photo by Craig Dimond [illustration] Illustrated by Beth Whittaker,
pg. 71
Sep 97 News of the Church: . . .
New Personal Ancestral File Version Released
, pg. 77
Oct 97 Extending Institute, pg. 38
Oct 97 The Incomparable Blessings of the Priesthood, . . . As foretold by
this prophecy, missionary and family history
work in combination will yet
touch untold millions of God's children. . . . , pg. 44 
Oct 97 Portraits: . . . A Burning Testimony in Iceland, pg. 61
Oct 97 Random Sampler: Our Sacrament Meeting Program-Newsletter, pg. 69   

Oct 97 News of the Church:, pgs. 73 and 80
Nov 97 Pioneer Shoes through the Ages, pg. 12
Dec 97 I Remember When, (Sharing powerful stories of our own
and our ancestors' lives can teach children rich lessons about family
values and beliefs.), pg. 13
Dec 97 Putting Down Roots in Uruguay, pg. 19
Dec 97 Living Singly, pg. 22
Dec 97 News of the Church: . . . Personal Ancestral Software
Compatible with Windows
, pg. 65: . . . Starting Family History, pg. 71
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New Era 1997
Mar 97 Turning Hearts, pg. 28
Mar 97 FYI: For Your Info
, . . . (Uncanny History) . . .
Keeping a personal history is a fun and easy way to do genealogy work. . . .
(Worldwide Wow) . . . Since the Young Men and Young Women know how
important it is to do genealogy so that temple work can be completed for
their ancestors, they spent one of their youth conferences learning how
to enter names on the Personal Ancestral File and entering information
for name extraction.. . . , pg. 35
July 97 I Married a Pioneer, pg. 12
July 97 Stars on the Trek, pg. 20
Aug 97 How I Know: Writing a Testimony, pg. 15
Oct 97 A World Away, . . . Ana, Carlos's 15-year-old sister, talks about
how meaningful her temple baptisms feel when she does them for ancestors
she has found at the family history
library-- . . . , pg. 20
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Ensign 1996
Jan 96 Grandma Chris's Rye Bread, pg. 62
Jan 96 Random Sampler: . . . Teaching Moments: 
Sharing Books, Sharing Lives, pg. 73
Feb 96 Couple Missionaries -- "A Wonderful Resource", pg. 7;
"Our Work Helped Others", pg. 8; . . .
[photo] Ervin Brown
takes pride in repairing and binding old books in the family history
center in Los Angeles, California. . . .

Feb 96 Mormon Journal: . . . Forty-four Friends in the Temple, pg. 58
Feb 96 Portraits: . . . Where the Action Is, (Mabel Koester), pg. 68
Feb 96 News of the Church:, . . . President Hinckley also presented
President Clinton with one volume containing six generations of his
family history and several volumes containing the family history of
first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton.  A copy of each history was also
prepared for the couple's daughter, Chelsea., pg. 74
Mar 96 A Vision of What We Can Be, pg. 10  
Mar 96 Working Together, (Cooperative efforts by thousands of
Latter-day Saints and others have produced an index of the British 1881
census, thereby making an important record accessible and fostering
many positive relationships.), pg. 56
Mar 96 News of the Church:, pg. 79
Apr 96 Shepherding in Mississippi's Jackson Stake, . . .
Advertisements in the local paper invite people to monthly activities
and to the family history center in the small branch building., pg. 36
Apr 96 News of the Church: . . . By Their Works:
A Temple-Going People
, pg. 80
May 96 News of the Church: . . . Elder Neal A. Maxwell and Elder
M. Russell Ballard of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles met with
U.S. vice president Al Gore, presenting him with copies of his family
history., pg. 109; . . . FamilySearch Release Available . . . , pg. 112
June 96 A Dream Come True in Hong Kong, pg. 44 
June 96 Family History -- Who Can Help Me?, (In the Seattle, Washington,
area, ward family history consultants are successfully helping members
identify their ancestors and provide temple ordinances for them.), . . .
[photos] . . . Above: With the help of her ward family history consultant,
. . . [photos] . . .  Right: The Simses love family history work . . . [photo]
Sixth Ward family history class,
. . . [photo] . . . family history consultant
. . . [photos] . . . Above: . . . attending the temple and performing baptisms
for family ancestors.,
pg. 62
June 96 Random Sampler: (Family Reunions: Where Do We Begin?), pg. 71  
June 96 News of the Church: . . . PAF Release for Macintosh, pg. 78;
Conversation on: Gospel Roots Deepen in Northern Europe, pg. 79
July 96 What I Would Do Differently As a Parent, pg. 6
July 96 Our Seven-Generation Celebration, pg. 30
July 96 Mormon Journal: . . . I Will, Dad, I Will!, pg. 66
July 96 News of the Church: . . . Radio Series Distributed Worldwide, pg. 77
Aug 96 News of the Church:, pg. 78
Sep 96 The Fruit of Her Hands, pg. 51

Sep 96 The Visiting Teacher: "Heirs according to the Covenant", pg. 70

Nov 96 News of the Church:, pgs. 103 and 109; Conversation:
The Church in Japan, Korea, and Far-East Russia
. . . We are very
excited about members' great upsurge of interest in family history work,
which naturally dovetails with the feelings of respect and reverence
toward ancestors shared by most Asian cultures. . . . , pg. 110
Dec 96 Alone for the Holidays, pg. 16
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New Era 1996
Mar 96 All Four One, pg. 30
July 96 Who Am I, pg. 4
July 96 Q & A: Questions and Answers, (Some people almost seem
to brag about how many generations of their family have belonged
to the Church.  I'm a convert and the first generation in my family
to belong.  Does it really matter if you’re related to pioneers?), pg. 17
July 96 FYI: For Your Info, . . . [(Family) History Buff] . . .
"Often, when I'm working on genealogy, I can feel the urgency
and the desire of these people to have the work done.", pg. 34
Sep 96 FYI: For Your Info
, . . . (Genuine Genealogists) . . .
Young Women in the Shoreline Ward, Richland Washington Stake,
found an unusual way to learn about genealogy research.  They pieced
together a history of a six-day-old baby that had been buried in their
city's cemetery in 1909. . . . , pg. 34
Oct 96 Q & A: Questions and Answers, (I live in a remote area
and my parents aren't very active in the Church.  I have trouble
getting to my meetings on Sunday.  How can I feel more involved
in the Church?), . . . Keep the Sabbath holy.  If you cannot attend
church every Sunday, try to do the things that set the Sabbath day
apart from the rest of the week.  Read your scriptures.  Read Church
magazines.  Write in your journal and work on family history.
Fast and pray. . . . pg. 17
Oct 96 Mormonad: Save Your Life
Preserve your memories, experiences, thoughts and feelings.
Keep a journal. (See
Moses 6:45-46), pg. 19
Nov 96 FYI: For Your Info, . . . (Computing Their History), pg. 35
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Ensign 1995
Jan 95 Leading the Way, (Strong ward and stake priesthood
leadership results in strong family history activity.), . . . [photos]
. . . [photo] The Monterey California Stake meetinghouse, home
of the area's family history center. . . . [photos] . . . [photos] . . .
Top left: Oshawa Ontario Stake family history leaders at a stake picnic.
. . . [photos] . . . ,
pg. 54
Jan 95 Portraits: . . . Bridging Barriers, pg. 69
Jan 95 News of the Church:, . . . Another highlight of the conference
and stake anniversary was the publication of the history of the stake,
How Firm a Foundation: The Story of the Pasadena Stake,
a 200-page
book written by Susan Kamei Leung., pg. 73; . . . pg. 76
Feb 95 First Presidency Message: A Temple-Motivated People,
. . . Doing work for others is accomplished in two steps: first, by
family history research to ascertain our progenitors; . . . , pg. 2
Feb 95 The Holy Temple, . . . No work is more of a protection
to this church than temple work and the genealogical research
that supports it.  No work is more spiritually refining.  No work
we do gives us more power.  No work requires a higher standard
of righteousness. . . . , pg. 32
Feb 95 Salvation for the Dead, pg. 46
Feb 95 Random Sampler: . . . Grandpa Wrote a Book, pg. 72
Feb 95 News of the Church: . . . Family History Centennial, pg. 80
Mar 95 A Blooming in France, . . . Flowering . . . , pg. 41
Mar 95 Mormon Journal: . . . The Burning Bus, pg. 52
Mar 95 Speaking Today: Talks from fireside honoring
Pres. Howard W. Hunter and the Genealogical Society
of Utah, pgs. 56, 58, 61 and 64
Mar 95 Random Sampler: My Memory Notebooks, pg. 71;
Come, Let's Go to the Temple, pg. 72
Apr 95 President Howard W. Hunter:
The Lord's 'Good and Faithful Servant,' . . .
As president of the Genealogical Society of Utah
(now the Family History
Department of the Church) from 1964 to 1972,
Elder Hunter guided the implementation of computers to tackle the slow
and inadequate methods of processing names for temple work. . . . , pg. 8

Apr 95 President Howard W. Hunter: A Man for All Seasons, . . . His
mission was marked by monumental events.  The World Conference
on Records and the expansion of family history
work, . . . , pg. 31
May 95 Search for Identity, pg. 41
May 95 This Work Is Concerned with People, pg. 51
June 95 Teaming Up For Temple Work, pg. 30
June 95 Mormon Journal: Guided to Our Ancestors, pg. 58
June 95 Portraits: Broadcasting the Gospel, pg. 69
June 95 News of the Church: Processing of Names for Temple
to Be Done Locally, . . .
[photo] Member processes names for
temple work in stake family history center. [photo] Family history
pg. 74; Of Good Report . . . (The Hearts of the Children) , pg. 79
July 95 To Mom and Dad, with Love, pg. 20
July 95 Extending the Family, pg. 35
July 95 FamilySearch Got Me Started, pg. 35
July 95 Two Old Notebooks, pg. 36
July 95 Keeping Reunions Simple, pg. 36
July 95 Excited about Extraction, pg. 38
July 95 Our Family History Service, pg. 38
July 95 An Ancestor a Day, pg. 38
July 95 Ancestors at My Fingertips, pg. 39
July 95 Mormon Journal: . . . Treasure from China, pg. 62
July 95 I Have a Question, pg. 64
Aug 95 Brief Mission, Constant Harvest, pg. 46 
Aug 95 Random Sampler: . . . The Learning Game, pg. 61
Aug 95 Family History You Can Do, pg. 62
Aug 95 I Have a Question, . . . (Why wouldn’t information submitted
to the Church from three-generation and four-generation family group
sheets in the 1960s and 1970s be included in Ancestral File™?), pg. 72
Sep 95 Random Sampler: History in the Mail, pg. 71;
. . . The Ancestor Game, pg. 73
Sep 95 News of the Church: . . . , pg. 74; . . . Names Submitted for Temple
Ordinances, (
The following letter, dated 16 June 1995 and signed by
the First Presidency, is for all Church members:
), . . . Because of
the sacred nature of this work, members should be diligent in assuring
the accuracy of all information submitted. . . . , pg. 80
Oct 95 News of the Church:, pg. 77
Nov 95
Of Missions, Temples, and Stewardship, pg. 51
Dec 95 News of the Church:, pg. 69
↑ upΛ

New Era 1995
Apr 95 Alice Is Wonderland, pg. 21
July 95 FYI: For Your Info, . . . (Seminary Superstar) . . .
Miguel Arancibia Flores . . . , a 17-year-old from Viña del Mar, Chile,
. . . enjoys going to church and doing genealogy work. . . . , pg. 34
Sep 95 FYI: For Your Info, (If You Can't Use Gold Plates) . . .
We have been asked to keep family histories and to preserve them
for the generations that will come after us.  Here are some suggestions
to keep your memories alive: . . . Pictures and Photographs . . .
Scrapbooks . . . Journals . . . Letters . . . Storage . . . , pg. 34
↑ upΛ

Ensign 1994
Jan 94 The Man Adam, . . . In the Joseph Smith Translation
of Genesis, we read of the line of great patriarchs from Adam
to Enoch: "And this is the genealogy
of the sons of Adam, who
was the son of God, with whom God himself conversed."
Genesis 6; . . . compare Moses 6:22) . . . , pg. 8
Jan 94 Too Active to Need Home Teachers?, pg. 60
Jan 94 Portraits: . . . Hooked on History, (Ruth Zollinger),  pg. 69
Jan 94 News of the Church:, pg. 79
Feb 94 First Presidency Message: The Key of Faith, . . .
The person who is working on his or her family history fits
the description of one who is fulfilling his or her duty.
. . .
Faith is a requisite to this work. . . . , pg. 2
Feb 94 Mormon Journal: . . . My Lesson from Pahoran, pg. 40
Feb 94 The Stresses of Life, . . . Baby books and family histories
must be assembled and kept current. . . . , pg. 47 
Feb 94 Random Sampler: A Journal of Letters, pg. 71
Feb 94 News of the Church: Temple Ready Now Available, pg. 75
Feb 94 Of Good Report:
Number of Names Extracted, (1985-1993),  pg. 80
Mar 94 Glimpses of My Grandpa, pg. 28
Mar 94 News of the Church: . . . The Saints in Saskatoon:
Building a Center Place of Faith
. . .
[photo] Family history devotees
Gill and Elsie Roland.
, pg. 76
Apr 94 Working Wonders in McLean, pg. 22
Apr 94 Remember the Sabbath Day, pg. 46
May 94 Counseling with Our Councils, . . . priesthood executive
. . . to consider . . . family history . . . , pg. 24 

May 94 Therefore I Was Taught, . . . So, the hearts of you fathers
and mothers must be turned to your children right now, if you have
the true spirit of Elijah, and not think that it applies merely to those
who are beyond the veil. . . . , pg. 36
May 94 Decisions, pg. 80
May 94 News of the Church: . . . , pgs. 110 and 111
June 94 Planting Promises in the Hearts of the Children, . . .
Honoring father and mother in the fullest sense of the fifth
commandment not only brings eternal blessings to families
but also builds enduring societies.), pg. 46
June 94 One-Hour Life History,  . . . [photo] . . . , pg. 54
June 94 Mormon Journal: . . . We Were a Family Once More, . . .
On his computer, he prepared and personalized a family history
book for each of them, going back seven generations and including
all the family pictures and stories we could find. . . . , pg. 65
June 94 News of the Church:
(Stake and Family Record Extraction Programs Consolidated), pg. 75;
(Upgraded Personal Ancestral File Available), (PAF 2.3), pg. 76
July 94 President Howard W. Hunter: Fourteenth President of the Church,
. . . In the Church he taught a junior genealogy class. . . . , pg. 2
July 94 A Prophet of Certitude:
Counsel from President Ezra Taft Benson, . . . I invoke my blessing
upon the Latter-day Saints and upon good people everywhere. . . . I bless
you with increased discernment to judge between Christ and anti-Christ.
I bless you with increased power to do good and to resist evil. . . .
Nothing is going to startle us more when we pass through the veil
to the other side than to realize how well we know our Father and how
familiar His face is to us . . . The Holy Ghost causes our feelings to be
more tender.  We feel more charitable and compassionate with each other. 
We are more calm in our relationships.  We have a greater capacity to love
each other.  People want to be around us because our very countenances
radiate the influence of the Spirit. . . . , pg. 28
July 94 I Have a Question, . . . (Are members of the Church able to obtain
copies of priesthood lines of authority from Church headquarters?), pg. 66
July 94 Random Sampler: . . . Pictures for a Lifetime, pg. 72
Aug 94 The Letter I Never Sent, pg. 22
Aug 94 Serving at Home and Abroad, . . .
[photos] . . . Right: Valene Hubbard
served full-time in the Church Family History Department. . . . ,
pg. 40
Sep 94 New Horizons in Houston, pg. 33 

Sep 94 Random Sampler: The Fifteen-Weed Formula, pg. 74;

Great-Great-Grandpa Came to Dinner, pg. 74

Oct 94
[illustration] Inside front cover: Hearts to the Fathers, . . . 
Oct 94 Finding Joy in Temple Service, pg. 6
Oct 94 Our Strengths Can Become Our Downfall, pg. 11
Oct 94 Pioneers in East Africa, pg. 21
Oct 94 The Sabbath--Holy Day or Holiday?, pgs. 26–27
Nov 94 Exceeding Great and Precious Promises, pg. 7
Nov 94 The Spirit of Elijah, . . . The Spirit of Elijah will inspire individual
members of the Church to link their generations, rather than submit lists
of people or popular personalities to whom they are unrelated. . . . the daily
building of happy memories in our families is an important part of making
family history pleasant. . . . , pg. 84
Dec 94 Everyone's Blessing, (We make our own lives richer as we serve
others through temple and family history work.), . . .
[photos] . . . [photo], pg. 16
Dec 94 Resolutions, . . . Remember that a person's name is to that person
the sweetest and most important sound in any language. . . . , pg. 62
Dec 94 News of the Church: . . . , pgs. 69 and 72
↑ up

New Era 1994
Jan 94 Q & A: Questions and Answers, (My family and Church leaders
are always talking about how important the temple is.  But I'm not sure
I understand. Why is it so important?), pg. 17

Feb 94 Names and Faces, . . . The Christensens know something
about family history, since they've worked on their own genealogy for years.
. . . Several of the girls in her ward were involved in their own genealogy,
helping their parents assemble their records.. . . , pg. 28
Apr 94 True Believers, . . . True believers gladly perform their duties
in the kingdom. . . . They include . . . doing  . . . family history work, . . . , pg. 20
June 94 The Message: Joseph Smith, Truly a Prophet, pg. 4
Aug 94 FYI: For Your Info, . . . (Full Speed Ahead), pg. 40   
Nov 94 The 20-Day Challenge, . . . About this time, a seminary teacher
in our branch challenged me to write in my journal every day for 20 days.
She said if I did, it would become a habit. I decided to try it. . . . , pg. 12
Dec 94 FYI: For Your Info, . . . (Sailing in Slovakia), pg. 34
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Ensign 1993
Jan 93 Ancient Gifts for a New Dispensation, pg. 11
Jan 93 Random Sampler: . . . The Book That Changed the Night, pg. 72;
Happy History to You, pg. 73
Jan 93 News of the Church: . . . Update, pg. 80
Feb 93 I Have a Question, . . . And since memories are more
important than possessions, we ought to write down memories
in journals or family histories
and preserve them and not worry
about possessions. . . . , pg. 29

Feb 93 Turning Hearts in the Ozarks, pg. 44
Feb 93 Mormon Journal: . . . Briefcase from the Dump, pg. 54
Feb 93 News of the Church: . . . A Good Turn in Palmyra . . .
William Avarell helped "crack the ice" in Church-community
relations while on a family history mission there with his wife
in 1984–85., pg. 75; . . . Comment: . . . Flood of Memories, pg. 79
Mar 93 Random Sampler: . . . Grandchild of the Week, pg. 63
Apr 93 Mormon Journal: . . . I Saw My Eternal Family, pg. 61
Apr 93 News of the Church: . . . Bridge Building in Independence
. . .
[photos] . . . Inset: Elda Mae Billings, director of the family
history center. . . .
, pg. 76

