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General alphabetical listings and miscellaneous additions
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Contains current information on specific areas listed below; i.e.,
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additional consolidation of selected FamilySearch localities for
scholarly review with each of the UC Melvyl® catalog sections.

Topics presented are: Category: Beginners
Principles of Family History Research
Reference Materials & Finding Aids
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Vaasa County, Finland -- Genealogy.
Val Verde County, Texas -- Genealogy.
Valais (Switzerland)
           ALSO KNOWN AS:
             Wallis (Canton)
             Valais (Canton)
Valais (Switzerland) -- Antiquities.
Valais (Switzerland) -- Biography.
Valais (Switzerland) -- Church history.
Valais (Switzerland) -- Civilization.
Valais (Switzerland) -- Climate.
Valais (Switzerland) -- Description and travel.
Valais (Switzerland) -- Description and travel -- Early works to 1800.
Valais (Switzerland) -- Description and travel -- Guidebooks.
Valais (Switzerland) -- Economic conditions.
Valais (Switzerland) -- Foreign relations -- France.
Valais (Switzerland) -- Gazetteers.
Valais (Switzerland) -- Genealogy -- Sources.
Valais (Switzerland) -- Guidebooks.
Valais (Switzerland) -- History.
Valais (Switzerland) -- History -- Addresses, essays, lectures.
Valais (Switzerland) -- History -- Exhibitions.
Valais (Switzerland) -- In literature.
Valais (Switzerland) -- Languages.
Valais (Switzerland) -- Pictorial works.
Valais (Switzerland) -- Politics and government.
Valais (Switzerland) -- Population -- History.
Valais (Switzerland) -- Population -- Statistics.
Valais (Switzerland) -- Social conditions.
Valais (Switzerland) -- Social life and customs.
Valais (Switzerland) -- Statistics.
Valdez-Cordova Borough, Alaska -- Genealogy.
Valencia County (N.M.)
Valencia County (N.M.) -- Antiquities.
Valencia County (N.M.) -- Church history.
Valencia County (N.M.) -- Floods.
Valencia County (N.M.) -- Genealogy.
Valencia County (N.M.) -- History.
Valencia County (N.M.) -- Maps.
Valencia (Spain)
           ALSO KNOWN AS:
             Valencia (City)
             Balansiyah, Spain.
             Valence, Spain.
Valencia (Spain : Region)
Valenciennes Region (France) -- Antiquities -- Catalogs.
Valenciennes Region (France) -- Economic conditions.
Valenciennes Region (France) -- Genealogy.
Valenciennes Region (France) -- Social conditions.
Valladolid (Spain)
Valladolid (Spain : Province)
           ALSO KNOWN AS:
             Valladolid (Province)
Valladolid (Spain : Province) -- Antiquities.
Valladolid (Spain : Province) -- Antiquities, Roman -- Catalogs.
Valladolid (Spain : Province) -- Bibliography.
Valladolid (Spain : Province) -- Biography.
Valladolid (Spain : Province) -- Church history.
Valladolid (Spain : Province) -- Civilization.
Valladolid (Spain : Province) -- Description and travel.
Valladolid (Spain : Province) -- Economic conditions.
Valladolid (Spain : Province) -- Economic policy.
Valladolid (Spain : Province) -- Genealogy.
Valladolid (Spain : Province) -- History.
Valladolid (Spain : Province) -- History -- 16th century.
Valladolid (Spain : Province) -- History -- 20th century.
Valladolid (Spain : Province) -- History -- Sources.
Valladolid (Spain : Province) -- History -- Sources -- Bibliography -- Catalogs.
Valladolid (Spain : Province) -- Intellectual life.
Valladolid (Spain : Province) -- Maps.
Valladolid (Spain : Province) -- Maps -- Bibliography -- Catalogs.
Valladolid (Spain : Province) -- Nobility -- Indexes.
Valladolid (Spain : Province) -- Politics and government.
Valladolid (Spain : Province) -- Social conditions.
Valladolid (Spain : Province) -- Social conditions -- To 1800.
Valladolid (Spain : Province) -- Social life and customs.
Valladolid (Spain : Province) -- Statistics.
Valley County, Idaho -- Genealogy.
Valley County, Montana -- Genealogy.
Valley County, Nebraska -- Genealogy.
Valls (Spain)
Valls (Spain) -- Buildings, structures, etc. -- History.
Valls (Spain) -- Description and travel.
Valls (Spain) -- Genealogy -- Bibliography -- Catalogs.
Valls (Spain) -- History.
