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Tabi to rutsu /, Nihon Kakeizu Gakkai, Nihon Dentobi Hozonkai.

Tokyo : Hobunkan Shuppan, Heisei 4- [1992-

Related titles: Continues: Seishi to kamon

Language: Japanese

SRLF            No call number       BN62-78(1992-99)

UCLA EastAsian  CS1300 .S45 Display Area

                UN79-80(2000) UN81-82(2001) UN83(2002)

                EALDISP-UJNL Currently received.



A Tale of mid-cities /, Mid-Cities Genealogical Society.

Bedford, Tex. : The Society, 1979-

Language: English

Tulare Public Library                1979-80



The Tallow light. [Marietta, Ohio]

Language: English

Los Angeles Public Library           2 Ap1967-Mr1968



Tap roots. [Shreveport, La.] Southern Genealogical Institute.

Language: English

Tulare Public Library                     1979-80

Los Angeles Public Library           1-24 1977-80

Orange Family History Center

                [1#4-#6, 2#1-#3] [Ag-Dc1977, Fe-My/Je1978]



Taxandria. Bergen-op-Zoom. v. ill., plates, port., map, facsim. Language: Dutch

NRLF            DJ401.B7 T3 v. 1-22

GETTY Getty     DJ401.B7 T23        v.1(1894)-v.50(1943)

UCB Main        DJ401.B7 T3            Bound 1(1894)-22(1915)

                                                             AT NRLF: v. 1-22



Tayerer landsman /, the Jewish Genealogy Society of South Florida.
Miami, Fla. : The Society, 1984-1992.

Language: English

Orange Family History Center         [1984, 1988, 1990, 1991, 1992]



Tehama County Genealogical and Historical Society.
Tehama County Genealogical and Historical Society newsletter.
Red Bluff, CA : The Society

Language: English

CSL State Lib   No call number California

                           Vol. 9, no. 2 (Sept.-Oct. 1989)-



Tennessee ancestors : a tri-annual publication of the East Tennessee

Historical Society. [Knoxville, TN] : The Society, [c1985-

Language: English

CSL Sutro       F435 .T46            Vol. 4 (1988)-v. 6 (1990)



The Tennessee genealogist and family historian /, Tennessee

Historical Society. Nashville, Tenn. : The Society, [1989-

Related titles: Genealogist and family historian

Language: English

UCB Main        F435 .T455          

                BOUND v.1:1(May 1989)-1:2(Sept 1989)

UCLA YRL        No call number Stacks

                Holdings not reported


UCSB Main Lib   F435 .T355 Special Coll

                 v.1:no.1-2 (1989)

                 No longer published.



The Tennessee researcher. Murray, Utah : Allstates Research Co.

Language: English

CSL Sutro       F435 .T4                 v. 1, no. 2 (June 1962)-

Los Angeles Public Library           [1-2], 3-4 [1962-63], 1964-65



Terrebonne life lines. Houma, La. :

Terrebonne Genealogical Society, 1982-

Language: English

Carlsbad City Library                [1+] [1982+]



The Texarkana USA genealogist's quarterly.

Texarkana, Ark.-Tex. : Texarkana USA Genealogical Society,

1982-1986. Related titles: Texarkana U.S.A. genealogist's

quarterly Continues: Texarkana USA quarterly Continued by:

Texarkana U.S.A. quarterly (1987)

Language: English

Tulare Public Library                1980-86



Texas heritage. Fort Worth, Texas Family Heritage, inc.
Language: English

CSL Sutro       F385 .T48               V. 1, no. 1 (June 1975)-

Los Angeles Public Library           1-3 Je1975-Spr1978



Texas kin /, Balch Springs Historical and Genealogical Society.

Balch Springs, Tex. : The Society, 1973-

Related titles: Continues: Balch Springs Historical and Genealogical Society

Language: English

Tulare Public Library                1986+



Texas State Genealogical Society newsletter.

Sulphur Springs, TX : The Society, [1990-

Related titles: TSGS newsletter

Language: English

Los Angeles Public Library           1 yr + curr



Thoresby Society, Leeds. Miscellany. Leeds.