May 93 The Temple, the Priesthood, pg. 18
May 93 This Peaceful House of God, . . . we are carrying forward
a mighty undertaking of family history
research so that a work of
redemption might go forward in behalf of millions who have passed
beyond the veil of death., pg. 72
May 93 News of the Church: . . . Of Good Report: Neighbors and Friends
. . . Members of the Church were guided through the Jewish synagogue,
and the Jews toured the LDS meetinghouse. . . . The "Heaven Ward"
Project, pg. 109
June 93 Crossing the Divide, pg. 25
June 93 So Much to Live For, . . . If you're part of the older generation,
you may be the only source of certain information on family history
and traditions., . . .
[photo] Older people who share family history
offer a treasure that only they can give.,
pg. 34
June 93 Life without Him, pg. 40
June 93 Of Good Report: . . . The "Write" Type of Competition, pg. 64   

July 93 Wilford Woodruff: A Man of Record, pg. 28
July 93 A Celebration of Service, pg. 44
July 93 Meeting Our Relatives on Paper, pg. 66
July 93 Random Sampler: . . . Home Is Where Family History Is, pg. 73
Aug 93 A Temple to Exalt, . . . Surely it could be said today that
very few of those who have experienced the endowment fully
appreciate or fully know the supernal worth of the temple ordinances
and the family history work which sustains them. . . . , pg. 7
Aug 93 Family History Wellspring, (Tampa, Florida FHC),  pg. 22
Aug 93 Making Memories, pg. 59
Aug 93 Random Sampler: . . . Home Movies -- Starring Our Ancestors!, pg. 66
Aug 93 News of the Church: . . . Joseph Smith Memorial Building
Is New Name of Former Hotel Utah. . .
The building also includes . . .
an area known as the FamilySearch® Center with computer stations
for researching genealogies., pg. 75; . . . pg. 80
Sep 93 A Tour of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, . . . Visitors' center
functions are served by a magnificent reception lobby featuring a statue of
the Prophet Joseph Smith; the FamilySearch® Center, where, with the help
of modern technology, visitors can easily identify family data; . . . A half floor
below the ground level, the large FamilySearch center at the north end of
the building features . . . [photos] Above: The FamilySearch Center has
130 computer workstations where visitors can easily obtain data from the
Ancestral File™, International Genealogical Index™, and a catalog of
records stored in the Church's Family History Library.  Family history
missionaries, Temple Square missionaries, and family history employees
are always on hand to assist visitors and answer questions.  Right: Visitors
may ask for help at the main desk to follow up on information they have
obtained at the FamilySearch Center.. . . [photos] The Church's Family
History Department (above) . . .
pg. 32
Sep 93 News of the Church: . . . [photo] Family history is an important
part of service for Albuquerque Stake members. . . .
, pg. 75;
. . . Of Good Report:The "Heaven Ward" Project . . . [photo]
Youth in the Crystal First Ward research names. . . . [photo]

. . .
The Grandmothers' Pageant, pg. 78; . . . Crushed While
Quarrying Stone, pg. 80
Oct 93 There Is Work for Us to Do, . . .
[photos] Above: Many
missionaries serve in the rewarding work of family history. . . . ,
pg. 36

Dec 93 I Have a Question, . . . The book of Moses gives information
about Adam's family that is not found in Genesis.  Before Cain and Abel
were born, Adam and Eve had other sons and daughters, who in turn had
children of their own. (See
Moses 5:2-3) . . . , pg. 59
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New Era 1993
Jan 93 Just a Teenager, pg. 14
Feb 93 My Story: How I Tackled Life,
[photos], pg. 20
Mar 93 FYI: For Your Info, (The First Time), pg 40
Apr 93 The Message: The Temple--What It Means to You, pg. 4
Aug 93 The Message: Child of Promise, . . . pg. 4
Sep 93 FYI: For Your Info, (The Book of You) . . . , pg. 34
Nov 93 FYI: For Your Info, (Home Alone--and Sick) . . .
(For Your Spirit) . . . Try doing some genealogy work.  Ask your parents
what needs to be done in your family, or check with someone in the ward
who knows all about it.. . . , pg. 34
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Ensign 1992
Jan 92 News of the Church: . . . Number of Names Extracted, . . . , pg. 79
Feb 92 Small but Mighty, pg. 31
Feb 92 Four Who Serve, pg. 38 
Feb 92 I Have a Question, (Are Church members still asked
to submit their four-generation family group sheets to the Church's
Family History Department?), pg. 51
Mar 92 Come, Let Us Rejoice!, . . . Family history quilt stitched
by Mary Lou Stephens of Ogden, Utah, for her parents' fiftieth
wedding anniversary features a tracing of each descendant's hand,
including those of two newborn babies.,
pg. 44
Apr 92 Believing Christ, pg. 5
May 92 Come to the House of the Lord, pg. 15
June 92 Mormon Journal: . . . Lost in the Fold, pg. 49
June 92 Random Sampler: . . . Threefold Family Home Evening, pg. 72;
. . . Voices from Our Past, pg. 73
June 92 News of the Church: . . . [photo] . . .
[photo] . . . , pg. 77 
Aug 92 FamilySearch®-- Stepping-stone to the Temple,
(Since FamilySearch® arrived, members in the Logan Utah Stake
use the computer in the family history center nearly twenty-four
hours a day.), . . .
[photos] [photo] [photo] [photo] [photo] [photo] . . .
FamilySearch, with its variety of powerful computer tools, helps to
lead us to the temple in behalf of our ancestors.,
pg. 12
Aug 92 Alone, but Not Lonely, pg. 53
Aug 92 Mormon Journal: . . . In the Lord's Time, pg. 57
Sep 92 Line upon Line: The Fiery Trial, pg. 21
Sep 92 Random Sampler: . . . One Memory at a Time, pg. 62
Sep 92 Mormon Journal: . . . James and Annie Forever, pg. 64
Oct 92  First Presidency Message: "The Heritage of the Servants
of the Lord," pg. 2
Oct 92 Reunion in Leningrad, pg. 49
Oct 92 I Have a Question, . . . It may be significant that the names
Lachoneus and Timothy, the only two names in the Book of Mormon
that seem to be of Greek origin, appear in the Book of Mormon only
after the Mulekite contact with the Nephites. . . . , pg. 53
Nov 92 Coming unto Christ by Searching the Scriptures, pg. 27
Nov 92 The Priesthood in Action, . . . extraction work . . . for
the Confederate soldiers . . . we have sent for temple work
just over 101,000 names. . . . ,
pg. 47
Nov 92 News of the Church: . . . , pg. 110
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New Era 1992
Jan 92 Mormonad: Simply keep a journal
Someday you’ll see that your "ordinary" life is heroic,
pg. 15
Jan 92 Hear the Song, . . . Songs of the Saints . . . , pg. 21

Feb 92 FYI: For Your Info, . . . --Have a family history night
where you learn how to do genealogy, extract records, etc. . . . , pg. 41
Mar 92
[photos] Cover: Adam, Amanda, and Adriane Talley
of Knoxville, Tennessee, have been learning that family history
includes present blessings as well as past. {See p. 20.}
Mar 92 Turning Their Hearts, pg. 21
Aug 92 Q & A: Questions and Answers, (My journal is really boring.
Why should I even keep one?), pg. 17
Aug 92 FYI: For Your Info, (Dances) . . . Atmosphere . . .
Genealogy: Come as your favorite ancestor., pg. 34
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Ensign 1991
Jan 91 Random Sampler: Dear Angela 
(Corresponding with My Journal), pg. 72
Jan 91 News of the Church: . . . Update: Names Extraction Totals, pg. 79
Feb 91 Taiwan--Family Oriented, . . . The Church enjoys a favorable
reputation in Taiwan, and relations with the government are good, in
large measure because of the emphasis on family and family history.
The temple fits into . . . Chinese veneration for family history.
, pg. 25
Feb 91 How Does This Scripture Apply to Me?, pg. 61 

Feb 91 Mormon Journal: Family Ties, pg. 64;
In the Right Place at the Right Time, pg. 65;
Seventy-Generation Pedigree, pg. 66;
Book with a Past, pg. 68
Feb 91 Random Sampler: . . . Do I Still Need to Save This?, pg. 72
Mar 91 Doing 'Homework' for the Lord, (People in the Bountiful
Eighteenth Ward are making a worldwide contribution from their
own homes in the Family Record
Extraction Program.),
. . .
[photos], pg. 54

Mar 91 I Have a Question, . . . , pg. 61
Mar 91 News of the Church: . . . Comment,
. . . Family History
Prayers, pg. 80 
Apr 91 Filling Your 'Empty Bucket,' pg. 42
Apr 91 Date Night--at Home, pg. 57 
Apr 91 Mormon Journal: Finding Grandma Toth, pg. 59
Apr 91 Random Sampler: Heritage Home Evenings, pg. 71
May 91 Redemption of the Dead, . . . "Malachi plainly outlined
the mission of Elijah—to establish a bond of interest between
present and past generations … to create in the hearts of living
men and women an interest in their ancestors."
(Ensign, Jan. 1972, p. 49.), . . . pg. 26
May 91 Honour Thy Father and Thy Mother, . . . Other
manifestations of this commandment include the bearing
and care of children, the preparation of family histories,
and efforts to see that the ordinances of eternity are
performed for our departed ancestors., pg. 14

May 91 The State of the Church, . . . Question 5:
"What about the temple and family history work?", . . .
The salvation of the Lord applies to every man, woman,
and child on the face of the earth. . . . The determination of
accurate family history records and the work which follows
in the temples are basic in this vast undertaking which
the Lord has placed upon our shoulders. . . . These assets
are in . . . temples and family history archives, . . . , pg. 51
May 91 Linking the Family of Man, . . . pg. 75
June 91 Home from a Mission, . . . One sister said that upon
her return home, she made the transition by "preaching the gospel,
cleaning up the ragged edges of [her] genealogy, and helping others
to serve.". . . , pg. 46
June 91 I Have a Question, . . . (How can we teach our children
about the importance of the temple?), pg. 51
June 91 News of the Church: . . . Light at West Point . . . He has
done the necessary research to do temple ordinances for every
cadet who graduated between 1802 and 1880., pg. 77
July 91 Under Sail to Zion, (For early converts gathering to America,
the ocean voyage was a test of faith and mettle.), . . . Problems from
Overcrowding . . . He suggested that betrothed couples be married to
relieve the imbalance.  Many marriages were promptly solemnized,
and the congestion eased. . . . , pg. 7 
July 91 It Seemed Impossible the Sun Could Still Shine, . . . Through
reading a journal, we can share in the hopes and trials of another person
as his or her life unfolds before us. . . . , pg. 15
July 91 Philippine Saints: "A Believing People," . . . There is a family
history service center in Manila and a branch family history
library in
almost every stake and in some districts., pg. 32
July 91 Mormon Journal: . . . Find Iby, pg. 42
July 91 Arne Bakken: Lifting with Love in Norway, pg. 50
Aug 91 Have I Ever Told You … ?, (Sharing family stories forges
links with your family's past.), pg. 21
Aug 91 'I Was with My Family': Joseph Smith--Devoted Husband,
Father, Son, and Brother, . . . " . . . esteeming it one of the greatest
earthly blessings to be blessed with the society of parents, whose
mature years and experience render them capable of administering
the most wholesome advice." . . . " . . . Remained at home and had
great joy with my family.",  pg. 22

Oct 91 The Mathematics of Multiple Disabilities, . . .
[photos] The autistic often excel in unusual ways.  Eric Robinson,
for instance, shines at filing records on his Church-service mission
at the Family History Library.,
pg. 65   

Nov 91 The Gospel--A Global Faith, . . . All men and women
have not only a physical lineage leading back to Adam and Eve,
their first earthly parents, but also a spiritual heritage leading
back to God the Eternal Father. . . . , pg. 18
Nov 91 The Lord's Day, . . . Other appropriate Sabbath
activities, such as strengthening family ties, visiting the sick
and the homebound, giving service to others, writing personal
and family histories, genealogical
work, and missionary work,
should be carefully planned and carried out. . . . , pg. 33
Dec 91 A Day in Heaven, . . . Family File . . . , pg. 33
Dec 91 Random Sampler: Family History -- Holiday Style, pg. 57;
The Grandma Tapes, pg. 57; Baby Stories, pg. 58
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New Era 1991
Mar 91 The Sunday I Discovered the Sabbath, pg. 9
Apr 91 FYI: For Your Information, . . . (Family History Phenom),
Kris Whitehead, a priest in the Lethbridge Fourth Ward,
Lethbridge Alberta Stake, learned to use the family computer
at age six and never stopped.  He loves entering names in
the Church Personal Ancestry File, and last year entered
more than 4,500 names. . . . , pg. 40
June 91 A Most Excellent Adventure in Family Land,
. . . You could discover some interesting things that would
make nice additions to a family history. . . . , pg. 40
June 91 FYI: For Your Information, . . . (Finding the Grand
in Grandparents), pg. 56  
July 91
Re: Living History, pg. 20
July 91
FYI: For Your Information . . . , pg. 40
Aug 91 Called to Serve, . . . Elder Dennis B. Neuenschwander, 54,
of Centerville, Utah, a manager in the Family History Department
presently serving as mission president in the Austria Vienna East
Mission. . . . , pg. 49
Sep 91 FYI: For Your Info, (Writing What's Wrong … and Right) . . . , pg. 40
Dec 91 FYI: For Your Info, (Christmas Spirit);
(Gone But Not Forgotten), pgs. 40–41
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Ensign 1990
Jan 90 'A Man … Shall Cleave unto His Wife': Marriage
and Family Advice from the Old Testament, . . . Strengths
found in Latter-day Saint families often are linked to family
traditions. . . . , pg. 28
Jan 90 What Are We Learning in Church This Year?, pg. 54
Jan 90 News of the Church: . . . Diplomats' Wives Learn of Church
at N.Y. Center . . .
Representing thirty-four nations from areas as
diverse as China, the U.S.S.R., Africa, Guatemala, and Fiji, the women
also became acquainted with the Family History Center. . . . , pg. 80
Feb 90 The Abrahamic Covenant: A Blessing for All People, . . .
"Abraham received promises concerning his seed, and of the fruit
of his loins … which were to continue so long as they were in the world;
and as touching Abraham and his seed, … both in the world and out of
the world should they continue as innumerable as the stars; or, if ye
were to count the sand upon the seashore ye could not number them."
Doctrine & Covenants 132:30) . . . , pg. 51
Mar 90 Marriage--It's a Great Adventure, pg. 22
Mar 90 The Old Letter Got Me Going, pg. 58
Mar 90 Mormon Journal: . . . Three Hundred Parchment Scrolls, pg. 64
Apr 90 Singapore Saints, pg. 25
Apr 90 The Lord Is With Us, pg. 30
Apr 90 Study, Fun, and Brother Mack, pg. 34
Apr 90 Mormon Journal:  . . . I Found My Dad, pg. 41
Apr 90 Portraits: Ed Rawley: A Steel Grip on Family History, pg. 66
May 90 Thus Shall My Church Be Called, . . . We are all pleased when
our names are pronounced and spelled correctly.  Sometimes a nickname
is used instead of the real name.  But a nickname may offend either
the one named or the parents who gave the name. . . . , pg. 16
June 90 The Gospel in Hungary--Then and Now, . . . 12. Hungarian
District Manuscript History, 31 Dec. 1904, LDS Church Archives;
Hungarian Conference Record of Members, Family History
Salt Lake City, pg. 8
June 90 The Tapestry Called Family, pg. 20
June 90 Mormon Journal: . . . Enemy Soldier at the Pulpit . . . , pg. 59
June 90 Random Sampler: . . . Family History Goes to the Movies,  pg. 70
June 90 Brooklyn's Window on the World, . . . Brooklyn's tradition
as one of the world's crossroads is legendary.  Estimates suggest
that as recently as 1940, three out of every four Americans could
trace their family history
back to when their ancestors lived in or
passed through Brooklyn. . . . , pg. 74

July 90 Doing Temple Work at Home, 
(Family Record Extraction Program), pg. 24
July 90 News of the Church: . . . Announcing FamilySearch, pg. 79
Aug 90 I Didn't Have Time for TV Anymore, pg. 27  
Aug 90 Mormon Journal: . . . The "Insignificant" Scripture, pg. 47 
Aug 90 Rosa Clara: Bravery on the Pacific, (pioneer story), pg. 54
Aug 90 Random Sampler: Write It 'n' Read It, pg. 71
Sep 90 St. Johns: An Oasis Built on Bedrock, pg. 33
Sep 90 News of the Church: . . . Canadian LDS Experience
Is Topic of Scholarly Forum
, pg. 79
Oct 90 Who Will Mother Mom?, pg. 47 
Nov 90 Redemption: The Harvest of Love, pg. 5
Nov 90
Temples and Work Therein, pg. 59
Nov 90
News of the Church: . . . To understand more about
FamilySearch, the Ensign spoke with Elder J. Richard Clarke,
Executive Director of the Family History Department. . . , pg. 110
Dec 90 The Trip to Crawfordsville, pg. 38
Dec 90 Only a Matter of Time, pg. 42
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New Era 1990
May 90 FYI: For Your Information, . . . (Hi Cuz!) . . . , pg. 34
July 90 FYI: For Your Information, . . . (Best Friend) . . . , pg. 40  

Nov 90 The Message: Miracles, . . . As I have studied my
family history, I have run across three events which demonstrate
vividly to me that "signs shall follow them that believe"
Mark 16:17; Mormon 9:24-25)., pg. 4
Nov 90 Better Than Royalty, . . . Careful records were usually
kept of the ancestry of royal lines.  The names of all the kings
and queens and their children were carefully recorded when
many others were not.   But each of you can have a record of
your lineage in your patriarchal blessing. . . . , pg. 35
Nov 90
FYI: For Your Information, . . . (Searching for Names)
. . .
[photos] Oklahoma youth find that family history research
is okay.  They extracted hundreds of names, then did baptisms
for the people whose names they’d found.
, pg. 38
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Ensign 1989
Jan 89 Elder Richard G. Scott:
'The Real Power Comes from the Lord,' . . . But I have never
been blessed to serve with a more dedicated, capable, devoted
group of men and women, nor more consistently felt the guiding
influence of the Spirit than during this singular experience in
the Family History
Department. . . . , pg. 7
Jan 89 I Am Not Any Longer to Be Alone, pg. 51
Jan 89 Teaching Children about Prayer, pg. 60 

Jan 89 Portraits: . . . Ralph McKay: Willing Hands, pg. 65
Feb 89
The Eight-Year Book of Mormon, pg. 32
Feb 89 True to the Book of Mormon--The Whitmers, . . . More
members of their family saw the gold plates than any other family,
including the Joseph Smith, Sr., family. . . . In addition, if the history
of their family is correct, we must add an eighth member of the family
who saw the plates—their mother, Mary Musselman Whitmer, the only
woman so blessed. . . . , pg. 34 
Feb 89 Mormon Journal: . . . The Minister's Eternal Marriage, pg. 65
Feb 89 Random Sampler: Bone Up on Osteoporosis, . . .
Current evidence suggests that women who have early menopause,
who are markedly underweight, who smoke cigarettes, who consume
alcohol regularly, or who have a family history
of osteoporosis are
also frequently affected. . . . , pg. 70

Feb 89 Portraits: Anna Nadasdi: Preserving Her Pedigree, pg. 72
Feb 89 News of the Church: . . . A Conversation about Microfilming,
. . . About 67 percent of the users of LDS family history
libraries are
non-Latter-day Saints. . . . The U.S. Postal Service has recommended
that would-be genealogists become familiar with the LDS Church's
family history libraries.
, pgs. 76, 77 and 79
Mar 89 Aunt Fia, pg. 47
Mar 89 Random Sampler: My Airmail Journal, pg. 66;
Streamline with a Time Line, pg. 68
Apr 89 On Death and Dying, . . . These past few months I've
taken my kids on trips, taught my Gospel Doctrine class,
and written fifteen articles and three books--in other words,
I'll work until I can't. . . . , pg. 31