Valls (Spain) -- History -- Sources -- Bibliography -- Catalogs.
Valognes (France)
Valognes (France) -- Genealogy -- Bibliography -- Catalogs.
Valognes (France) -- History -- Sources -- Bibliography -- Catalogs.
Valois, House of.
Valois, House of -- Art collections.
Valois, House of -- Genealogy.
Van Buren County, Arkansas -- Genealogy.
Van Buren County, Iowa -- Genealogy.
Van Buren County, Michigan -- Genealogy.
Van Buren County, Missouri -- Genealogy.
Van Buren County, Tennessee -- Genealogy.
Van Dinh (Vietnam) -- Genealogy.
Van Wert County (Ohio) -- Biography.
Van Wert County (Ohio) -- Description and travel.
Van Wert County (Ohio) -- Genealogy.
Van Wert County (Ohio) -- History.
Van Wert County (Ohio) -- Maps.
Van Zandt County, Texas -- Genealogy.
Vance County (N.C.) -- Biography.
           ALSO KNOWN AS:
             Vance County, N.C.
Vance County (N.C.) -- Genealogy.
Vance County (N.C.) -- History.
Vance County (N.C.) -- Maps.
Vancouver (B.C.)
Vancouver (Wash.)
           ALSO KNOWN AS:
             Vancouver, Wash.
Vancouver (Wash.) -- Biography.
Vancouver (Wash.) -- Bridges.
Vancouver (Wash.) -- Cemeteries.
Vancouver (Wash.) -- Centennial celebrations, etc.
Vancouver (Wash.) -- City planning.
Vancouver (Wash.) -- Civilization.
Vancouver (Wash.) -- Description and travel.
Vancouver (Wash.) -- Directories.
Vancouver (Wash.) -- Directories -- Indexes.
Vancouver (Wash.) -- Economic conditions.
Vancouver (Wash.) -- Genealogy.
Vancouver (Wash.) -- Harbor.
Vancouver (Wash.) -- History.
Vancouver (Wash.) -- History -- Chronology.
Vancouver (Wash.) -- Maps.
Vancouver (Wash.) -- Maps, Topographic.
Vancouver (Wash.) -- Pictorial works.
Vancouver (Wash.) -- Population -- Maps.
Vancouver (Wash.) -- Remote-sensing maps.
Vancouver (Wash.) -- Water-supply.
Vanderburgh County (Ind.) -- Antiquities.
           ALSO KNOWN AS:
             Vanderburgh Co., Ind.
Vanderburgh County (Ind.) -- Biography.
Vanderburgh County (Ind.) -- Genealogy.
Vanderburgh County (Ind.) -- Genealogy -- Indexes.
Vanderburgh County (Ind.) -- History.
Vanderburgh County (Ind.) -- Maps.
Vanier (Ont.) -- Genealogy.
Vanier (Ont.) -- Registers.
Vanuatu --
     Vanuatu Family History Centers
Värmland County, Sweden -- Genealogy.
Varmlands lan (Sweden) -- Boundaries -- Norway.
Varmlands lan (Sweden) -- Civilization.
Varmlands lan (Sweden) -- Defenses.
Varmlands lan (Sweden) -- Description and travel.
Varmlands lan (Sweden) -- Description and travel -- Poetry.
Varmlands lan (Sweden) -- Ethnic relations.
Varmlands lan (Sweden) -- Genealogy.
Varmlands lan (Sweden) -- Guidebooks.
Varmlands lan (Sweden) -- Historical geography.
Varmlands lan (Sweden) -- Historiography.
Varmlands lan (Sweden) -- History.
Varmlands lan (Sweden) -- History -- 20th century.
Varmlands lan (Sweden) -- History, Local.
Varmlands lan (Sweden) -- Intellectual life.
Varmlands lan (Sweden) -- Literary collections.
Varmlands lan (Sweden) -- Rural conditions.
Varmlands lan (Sweden) -- Social conditions.
Varmlands lan (Sweden) -- Social life and customs.
Vartdal (Norway) -- Genealogy.
Vas Megye (Hungary) -- Administrative and political divisions -- Maps.
Vas Megye (Hungary) -- Antiquities.
Vas Megye (Hungary) -- Gazetteers.
Vas Megye (Hungary) -- Genealogy.
Vas Megye (Hungary) -- Maps.
Vas Megye (Hungary) -- Pictorial works.
Västerbotten County, Sweden -- Genealogy.
Västernorrland County, Sweden -- Genealogy.
Västmanland County, Sweden -- Genealogy.
Vatican City -- Genealogy.