Series title: Its Publications STAN

Related titles: Miscellanea 1891-1931 Thoresby miscellany 1936-42

Language: English

NRLF               DA670.Y6 T5 v.2, etc.

                v.2, v.4-5, v.9, v.11, v.15, v.21-22, v.24, v.26,

                v.28:1-2, v.33, v.37, v.41:1, v.41:3-4, v.45-47,

                v.50-56, v.59:1-59:2

UCB Main        DA670.Y6 T5 v.2, etc.

                BOUND 1(1891)-19(1988); 1990, 1992-1994, 1997, 1999-

                2000 (see DA670.Y6.T5 v. 2, 4, 9, 11, 15, 22, 24,

                26, 28, 33, 37, 41, 46, 50, 53-54, 56, 59, 63;

                ser.2:1, 3-5, 8, 10-11 MAIN)

                AT NRLF: v.2, v.4-5, v.9, v.11, v.15, v.21-22,

                v.24, v.26, v.28:1-2, v.33, v.37, v.41:1, v.41:3-4,

                v.45-47, v.50-56, v.59:1-59:2

STAN Green      DA670.Y59 T4 subser. Stacks

                1, 1891-1989; 2nd ser.: 1, 1990-



Thoroton Society. Transactions. Nottingham, Eng.,

Printed for the Society by Derry & Sons.

Language: English

STAN Green      DA670 .N89 T5 Stacks 49, 1945-



Threads of life. Lamesa, Tex. : Lamesa Area Genealogical Society, 1974-

Related titles: Continues: Lamesa Area Genealogical Society

Bulletin – Lamesa Area Genealogical Society

Language: English

Tulare Public Library                1975+



Tidewater Virginia families : a magazine of history

and genealogy. Urbanna, VA : Virginia L.H. Davis, c1992-

Language: English

CSL Sutro       F225 .T52           

                Vol. 1, no. 1 (May/June 1992)-

Orange Family History Center

                1-8, [9#1-#3] 1992-Ag/Se1999,[My/Je-Nv/Dc2000]



Timbertown log. Saginaw, Mich. : Saginaw Genealogical Society

Language: English

Los Angeles Public Library           1-12 1972-84

Pasadena Public Library                2-4 Fall1973-Sum1976



Toledot: the journal of Jewish genealogy. Flushing, N.Y., Toledot Press.

Related titles: Journal of Jewish genealogy

Language: In English.

Language: English

Los Angeles Public Library

                1-4#3 1977-82

UCLA YRL        CS31 .T64 Stacks    

                B1-3(1977/8-79/1) B4N1-3(1982)

                URLSTAX-STAX   Not currently received.



The Topeka Genealogical Society quarterly. Topeka, Kan. : The Society

Language: English

Carlsbad City Library                3+ 1973+



The Topographer and genealogist. [S.l. : s.n.], 1846-1858 ;

(London : John Bowyer Nichols and son, printers to

the Society of Antiquaries) 3 v. : ill., geneal. tables

Related titles: Continues: Collectanea topographica et genealogica

Language: English

NRLF            CS411 T6            

                V. 1-3, 1846-58  VOLUMES RELOCATED TO NRLF.

                INQUIRE AT LOAN DESK

                Inactive Not currently received.

CSL Sutro       CS411 .C6           

                For issues received, consult library.

CSL Sutro       MICRO- FICHE G412 Nos. 42-64  23 microfiche

Los Angeles Public Library           1-3 1846-58

UCLA YRL        CS411 .T62 Stacks   

                1-3 URLSTAX-STAX No longer published.



[Tracer (Ohio Genealogical Society. Hamilton County Chapter)].

The Tracer /, Hamilton County Chapter, Ohio Genealogical Society.
Cincinnati, OH : The Chapter, 1979-

Language: English

CSL Sutro       F497.H2 T72          Vol. 7, no. 2 (Mar. 1986)-



Traces of south central Kentucky : quarterly publication of

the South Central Kentucky Historical and Genealogical Society, Incorporated.
Glasgow, Ky. : The Society, [1982-

Related titles: Traces Continues: South Central Kentucky

Historical and Genealogical Society quarterly

Language: English

CSL Sutro       F450 .T7             V. 10, n. 2 (Summer 1982)-

                        Annual index issued in the 4th issue of each volume.