Apr 89 Young Women of Value, pg. 43 

Apr 89 Portraits: Vera Hilton: Perennial Bloomer, pg. 68
Apr 89 Random Sampler: Baby's First Newspaper, pg. 71
Apr 89 Sharing: 1. Be Nice to Dan, pg. 74
Apr 89 News of the Church: . . . The Church's Family History Library
has recently published a series of reference outlines to help with
family history research in the United States. . . . , pg. 77
May 89 Our Kindred Family--Expression of Eternal Love, pg. 60
May 89 Let Love Be the Lodestar of Your Life, pg. 65

May 89 News of the Church:, pgs. 110 and 111
June 89 Family History: 'In Wisdom and in Order,' pg. 6
June 89 I Have a Question, . . . Couples are also needed to teach
family history
skills, staff family history centers, and search out
or microfilm records. . . . , pg. 26

June 89 Mormon Journal: Seeing Grandma through Her Book, pg. 70
June 89 News of the Church: . . . LDS Scene, pg. 79
July 89 Temple Ancestor Day, pg. 12
July 89 Margaret McNeil Ballard's Legacy of Faith, pg. 16
July 89 A Grave by the Little Blue, pg. 20
July 89 The Honeymoon Trail, pg. 23
July 89 The Search for Early Members of the Church, pg. 28
July 89 Buon Giorno!, . . . Rosario Saccone . . . microfilming . . . , pg. 34
July 89 A Tribute to Women, . . . In section 84 there is a genealogy
which traces the priesthood back to Adam. (See
Doctrine & Covenants 84:6-17)
Another in section 107 (
Doctrine & Covenants 107:40-57) was included in instruction
to the Twelve. . . . , pg. 72
Aug 89 Put Your Family Name on the Front Page, (family newsletters), pg. 36
Aug 89 From California to Council Bluffs, pg. 42
Aug 89 Mormon Journal: . . . Don't Try to Convert Me, pg. 61
Aug 89 Random Sampler: . . . The Fun of Family Folklore, pg. 69
Sep 89 New Zealand, . . . New Zealand-born Maoris and pakehas
currently make up 84 percent of the Church membership here.  Polynesians
from Pacific islands . . . constitute another 11 percent. . . . , pg. 33
Sep 89 Kiwi Saints, pg. 38
Sep 89 The Visiting Teacher: Life Is Eternal, pg. 59
Sep 89 Mormon Journal: . . . Where Are the Prophets?, pg. 69
Sep 89 News of the Church: . . . Acknowledging the presence of
Jayne Thompson, wife of Illinois Governor James R. Thompson, . . .
During the ceremonies, President Benson presented Mrs. Thompson
with a copy of her husband's genealogy . . . . , pg. 74
Oct 89 Christ-Centered Teaching, . . . The Prophet Joseph Smith said,
"The fundamental principles of our religion are the testimony of the
Apostles and Prophets, concerning Jesus Christ, that He died, was buried,
and rose again the third day, and ascended into heaven; and all other
things which pertain to our religion are only appendages to it."
(Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, sel. Joseph Fielding Smith,
Salt Lake City: Deseret Book Co., 1976, p. 121.) . . . Family history
work can be severed from the body of Christ if its only emphasis is
being with our families in the next life.  Seeking after our dead is the
same as doing missionary work for the living.  The purpose of both
is to bring people into the family of Christ and help them be part of
family forever. . . . , pg. 7
Oct 89 Why Are These Things Not Recorded in Your Journal?, pg. 20
Oct 89 Teaching Children to Keep the Sabbath, pg. 44
Oct 89 Family Home Evening for One, pg. 50
Oct 89 I Have a Question, . . . In my experience in the Church, I have
known nonmembers who have served on Scout and activity committees,
as Sunday School or auxiliary class officers, as family history librarians
or consultants, and as organists and choristers.  In fact, the calling of
nonmembers to the latter two positions is specifically approved in the
Church's General Handbook of Instructions. . . . , pg. 52  
Oct 89 The Visiting Teacher: Turning Our Hearts, pg. 57
Oct 89 'Out There' and Back, pg. 65
Oct 89 Comment, . . . Joseph, not James . . . , pg. 73

Oct 89 News of the Church: . . .
Name Extraction Milestone: 100 Million since 1977 . . .
A few years ago, the stake record extraction program was furnishing
about 85 percent of the names submitted to temples for ordinance work.
But that percentage has dropped as individual members have increased
their own activity in family history; individuals now furnish about one-third
of the names.  The stake extraction program is separate from the new,
rapidly growing family record extraction program in which individuals
extract information from paper copies of records in their own homes.
. . . , pgs. 77-79
Nov 89 Report of the 159th Semiannual General Conference of
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, pg. 1
Nov 89 To the Elderly in the Church, . . . You are the fastest-growing
segment of our population in the world today, as well as within
the Church. . . . , In some situations you are the family history.
In few ways will your heritage be better preserved than by your
collecting and writing your histories., pg. 4
Nov 89 An Ensign to the Nations, pg. 51
Nov 89 News of the Church:, pg. 102
Dec 89 The Visiting Teacher: Preparing for the Temple, pg. 45
Dec 89 Won't You Be My Neighbor?, pg. 54  

Dec 89 Portraits: Berget Herb:
The Renaissance Woman of Freiberg, pg. 56
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New Era 1989
Jan 89 Called to Serve: New General Authorities, . . .
As a member of the Presidency of the First Quorum of the Seventy,
Elder Scott was executive director of the Family History Department
of the Church. . . . , pg. 12

Jan 89 Will the Real Me Please Stand Up, pg. 34
Feb 89 The Message: Perception, pg. 4
Feb 89 FYI: For Your Information, (Hawaiian Ancestry),
pg. 40
July 89 Bridge the Gap, (Near to where Washington crossed the Delaware,
LDS youth learn about crossing over time.) . . . , pg. 21
Aug 89 FYI: For Your Information, . . .
(Winning Citizen) . . . Emily Marlowe Hancock was named the winner of
the National Junior American Citizenship competition. . . . sponsored by
the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution, . . .
Emily's winning entry included a chart and report about her family's genealogy.
She used pedigree charts and family history records to chronicle how
her ancestors came to be members of the Church. . . . , pg. 40
Sep 89 FYI: For Your Information, (Getting Started on Your Family History),
pg. 40; (What's in a Name), pg. 41
Oct 89 Mormonad: Get to Know an Old Friend.
He had an outrageous sense of humor and rode a mean pair
of wheels.  He was your great-great-grandfather.  Get to know
him and a lot of other greats.  Get into family history.
Get into life.  (See
Joseph Smith—History 1:39),
pg. 7
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Ensign 1988
Jan 88 Random Sampler: Mom's Night at the "Genny", pg. 72
Jan 88 News of the Church:, pg. 75
Feb 88 Tender Embraces, pg. 32
Feb 88 The Parents You Have Not Known,
(Would my mission to Korea lead me to them?) . . .
Genealogy work and missionary work parallel each other. 
They both bring the gospel and the ordinances of salvation to God's
children—one to the dead, one to the living.  My mission provided
an opportunity for me to combine both. . . . , pg. 43
Feb 88 Mormon Journal: . . . A Model Airplane Led Me to Dad, pg. 57
Feb 88 Portraits: . . . Lillian Freestone Millett: Seeking Kindred Spirits
Elder John A. Widtsoe must have had someone like Lillian Freestone Millett
in mind when he said: "Those who give themselves with all their might
and main to this work [of genealogy] receive help from the other side,
and not merely in gathering genealogies.  Whosoever seeks to help those
on the other side receives help in return in all the affairs of life."
(Utah Genealogical and Historical Magazine, July 1931, p. 104.),  . . .
To assist others in the Mesa area to do likewise, she pioneered
a "Youth in Genealogy" program, entitled "Who Am I?" which was used
extensively by many local stakes.  She also assisted in the establishment
of a branch of the Church Genealogical Library system in Mesa. . . . , pg. 62
Feb 88 Random Sampler: My Three-ring History, pg. 68
Mar 88 I Have a Question, pg. 21
Mar 88 Elijah and Elisha, pg. 24
Mar 88 Happiness--the Lord's Way, . . . Too often, singles in the Church
express displeasure at the number of references made to families—they say
they have no family.  But we all have and are a part of a family.  These are
"families of orientation."  They include our "genealogy families"--our parents
and siblings, as well as our extended family of grandparents, aunts, uncles,
nieces, nephews, and cousins; our "gospel families"--members of the Church
who share common eternal goals and show Christlike love to those around them;
and our "neighborhood families," who, because they live closer to us than anyone
else, can be the first to whom we turn when we need help, friendship,
or just a kind word. . . . , pg. 46
Mar 88 The Widows' 'Might,' . . .
[photo] Many widows find quiet satisfaction
in researching family history and extracting names for temple work. . . . ,
pg. 50
Mar 88 News of the Church:, pg. 77
Apr 88 picture inside front cover: "An Eternal Family" by Del Parson
Apr 88 First Presidency Message: Seek the Spirit of the Lord . . .
He said he had come to tell me that my time in mortal life was ending
and that on the following Thursday (it was then Friday), I would be
expected to leave mortal life. . . . , pg. 2
Apr 88 Home Evenings: Lesson on the Garage Roof, pg. 55
Apr 88 Discovering Fun-Filled Family Projects, pg. 56 
Apr 88 Me -- A Biographer?, pg. 59
Apr 88 Random Sampler: Family Facts and Fancies, pg. 67
May 88 Come unto Christ, and Be Perfected in Him, . . .
All members of the Church should be actively engaged in working on
their family histories
and receiving the help they need from trained
stake and ward temple and family history consultants. . . . , pg. 84

June 88 A "Roots" Vacation, pg. 23
June 88 After the Children Leave, pg. 32
June 88 Random Sampler: This House is Bugged!, pg. 67
July 88 They Belong to Us All,
(The early pioneers are our shared heritage.), pg. 15
July 88 Pioneers--Since 1974, pg. 27
July 88 Idaho's Hess Family Farm--A Museum of Love, pg. 29  
July 88 Mormon Journal: Cornmans' Request, pg. 57
July 88 Random Sampler: Dial-a-History, pg. 71
Aug 88 Getting Older, Getting Better, pg. 42
Aug 88 Finding My Choctaw Ancestors, pg. 44
Aug 88 The 'Perfect Day' Challenge, pg. 62
Aug 88 Mormon Journal: The Missing Book, pg. 66
Aug 88 Random Sampler: Grandpa, Tell Me about the Olden Days, pg. 73
Aug 88 News of the Church:, pgs. 75 and 77
Sep 88 picture inside front cover: "That We May Be Redeemed",
by Harold Hopkinson (founding fathers)
Sep 88 Canada: From Struggling Seed, the Church Has Risen
to Branching Maple, . . .
Librarian Rose Ingram assists patrons
(lower inset photo; photography by W. A. [Burt] Perry) in the
satellite family history library.
, pg. 30
Sep 88 Toronto: A Growing Light in the East, . . .
[photo] Toronto
family history enthusiasts at a family history seminar held at the
Brampton Stake Center in Etobicoke.,
pg. 46

Oct 88 A Treasury from the East: What We Can Learn
from Chinese Genealogy, pg. 17
Oct 88 Chiasmus in Mayan Texts, . . . Their kings had kept detailed
records of their genealogy and of their mythological beliefs, and few
of these early documents betray Western influences. . . . , pg. 28
Oct 88 Hello … BYU Helpline, . . . The Elderhostel program,
described on another tape, gave us the opportunity to stay on
the Brigham Young University campus and attend genealogy
classes at the university and at the Family History
in Salt Lake City. . . . , pg. 66
Nov 88 The Healing Power of Christ, . . . They had disposed
of their cars and everything except their clothing, their family
photographs, and their family history records. . . . , pg. 52
Nov 88 Train Up a Child, pg. 73
Nov 88 News of the Church:, Elder Richard G. Scott
of the Quorum of the Twelve . . . , "
Of course, even with the aid
of computers, there is and always will be a requirement for individual
involvement in this work," he says, "so that Church members will
have the great spiritual experiences that accompany it, and will feel
the spirit of the work." . . . pgs. 101 and 111
Dec 88 examination of the picture: "The Eternal Family through Christ",
by Judith Mehr, pg. 24
Dec 88 Family History--One-on-One,
With individual help from ward family history consultants, members are
discovering the joy of doing temple work for their own ancestors. . . . , pg. 26
Dec 88 Random Sampler: A Gift of Memories, pg. 62
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New Era 1988
Jan 88 There's No Place Like the Rock, pg. 29
Mar 88 Do Something More: . . . Generations of Service, pg. 39
Mar 88 FYI: For Your Information, pg. 57
July 88 If Anybody Wants to Listen, (Turn a tape recorder
into a time machine by recording interviews with older members
of your family.),
pg. 36
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Ensign 1987
Jan 87 More Than Names, . . . Copying vital information from
the films is the role of the extraction program and is an essential
part of the Church's genealogy program. . . . , pg. 12
Jan 87 The Chance to Say 'I Love You,' pg. 18
Jan 87 Mormon Journal: The Unexplained Birth Certificate, pg. 44
Feb 87 Links in the Chain of Good, pg. 15
Feb 87 Random Sampler: . . . Making a Family Archive, pg. 66
Mar 87 'Gifts of Bright': Relief Society Strengthens My Family, pg. 9
Mar 87 Relief Society Midweek Activities:
An Opportunity for Friendship and Growth, . . . A ward Relief Society
president learned that a group of sisters in her ward wanted to get
together each week to do genealogy work. . . . The group enjoyed
their times together at her home, at the genealogical library,
and at the temple. . . . , pg. 21
Mar 87 A View of the Eighties:
What It Means to Be a Latter-day Saint Woman Today, pg. 22 
Mar 87 The Visiting Teacher:
A Time to Every Purpose under the Heaven, pg. 31
Mar 87 Random Sampler: Ancestor Holidays . . . , pg. 69
Apr 87 Belmont's Blessing in Disguise, pg. 26
Apr 87 Cardston--Harvesting a Pioneer Heritage, pg. 36
Apr 87 Random Sampler: Family History, Warts and All, pg. 70
May 87 Covenants, pg. 22
May 87 Patience, a Key to Happiness, pg. 30
May 87 My Neighbor--My Brother!, pg. 59
May 87 News of the Church: . . . The monthly Smith Family News,
including articles from each family, is "a wonderful way to keep in
touch and to keep a history of what’s happening in the family,"
Sister Smith says. . . . , pgs. 94 and 105  

June 87 It's Like Being Called on a Mission,
Behind the brown wooden door marked "Data Entry Center,"
genealogical volunteers do some of the most compelling work of the Church.
. . . (record extraction), pg. 17
June 87 Portraits: . . . Lucy Legg:
Learning and Teaching the Healer's Art, pg. 49
June 87 Mormon Journal: Finding My Black Ancestors, pg. 54
June 87 Death of a Personality, . . . And I have begun to do some writing.
I'm quite proud of the family histories
I have completed. . . . , pg. 63
July 87
Special Issue: 150 Years of the Church in the British Isles

[photos] On the cover: . . . Front cover: . . . (lower right)
John Dale, standing, librarian at the Billingham stake genealogical
 library, and assistant librarian Allen Carun. . . .

July 87 Missionary Journal, . . . Elder M. Russell Ballard . . .
In England, I was able to verify some details of an event that
has become one of the great genealogy stories in the Church. . . . , pg. 8
July 87 Truth Prevailing: The Significance of the Nineteenth-Century
LDS Experience in Britain, . . . Many of today's well-educated,
middle-class Latter-day Saints trace their genealogy
back to poor
members from the British Isles and other parts of Europe who were
transformed in so many ways by the gospel light. . . . , pg. 33

July 87 This Is the Truth, and We Will Not Turn Back, pg. 44
July 87 A Friendly Library, pg. 51
Aug 87 Genealogy - Love That Transcends Time, pg. 11
Aug 87 News of the Church:
Temple and Genealogy Work to Be Emphasized, pg. 75
Aug 87 News of the Church: LDS Scene
The Cardiff Wales Stake and the University of Wales
recently sponsored a one-day genealogy school., pg. 79
Sep 87 I Have a Question, (Can we put the names of our
miscarried or stillborn children on our family group records?
Will these children belong to us in the hereafter?), . . . "The body
of man enters upon its career as a tiny germ embryo, which becomes
an infant, quickened at a certain stage by the spirit whose tabernacle
it is, and the child, after being born, develops into a man."
(James R. Clark, comp., Messages of the First Presidency
of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints,

Salt Lake City: Bookcraft, 1970, 4:205.) . . . , pg. 27
Sep 87 News of the Church: . . . Our efforts in genealogy
not concentrate on preparing forms and records, but in taking an
ancestor with us to the temple, . . . , pg. 73
Oct 87 Making Nauvoo Beautiful Again:
Just What the Doctor Ordered, pg. 20
Oct 87 Gregory J. Newell, United States Ambassador to Sweden:
The Art of Family Life, pg. 34  

Oct 87 The Visiting Teacher:
Unmeasured Blessings and Sacred Responsibilities, pg. 57
Oct 87 News of the Church: . . .
Family History Department
Is New Name for Genealogical Department
. . .  There will
be no change in the name of the Genealogical Society of Utah,
a legal entity that facilitates interaction with governments
and private organizations for the acquisition of records. . . . , pg. 78

Nov 87 Looking beyond the Mark, pg. 11
Nov 87 To the Fathers in Israel, . . . Fathers, yours is an eternal
calling from which you are never released. . . . a father's calling
is eternal, and its importance transcends time.  It is a calling for
both time and eternity. . . . , pg. 48
Nov 87 A Meaningful Celebration, pg. 70
Nov 87 Opportunities to Serve, pg. 81
Nov 87 Strengthening the Family, pg. 90
Nov 87 Overcoming Challenges along Life's Way, pg. 92
Nov 87 News of the Church:, Frankfurt Temple Dedicated, pg. 101

Dec 87 Sharing the Wonder, pg. 23
Dec 87 Time for Each Other, pg. 30 

Dec 87 Mormon Journal: The Year We Had No Gifts to Give, pg. 42
Dec 87 Random Sampler: A Gift of Family Fun, pg. 64
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New Era 1987
Mar 87 Pennington Mountain, . . . Often the pictures demand some
explanation, and the explanations provide snatches of family history: . . . . pg. 31