Vaucluse, France (Dept.)
Vaux (Switzerland) -- Genealogy.
Venango County (Pa.) -- Biography.
Venango County (Pa.) -- Centennial celebrations, etc.
Venango County (Pa.) -- Church history.
Venango County (Pa.) -- Economic conditions.
Venango County (Pa.) -- Genealogy.
Venango County (Pa.) -- History.
Venango County (Pa.) -- History -- Anecdotes.
Venango County (Pa.) -- History -- Miscellanea.
Venango County (Pa.) -- Maps.
Venango County (Pa.) -- Maps -- Databases.
Venango County (Pa.) -- Maps, Topographic.
Vendee (France)
           ALSO KNOWN AS:
             Vendee, France (Dept.)
Vendome Region (France) -- Civilization.
Vendome Region (France) -- Genealogy.
Vendome Region (France) -- History -- 18th century.
Vendome Region (France) -- History -- 19th century.
Vendome Region (France) -- Rural conditions -- 18th century.
Vendome Region (France) -- Rural conditions Sources.
Vendome Region (France) -- Social conditions -- 18th century.
Vendome Region (France) -- Social conditions -- 18th century -- Sources.
Vendome Region (France) -- Social conditions -- 19th century.
Veneto (Italy)
           ALSO KNOWN AS:
             Regione veneta.
             Veneto, Italy.
Venevelles (France) -- Genealogy.
Venevelles (France) -- History.
Venezuela -- Genealogy.
                      Venezuela Family History Centers
           ALSO KNOWN AS:
Venice (Italy)
           ALSO KNOWN AS:
             Velence, Italy.
             Rzeczpospolita Wenecka.
Ventura (Calif.)
Ventura County (Calif.)
           ALSO KNOWN AS:
             Ventura Co., Calif.
Ventura County, California -- Genealogy.
Ventura County Genealogical Society -- Directories.
Vermilion County (Ill.) -- Aerial views.
Vermilion County (Ill.) -- Biography.
Vermilion County (Ill.) -- Centennial celebrations, etc.
Vermilion County (Ill.) -- Climate.
Vermilion County (Ill.) -- Genealogy.
Vermilion County (Ill.) -- History.
Vermilion County (Ill.) -- Maps.
Vermilion County (Ill.) -- Maps, Topographic.
Vermillion County (Ind.) -- Biography.
Vermillion County (Ind.) -- Directories.
Vermillion County (Ind.) -- Genealogy.
Vermillion County (Ind.) -- History.
Vermillion County (Ind.) -- Maps.
Vermillion County (Ind.) -- Maps -- Databases.
Vermilion Parish, Louisiana -- Genealogy.
Vermont -- Genealogy.
                  Vermont Family History Centers
Vernon (B.C.) -- Biography.
           ALSO KNOWN AS:
             Vernon, B.C.
Vernon (B.C.) -- Genealogy.
Vernon (B.C.) -- History.
Vernon (B.C.) -- History -- Pictorial works.
Vernon (B.C.) -- Photographs.
Vernon County (Mo.) -- Biography.
           ALSO KNOWN AS:
             Vernon Co., Mo.
Vernon County (Mo.) -- Genealogy.
Vernon County (Mo.) -- History.
Vernon County (Mo.) -- Maps.
Vernon County (Wis.) -- Biography.
Vernon County (Wis.) -- Description and travel.
Vernon County (Wis.) -- Genealogy.
Vernon County (Wis.) -- History.
Vernon County (Wis.) -- Maps.
Vernon County (Wis.) -- Maps, Topographic.
Vernon Parish, Louisiana -- Genealogy.
Verona (Italy)
           ALSO KNOWN AS:
Versailles (France)
           ALSO KNOWN AS:
             Versailles, France.
Veterans -- Arkansas -- Genealogy.
Veterans -- Arkansas -- Genealogy -- Indexes.
Veterans -- Montana -- Genealogy.
Veterans -- Nebraska -- Genealogy.
Veterans -- North Dakota -- Genealogy.
Veterans -- Oklahoma -- Genealogy.
Veterans -- Ohio -- Athens County -- Genealogy.
Veterans -- Tennessee -- Roane County -- Genealogy.
Veterans -- Texas -- Genealogy.
Veterans -- United States -- Genealogy.
Vicksburg (Miss.)
           ALSO KNOWN AS:
             Vicksburg, Miss.
Vicksburg (Ms.) -- Genealogy.
           ALSO KNOWN AS:
             Victoria, Australia.
Victoria (Australia) -- Genealogy.