The Trail blazer. [Long Beach, Calif.] : Student Body of

David Starr Jordan High School, 1937-

Related titles: Trailblazer 1939- Continues: La Pantera

Language: English

CSL State Lib   MICRO- FILM 722 California

                           1937-1945; 1947-1971; 1973-1989



Trail breakers. Vancouver, Wash., Clark County Genealogical Society.
Language: English

Sonoma County Library                Je1979+

Stockton-San Joaquin County Library  1- 1974:09-

                                                         (Shelved in Genealogy Section)

Los Angeles Public Library           1-19#1 1974-1992/93



Trails west. Hill City, S.D. : [s.n.]

Language: English

CSL Sutro       F650 .T7             V. 1, no. 1 (March 1977)-



Transactions of the Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire

for the year ... Liverpool : Printed for the Society

Related titles: Continues: Historic Society of Lancashire

and Cheshire Proceedings and papers

Language: English

UCSB Main Lib   DA670.L19 H6        

                v.106 (1954)-v.109 (1957), v.111 (1959)-v.149 (2000)

                Currently received.



Transactions of the Thoroton Society of Nottinghamshire.

Nottingham : The Society, 1898-

Language: English

UCB Main        DA670.N89T5 T7       BOUND 65(1961)-105(2001)-

                CUMULATIVE INDEXES: 1(1897)-100(1996)

UCLA YRL        DA670.N89 T5 Stacks  36(1932), 40(1936)-42(1938)




Treasure State lines. [Great Falls, Mont.,

Great Falls Genealogy Society] 1976-

Language: English

Los Angeles Public Library           1-7,16+ 1976-82,1991+



Tree shaker /, Eastern Kentucky Genealogical Society.

Ashland, Ky. : The Society

Language: English

Orange Family History Center

                [2#2, 4#2-#4], 5-6,[7#1], 19,[20#1-#3] [Spr1978,

                Spr-Aut1980], 1981-82,[Wint1983], 1995,[Ja-Jy1996]



[Tree talk (Jacksonville, Tex.)]. Tree talk. Jacksonville, Tex. :
Cherokee County Genealogical Society

Language: English

Orange Family History Center

                [6#7-#10], 7,[8#4-#6,#8,#10],[9#1],[26#1-#3]

                [Ja-Ap1984], My1984-My1985,[Nv1985-My1986,




[Tree talks (Syracuse, N.Y.)]. Tree talks /,
Central New York Genealogical Society. Syracuse, N.Y. : The Society, 1961-

Language: English

CSL Sutro       F116 .T7            

                v.1,no.1; v.2,no.3; v.4,no.1-4.

CSL Sutro       F118 .T73           

                Vol. 1, no. 1 (March 1961), v. 2, no. 3

                (Sept. 1962), v. 4, no. 1 (March 1964) -v. 4, no. 4

                (Dec. 1964), v. 14, no. 3 (Sept. 1974), v. 16, no. 3

                (Sept. 1976), v. 17, no. 3 [i.e. 4] (Dec. 1977), v. 18,

                no. 4 (Dec. 1978 v. 19, no. 4 (Dec. 1979).

Stockton-San Joaquin County Library 14+ 1974+

Tulare Public Library                   1963-73

El Segundo Public Library           Mr1976,Dc1976

Long Beach Public Library           25-32 1985-92

Los Angeles Public Library          1+ 1961+

Orange Family History Center

                [8#3-#4],[20#4],[28-38] [Se-Dc1968],[Dc1980],[1988-98]

Pomona Public Library                  12 1972



Tree tips. Goleta, CA : Santa Barbara County Genealogical Society
Language: English

Los Angeles Public Library           3#10+ Dc1987+

UCSB Main Lib   CS42 .T74 Special Coll

                v.4:no.11 (1988:Dec.), v.5:no.3

                (1989:Mar.), v.5:no.6 (1989:June)

                Not currently received.