Apr 87 FYI: For Your Information, (Turning the Hearts), The Pukalani Ward,
Kahului Hawaii Stake, has an early-morning seminary class eagerly participating
in a genealogy project. . . . , pg. 40
June 87 FYI: For Your Information, . . . (Earns His Eagle) . . . , pg. 42
Oct 87 In Search of the Great Pumpkin, . . . The ornaments on the tree,
for example, are not just decorations but family histories. . . . ,
pg. 15   
Nov 87 Even in an Ordinary Ward, pg. 9
Nov 87 FYI: For Your Information, . . . (Family Tree) . . . , pg. 40
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Ensign 1986
Jan 86 'For the Perfecting of the Saints':
A Look at Church Curriculum, pg. 14
Jan 86 Church Curriculum:
Helping Us Learn and Live the Gospel, pg. 20
Jan 86 News of the Church: . . .
New Genealogical Library Dedicated
, pg. 76
Feb 86 President Thomas S. Monson: Man of Action,
Man of Faith, Always 'on the Lord's Errand,' pg. 10 
Feb 86 An Age of Contrasts: From Adam to Abraham, pg. 28
Feb 86 Mormon Journal: . . . After Four Hundred Names....., pg. 58
Mar 86 I Have a Question, . . . Regarding "endless genealogies",
the commentator states that Paul meant "those genealogies
which were uncertain—that never could be made out, either
in the ascending or descending line. …  We are told that Herod
destroyed the public registers; he, being an Idumean, was jealous
of the noble origin of the Jews; and, that none might be able to
reproach him with his descent, he ordered the genealogical tables,
which were kept among the archives in the temple, to be burnt. …
From this time the Jews could refer to their genealogies only
from memory, or from those imperfect tables which had been
preserved in private hands; and to make out any regular line
from these must have been endless and uncertain.  It is probably
to this that the apostle refers; I mean the endless
and useless
labour which the attempts to make out these genealogies
produce, the authentic tables being destroyed." . . . , pg. 49
Apr 86 President Howard W. Hunter,
Acting President of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles,
. . . Under Elder Hunter's direction several years ago, goals
and guidelines were established that still point the way for
the Church's Genealogical Department. . . . , pg. 20
Apr 86 Mormon Journal: An Instrument in His Hand . . . , pg. 44
Apr 86 When In Doubt, Don't Throw It Out, pg. 52
Apr 86 Random Sampler: For Reluctant Relatives--
A Family History Questionnaire, pg. 65
Apr 86 News of the Church:, pg. 74
May 86 Statistical Report 1985, pg. 19
May 86 The Law of the Fast, . . . One of the certainties of life
is that mankind, individually and collectively, will cycle through
their mortal experience with periods of good and difficult times.
How many of our family histories
contain paragraphs similar
to this? . . . , pg. 31 

May 86 The Call of Duty, . . . The General Handbook was helpful.
The principal areas of administration were spelled out by leaders,
both stake and general: The bishop . . . (4) is responsible for
keeping proper records; . . . , pg. 37
May 86 The Things of My Soul, . . .
The history
in the Book of Mormon is incidental.  There are prophets
and dissenters and genealogies
to move them from one generation
to another, but the central purpose is not historical. . . . , pg. 59
May 86 Learning to 'Fare Well,' . . . The thirteen-year-old,
the Family Heritage Committee, is in charge of history, genealogy,
and visits to members of the extended family. . . . , pg. 86
June 86 Elder Boyd K. Packer:
Disciple of the Master Teacher, . . . He took pains to point out
that though their lineage
runs "to the stately manor houses of
England," it also "runs to the poorhouse in Pullham, Norfolk"
--and that neither of those origins is a determinant of success
or happiness in life. . . . , pgs. 8–9
June 86 The Book of Mormon As a Witness of the Old Testament, pg. 14  

June 86 Sister Hooper, . . . She loved her husband's family as the family
she never really had and was pleased when in our genealogy work we
were able to get clearance for baptism and temple work for her father,
husband (who had died years before), and several members of her
husband's family. . . . , pg. 19
June 86 Mormon Journal: My Mission across the Centuries, pg. 49
June 86 Mirthright, pg. 63
June 86 Random Sampler: Become an 'Audio Ancestor,', pg. 68
July 86 The Softening of the Heart, pg. 12
July 86 Sidney B. Sperry: Student of the Book of Mormon,
. . . The Book of Mormon affirms … that Israel was a record-
keeping people from the very earliest times.  It strikingly confirms
the traditions of the Hebrew people that Moses did write five books
and becomes a witness to the fact that the Old Testament stories
about the patriarchs and the early history
of the tribes of Israel
are more reliable than generally supposed. (Sidney B. Sperry,
Ancient Records Testify in Papyrus and Stone,
Salt Lake City:
MIA Boards of the LDS Church, 1938, pp. 231–32.) . . . , pg. 24

July 86 Hidden Benefits of Keeping a History, pg. 47
July 86 Random Sampler: 24 Ways to Find Time for a Journal, pg. 64;
Remember When?, pg. 65
July 86 News of the Church: . . .
New Genealogy Software Available for Computers, pg. 75
Aug 86 A Choice Seer, . . . And Adam stood up in the midst
of the congregation; and, notwithstanding he was bowed down
with age, being full of the Holy Ghost, predicted whatsoever
should befall his posterity unto the latest generation.  These
things were all written in the book of Enoch, and are to be
testified of in due time. (
Doctrine & Covenants 107:53-57)  This
startling and informing revelation came, by the way, in the midst
of verses otherwise concerned with chronologies, genealogies,
and duties. . . . , pg. 6
Aug 86 Elder L. Tom Perry: Serving with Enthusiasm, . . . pg. 17
Aug 86 Portraits: Gary Reese: Scouting the Eagle Trail, pg. 46
Aug 86 George Reynolds:
Loyal Friend of the Book of Mormon, . . . George Reynolds
did not confine his writing to topics relating to the Book of Mormon.
He had an abiding interest in genealogy
and particularly in the roots
of the Latter-day Saints people. . . . , pg. 48

Aug 86 Random Sampler: More Than Journals and Group Sheets, pg 60
Aug 86 News of the Church:, pg. 80
Aug 86 picture inside back cover:
"The Family Album" by Gayle Harris Stratford
Sep 86 Mormon Journal: . . . Prayer and the Parish Register, pg. 40
Sep 86 Random Sampler: Scrapbook of Family Fun, pg. 67
Sep 86 News of the Church: . . . Genealogy
Richard G. Scott, Executive Director; Loren C. Dunn
and Spencer H. Osborn, Managing Directors. . . . , pg. 74

Oct 86 First Presidency Message: Do Not Despair, pg. 2
Oct 86 Australia Today: And Now the Harvest, pg. 28
Nov 86 Happiness and Joy in Temple Work, pg. 70
Nov 86 News of the Church:, pgs. 101 and 106
Dec 86 Random Sampler: A Stockingful of History, pg. 54;
The Gift of Tradition, pg. 55
↑ up

New Era 1986
Jan 86 Called to Serve, (Quorum of the Twelve),
. . . Because of President Romney's poor health, Howard W. Hunter, 78,
has been named Acting President of the Quorum of the Twelve.  He has
been a member of the Quorum of the Twelve since October 10, 1959. 
He has been associated with the Church’s genealogy, temple, correlation
and welfare activities. . . .
pg. 9
Jan 86 Participatory Journalism: Change of Opinion,
. . . Both sisters are active in their callings and have done genealogy
that has allowed them to accomplish temple ordinances for several
hundred ancestors. . . . ,
pg. 10
Mar 86 [25 Terrific Ideas for Family History Fun], pg. 34
Mar 86 FYI: For Your Information, (Book Winner), . . . Jacob's story,
"John Knowles, Irish Rebel and American Patriot," was chosen from
thousands of entries from throughout the United States and around the world.
Jacob’s winning story is based on facts taken from his genealogy. . . . ,
pg. 40
Mar 86 A Good Place to Start, pg. 46
July 86 Memory, . . . It seems incredible to me that one's brain
has the storage capacity of one-quadrillion bits of information.
. . .
Do we not read that records kept by the ancients enlarged the memory
of the people?  Of course, it is true.  Records do preserve language,
safeguard truth, and inspire future readers, if they are kept properly. . . . , pg. 46
Sep 86 Right in Their Own Backyard, pg. 20
Nov 86 Grandma's Aren't Always Around, pg. 9
Nov 86 Lights! Camera! Activation!,
. . . So far, the program has dealt with such topics as loneliness,
alcoholism, genealogy, and self-esteem. . . . , pg. 17
Dec 86 Bringing Glad Tidings, pg. 20
↑ up

Ensign 1985
Jan 85 Random Sampler: . . . Water Fights and Star Watches, 
. . . Historical Family Outing . . . , pg. 72
Jan 85 Mirthright, . . . We use a large calendar in the kitchen
to keep track of coming events, as well as to record occurrences
in our lives so they can be added to our family history later. . . . , pg.74
Jan 85 News of the Church:, pg. 75
Feb 85 Working Together in Family Councils, . . .
A family council for planning genealogy
work will probably
be different from one used to coordinate activities or to establish
family rules. . . . , pg. 28
Feb 85 Odomville: Its Citizens Are Family, Its Boundary Is Love, pg. 44
Feb 85 'They of His Own Household': Living in a Part-member Family, pg. 52 
Mar 85 Striving Together:
A Conversation with the Relief Society General Presidency,
. . . We are concerned with missionary work and with genealogical
and temple work. . . . , pg. 11
Mar 85 Sharing: . . . Writing Gave Me Perspective, pg. 14 
Mar 85 Visiting Teaching: The Multiplier Effect, pg. 17 

Apr 85 Doing Genealogy:
Finding That Glorious, Elusive Condition Called 'Balance', pg. 18
Apr 85
Mormon Journal: . . . My Friend--Far Away and Long Ago, pg. 67  
May 85 The Sustaining of Church Officers, pg. 4
May 85 Statistical Report 1984, pg. 20
May 85 Born of Goodly Parents, . . . If distance, missions,
or ill health prevent personal reunions, write one of those
special letters that will be treasured in family histories. . . . , pg. 21
June 85 Parental Leadership in the Family, pg. 7
July 85 Ready for the Work, pg. 28
July 85 Putting Your Talents to Work, pg. 31
July 85 Portraits: . . . Eva Woolstenhulme: Grandma and Friend, pg. 53
July 85 Random Sampler:
Ancestor Puppet-tree,
. . .
We use the tree and the puppets in presentations to our families
and to the ward to encourage genealogy work., pg. 69
July 85 Sharing: Heritage Box, pg. 71
; Dad's Slippers, pg. 71
July 85
News of the Church:, pgs. 78 and 80
Aug 85 A Better Me, a Better Marriage:
Developing Emotional Integrity, . . . Blair’s wounds began to heal
when he came to see that he was reacting to all women as if they
were reflections of his mother.  To learn more about his mother,
he did genealogy work and interviewed relatives.  As he listened
with compassion to tapes of oral histories, he began to see his mother
as a person,
not just as his parent. . . . , pg. 35
Nov 85 News of the Church:, pgs. 107 and 108
Dec 85 President Ezra Taft Benson Ordained Thirteenth President
of the Church, . . . President Hunter . . . serves on the correlation
committee and as vice-chairman of the Temples and Genealogy Council,
. . . , .pg. 2

Dec 85 Spencer, the Beloved: Leader-Servant, pg. 8; Milestones
in the Life and Administration of President Spencer W. Kimball, pg. 10
Dec 85 News of the Church:
A Conversation about the Church's New Genealogical Library
, pg. 70
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New Era 1985
Apr 85 Temples Are for Teenagers Too, . . .
Christy Arrowood was able to do baptisms for her relatives.
"I was baptized for my great-great-grandmother and her sister,"
said Christy.  "I felt their spirits and kind of got a picture in my
mind of what it would be like up there and how long they had been
waiting.  It was really neat.". . . ,
 pg. 14
July 85 My Grandfather's Three Sons, pg. 18
July 85
Another Witness, . . . "The Genealogy Song" . . . , pg. 22
Nov 85 Young Women Special Issue: Stand Up, Lead Out, pg. 23
↑ up

Ensign 1984
Jan 84 A Decade of Growth, pg. 10

Feb 84 I Have a Question, . . . I've heard that some people have
extended their ancestral lines back to Adam.  Is this possible?
If so, is it necessary for all of us to extend our pedigrees back
to Adam? . . . Every pedigree I have seen which attempts to bridge
the gap between that time and the biblical pedigree appears to be
based on questionable tradition, or at worst, plain fabrication. 
Generally these pedigrees offer no evidence as to the origin
of the information, or they cite a vague source. . . . , pg. 29
Feb 84 Teaching--A Calling We All Share, . . . (Much teaching
and learning must take place before we can do genealogical research
or perform temple ordinances—or before those in the spirit world can
accept ordinances performed in their behalf.) . . . , pg. 38
Apr 84 News of the Church:, pg. 78
May 84 Statistical Report 1983, pg. 20
May 84 News of the Church:, pgs. 108 and 110
June 84 The Church and Computers: Using Tools the Lord Has Provided,
 . . . About fifteen other major computer-related projects, including
computerization of the Ancestral File, are now being developed in
the Genealogical Department to help eliminate duplication and simplify
the process of genealogical research. . . . , pg. 24
June 84 I Have a Question, pg. 29
June 84 Moving from Utah to the Mission Field, pg. 47
June 84 Mormon Journal: Grandpa's Picture Album, pg. 62
June 84 News of the Church: . . . The Genealogical Department
of the Church has announced the Personal Ancestral File™, a new
genealogy software program for personal computers. . . . , pg. 78
July 84 Add Life to Your Years, and Years to Your Life, pg. 14 
July 84 David Forsythe: Keeping Life in Perspective, . . . It's
tremendously satisfying to see an article in the newspaper
advertising a ward genealogy class that is open to the public,
then to have so many people come that the class has to be moved
from the Relief Society room into the cultural hall. . . . pgs. 41–43
July 84 Daddy, Do You Love Me?, pg. 49
Aug 84 The Work of Our Priesthood Quorums, pg. 8
Aug 84 Can You Take Another Child?, pg. 30
Aug 84 Mormon Journal: Portraits, pg. 53
Sep 84 Elder Derek A. Cuthbert:
British Leader Is 'At Home' in the Lord's Work, pg. 19

Sep 84 Keeping Things Moving, pg. 54 

Sep 84 Family Fun with Genealogy, pg. 64
Sep 84 News of the Church: . . . The Family Registry, a service of
the Genealogical Department launched in late 1983, is now accepting
inquiries from genealogists. . . . , pgs. 77-79
Oct 84 Digging into the Book of Mormon: Our Changing Understanding
of Ancient America and Its Scripture, Part 2, pg. 12

Oct 84 I Have a Question, pg. 29
Oct 84 A Hidden Legacy--26 Years Later, pg. 59
Nov 84 Out of Obscurity, . . . One day, the historical record
will be complete; but, meanwhile, the scriptures will be our guide
concerning those transcending spiritual events in human history
which are saturated with significance. . . . We can wait, as we must,
to learn later whether, for instance, Matthew's or Luke's account
of Jesus' Davidic descent is correct. (See
Matthew 1; Luke 3)
Meanwhile, the Father has, on several occasions, given us Jesus'
: "This is My Beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.
Hear Him!" (See
Matthew 3:17; Matthew 17:5; 3 Nephi 11:7;
Joseph Smith—History 1:17; italics added.) . . . , pg. 8
Nov 84
News of the Church:
Among Australian Landmarks, a House of the Lord, pg. 104;
Taiwan Saints Eager for Temple Blessings . . .
One day soon, perhaps many more records will be available, he said,
noting that members of his family who are not yet LDS have
"genealogy books going back one thousand to two thousand years."
, pg. 107;
Family Registry Available for Research., pg. 112;
LDS Scene ". . .
records" for those interested in tracing
ancestors back to Japan., pg. 112
Dec 84 Early Signs of the Apostasy, . . . In 1 Timothy 1:3–4
1 Timothy 1:3-4], Paul counseled Timothy to teach others to avoid
"fables and endless genealogies." Similarly, he admonished
Titus to "avoid foolish questions, and genealogies." (
Titus 3:9)
We know that genealogy
for worthy purposes was known among
early Christians. (See
Matthew 1:1-16; Luke 3:23-38; Acts 4:36;
Philippians 3:5)  What Paul was referring to here was quite different,
since he denounced it in the context of speculative doctrinal
contention that was "unprofitable and vain." (
Titus 3:9
Gnosticism's dualism of pure spirit on one extreme and evil matter
on the other gave rise to an extensive genealogy of subordinate
deities, each descending from one more holy than himself.  In some
second-century gnostic systems, there were as many as 365 levels
in this chain of divine beings. [14]  Many commentators believe
that Paul's prohibition against "endless genealogies" refers to
this type of structure. [15]  Such diverting speculations do not
edify in faith, Paul said, but "minister questions." (
1 Timothy 1:4)
. . . , pg. 8
Nov 84 The Joy of Service, pg. 23
Nov 84 The Pattern of Our Parentage, [Elder Boyd K. Packer
Of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles]. . . This is demonstrated
in so many obvious ways, even an ordinary mind should understand it.
Surely no one with reverence for God could believe that His children
evolved from slime or from reptiles.  (Although one can easily imagine
that those who accept the theory of evolution don’t show much enthusiasm
for genealogical research!)  The theory of evolution, and it is a theory,
will have an entirely different dimension when the workings of God
in creation are fully revealed. . . . , pg. 66
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New Era 1984
July 84 How My Journal Helped in My Conversion, pg. 12
Nov 84 FYI: For Your Information, (Essay Winner), pg. 33
Dec 84 FYI: For Your Information, . . . (Sunbonnet Sisters) . . . , pg. 40
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Ensign 1983
Jan 83 Random Sampler: . . . Homespun Nursery . . . Date each
tape and identify yourself.  Some tapes may very well survive as
an important part of your family history!, pg. 72
Feb 83 I Have a Question, pg. 19
Feb 83 Ione Horrocks:
Some Good Latter-day Saint Woman Should Step Forward, . . .
[photo] Sister Horrocks teaching a genealogy class in her ward. . . . , pg. 22
Feb 83 Didn't He Say Everybody?, pg. 47
Feb 83 Life Sketches Boost Quorum Brotherhood, pg. 53
Feb 83 Random Sampler: Savoring the Sabbath, pg. 64
Mar 83 Commitment and Dedication, pg. 3
Mar 83 I Rejoice in Being a Mother, . . . labeling and organizing
thousands of slides into a picture history of our family; . . . , pgs. 39–40
Mar 83 Mirthright, pg. 45
Mar 83 News of the Church:, pg. 76
Apr 83 Mormon Journal: . . . In an Old Country Church, pg. 30
May 83 Report of the 153rd Annual General Conference of
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, . . .
[illustration]  Inside back cover: Genealogy, by Theodore Gorka,
oil on canvas, 40" by 60", 1982.  In this recent painting, Latter-day Saint
artist Theodore Gorka depicts the bond that sacred family records can
create between present and past generations., 
pg. 3
May 83 Statistical Report 1982, pg. 20
May 83
News of the Church: . . . Keeping Pace:
BYU's Bachelor of Independent Studies Program. . . . , pg. 96
June 83 I Have a Question, . . . What is the best way to go about
composing one's personal history?, . . . , pg. 25
June 83 The Best Thing We've Done: More Than a Trophy Case, pg. 66
June 83 News of the Church:, pgs. 75 and 78
July 83 Instilling a Righteous Image, . . . One of the most profound
means of instilling a righteous image in our children is through the use
of scripture and family stories. . . . , pg. 21