Victoria County (Tex.) -- Antiquities.
Victoria County (Tex.) -- Genealogy.
Victoria County (Tex.) -- History.
Victoria County (Tex.) -- History -- Dictionaries.
Victoria County (Tex.) -- Maps.
Victoria (N.S.) -- Genealogy.
Victoria (N.S.) -- History.
Victorville Region (Calif.) -- Genealogy.
Vietnam -- Genealogy.
           ALSO KNOWN AS:
             National Republic of Vietnam.
             Republic of Viet Nam.
             South Vietnam.
             Biet Nam.
             Vietnam del Sur.
             Vietnan del Sur.
             Socialist Republic of Vietnam.
             Cong Hoa Xa Hoi Chu Nghia Viet Nam.
Vietnamese Americans -- Genealogy.
Vieux-Thann (France) -- Genealogy -- Sources.
Vieux-Thann (France) -- Social life and customs -- Sources.
Vigo County (Ind.)
           ALSO KNOWN AS:
             Vigo Co., Ind.
Vigo County (Ind.) -- Antiquities.
Vigo County (Ind.) -- Biography.
Vigo County (Ind.) -- Biography -- Indexes.
Vigo County (Ind.) -- Genealogy.
Vigo County (Ind.) -- History.
Vigo County (Ind.) -- History -- Indexes.
Vigo County (Ind.) -- Maps.
Vigo (Spain)
           ALSO KNOWN AS:
             Vigo, Spain.
Vigo (Spain) -- Antiquities, Roman.
Vigo (Spain) -- Description and travel.
Vigo (Spain) -- Economic conditions.
Vigo (Spain) -- Genealogy.
Vigo (Spain) -- Guidebooks.
Vigo (Spain) -- History.
Vigo (Spain) -- History -- Chronology.
Vigo (Spain) -- Maps.
Viipuri County, Finland -- Genealogy.
Vilaflor (Canary Islands) -- Genealogy.
Vilaflor (Canary Islands) -- History.
Vilarrodona (Spain) -- Genealogy.
Vilarrodona (Spain) -- History.
Vilas County, Wisconsin -- Genealogy.
Villamblard Region (France) -- Genealogy.
Villamblard Region (France) -- History.
Villanueva y Geltru (Spain) -- Carnival.
Villanueva y Geltru (Spain) -- Genealogy -- Bibliography -- Catalogs.
Villanueva y Geltru (Spain) -- History.
Villanueva y Geltru (Spain) -- History -- Sources -- Bibliography -- Catalogs.
Villanueva y Geltru (Spain) -- Imprints -- History.
Villanueva y Geltru (Spain) -- Population -- History -- 18th century.
Villanueva y Geltru (Spain) -- Social life and customs.
Ville Platte (La.)
Ville Platte (La.) -- Genealogy.
Vilnius (Lithuania)
Vineland (N.J.) -- Biography.
Vineland (N.J.) -- Directories.
Vineland (N.J.) -- Directories -- Indexes.
Vineland (N.J.) -- Genealogy.
Vineland (N.J.) -- History.
Vineland (N.J.) -- Maps.
Vineland (N.J.) -- Schools.
Vinton (Calif.) -- Genealogy.
Vinton County (Ohio) -- Genealogy.
Vinton County (Ohio) -- History.
Vinton County (Ohio) -- Maps.
Vipiteno (Italy)
Vipiteno (Italy) -- Genealogy.
Vipiteno (Italy) -- Social life and customs.
Virgin Islands: Virgin Islands, British -- Genealogy.
                        Virgin Islands of the United States -- Genealogy.
           ALSO KNOWN AS:
             Virgin Islands, American.
             Virgin Islands, Danish.
Virginia -- Genealogy.
                 Virginia Family History Centers
           ALSO KNOWN AS:
             Virginia (Colony)
Virginia -- Genealogy -- Bibliography.
Virginia Beach, Virginia -- Genealogy.
Virginia City (Nev.)
           ALSO KNOWN AS:
             Virginia City, Nev.
Virginia Genealogist, The -- Indexes.
Virginia, Southwest -- Antiquities.
Virginia, Southwest -- Genealogy.
Virginia, Southwest -- History.
Virginia, Southwest -- History -- Sources.
Virginia (State) -- Genealogy -- Sources.
Virginia (State) -- History (Colonial period.) -- To 1775.
Virginia (State) -- History -- To 1775 (Colonial period)
Virginia (State) -- Social life and customs.
Vishovgrad (Bulgaria) -- Biography.
Vishovgrad (Bulgaria) -- Genealogy.