The Tree tracers. Lawton, Okla., Southwest Oklahoma

Genealogical Society.

Language: English

Tulare Public Library                   1977-91

Orange Family History Center

                [8#1,#3-#4], 9, 21-23, 24,[25#1-#3]  [Fall1983,

                Spr-Sum1984], 1985, Se/Nv1996-Je/Ag1999, Se/Nv1999-

                Je/Ag2000,[Sep/Nov, 2000, Dc2000/Fe2001-My2001]



The Treesearcher /, Southwest Kansas Genealogical Society.

Dodge City, KS : The Society, 1959-

Language: English

CSL Sutro       F680 .T7                v.8(1966)-v.12(1970).

Tulare Public Library                    1966-84

El Segundo Public Library            1972

Long Beach Public Library           39+ 1997+

Los Angeles Public Library          + 1959+

Orange Family History Center     25-28 1983-86

Pomona Public Library                  28#4+ Wint1986+



The Treeshaker. Odessa, Tex., Permian Basin Genealogical Society.

Language: English

Los Angeles Public Library           12#1+ Ap1984+



Tri-City Genealogical Society bulletin. Kennewick, Wash. :

Tri-City Genealogical Society, 1961-

Language: English

CHS CHS         PERSTATE             v.18, nos.1,2 (1978)



Tri-county researcher. New Martinsville, WV :

Ethel Briggs and Ada Finnicum

Language: English

CSL Sutro       F240 .T742          

                Vol. 3, no. 1 (Jan. 1979)-v. 5, no. 4 (Oct. 1981)

Los Angeles Public Library           10#3+ Jy1986+

Orange Family History Center

                1-13,[14#2-#4, 15#1,#3-#4, 16#1, 17#2] Oct1976-89,

                [Ap, Oct1990, Ja, Jy, Oct1991, Ja1992, Ap1993]



The Tri-county searcher. Chester, MT : Broken Mountains

Genealogical Society, [1982?-

Related titles: Continues: Searcher (Chester, Mont.)

Language: English

Tulare Public Library                 1982-96



Trimble County heritage /, Trimble County Historical Society.

[Bedford, Ky.] : The Society, [1989-

Related titles: Continues: Yearbook (Trimble County

Historical Society)

Language: English

CSL Sutro       F457.T65 T74        

                For issues received, consult library.

                Library has: 1989-



Tulsa annals. Tulsa, Okla., Tulsa Genealogical Society.

Language: English

CSL Sutro       F693 .T84               Vol. 9, no. 3 (Sept. 1974)-

Los Angeles Public Library           1+ 1966+



Twigs magazine. Troy, Mich. : The Family Tree News, 1982-

Language: English

Los Angeles Public Library            1#1-5#2 Dc1982-Spr/Sum1990



Tyler's quarterly historical and genealogical magazine.

[S.l. : s.n.], 1919- ([Richmond, Va. : Whittet & Shepperson,  Printers])

Related titles: Continued by: Tyler's quarterly

Language: English

NRLF             F221 .T9 All volumes in NRLF

CSL Sutro       MICRO- FICHE G3 GS221

                        Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 1919)-v. 31, no. 4 (April 1950)

CSL Sutro       F221 .T95            v.1(July 1919)-v.33(Apr.1952).

UCB Main       F221 .T9            

                Bound 1(July 1919)-33(Apr 1952);

                [ser.2]:1:1(July 1952)-1:2(Oct 1952) //

                AT NRLF: All volumes in NRLF

STAN Green      F221 .T95 Stacks     1-33, 1919-52//

Los Angeles Public Library           1-33 1919-52

UCSB Main Lib   E1 .T9554            v.1 (1919)-v.33 (1952)

                Not currently received.



Tyler's quarterly. Nashville, Tenn. : [s.n.], 1952.

Related titles: Continues: Tyler's quarterly historical and genealogical magazine

Language: English

CSL Sutro       F221 .T95           

                         v.1,no.1(July 1952)-v.1,no.2(Oct.1952).


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