July 83 I Have A Question, . . . How personal should my personal journal
(or history) be? . . . , pg. 43
July 83 Mormon Journal: . . . For Cindy, pg. 50
July 83 Random Sampler: Scripture Time for Preschoolers, pg. 55
Aug 83
Missionary Couples--Sharing the Gospel through Service, pg. 9
Aug 83 Genealogy and Temple Work:
You Can't Have One without the Other, . . . Elder Boyd K. Packer
made the relationship between the two very clear when he said:
"You cannot have regard for temple ordinance work without having
great respect for genealogical work as well.  Genealogical work is
the fundamental service for the temples.  The temples could not stay
open without success in the genealogical program."
(The Holy Temple, Salt Lake City: Bookcraft, 1980, p. 224.) . . . , pg. 18
Aug 83 Mormon Journal: . . . Please Do My Work, . . .
Now, in the middle of the night, here was my great-great-grandfather
Wilkie saying to me, "Terry Lynn, please have my family sealed to me.
I want to be with them through eternity.  Please have our temple work
done!  You are now away from your husband—imagine that for eternity.
It is awful!  I want to be sealed to my wife." . . . , pg. 54
Aug 83 News of the Church: . . . Elder Derrick, of the Presidency
of the First Quorum of the Seventy, and Executive Director of
the Genealogical Department, answers a number of questions
on genealogy. . . . , pg. 77
Sep 83 A House of Learning, . . . Wherever illiteracy is replaced
with literacy, lives are enhanced.  Wherever literacy is committed
to the Lord's service, society is greatly blessed. . . . , pg. 23

Sep 83 Me, a Records Extractor?, pg. 51
Sep 83 The Illegible Name, . . .While working as a Spanish language
extractor in the Tucson Arizona East Stake Genealogical Library, I
became aware of the special power that attends this work.. . . , pg. 53
Sep 83 The Law after Christ, pg. 69
Oct 83 Learning to Be a Missionary at the MTC, . . . Besides learning
basic proselyting and teaching skills, they receive instruction in welfare
services, genealogy, leadership, and member work. . . . , pg. 8 
Nov 83 The House of the Lord, pg. 27
Nov 83 Our Responsibility to Take the Gospel to the Ends of the Earth,
. . . Elder John A. Widtsoe taught that in our premortal state "we agreed
… to be not only saviors for ourselves but measurably, saviors for
the whole human family. …  The working out of the plan became then
not merely the Father's work, and the Savior’s work, but also our work."
Utah Genealogical and Historical Magazine,
Oct. 1934, p. 189.) . . . , pg. 32
Nov 83 News of the Church: Elder Richard G. Scott
Sustained to Presidency of the First Quorum of the Seventy, . . . ,
pg. 90
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New Era 1983
Mar 83 Come, Listen to a Prophet's Voice, . . . pg. 6
May 83 Jason's Library, pg. 33

June 83 Feedback, (A Sabbath remembered),
. . . In about a week she was able to come to our new home in Orem.
She was still bedridden, and we had to be her nurses, but it was just
good to have mom home again.  To pass the time she worked on her
life history and updated the genealogy books, making sure all were
in order.
, pg. 3
June 83
Instruments of Righteousness, pg. 4
June 83
The Golden Chain, pg. 9

July 83
FYI: For Your Information,
. . . (Author Card for Bradley) . . . , pg. 42

Aug 83 Road Show--How to Write a Winner, . . .
One stake chose
the general theme of genealogy for its road show activity.  And while
some leaders shrugged in dismay, one ward got writing and came up
with these audience delighters.  To the tune of "Bare Necessities"
from Jungle Book:
Start with the bare necessities, the simple bare necessities,
The names, the dates, the places, everyone.
We mean the bare necessities, the simple bare necessities,
And get your genealogy work done!
And to the tune of "Nothing like a Dame":
Oh, there's nothing like a name, nothing in this world,
The greatest joy you’ll ever claim
Is in finding a family name! . . . , pg. 32
Aug 83
The Song of the Flute, . . . In his own quiet way, that seems
to be exactly what John Rainer is doing for the coming generation
--he is passing on to them the tradition of the song of the flute. . . . , pg. 39
Sep 83
Q & A: Questions and Answers, . . . President Joseph F. Smith
said, "Our fathers and mothers, brothers, sisters, and friends who have
passed away from this earth, having been faithful, and worthy to enjoy
these rights and privileges, may have a mission given them to visit their
friends and relatives upon the earth again, bringing from the divine
presence messages of love, of warning, or reproof or instruction, to
those whom they have learned to love in the flesh." (Gospel Doctrine,
Salt Lake City: Deseret Book Co., 1959, p. 436)
., pg. 49  
Nov 83
Sprouting the Seed (The MTC: Part Two), pg. 32
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Ensign 1982
Jan 82 The 'Other Tribes': Which Are They?, pg. 31
Feb 82 The Ten-Generation Phone Call, pg. 42
Feb 82
News of the Church: . . . She visited in particular
with tribal genealogist Beetaloo Bill, who has the distinct task
of committing to memory the genealogy of tribal members. . . . , pg. 75

Feb 82 Support Your Local Family Council, pg. 50
Mar 82 Always Teaching … , pg. 10
Apr 82 Random Sampler: Building a Good Home Library, pg. 63
Apr 82 The Microfilm Mission of Archibald F. Bennett, pg. 69
May 82 Statistical Report 1981, pg. 18  

May 82 What Temples Are For, pg. 71
May 82 News of the Church:, pg. 105
June 82 Family Organizations: For the Fun of It!
The following reports suggest ways to make family reunions fun
as well as effective: how to get maximum participation, how to make
family history interesting to children, how to accomplish genealogical
responsibilities as a large ancestral organization, and how to organize
a mainly non-LDS family organization., . . . The Roundup Reunion, pg. 25;
Remembering Christopher Layton: A Report from an Ancestral Family
Organization, pg. 27; When Your Family Isn't LDS, pg. 28;
Hold Fast the Heritage, pg. 30
June 82 I Have a Question, pg. 34
June 82 Mormon Journal: Reunion with Gladys, pg. 57
June 82 Random Sampler: Minutes of Family Goings-On, pg. 73
July 82 News of the Church: . . . Ward Genealogical Consultants.
. . . ,  pgs. 78 and 80
Aug 82 Wind River Mission, . . . Until 1978 his written record
of how he baptized the Shoshone Chief Washakie along with
over three hundred of his tribesmen had been lost for nearly
one hundred years. . . . , pg. 28
Aug 82 Random Sampler: How to Publish a Family Book, pg. 59 
Aug 82 News of the Church:, pgs. 76 and 79
Sep 82 The People Have Given Me a New Heart, pg. 14
Sep 82 Genealogy of the King James Bible,
[Some other translations in English since the KJV], pgs. 70-71
Oct 82 Remembering Aunt Carrie, pg. 56
Nov 82 News of the Church:, pg. 109
Dec 82 Random Sampler: . . . Season's Greetings, pg. 65 
Dec 82 News of the Church: "Finding the Posterity"
Is Kirtland's New Challenge . . .
,  pg. 68
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New Era 1982
Jan–Feb 82 The Blessings of an Honest Tithe, pg. 45
Mar 82
And When Thou Art Converted, pg. 30

Apr 82
FYI: For Your Information,
(Youth Extractors: A Special Calling), pg. 49
June 82 Into the Wild Blue Yonder, pg. 22

July 82 FYI: For Your Information, (Responding to the Challenge),
Several groups have responded to the challenge issued by a story
in the May 1981 New Era called "An Author Card for Cindie."
In the article, a young girl became enthused about genealogy work
and recorded the information from tombstones in a small cemetery.
She made an index of the graves in the cemetery and submitted
the names to the Church Genealogical Department in Salt Lake.
. . . , pg. 40
Aug 82 Feedback, . . .
The resuscitation of Gudmundur (Iceland) . . . , pg. 3
Sep 82 Revelation, pg. 38
Oct 82 My Jeep Is History Too, . . . Revisiting a house or
neighborhood in which they spent their childhood was a good
jog to the memories of these young genealogists.  Just being
in those same spots brought back memories and details that
were overlooked when writing about the past. . . .
(Family Histories: Getting Started), . . . , pg. 32
Nov 82 The Secret of Cebu, pg. 23
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Ensign 1981
Jan 81 The One Business of Life, pg. 51
Jan 81 Random Sampler: The Family That Drives Together,
. . . Bring your journals and write along the way. . . . , pg. 64
Jan 81 The Best Thing We've Done:
Stake Homemaker’s Day Acts as a Missionary Tool, pg. 68
Feb 81 Random Sampler: A Picture of True Stories, pg. 60
Feb 81 Comment, . . . Do it now . . . , pg. 61

Mar 81 In Honor of President Spencer W. Kimball
at His 86th Birthday, pg. IFC
Mar 81 News of the Church: . . . (New Guidelines
for Missionaries with Additional Assignments.) . . .
Missionary couples and lady missionaries may be involved
(when specifically assigned) in contacting officials of governments,
genealogical and historical societies, and other churches to locate
genealogical records, negotiate for acquisition, microfilm records
(in selected situations), and cultivate friends for the Church.
They may also teach genealogical skills to members in districts
and branches or, with the approval of the Executive Administrator,
in stakes and wards. . . . , pg. 76
Apr 81 Dallin H. Oaks: The Disciplined Edge, . . .

[photo] Dallin and his son Lloyd reviewing family genealogy.,
pg. 32
Apr 81 News of the Church: . . . Genealogy's New Ancestral File, pg. 76
May 81 A Report of My Stewardship, . . .
The next morning, Friday, March 13, in company with
Elder Gordon B. Hinckley, we visited with President Ronald Reagan
in the Oval Office of the White House.  We presented to him his
genealogy on his mother’s side.  We then met with Mrs. Reagan. 
Both were very warm and gracious and very appreciative
of the genealogical record. . . , pg. 5
May 81 We Are Called to Spread the Light, . . . Moreover, there are
among the mature couples those who have acquired a great expertise
in genealogy and they can use their knowledge and experience, when
specifically assigned to do so, to teach genealogical skills to members
in wards and branches. . . . , pg. 11
May 81 Statistical Report 1980, pg. 19 
May 81 Rendering Service to Others, pg. 45
May 81 Turning the Hearts, . . . There are those who feel that this turning
of the hearts is strictly Elijah's job, but in Doctrine and Covenants 98:16
Doctrine & Covenants 98:16] the Lord seems to give us that assignment.
He said, "Seek diligently to turn the hearts of the children to their fathers,
and the hearts of the fathers to the children." . . . , pg. 73

May 81 We Are on the Lord's Errand, . . . They had previously
presented to us Korean clan genealogies containing names of
approximately fifteen million people. . . . , pg. 78
May 81 The Need to Teach Personal and Family Preparedness,
. . . They chose to create family memories through shared experiences,
to complete family histories, to have a year's supply of food and other
necessities to meet the financial emergencies that would come. . . . , pg. 87
May 81 News of the Church: . . .
President Spencer W. Kimball presented a two-inch thick volume
of genealogy to President Ronald Reagan at a March White House
meeting.  Elder Gordon B. Hinckley of the Quorum of the Twelve
accompanied President Kimball. . . . , pg. 105, 108 and 110
June 81 Time for Sunday: What We Do with All That Time, pg. 7
June 81 The Langheinrich Legacy:
Record-Gathering in Post-War Germany, . . . By government decree
in 1933, the Office of Family Research (Reichsamt fuer Sippenforschung,
hereafter RFS) was ordered to systematically microfilm all German parish
registers containing information prior to 1874, at which time the vital records
offices were established. . . . , pg. 23
June 81 I Have a Question, pg. 35
Aug 81 We Hope They Call Us on a Mission!, pg. 7 

Aug 81 Discovering My Icelanders, pg. 25
Aug 81 Family Fun--on a Shoestring, pg. 32
Aug 81 We Adopted Some Grandparents, pg. 48
Aug 81 The Mission of Elijah, . . . "If a man gets a fullness
of the priesthood of God he has to get it in the same way
that Jesus Christ obtained it, and that was by keeping all
the commandments and obeying all the ordinances of the house
of the Lord." (Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, comp.
Joseph Fielding Smith, Salt Lake City: Deseret Book, 1938, p. 308.)
. . . We cannot do work for our dead unless we first identify them.
This means we must undertake genealogical research in behalf
of our own ancestry—our own forefathers—our own dead kindred.
We must teach the people the details of this genealogical research
and encourage the local congregations to teach each other. . . . , pg. 64
Aug 81 News of the Church: . . . a family genealogy presented
by Elder Paul H. Dunn of the First Quorum of the Seventy to
Pirate manager Chuck Tanner. . . . , pg. 80
Oct 81 Beyond the Fourth Generation, pgs. 20-21
Oct 81 Happy Parents = Happy Children, pg. 46
Nov 81
[photos] . . . Photographs in this issue feature a wide range
of genealogical activities, as well as scenes of conference.

Nov 81 The 'Little Things' and Eternal Life, pg. 23
Nov 81 News of the Church: . . . Ancestral File . . . , pg. 108

Dec 81 Open Your Mouths: The Courage to Share the Gospel,
. . . What are some acceptable ways for children to share the gospel
with their nonmember friends? . . . sharing genealogical projects
in show-and-tell. . . . , pgs. 5–6

Dec 81 I Have a Question, . . .
What did the Israelites do relating to genealogy, welfare,
missionary work, and the family—the four major emphases
of our day?  What was religion for them?, . . .
Record keeping was a permanent part of Israel's life-style.
Beginning with Adam who kept a book of remembrance (See
Moses 6:5),
we find men keeping an account of their own life and times (See
Moses 6:46;
Abraham 1:31).  Later, we find certain men specifically assigned as record keepers.
David, for example, "appointed certain of the Levites" the task of keeping Israel's
records.  (
1 Chronicles 16:4)  Later still, professional scribes were employed
to write and interpret that which had been written.  Ezra, writer of the book
which bears his name, was one of these. (See
Ezra 7:11)  Of particular
interest in early Israel was the keeping of a family genealogy.  Lengthy
genealogical lists are found throughout the Old Testament, but following
their return from captivity the Jews pursued the task even more earnestly.
Ezra presents a detailed account of Israel by family. (See
Ezra 2; Ezra 8;
Nehemiah 7:5-64)  He also makes particular mention of "the book
of the records of thy fathers" (
Ezra 4:15), which reminds us in turn of
Abraham's statement that he had preserved in his own hands
"the records of the fathers, even the patriarchs, concerning
the right of Priesthood" and that his own efforts in writing were
"for the benefit of my posterity that shall come after me" (
Abraham 1:31).
. . . ,
pg. 58
Dec 81 Random Sampler: . . . Personalized Christmas Tablecloth, pg. 65
Dec 81 Comment,  . . . Gathering Records in Pre-War Germany, pg. 70

Dec 81 News of the Church:, pg. 71
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New Era 1981
May 81 An Author Card for Cindie, . . . So sharpen your pencils,
pack a picnic lunch, get some friends together, and go exploring
some cemeteries.  Your notes may be just the key to unlocking
somebody’s family history!, pg. 14
June 81
Maori Traditions and the Mormon Church, pg. 38

June 81
FYI: For Your Information, . . . (Not for Ghosts Only) . . . , pg. 47
Sep 81 The Message: Find Them, pg. 4 
Nov 81
A Journal Called Lucy, pg. 38
Nov 81 The Blessing Counter, pg. 42
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Ensign 1980
Jan 80 They Served: The Richards Legacy in the Church, pg. 25
Jan 80 I Have a Question, pg. 48
Jan 80 Journey toward Righteousness, pg. 53
Jan 80 Random Sampler: Family Stories on Felt, pg. 67

Jan 80 Mormon Journal:
The Message Was Clear: "Now Is the Time",
pg. 69

Jan 80 News of the Church: 1980 World Conference on Records
Has Something for Everyone, pg. 79
Feb 80 The Way It Looks Today: Some LDS Settlements in the West, pg. 36
Feb 80 Comment, pg. 70

Feb 80 The Best Thing We've Done: Colorado Ward Honors the Living, pg. 71
Mar 80 News of the Church:, pg. 73
Apr 80 A Statistical Profile: What Numbers Tell Us about Ourselves, pg. 15

Apr 1980 Brothers and Sisters: A 1980 Sampling,

(Through the Veil), pg. 51
May 80
Report of the 150th Annual Conference of
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, pg. 3

May 80
Statistical Report 1979, pg. 20
May 80 Eternal Links That Bind, . . .
I want to bear witness—and my witness is true—that the work
for the redemption of the living and the dead is divine.  It is a keystone
of our religion.  The work performed in temples stays the judgments of
God from smiting the earth with a curse.  It is not unusual, therefore,
that the Prophet Joseph would say, "The greatest responsibility in this
world that God has laid upon us [as individuals] is to seek after our dead"
(Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, sel. Joseph Fielding Smith,
Salt Lake City: Deseret Book Company, 1938, p. 356). . . . . .
The Prophet Joseph warned, "Those Saints who neglect it in behalf
of their deceased relatives, do it at the peril of their own salvation."
(Teachings, p. 193). . . . "It is our duty," counseled Elder John A. Widtsoe,
"to secure as complete genealogies as possible, to discover our fathers
and mothers back to the last generation, to connect, if it may be possible,
with Adam, our first father upon the earth—a duty which we cannot escape"
("Genealogical Activities in Europe,"
Utah Genealogical and Historical Magazine,
July 1931, p. 104). . . .
Elder Melvin J. Ballard testified that "the spirit and influence of
your dead will guide those who are interested in finding those records. 
If there is anywhere on the earth anything concerning them, you will find it"
(Bryant S. Hinckley, Sermons and Missionary Services
of Melvin Joseph Ballard,
Salt Lake City: Deseret Book Company, 1949,
p. 230; italics added). . . . , pg. 40
May 80 Salt of the Earth: Savor of Men and Saviors of Men, pg. 42
May 80 Writing Your Personal and Family History, pg. 48
May 80 News of the Church:, pgs. 99 and 106
June 80 Family Preparedness: It's More Than a Year's Supply,
. . . And what did we find in the ashes?  The genealogy, located
 in the center of the worst part of the blaze. . . . , pg. 41
June 80 Keeping Pace:
Varied 'Menu' of Goals for Church Members, pg. 70
June 80 News of the Church:
(Variety Marks World Conference on Records), pg. 76;
(History Meets Art in Jackson Hole, Wyoming), pg. 79
July 80
[photo] On the cover: A photographic still-life of family history
items, entitled "Preserving Our Heritage." . . . 
July 80 Torleif Knaphus, Sculptor Saint, . . . At one time his
mammoth pedigree chart was displayed at the Church Office Building
as an example of one of the most complete genealogy records ever
assembled. . . . At his funeral Elder LeGrand Richards of the Quorum
of the Twelve said that he knew of no single man in the Church
who had done more genealogy work than Torleif Knaphus. . . . , pg. 11
July 80 Keeping Pace: Our Family, pg. 43  
July 80 News of the Church:, pgs. 74 and 76
Aug 80 How to Move the Kingdom, . . . I am impressed
by the example offered by President Ezra Taft Benson
who completed his family histories and four-generation
program before he addressed the Church on this subject
in October 1978.  Church government by example!, . . . pg. 23
Aug 80 A Covenant People: Old Testament Light on Modern
Covenants, . . . An ancient treaty usually contained the following
major parts: (1) The preamble. Since most of these treaties were
between a king and a vassal (usually a group defeated in battle),
the preamble spelled out the power relationship.  Since the major
power or conqueror spelled out this relationship, the preamble
identified this personage and often gave his titles, attributes,
and genealogy. . . . , pg. 36
Aug 80 News of the Church: . . . American Latter-day Saints
who serve in the armed forces can have gravestones marked
with the special emblem of Moroni blowing a trumpet.
. . . , pg. 77, 78-79
Sep 80 Joseph, Model of Excellence, . . . Sometimes we forget
when reading the early portion of the Bible that many of us are
reading our own family history and that we share a very special
relationship with those individuals. . . . , pg. 9
Oct 80 I Have a Question, pg. 35
Oct 80 News of the Church: . . . , President Spencer W. Kimball,
addressing the first conference general assembly . . . By now,
in my own personal history, I have managed to fill seventy-eight
large volumes which are my personal journal. . . . , pg. 72
Nov 80 Families Can Be Eternal, . . . There are those who would
define the family in such a nontraditional way that they would define
it out of existence.  The more governments try in vain to take the place
of the family, the less effective governments will be in performing
the traditional and basic roles for which governments are formed
in the first place. . . . Let us be sure, in our Latter-day Saint homes,
that we do our part to stem and to turn the tide.  Again, I urge you
to be diligent in recording your personal and family histories. . . . , pg. 4
Dec 80 Discover Yourself: Keep a Journal, pg. 57
Dec 80 News of the Church: . . . At a dinner held with Bonneville
personnel and General Authorities, Jimmy Stewart received
a "treasure box" containing his genealogy. . . . , pgs. 64 and 68
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New Era 1980
June 80 A Notebook by Any Other Name … , pg. 11
June 80 Q & A: Questions and Answers,
(How important is my calling as a home teacher,
and how can I magnify this calling more fully?), pg. 14