Vista (Calif.)
Vista (Calif.) -- Biography.
Vista (Calif.) -- Boundaries.
Vista (Calif.) -- Description and travel.
Vista (Calif.) -- Economic conditions.
Vista (Calif.) -- Environmental aspects.
Vista (Calif.) -- Genealogy.
Vista (Calif.) -- History.
Vista (Calif.) -- Maps.
Vista (Calif.) -- Maps -- 1973.
Vista (Calif.) -- Maps -- 1977.
Vista (Calif.) -- Politics and government.
Vista (Calif.) -- Population -- Statistics.
Vista (Calif.) -- Statistics.
Vitsebskaia voblasts' (Belarus)
Vitsebskaia voblasts' (Belarus) -- Administrative and political divisions -- Maps.
Vitsebskaia voblasts' (Belarus) -- Gazetteers.
Vitsebskaia voblasts' (Belarus) -- Genealogy.
Vitsebskaia voblasts' (Belarus) -- History.
Vitsebskaia voblasts' (Belarus) -- History, Local.
Vitsebskaia voblasts' (Belarus) -- History, Military.
Vitsebskaia voblasts' (Belarus) -- Maps.
Vitsebskaia voblasts' (Belarus) -- Relations (general) with Frankfurt an der Oder (Bezirk)
Vitsebskaia voblasts' (Belarus) -- Relations -- Germany -- Frankfurt an der Oder (Bezirk)
Vizcaya (Spain)
           ALSO KNOWN AS:
             Biscay, Spain.
             Bizcaya, Spain.
             Vizcaya, Spain.
Vladimirskaia oblast' (Russia)
Vlas'ev family -- Genealogy.
Vojvodina (Serbia)
Volcano (Calif.)
Volcano (Calif.) -- Antiquities.
Volcano (Calif.) -- Biography.
Volcano (Calif.) -- Biography -- Indexes.
Volcano (Calif.) -- Description and travel.
Volcano (Calif.) -- Genealogy.
Volcano (Calif.) -- Genealogy -- Indexes.
Volcano (Calif.) -- History.
Volcano (Calif.) -- History -- Sources.
Volcano (Calif.) -- Pictorial works.
Vologodskaia oblast' (Russia)
Vologodskaia oblast' (Russia) -- Administrative and political divisions -- Maps.
Vologodskaia oblast' (Russia) -- Antiquities.
Vologodskaia oblast' (Russia) -- Antiquities -- Catalogs.
Vologodskaia oblast' (Russia) -- Bibliography.
Vologodskaia oblast' (Russia) -- Biography.
Vologodskaia oblast' (Russia) -- Church history.
Vologodskaia oblast' (Russia) -- Civilization.
Vologodskaia oblast' (Russia) -- Civilization -- Sources.
Vologodskaia oblast' (Russia) -- Climate Maps.
Vologodskaia oblast' (Russia) -- Description and travel.
Vologodskaia oblast' (Russia) -- Economic conditions.
Vologodskaia oblast' (Russia) -- Economic conditions -- Statistics.
Vologodskaia oblast' (Russia) -- Economic policy -- 1991-.
Vologodskaia oblast' (Russia) -- Genealogy.
Vologodskaia oblast' (Russia) -- History.
Vologodskaia oblast' (Russia) -- History, Local.
Vologodskaia oblast' (Russia) -- History Maps.
Vologodskaia oblast' (Russia) -- History -- Sources.
Vologodskaia oblast' (Russia) -- History -- Sources -- Catalogs.
Vologodskaia oblast' (Russia) -- Intellectual life.
Vologodskaia oblast' (Russia) -- Maps.
Vologodskaia oblast' (Russia) -- Maps, Physical.
Vologodskaia oblast' (Russia) -- Maps, Topographic.
Vologodskaia oblast' (Russia) -- Social conditions.
Vologodskaia oblast' (Russia) -- Social conditions -- Statistics.
Vologodskaia oblast' (Russia) -- Social life and customs.
Vologodskaia oblast' (Russia) -- Statistics.
Volusia County (Fla.)
           ALSO KNOWN AS:
             Volusia Co., Fla.
Volusia County (Fla.) -- Genealogy.
Volusia County (Fla.) -- History.
Volusia County (Fla.) -- Maps.
Volusia County (Fla.) -- Social conditions.
Voronezhskaia oblast' (Russia)
Vufflens-le-Chateau (Switzerland) -- Buildings, structures, etc.
Vufflens-le-Chateau (Switzerland) -- Genealogy.

(Current & Miscellaneous)

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