June 80 FYI: For Your Information, (Eagles in Action), pg. 43
July 80 FYI: For Your Information, . . . (Watering Your Family Tree), pg. 41 

Aug 80 Molas, pg. 36
Sep 80 Taking Control of Your Life and Other Odds and Ends, pg. 12  

Oct 80 FYI: For Your Information, (Genealogy Club Catches On), pg. 34
Nov 80
FYI: For Your Information, . . . (The Great Christmas Present Hunt)
. . . A lively approach to having fun while exploring your family history
is found in Fun and Names, or How to Dig Your Family History
Without Really Prying,
. . . , pg. 47
Dec 80 President Kimball Speaks Out on Personal Journals, pg. 26
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Ensign 1979
Jan 79 Keeping Pace: Can You Use These Filmstrips?, pg. 72
Feb 79 Becoming a Zion Society: Six Principles, pg. 31
Feb 79 Beyond the Glitter, pg. 36
Mar 79
Serving a Mission Together, pg. 9
Apr 79 I Have a Question, pg. 25
Apr 79 Random Sampler: The Family That Writes Together, pg. 67
May 79 To Those Searching for Happiness, pg. 14

May 79 Statistical Report 1978, pg. 18

June 79 Almost-Buried Treasures, pg. 37
June 79 Mirthright, pg. 39 
June 79 Books for Many Uses, pg. 53
June 79 News of the Church:, pg. 77
July 79 The Uttermost Parts of the Earth, pg. 2
July 79 Line upon Line, pg. 32
July 79 News of the Church:
Thousands Find Roots through Missouri Project, pg. 77
Aug 79 The Many Voices:
How to Balance the Demands on Your Time, pg. 16
Aug 79 How Am I Doing as a Member-Missionary?, pg. 21
Aug 79
Taping of Histories Brings Blessings, pg. 70
Sep 79 Learning about Ourselves through Church History,
. . . The linkage of families to each other is a factor of
as well as of genealogy. . . . , pg. 6

Sep 79 News of the Church:, pg. 77
Oct 79 Family History on Film, (Special Features), pg. 38
Nov 79 Making the Right Decisions, pg. 34
Nov 79 The Governing Ones, pg. 37
Nov 79 The Administration of the Church, pg. 42
Nov 79 News of the Church:, pg. 100
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New Era 1979
Jan–Feb79 If We Want to Go Up, We Have to Get On,
(Women's Fireside - September 16, 1978)
. . . We keep a personal record, and we do our genealogy. . . . , pg. 40
Jan-Feb 79 FYI: For Your Information, (Moses, Man of Miracles), pg. 47 

Mar 79 The Heart of the Children, pg. 11
Mar 79 FYI: For Your Information, pg. 44

Apr 79 FYI: For Your Information, (A Journey in Genealogy),
. . . A few days later, each of the 16 nursing home residents was
presented with family group sheets, pedigree charts, a cassette
recording of his personal history, and a copy of the Book of Mormon.
Inside each book was a photograph taken during the interview
and the handwritten testimonies of the interviewers., pg. 36
July 79 Now I Have a Friend, pg. 9 
July 79 FYI: For Your Information, (Mormons Making Mention), pg. 37
Sep 79 Television and Time, pg. 7
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Ensign 1978
Jan 78 Making Sunday the Best Day of the Week, . . .
They organized a "genealogy club". . . . , pg. 6
Jan 78 Miracles Today?, pg. 52
Jan 78 Turning Sunday into a Sabbath:
One Family's Experience, pg. 60
Feb 78 Active Mind, Active Body, pg. 16

Feb 78 To Go Forward, Go Back:
How to Complete the Four-generation Program, pg. 26

Feb 78 Converts Tell … What Brought Me In, pg. 38
Feb 78 Mormon Journal: To Temper the Proud Heart,
. . .
And secondly, actively engage in the work that tempers
a proud heart—genealogy., pg. 50
Feb 78
News of the Church: . . . , pg. 79
Mar 78 Nonmember Friends: The Richness of Diversity, pg. 28
Apr 78 Foundation for the Future: A Conversation with
Naomi M. Shumway, General President of the Primary, pg. 20
Apr 78 Random Sampler: Happy (179th) Birthday, Elizabeth!,
[To get your family interested in genealogy, you may want to
give special attention to ancestors' birthdays!, pg. 61
Apr 78 Five Dollars for Joseph Smith, pg. 67
Apr 78 I Learned to Take Time--he Hard Way, pg. 69
Apr 78 Administration of the Restored Church, . . .
Under the Twelve there are at present five departments.
Each department is administered by two or three Seventies,
under the direction of the Twelve, with their staffs.  They are,
namely: . . . Genealogical, . . . , pg. 71
Apr 78 News of the Church:
Genealogy Materials Now Available for Blind Members, pg. 79
Apr 78 The Provo Temple, . . . In a lesson for junior genealogical
classes published in 1937, Elder John A. Widtsoe wrote about
the importance of understanding the temple experience:
"Many young people object to temple work because
'We must make covenants and promises, and we do not like
to be tied; we want full freedom.'  This objection arises from
a misunderstanding of the meaning of covenants. …  Temple work,
or any other work, would have no meaning unless accompanied
with covenants.  It would consist simply of bits of information
for ornament; the covenant gives life to truth; and makes possible
the blessings that reward all those who use knowledge properly;
or the penalties that overtake those who misuse knowledge."
(Power from On High, Genealogical Society of Utah, 1937, p. 43.), pg. 80
May 78 Report of the 148th Annual Conference of
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, . . .
Members are asked to "write a personal history and participate
in a family organization" and to "complete the four-generation
program."  Research beyond that may be accomplished
"if desired."  Associated with this renewed concentration
on one's four-generations of genealogy is a new "Church-wide
program of extracting names from genealogical records.", pg. 1
May 78 The True Way of Life and Salvation, . . .
I urge all of the people of this church to give serious attention to
their family histories, to encourage their parents and grandparents
to write their journals, and let no family go into eternity without
having left their memoirs for their children, their grandchildren,
and their posterity.  This is a duty and a responsibility, and I urge
every person to start the children out writing a personal history
and journal. . . . , pg. 4
May 78 Statistical Report 1977, pg. 17
May 78 Decision, . . . Everyone has inherent talents. 
From a study of your genealogy, find the talents you have inherited
by the things you like to do, and do easily, that some of your ancestors
have done.  Then become an expert or a specialist in some phase of
that field.  The Lord will bless your efforts in your studies and in your
daily work. . . . , pg. 29
May 78 Trust in the Lord, pg. 51
May 78 The Second Coming of Christ, pg. 74
May 78 In the Time of Old Age, pg. 85 
May 78 Living the Gospel in the Home, . . . One of the important
phases of gospel living is to involve ourselves in temple and genealogical
effort.  We know full well that the spirit world is filled with the spirits of
men and women who are waiting for you and me to get busy in their behalf.
It is a grave responsibility that the Lord has placed upon our shoulders,
one that we cannot avoid and for which we may stand in jeopardy if
we fail to accomplish it. . . . , pg. 100
May 78 News of the Church: . . . , pg. 108
June 78 Mirthright, . . . "Did you hear about the mathematician who
started doing his genealogy?  Found out he had square roots." . . . , pg. 49
June 78 Mormon Journal: . . .
Mary Wright: Why We Need Grandmothers, pg. 51  
June 78 New Directions in Work for the Dead,
. . . Now we come to a very significant idea associated with this thrust:
as has been announced, original research beyond the four-generation
level will be accepted but will no longer be required of individual members
of the Church.  Instead, the Church feels the responsibility to begin
a massive records gathering and extraction program in order to prepare
names for temple work.. . . It is easy to see the day that President Kimball
has envisioned when our temples will be going twenty-four hours a day
and when temples dot the land.  Record gathering and extraction will
usher that condition in.  Greater emphasis than ever before will be placed
on building new temples and on attending the temple.  And the only way
this work will ever be accomplished will be through harnessing the energy,
intelligence, and talents of the members in a combined effort, rather than
depending on individual efforts. . . . Besides the fact that the Lord has
commanded us to keep records, children and grandchildren are greatly
benefited by being aware of their heritage.  That kind of information can
be brought to light most effectively if a record is kept of the activities of
people as they go through life.  We have some typical examples of that
in my own family.  What appear to be common, everyday activities of our
grandparents have often inspired us to be more conscientious in keeping
the commandments.  We have seen their faith demonstrated in their life
histories.  Personal records bring us closer to our ancestors and turn our
hearts more readily to them because we know more about them.  Our
family ties are consequently more binding, and our desires increase
to perform for them the saving ordinances of the gospel., pg. 62
July 78 In June Regional Meetings . . .
Member Activation Emphasized, pg. 70
July 78
News of the Church:
. . . Church Genealogical Record-Gathering Increases, pg. 78
Aug 78 From a Book of Mormon Notebook,  . . .
Alma 37:8.
(Alma turning the records over to Helaman:) "And now, it has hitherto
been wisdom in God that these things should be preserved; for behold,
they have enlarged the memory of this people, yea, and convinced many
of the error of their ways, and brought them to the knowledge of their
God unto the salvation of their souls."  It dawned on me: this is why
we need accurate personal histories, honest family histories, and
detailed Church histories.  . . . , pg. 16

Aug 78 The 'Genes' in Genealogy, pg. 56
Aug 78
Long Distance Birthday Parties, pg. 58
Sep 78 Challenge to Greatness: The Nineteenth-Century Saints
in New York, . . . " . . . Among the many he from time to time hired
was a young man by the name of Joseph Smith, Junior." Suddenly,
this family history becomes electrifyingly interesting. . . . , pg. 25
Sep 78 Why Study History?, . . .
"A man is saved no faster than he gets knowledge," said Joseph Smith.
(Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, sel. Joseph Fielding Smith,
Salt Lake City: Deseret Book Co., 1976, p. 217.) . . . , pg. 59 
Oct 78 Getting and Keeping the Family Together, pg. 9
Oct 78 The Saints around the World: Strong Saints in Scotland, pg. 34
Oct 78 News of the Church: . . . , pg. 58
Nov 78 Ours Is a Shared Ancestry, . . . From this you can see
that duplication is tremendous in genealogical research.  It is
for this basic reason that President Kimball has directed us
that we should seek out our ancestors back four generations.
After that we should work together as a Church through
the records extraction program. . . . , pg. 28
Nov 78 Worthy of All Acceptation, . . . Once the families
in the Church become organized as the prophet has counseled,
and after we have done all we can as a church and as family
organizations to identify our progenitors, then perhaps we may
qualify for this prophetic blessing spoken of by President Brigham Young:  
"You will enter into the Temple of the Lord and begin to offer up ordinances
before the Lord for your dead. … Before this work is finished, a great many
of the Elders of Israel in Mount Zion will become pillars in the Temple of God,
to go no more out: they will eat and drink and sleep there; and they will often
have occasion to say—'Somebody came into the Temple last night; we did not
know who he was, but he was no doubt a brother, and told us a great many
things we did not before understand.  He gave us the names of a great many
of our forefathers that are not on record,
and he gave me my true lineage
and the names of my forefathers for hundreds of years back.  He said to me,
'You and I are connected in one family; there are the names of your ancestors;
take them and write them down, and be baptised and confirmed, and save such
and such ones, and receive of the blessings of the eternal Priesthood for such
and such an individual, as you do for yourselves.'  This is what we are going
to do for the inhabitants of the earth.  When I look at it, I do not want to rest
a great deal, but be industrious all the day long; for when we come to think
upon it, we have no time to lose, for it is a pretty laborious work."
(Journal of Discourses, 6:295; italics added.) . . . , pg. 30
Nov 78 News of the Church:, . . . , pg. 100
Nov 78 If We Want to Go Up, We Have to Get On, pg. 107
Dec 78 Saints around the World: Palmyra Partnership, pg. 36  
Dec 78 The Best Thing We've Done:
'Roots,' Mormon-style, Attracts 95 Percent Nonmembers, pg. 46
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New Era 1978
Jan 78 FYI: For Your Information, (Persistence Pays Off in Philadelphia),
. . . Swedish Youth Gather in "Bolliaden", pg. 41

May 78 FYI: For Your Information, (Family Roots Genealogy Kit
is a complete beginner's guide to genealogy, designed to open the doors
to effective research.), pg. 43
June 78
FYI: For Your Information, (Book:
Fundamentals of Genealogical Research), pg. 47
Aug 78 Books Keep Loved Ones Alive, pg. 34
Oct 78 Participatory Journalism: Adventures in Hunting Folks, pg. 38
Dec 78 You Sing--You Love, pg. 18
Dec 78 FYI: For Your Information, (Twenty Things to Do to Help
Get in the Christmas Spirit), . . . Work on your genealogy and find
at least one name to turn in. . . . , pg. 39
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Ensign 1977
Jan 77 SPECIAL ISSUE: Eternal Implications of the Gospel
[Genealogy related issues presented within many articles.]
Jan 77 The Things of Eternity--Stand We in Jeopardy?, pg. 3
Jan 77 Someone Up There Loves You, pg.  8
Jan 77
The Inspiration of a Family Record,
Your personal history may be one of the most persuasive
witnesses of the gospel your family will ever hear.),
pg. 13
Jan 77 Mormon Journal: . . .
She Was the Mother I'd Never Known, pgs. 24-25
Jan 77 Writing Your History: Some Helpful Ideas, pg. 26
Jan 77 It's Child's Play: How to Help Your Child Begin a Journal, pg. 29
Jan 77 A Father, a Son, and a Campfire: The Tapes They Never Made, pg. 31
Jan 77 The Beginner’s Guide: Tape-recording Memories, pg. 33
Jan 77 Discovery (The 15th of Nisan), . . . For during
the daylight hours before the sunset that would mark the end
of the 15th of Nisan, 1836, Elijah came to the Prophet Joseph Smith
and Oliver Cowdery in the Kirtland Temple, fulfilling Malachi’s
promise and realizing Judah’s two-millennia hope for a restoration. 
And so part of our great message to a longing, hoping Judah is that
Elijah has come; he came, in fact, when they were looking for him
to come: on the first day of Passover, 1836. . . . , pg. 45
Jan 77 Turning the Hearts of Preschoolers, . . .
If you work to create a genealogical spirit in your home,
your children will learn at an early age that genealogy is
an indispensable part of the gospel.  Soon you may overhear
your children saying, as ours do, "Let’s play house.
Let's do our genealogy.". . . ,  pg. 59
Jan 77 Keeping Pace: A Billion Names in the Local Branch Library, pg. 69
Jan 77 I Have a Question,
I just got a brochure from a company offering to find out—for a fee—if my
family is entitled to a coat of arms.  Are these coats of arms authentic?
. . . Even if there is a coat of arms for your family name, you might not be
entitled to display it.  One of the more common misconceptions is that all
persons with the same surname are descended from a common ancestor.
This is not true—and this is where fraud or error can enter into the picture.

. . . ;

I've frequently heard that the world’s great interest in genealogy began
with Elijah's visit to Joseph Smith in 1836.  Could you give me more details?
. . .  It appears that many of these advances were made and all of them were
accelerated following Elijah's visit.
. . .
In my family records I found an interesting genealogy that ties us into
one line of European royalty going through Charlemagne back to one
Antenor, King of the Cimmerians, then to Judah, and thence through
Abraham and Noah to Adam.  Can you tell me how reliable lineages
such as these are?
. . . 2. Authentic documents by which such genealogies can be proven
do not exist.  The written documentation of the events in people's lives
by which we trace and prove their genealogies does not exist.  Most
such records were never made in earlier centuries.  Even in the Christian
era pedigrees were preserved with the assistance of various mnemonic
devices and passed orally from one generation to the next.  These were
later recorded by scribes, primarily monks.  Most of these are just name
lists but are considered by the authorities to be quite accurate, quite early.
. . . ;
Would it be proper for me to have my genealogical research done
by a professional researcher?  If so, how might I go about locating
a good one?
. . . , pg. 71 -
Feb 77 Unconventional Convention, . . . The Book of Mormon is their book.
The archaeologist was telling them about their family history, and they were
eager to learn. , pg. 20
Feb 77 Peru, . . . We are very proud of our heritage, and the idea
that Christ had visited my ancestors and taught them had a great
effect on me . . . , pg. 37
Feb 77 Great-Grandfather's Family, pg. 48
Feb 77 Insights: . . . Proxy Baptism, . . . As would be expected
of the Lord's church and true doctrine, only The Church of Jesus Christ
of Latter-day Saints engages in genealogical work to provide proxy
baptisms for all the kindred dead of its members, for those who accept
the gospel in the spirit world must have this ordinance performed for them
before they can progress eternally. . . . , pg. 86
Feb 77 News of the Church: . . . The records that will become more
accessible reach back into the ninth century and provide information
on Campbells and the various septs or branches of the Campbell family
and other families whose records were obtained by the Campbells
over the past centuries. . . . , pg. 93
Mar 77 A Conversation with the General Relief Society Leaders,
. . . One of the major purposes of records is to provide accurate
and timely decision-making information for administrators at all levels.
I have heard Sister Smith say many times that she doesn't know how
any presidency can perform their duties without a close and productive
relationship with their secretaries and record-keepers. . . . , pg. 32
Mar 77  Mormon Journal: The Ecstasy of the Agony: How to Be Single
and Sane at the Same Time, pg. 47
Mar 77 News of the Church:, pg. 91
Apr 77 Encounter in Ammonihah, pg. 25
Apr 77 News of the Church: . . . , pg. 93
Apr 77 The Temple Photograph Series, . . . What kinds of visual
images might we use in our homes?  The question is easily answered. 
What kinds of values, feelings, ideas, concepts, goals, events, persons,
and heritage--cultural, national, genealogical--do you personally wish
to reinforce in your home? . . . , pg. 96  
May 77 The Lord Expects His Saints to Follow the Commandments, . . .
So we urge all our multitudes of people to write their personal records
and biographies and their genealogies and all be prepared for the days
when the temples are made available and can be used by all.  This is
a program long followed by members of this Church, but today there
are numerous friends--Catholics, Protestants, Jews, and others--
who are filling our genealogical rooms with their preparation of their
family lines. . . . , pg. 4
May 77 Statistical Report 1976, pg. 18
May 77 Neither Cryptic Nor Hidden, . . . This principle of salvation
for all mankind reflects the mercy, the kindness, and the love of God
for all his children. . . . , pg. 28
May 77 The Greatest Brotherhood, pg. 46
May 77 God Moves in a Mysterious Way His Wonders to Perform, pg. 62
May 77
The Purpose of Church Welfare Services, pg. 92
May 77
News of the Church:, pgs. 104, 107 and 113
June 77
A Little Bit of Planning, a Lot of Success, pg. 6
June 77 Florence Smith Jacobsen: In Love with Excellence,
. . . They're sending us silver sacrament services, family histories,
and lovely quilts., pgs. 25–26
June 77 Comment, . . . Spirit world activity . . . , pg. 91
July 77
Family Art, . . . Perhaps your family could do a pageant
of family history for the annual family reunion. . . . , pg. 67
July 77 Baskets and Dancing Blankets, . . . missionaries to
the Northwest Coast thought the totem poles were worshipped
as idols by the Indians, and they chopped down many poles
that often were the Indians' finest sculpture and symbols
of their family history. . . . , pg. 74 
Aug 77
Program Changes Highlight 1977 Regional Meetings, pg. 66
Aug 77
News of the Church: The Church in the Headlines, pg. 75; . . .
Church Gives Genealogy to President Jimmy Carter, . . .
This is the first time the Church has ever given such a gift
to a president of the United States., pg. 79
Sep 77 I Have a Question, pg. 37
Oct 77 How to Help Fulfill Daniel's Prophecy, pg. 15
Oct 77 Being a Successful Member Missionary:
A Conversation with Elder Franklin D. Richards
of the Presidency of the First Quorum of the Seventy, pg. 39
Oct 77 So They Don't Join the Church … , pg. 48
Oct 77 How Wards and Stakes Do It!
. . . Providing Opportunities . . . , pg. 77
Oct 77 News of the Church: . . . I feel the same sense of urgency
about temple work for the dead as I do about missionary work,
since they are basically one and the same.  I have told my
brethren of the General Authorities that this work for the dead
is constantly on my mind. . . . , pg. 82
Oct 77 The Washington D.C. Temple, . . . No man or woman
can come out of the temple endowed as he should be, unless
he has seen, beyond the symbol, the mighty realities for which
the symbols stand. . . . [Utah Genealogical and Historical
12 (April 1921): 62], pg. 88
Dec 77 Making the Most of Limited Time: . . .
(Participation: Our Family Home Evening Success Key),
pg. 17
Dec 77 Christmas at Our House, . . . Sister Mary Zackrison
of Salt Lake City reported that her family writes a gazette
"in the format of a newspaper.  It is usually two pages long
and covers highlights of the year.  The children help write it
and put it together in an assembly line.  It becomes a family history
over the years." . . . , pg. 26
Dec 77 The Year in Church History, pg. 57
Dec 77 Comment, . . . Missionary Example, pg. 62
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New Era 1977
Jan 77 We Can't Do It Alone, . . . We cannot do genealogy without having
the help of those who came before us—our forebears.. . . , pg. 35–36
Feb 77 The Message: Patriarchal Blessings, . . .
I was visiting a patriarch a while ago. He told about a blessing . . . he told
her that her progenitors had made a great contribution to the bringing forth
of the gospel in these latter days.  And after the blessing was given she said,
"I'm afraid you made a mistake this time.  I am a convert to the Church;
I am the first one of my family to join the Church." . . . "Well," the patriarch
said, "I don't know anything about it.  All I know is that I felt prompted to
say that to you."  And when he told me the story, she had just been in
the genealogical library and had found that some of her relatives--her
grandparents or her great-grandparents--had made great sacrifices in
the early days of the Church. . . . , pg. 4
Mar 77 Emergency!, pg. 25
Mar 77 Diary and Journal Ideas, . . .
The diary also serves as a family record., pg. 39

May 77 Feedback, (Thanks for the push), pg. 2
May 77 The Vision of the Aaronic Priesthood, . . . I recently reviewed
the program of a stake youth conference.  The youth leaders themselves chose
the program.  The topics were (1) Getting to know yourself, (2) Getting to know
God, (3) Genealogy and how to use the stake library, . . . , pg. 34
June 77 Personal Time Management: One Key to a Leader’s Effectiveness,
. . . So to make a task easier, or to eliminate a meeting, or to shorten
a discussion would help his people have more time to use in the important
activities of genealogy, or welfare, or missionary work, or scripture study.
These most important areas of eternal significance must not take a back
seat to less important temporal, but urgent, deadlines, meetings,
and obligations.. . . , pg. 24 

Aug 77 Selected Art, Photography, and Poetry Winners, (Family), pg. 25
Sep 77
Grandfather Johansen's Example, pg. 4

Nov 77 The Baker Street Irregulars of Genealogy, pg. 28
Nov 77 FYI: For Your Information, (A Record of the People
Who Produced a President), . . . a special presentation to
United States President Jimmy Carter in May 1977.   They gave
him a two-inch-thick, leather-bound volume of his genealogy. . . . ,
pg.  42
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Ensign 1976
Jan 76 Does Your Ward [or Stake] Have a History?, pg. 84
Jan 76
News of the Church: . . . , pg. 96
Feb 76 How Church Programs Help Build Our Family, pg. 39
Mar 76 Mirthright, pg. 59
Mar 76 The Blessings and Responsibilities of Womanhood, . . . " . . .
And I, God, created man in mine own image, in the image of mine
Only Begotten created I him; male and female created I them.
[The story of the rib, of course, is figurative.] . . . And I, God said
unto mine Only Begotten, which was with me from the beginning:
Let us make man [not a separate man, but a complete man, which
is husband and wife] in our image, after our likeness; and it was so."
Moses 2:26)  What a beautiful partnership!  Adam and Eve were
married for eternity by the Lord.  Such a marriage extends beyond
the grave.  All peoples should call for this kind of marriage. . . . , pg. 70
Apr 76 The Saints on Vancouver Island, pg. 45

Apr 76 New Testament Backgrounds: 1 and 2 Thessalonians, pg. 57
May 76 Statistical Report 1975, pg. 17
May 76 Relationships, pg. 69
May 76 The Blessing of Building a Temple, . . .
They discussed with those relatives assembled their ancestral
lines and the importance of completing the genealogical research. 
It was difficult for their nonmember families to understand
the reasons for a Christian church teaching principles such
as "ancestral worship," for this was a Buddhist teaching
and tradition. . . . , pg. 101
May 76 Seeking Eternal Riches, pg. 107 
June 76 Declaration of Dependence:
Teaching Patriotism in the Home, pg. 39
July 76 The 1976 June Regional Meetings:
A Significant Milestone, pg. 29 
July 76 News of the Church:
Family Records Emphasized in New Genealogy Handbook,
[Sacred family records, temple blessings for family members,
and family organizations are highlighted in the newly published
Priesthood Genealogy Handbook, which has been distributed
to stakes and missions throughout the English-speaking Church.], pg 77
Aug 76 A Record of Our Kingdoms, . . . Elder John A. Widtsoe wrote:
"As I view it, in every family a record should be kept of the immediate
family: the father, the grandfather, the great-grandfather--at least of
those of whom we have a memory.  That record should be the first stone,
if you choose, in the family altar.  It should be a book known and used
in the family circle; and when the child reaches maturity and gets out
to make another household, one of the first things that the young couple
should take along should be the records of their families, to be
extended by them as life goes on.  It does no harm if there is
duplication.  There is a strength, an inspiration, and a joy in
having such a record near at hand, to be used frequently,
the story of our ancestors, their names, the times in which
they lived, and something about their lives and accomplishments.
Each one of us carries, individually, the responsibility of record keeping,
and we should assume it." (Church News, Oct. 31, 1942.) . . .
Moses 6:5-6 we read: "And a book of remembrance was kept,
in the which was recorded, in the language of Adam, for it was given
unto as many as called upon God to write by the spirit of inspiration;
And by them their children were taught to read and write, having a
language which was pure and undefiled." . . . , pg. 23
July 76 Mormon Journal: 570-Year-Old Address, pg. 63 
Aug 76 News of the Church: . . . , pg. 69
Aug 76 I Have a Question, pg. 26
Sep 76 It Begins with a Family: Some Major Teachings
in the First Half of the Book of Mormon, pg. 13   
Sep 76 Mormon Journal: . . . The W and I, pg. 24
Sep 76 News of the Church: . . . , pg. 90
Oct 76 Elder David B. Haight, pg.  5
Oct 76 When the Brimhalls Got Organized, pg. 11 
Oct 76 Organization Begins at Home, . . . The Church keeps
records of all that ought to be remembered.  There are records
of decisions, experiences, revelations, discourses, ordinances,
and membership—all these comprising a book of remembrance
for the kingdom of God.  In like manner, the purpose of sacred
family records is to help members of the family kingdom remember
those things that will help obtain salvation and allow them to teach
others these same things.  Among the most important of the things
to be remembered are the principles of the gospel, sacred personal
experiences and revelations, ordinances performed for family members,
lineages, and the personal histories of their ancestors. . . . , pg. 16
Oct 76 In Search of Lehi's Trail--Part 2: The Journey, pg. 34–35 
Oct 76 News of the Church: . . . , pgs. 90 and 92
Nov 76 The Lord’s Support System, pg. 100
Nov 76 News of the Church: . . . , pg. 140
Dec 76 Preparing for Old Age, pg.  2
Dec 76 A Strange Thing in the Land:
The Return of the Book of Enoch, Part 8, pg. 73
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New Era 1976
June 76 FYI: For Your Information, (Barking up the Right Tree), pg. 48
July 76 And the hearts of the children shall turn . . . ,
He had served as a guard to General George Washington. 
Since this is the 200th anniversary of those great events,
the results of our genealogical searching are even more
exciting to us than they would otherwise have been.
Learning of our own forefathers' participation in
the Revolutionary War, we found ourselves renewing
interest in our country.  Those events were no longer
words in history books, but were emotion-filled, heart-
pounding moments that changed the world.  Upon
acquainting ourselves with the men, ordinary men—
blacksmiths, farmers, teachers, weavers—who were
willing to give their lives for what we now have, we
reevaluated what we are blessed with.  We found
a new sense of pride in this land, America the beautiful. . . . , pg. 14
Aug 76 Gerda, I Love You,
(Selected Poetry and Photography Winners), pg. 15
Aug 76 On Keeping a Diary, pgs. 34–35
Nov 76
Feedback, (Thanks to Gerda's granddaughter), pg. 2
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Ensign 1975
Jan 75 1975. What Will You Do with It?, pg. 20
Jan 75 Melchizedek Priesthood Classes Seek Flexibility
in Teacher and Lesson Selection, pg. 71
Feb 75 Elder L. Tom Perry of the Council of the Twelve,
. . .
In the Perry family history is written: . . . , pg.  9
Mar 75 I Have a Question, . . .
The goal of the Genealogical
Society is to keep the temples supplied with names.. . . ,
pg. 30
Mar 75 Pursuit of Excellence:
Less a Program Than a Way of Life, pg. 68
Mar 75 News of the Church: . . . , pg. 79
Apr 75 The Saints in Spain, . . . Archives and Spanish
should interest those of Spanish descent in the United States
and Latin America, for Spain is literally a treasure house of records.
Her Golden Age of exploration and colonization produced a bureaucracy
of record-keepers.  Immigration records to the New World, passenger
lists, military service records, tax records when the crown wanted revenue,
and census head-counts when it needed manpower all lie in large, mostly
unindexed libraries.  At one period those seeking civil or ecclesiastical
appointment had to prove "purity of lineage" back four generations
so that anyone of Jewish or "heretic" descent would be excluded.
Thousands of these "proven genealogies" are on file today. . . . , pg. 7
Apr 75 Mocking Our Brother, . . . Nephi reminded us that
the covenant people are defined not by genealogy
but by goodness.
2 Nephi 30:1-2)  And goodness is neither exclusive in spirit
nor condescending in nature. . . . , pg. 36 
Apr 75 News of the Church: LDS Scene,
Genealogy Seminar July 28 - August 1, pg. 80
May 75 Statistical Report 1974, pg. 18
May 75 Obedience, Consecration, and Sacrifice, pg. 50
June 75 Really Getting Together: Your Family Reunion, pg. 12
June 75 Only an Elder, pg. 66 
June 75 News of the Church: . . . , pg. 78
July 75 Mormon Journal: Is This, by Chance, Your Party?, pg. 64
Aug 75 Encounter: The Korean Mind and the Gospel, pg. 47
Aug 75 Taiwan: Steep Peaks and Towering Faith, . . .
"Another interesting thing to note is that the customs
of the Chinese people are much the same as those of
ancient Israel.  Many Chinese agree with the plan of
salvation and existence of God as they hear the gospel
from the missionaries for the first time.  They also respect
their fathers and worship them.  They build ancestral halls
and make family genealogies.  Because of China’s excellent
belief in genealogy, I have been able to trace my family history
about 4,000 years back!" (The Taiwan Missionary, July 1973.) . . . , pg. 55
Oct 75 The Edsbergs: Father and Son, pg. 42  
Oct 75 News of the Church: . . .  items on genealogy . . . , pgs. 92, 94 and 96
Nov 75 Faith and Works in the Far East, pg. 88
Nov 75 We Can't Do It Alone, . . . We cannot do genealogy without
having the help of those who came before us--our forebears. . . . , pg. 90
Nov 75 The Redemption of the Dead, . . . I perceived that the Lord
went not in person among the wicked and the disobedient who had
rejected the truth, to teach them; but behold, from among the righteous
he organized his forces and appointed messengers, clothed with power
and authority, and commissioned them to go forth and carry the light
of the gospel to them that were in darkness, even to all the spirits of men.
And thus was the gospel preached to the dead.
("Vision of the Redemption of the Dead,"
The Utah Genealogical and Historical Magazine, Jan. 1919, p. 3)
Doctrine and Covenants 138:29-30] . . . , pg. 97
Nov 75 Family Research, pg. 106
Nov 75 News of the Church: . . . , pg. 138
Dec 75 I Have a Question, pg. 40
Dec 75 How to Get Better as You Get Older, pg. 49
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New Era 1975
Mar 75 Why Study History?, . . . Get acquainted with your family
and its history.  The diaries, personal papers, and memorabilia that
your great-grandparents may have left behind are invaluable. If there
are any such things in your attic, by all means go through them—
carefully.  Interview your parents and grandparents to see how things
were before your time.  It could be an interesting family home evening
activity and a great aid to you in your genealogy work. . . . , pg. 14

Mar 75 FYI: For Your Information,
(New Church Hymnbook Seeks Submissions), pg. 40
May 75 A Kiss on the Cheek in California, pg. 28

July 75 FYI: For Your Information,
(Youth Genealogy Seminar, or Branching Out at BYU), pg. 34
Aug 75 Dear Journal, . . . Beyond the vital records, the dates
and the names, wouldn't it be better to have a complete record
of an event in your life, not only how the event happened but
how you felt inside?  Wouldn't it be better to give your progenitors
a view of the spiritual person behind the name on their genealogical
charts?. . . , pg. 30
Aug 75 Nothing But a Title, . . . The young people who prepared
the genealogy booth studied the principles of genealogy and made
a trip to the local Genealogical Society branch library. . . . , pg. 37
Oct 75 The Angels May Quote from It, pg. 4
Dec 75 Project Mexico--Love and Service, pg. 20
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Ensign 1974
Jan 74 Behold Thy Mother, . . . Some years ago I listened
intently as a man well beyond middle age told me of an
experience in his family history. . . . ,
pg. 29
Jan 74 I Will Go and Do the Things Which the Lord
Hath Commanded, pg. 51
Jan 74 The Role of Fathers, . . . Someone has said:
"There is no need of searching out your genealogy if you
do not know where your children were last night." , . . . pg. 66
Jan 74 Our Fundamental Obligation: The Priesthood,
. . . You will remember that, after recounting some family history
and commenting about religious unrest in the community,
the Prophet tells of being impressed by the scripture found
in James, chapter 1, verse 5, . . . , pg. 86

Jan 74 The Need for Total Commitment, . . . When we
therefore understand this principle of commitment, we
will realize the importance of priesthood genealogy
and temple work.  The Lord said that unless the hearts
of the fathers are turned to their children and unless
the hearts of the children are turned to their fathers,
this earth life would fail its purpose.  Genealogical work
is therefore important and we should get on with it.
Yet it will succeed no faster than the bishops in
the individual wards give leadership to this program.
It will succeed no faster than stake presidents in their
individual stakes become actively involved in priesthood
genealogical work. . . . , pg. 114
Jan 74 News of the Church, pg. 139
Feb 74 Diary of Action: The Life and Administration
of Harold B. Lee, pg. 11 
Mar 74 I Have a Question, (What is the most important goal
of the Church four-generation program?), pg. 22
Mar 74 News of the Church, pg. 75
Apr 74 We Were the Church--in Iran, pg. 10
Apr 74 Priesthood Activity: How Some Achieve It, pg. 13
Apr 74 The Tendency to Faith, . . . My wife's patriarchal blessing
includes these words that indicate the close relationship between
the living and their forebears--"… but what you are and what you
may become is not entirely of your own doing, but the righteous
men and women who make up your ancestral line. …", pg. 21
Apr 74 Church Archives House Major Joseph Smith
Collection, pg. 26
Apr 74 Bulletin Board, pg. 58
May 74
Statistical Report 1973, pg. 20
May 74 The Solemn Assembly, . . . pg. 38

May 74 What Do We Hear?, pg. 45
June 74 How to Share the Gospel: A Step-by-step Approach
for You and Your Neighbors, pg. 6
June 74 Homemade Summers, pg. 32  
June 74 News of the Church:
Ninth Annual Priesthood Genealogy Seminar Slated, pg. 66-
July 74
I Have a Question, pg. 14
Aug 74 From Colony to Community: The Washington, D.C.,
Saints, pg. 22
Aug 74 Why These Temples?, pg. 37
Sep 74 Harmony of the Four Gospels, pg. 28
Sep 74 Your Children: What Are They Learning in Church?
How Can You Help?, pg. 85  
Nov 74
Do Not Procrastinate!, . . . This family unit is so
important that the Lord has made it known to us that by
the time of the end of the Millennium all of Adam’s posterity
who accept the gospel must be sealed together as one family
by the power of the priesthood, which is the power to seal on
earth and it shall be sealed in heaven, and to bind on earth
and it shall be bound in heaven. . . . , pg. 25
Nov 74 The Savior's Program for the Care of the Aged,
. . . Genealogical research is fascinating, stimulating,
and fulfilling. . . . , pg. 29
Nov 74 The Divine Power of Repentance, pg. 56 
Nov 74
Do Not Despair, pg. 65
Nov 74 Truth Will Emerge Victorious, pg. 93
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New Era 1974
Feb 74 FYI: For Your Information, pg. 44
June 74 Samuel D. Chambers, pg. 47  

Sep 74 Q&A: Questions and Answers,
(If they're keeping records on the other side, why do we spend
so many inefficient hours at it here, especially in genealogical work?),
. . . True there are records in heaven, but what good are they
there at present?  Temple work cannot be done in heaven but
must be done on earth.  There will hardly be enough time during
the thousand years of the Millennium to take care of the special
cases of those whose records have been destroyed or overlooked.
We should remember that out of approximately 6,000 years of time
when billions of people have come and gone on the earth, we have
records for only about the past 400 years.  Much of the Millennium
must therefore be reserved for those who need proxy work and who
lived in times when no records were kept or for which records do not
now exist.  Then, also, the Ten Tribes have to bring their records
too for their own temple work.  That will also take a high priority
in the Millennium.  The use of our approximately 400 years of
records and the use of temples must be a training ground for us,
preparing the Church for the time when this temple work will be
our major assignment using the experience already gained. . . .
We must do all we can here and now to do this genealogical work,
which sometimes does appear to be inefficient and expensive,
but which the Lord, through Joseph Smith said was
the "summum bonum" (or the greatest value or the most
important part) in the use of the powers of the priesthood.
Doctrine and Covenants 128:11), pg. 12
Sep 74 Composition and History of the Book of Mormon, pg. 41
Nov 74 Sacrifice Brings Forth the Blessings of Heaven, pg. 4

Nov 74 My Heritage,
I am going to talk to you about my Indian heritage. . . . , pg. 35
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Ensign 1973
Jan 73 The Sustaining of President Harold B. Lee,
. . . Sustaining, where applicable, the chairmen, vice-chairmen, advisers,
and managing directors of the following general priesthood committees
and departments: . . . Priesthood Genealogical Committee, . . . , pg. 1
Jan 73 Genealogy: A Personal Responsibility, pg. 52
Jan 73 Why Do Latter-day Saints Build Temples?, pg. 55
Jan 73 Keep the Commandments, . . . The other day I had
occasion to reread the
genealogy of the ten patriarchs in their
succession from Adam to Noah.  Excluding Enoch, who was
translated at age 430, the other nine of the ten patriarchs
lived to an average age of 912 years.  In one sense they
served as the founding fathers of our world civilization. . . . , pg. 82
Jan 73 Having Been Born of Goodly Parents, pg. 122
Jan 73 Home Teachers--Watchmen over the Church,
. . . It will be the responsibility of the two visiting brethren
to know the available church activities for each family member
and encourage him to avail himself of them—such activities,
for example, as . . . genealogical and temple work, and so forth.
. . . (Improvement Era, December 1962, pp. 938–39.), pg. 124
Feb 73 Books, . . . Studies in Asian Genealogy . . .
presenting insights into Asian history, society, economics, politics,
migrations, demography, literature, and religion. . . . , pg. 69
Mar 73 The Responsibilities of Home Teachers, pg. 12
Mar 73 Our Readers Write, pg. 79
Apr 73 Sharing the Gospel Today: A Conversation
with Presidents Paul H. Dunn and Hartman Rector, Jr., pg. 47 
May 73 This Class Has Made a Difference to Me, pg. 20
May 73 Presenting the Church's Image:
A Conversation with Wendell J. Ashton, pg.  50
May 73 News of the Church:
(New Genealogy Manual Is Now Available), pg. 53
May 73 A Weeping Eye Can Never See,  . . . "If you do your
genealogy, you’ll never be lonely again," instructs soft-spoken
Margaret Wells.  "I have friends I’ve never even met face to
face that I’ve become acquainted with by doing research.
And some of them died long before I was born!" . . . , pg. 41
June 73 For Husbands and Helpmeets, . . . Set aside a time
with him for genealogical and temple work. . . . , pg. 12
June 73 Love Conquers All
… And Other Fanciful Notions, pg. 14
June 73 News of the Church: . . . Eternal Values Sustained
Prisoner of War
, pg. 70     
June 73 Books, . . . George H. Fudge and Frank Smith
not only make genealogy less fearsome; they also trace
the development of the Church’s genealogical program. . . . , pg. 78
June 73 After All, Matter of Taste, pg. 80
July 73 News of the Church: (The LDS Scene), pg. 128
Aug 73 The Church in Europe, pg. 17
Aug 73 Profiles in Miniature: The European Saints,
. . . Brother and Sister Karl Borcherding (Stadthagen, Germany), pg. 44
Aug 73 Frankfurt: Nerve Center of Mormon Europe, pg. 50
Aug 73 News of the Church:, pgs. 82-84
Sep 73 Learning Together: A Preview of the Year Ahead, pg.  4
Sep 73
Comment, pg. 75
Oct 73
I Have a Question, . . ."I believe the Bible as it read
when it came from the pen of the original writers.  Ignorant
translators, careless transcribers, or designing and corrupt
priests have committed many errors." (Teachings of the Prophet
Joseph Smith,
p. 327.) . . . It is interesting to note that if a Urim
and Thummim had been available to the Jews after exile,
the problem of lost
genealogy could have been solved. . . . , pg. 28
Oct 73 News of the Church: Genealogy Seminar Draws 2,700, pg. 89
Nov 73 A Home Is Also a House, pg. 20
Nov 73 Avoid Rejection: Be a Happy Genealogist,
[At least eight out of every hundred sheets received by
the Genealogical Society for temple ordinance work are
rejected immediately, because the forms have not been
filled out correctly for processing.], pg. 34
Nov 73 That Your Children May Know, pg. 44
Dec 73 Bulletin Board, Genealogical Aids Listed,
[list of genealogical aids has been prepared and published
by the Priesthood Genealogy Committee of the Church.
The 11-page pamphlet, "Enrichment Aids for Genealogy," . . . ], pg. 78A
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New Era 1973
Jan 73 October General Conference,
. . . Stated, then, in simple words, I say to every member of the Church
that you have a personal, individual responsibility to become engaged
in priesthood genealogical activity.  The real impact of the priesthood
genealogy program is one of individual responsibility. . . . It should not
be put off until you retire or become too old and infirm to do anything else.
Priesthood genealogy is an exciting, living, vital program involving
the whole family., pg. 16
Jan 73 The Powerful Voices of the Gospels, . . . To affirm this power
Matthew raises his Hebraic voice in an account of Jesus’ genealogy
so that the reader might see that Jesus had the necessary lineage of
the long-awaited Messiah. . . . , pg. 36
Apr 73 Becoming Saviors on Mount Zion: The Place of Suffering
in the Gospel of Unselfishness, pg. 11

May 73 Step One: Begin with You, pg. 15
May 73
Q & A: Questions and Answers,
(What is the function of the Granite Mountain Records Vault?),
. . . It is the desire and goal of the Church to gather and preserve
copies of the world’s genealogical
 information recorded through
the ages into one central storage area where they will be safe
from the ravages of nature and the destructions of man. . . . , pg. 48
Sep 73
FYI: For Your Information, (Ann Arbor Open House), pg. 10
Sep 73 The Genesis of the Written Word, . . . Interestingly enough,
the most important of all writings were genealogical records,
and Gardiner concluded not only that the House of Life was,
properly speaking, nothing more nor less than the genealogical
archives, but that the Great Pyramid itself was built to contain
the royal genealogical records. . . . , pg. 38
Oct 73 Life Planning, pg. 32

Oct 73 Ricks College, pg. 35
Nov 73 Discover Your Heritage: Susa Young Gates,
(This Mormon Mother Raised 13 Children and ) . . . , pg. 13

Nov 73 'One of the Most Important Days of My Life':
An Introduction to Oral History, pg. 18
Nov 73 Suggested Family Oral History Topics, pg. 21
↑ up

Ensign 1972
Jan 72 The Coming of Elijah, pg. 2
Jan 72 Two Temples to Be Dedicated, pg. 6
Jan 72 Why Mormons Build Temples,  . . .
Speaking to his people on April 8, 1844, the Prophet Joseph
said that the temple ordinances as he was giving them were
so important that "without [them] we cannot obtain celestial
thrones.  But there must be a holy place prepared for that
purpose." (Documentary History of the Church, vol. 6,
pp. 318–20.) . . . Now, since Elijah, whose coming created this
interest, was destined by prophecy to appear in the latter days,
"before the great and dreadful day of the Lord," it remains to
determine if this vast genealogical activity is of modern origin.
. . . Every genealogical society, library, and magazine; every
genealogical record; every name on each page of every pedigree;
and every individual in the United States and foreign nations
who is engaged in seeking after his dead is a physical witness
that Elijah came, because each indicates the fulfillment of that
prophet’s mission "to turn the hearts of the children to their fathers,"
as foretold by Malachi. . . . , pg. 42 . . . ETC.
Feb 72 Our Readers Write, (Counsel on Genealogy), . . .
It is wise for us to recur to the history of our ancestors.
Those who are regardless of the history of our ancestors
and their posterity—who do not look upon themselves as a link
connecting the past with the future, in the transmission of life
from their ancestors to their posterity, do not perform their
duty to the world. . . . , pg. 78
Feb 72 After All, pg. 80
Mar 72 What Is the Four-Generation Program?, pg. 53
Apr 72 Can Records Really Tell Us What Happened in the Past?, pg. 47
May 72 Policies and Programs, Genealogical Seminar, pg. 111
June 72 Our Readers Write, pg. 78
July 72 Bishop H. Burke Peterson, pg. 16
July 72 Be A Missionary--Always--Everywhere You Go!, pg. 82
July 72
The True Church, . . . We live in the dispensation
of the {fullness} of times, and the coming of Elijah has brought
the keys of his mission, and that is why we build these holy temples.
That is why we have this great genealogical program, the like of which
can't be found anywhere in all this world. . . . , pg. 114
July 72 The Annual Report of the Church, pg. 131
Aug 72 A Mormon Looks at Mainland China, pg. 5
Aug 72 A Review of the Administration of President Joseph Fielding Smith,
. . . Mondays set aside for family home evenings with temples
and genealogical libraries, as well as local Church facilities,
to be closed. . . . , pg. 40

Aug 72 How to Start a Family Organization and Keep It Going, pg. 81
Aug 72 News of the Church: . . . Elder Theodore M. Burton,
Assistant to the Council of the Twelve, has been named president
of the Genealogical
Society., pg. 96
Sep 72 Progress and Potential:
The Church in Mexico and Central America, pg. 5

Sep 72 The Church in Central America, pg. 40
Sep 72 Night of Disaster in Rapid City, pg. 93
Oct 72 The Secular Purpose of Genealogical Work,
. . .
I would like to single out three qualities that are evident
in the study of our ancestors and use these as illustrations of
the kind of personal strength each of us should draw from that study.
The first quality is sacrifice. . . . The second quality I would like
to cite is love of country. . . . The third example might be called
fidelity to duty. . . .
The benefits from genealogical work to our
country, to our society, to our families, and to ourselves are
enormous if we don't close our eyes to the essential principle
of love and identification that we ought to bring to all of our
undertakings in the priesthood genealogical program. . . . , pg. 20
Oct 72 When My Husband Walks in the Door, pg. 62
Oct 72 Policies and Programs, . . .
Temple, Family Files for Ordinance Work. . . . , pg. 79
Nov 72 President N. Eldon Tanner: A Man of Integrity,
. . . and in January 1963 he was called back to Salt Lake City
to assume the presidency of the Genealogical
Society . . . , pg. 13
Nov 72 Poetry (Genealogy), pg. 33
Nov 72 The Traditions of Their Fathers, pg. 39
Nov 72
Lucy Mack Smith: Woman of Great Faith, pg. 68
Nov 72 Policies and Programs,
New Publication Helps Genealogists,
The Genealogical Society Observer (GSO), monthly newsletter of
the Genealogical Society of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints,
Inc., . . . , pg. 80; Lines of Responsibility in Genealogy Work
. . . It is the responsibility of members of the Church to seek out
their direct-line ancestors (progenitors), complete the family units
of such direct ancestors, and submit to the Genealogical Society
the genealogical data to be processed for temple ordinance work.
. . . , pg. 80
Dec 72 After All, pg. 85
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New Era 1972
Jan 72 The Prophet of the Lord, . . . Wilford Woodruff, who had
spent much time in temple work and genealogical
work, was ideal
for presiding over this period of time. . . . , pg. 4

Jan 72 President Joseph Fielding Smith: Student of the Gospel,
. . . Further responsibility came to him in 1907 when he was appointed
secretary of the Genealogical
Society. . . . , pg. 61
Apr 72 Inside a House of the Lord, . . . When I viewed the font,
I could feel the spirit filling me with the desire to do genealogy work.
. . . , pg. 25
Apr 72 FYI: For Your Information, (A Condensed Version of What They're
Talking about around the Church), pg. 35

May 72 A Puzzlement: Climb Your Family Tree, pg. 41
June 72 Families Are Meant to Be Forever, pg. 14
June 72 How to Get Where You’re Going and Enjoy the Trip, pg. 24
June 72 FYI: For Your Information, (Help in Genealogy), pg. 44
Aug 72
President Joseph Fielding Smith, a Tithing Child,
. . . It was his own profound commitment to genealogy and temple work
that led, during his long service as president of the Genealogical Society,
to the Church's accumulation of the world's greatest collection of
genealogical records. . . . , pg.  5
Sep 72 FYI: For Your Information, (Genealogists Take Note), pg. 36

Nov 72 Formalize Your Family Forms, pg. 8
Nov 72
FYI: For Your Information,
What was the status of women in pioneer America?
Which factors led to slave trading in the colonies?
Did conflict play an important role in early Utah communities?
A research team at BYU is involved with questions such as these
as it continues work on a grant from the National Science Foundation.
Two hundred seven colleges and universities and non-profit research
organizations have received a grant as part of the Foundation’s Research
Participation Program.  The vast Church genealogy records have been
studied to discover the "characteristics and causes behind acceptance
of Mormonism and subsequent decision to emigrate," "women’s status
through the years," and the "effects of date and age of baptisms in
the Mormon Church on family sizes." . . . , pg. 40
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Ensign 1971
Jan 71
Israel in Asia, pg. 70
Jan 71
Programs and Policies Newsletter, . . .
(Genealogy Seminar) . . . (Family Name File), pg. 90
Feb 71
Primer in Genealogy, pg. 4
Feb 71
The Family and Eternity, . . .
On November 13, 1894, a meeting was held in the Church
Historian’s Office in Salt Lake City.  Attending that meeting
were all members of the First Presidency: President Wilford Woodruff;
his first counselor, George Q. Cannon; and his second counselor,
Joseph F. Smith.  Franklin D. Richards, president of the Council
of the Twelve Apostles, and other members of the Council were
present in that meeting when the Genealogical Society of Utah
was organized for benevolent, educational, and religious purposes
and for the preservation of family ties. . . . , pg. 7
Feb 71
Heritage of a Prophet, pg. 15
Mar 71
Temples—The Gates to Heaven, pg. 12
Mar 71
A Disease Called Pride, pg. 26
Mar 71
Editorial: Fearlessness, . . . It takes courage for a home teacher
to inquire of an inactive family concerning family home evening
or genealogical research, but doesn’t the possibility exist that the inquiry
or challenge will be the prick to the conscience that turns a family
back to the Church? . . . , pg. 81
June 71
All May Share in Adam’s Blessing, . . .
When a person receives a patriarchal blessing, he is
entitled to receive a pronouncement of the blessings of Israel,
or a declaration of the tribe of Israel through which his blessings
shall come.  This is the right to the blessings of those recorded
in the book of remembrance started in the days of Adam. . . .
We invite all to hear, accept, and embrace this gospel.  This
invitation is to all the nations and families the world over, that
all may receive the blessings of eternal life and be recorded
in the Lamb’s book of remembrance and share the blessings
of the royal seed of the righteous, even the blessings of eternal life.
I testify that this is his kingdom, in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen., pg. 100
June 71
Teacher in Stocking Feet, pg. 112
June 71
Church Administration Building, . . . the west wing
will house the Genealogical
Society, which will also occupy
four floors of the high-rise section. . . . , pg. 114

July 71
The Vanished American, pg. 20
Aug 71
Genealogical Research in Perspective, pg. 26
Aug 71
With Whom Will We Share Exaltation?, pg. 33
Aug 71
Programs and Policies Newsletter,
Family Exaltation and You is now available as an aid for leaders
who conduct the priesthood genealogy class., pg. 84
Sep 71
Programs and Policies Newsletter,
(Genealogical Form Change),
 pg. 76
Oct 71
“That Our Children May Know”, . . . The one great
underlying purpose of a book of remembrance is to train
up a child in the ways of righteousness, so that his mind
will be filled with faith and rich experiences of his parents
and grandparents and an understanding of the ways of the Lord.
. . . The family books of remembrance in Latter-day Saint homes
today should rate in importance second only to the standard works.
These family records are supplements to the scriptures, aiding in
teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ to the posterity of faithful
members of the Church. . . . First, it should have a pedigree record
of all our families as far back as we can find the records.  This
pedigree record, an index to the family, shows not only who our
family members are, but it also gives an outline of where one
must focus attention in research.
. . . , pg.  6
Nov 71
The Way to Eternal Life, pg. 9
Nov 71
Questions and Answers on the Name Tabulation Program, pg. 46
Nov 71
Searching Inward, pg. 63
Nov 71
Programs and Policies Newsletter, Aids for Genealogy.
A nine-page list including titles of official publications on the genealogy
programs of the Church--pamphlets, filmstrips, movies, research papers,
addresses for aids in research, and an annotated index of pertinent articles
appearing in the Instructor and the Improvement Era from 1961-70
(issues that should be in the meetinghouse libraries) . . . , pg. 77
Dec 71
Books, . . . True and Faithful By Joseph F. McConkie . . .
The author, a grandson of President Smith, has carefully researched
family history and has selected many interesting photographs to
illustrate his book. . . . , pg. 144
Dec 71
Programs and Policies Newsletter, Genealogical Record Changes,
Priesthood Genealogy Class, pg. 146
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New Era 1971
Feb 71 Their Book of Acts, . . . Cathy Meissner has organized
a family home evening for single girls.  This is so successful that
the single boys now want to be included.  Genealogy has been one
of the slowest programs of the Church in this area.  Yet when
the priesthood decided a month ago that this too could be changed
and then staged a genealogical work kick-off dinner, the response
was overwhelming. . . . , pg. 12

Feb 71 A Testimony of My Conversion, . . .  I was reared as a Quaker,
in the Society of Friends.  Some branches of my family had been in the Society
from its very beginnings in the mid-seventeenth century.  Some suffered years
of imprisonment for their faith.  (Incidentally, I had to join the Mormon Church
and do genealogy to find that out.) . . . , pg. 34

July 71 Elijah, the Red Sea, and You, pg. 4
July 71
Q&A: Questions and Answers, (Why is genealogy so important?), pg. 14
Aug 71
Q&A: Questions and Answers, . . .
(The Progress of Man, Genealogical Society of Utah, 1952, p. 129.) . . . , pg. 34
Aug 71
People and Places, pg. 46
Oct 71
Policies and Procedures,
. . . Sales Promotions That Capitalize on Church Programs
. . . a principle has been established by the Brethren that applies to commercial
promotions such as a recent one in which "genealogy pins" were being sold as
a means of stimulating interest and activity in genealogy work.  The principle:
"The Church opposes the use of commercial ventures of this kind to promote
activity and urges Church members not to patronize them.  Any attempt to
capitalize on programs or principles of the Church tends to detract from
the sanctity of the work and introduces an unwanted spirit of commercialism
into spiritual matters.", pg. 39
Dec 71
Q&A: Questions and Answers, . . . (Does the Church want anyone
to give up his culture to be a good member of the Church?
), . . . , pg. 43
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