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Valley genealogist of Hemet-San Jacinto. Hemet, Ca. :

Hemet-San Jacinto Genealogical Society, [1980-

Language: English

CSL Sutro       F869.H45 V347       

    Vol. 11, no. 1 (Oct. 1989)-V. 14, no. 4 (July 1993)

Los Angeles Public Library           12+ Oct1990+

Orange Family History Center

    11-12,[13#1] Oct1989-Jy1991,[Oct1991]



[The valley journal (San Bernardino, Calif.)].

The valley journal. San Bernardino, Calif. :

San Bernardino Valley Genealogical Society, [2002-

Related titles: Continues: Valley quarterly

Language: English

CSL State Lib   No call number California Non Circ

                                     Vol. 39 (summer 2002)-

CSL Sutro       F868.S14 V34         Vol. 39 (summer 2002)-



Valley leaves. Huntsville, Ala. : Tennessee Valley

Genealogical Society, v. :ill., maps, ports.

Language: English

Stockton-San Joaquin County Library  1966-Je1973

Tulare Public Library                [1969,1988]-[1992]

Los Angeles Public Library           1+ 1966+

Pomona Public Library                [Mr1972-Je1976]



The valley quarterly. [San Bernardino, Calif. :

San Bernardino Valley Genealogical Society, 1962-2001]

Related titles: Continued by: Valley journal

(San Bernardino, Calif.)

Language: English

CSL State Lib   No call number California Non Circ

                [Vol. 1, no. 1 (1962) ]-v. 38, #3 & #4

                (Sept. & Dec. 2001)

CSL Sutro       F868.S14 V34         Vol. 22, no. 1 (Mar. 1985)-

UCB Bancroft    F868.S14 .V3         BOUND 1:4(DEC 1962)-V.6(1969)

Stockton-San Joaquin County Library  [2-8] [1963-68],[1970-71]

Tulare Public Library                1977+

Los Angeles Public Library           7+ 1970+

Pomona Public Library                1977-78

San Bernardino Public Library, Feldheym Library


CSU San Bern    No call number       (1-22) 1962-1985



Van Buren County historical journal. [Spencer, Tenn.] :

Van Buren County Historical Society, 1981-

Related titles: Historical journal

Language: English

Tulare Public Library                1985-87



Ventura County Genealogical Society. Ventura County Genealogical Society
quarterly. Ventura, CA : Ventura County Genealogical Society

Language: English

CSL Sutro       F868.V5 V46          Vol. 1, no. 1 (Jan./Mar. 1979)-

Los Angeles Public Library           Je1998+

Ventura County Library Svcs. Agcy.   1979-83,1985+



Vierteljahrsschrift fur wappen-, siegel- und familienfunde /,
Herausgegeben vom Verein "Herold" in Berlin. Berlin : Carl Heymanns,

v. : ill., coats of arms, geneal. tables

Language: German

CSL Sutro       CS610 .V54           v. 22 (1894)



Virginia Appalachian notes. Roanoke, Va. :
Southwestern Virginia Genealogical Society, [1977-

Related titles: Continues: Appalachian notes (Roanoke, Va.)

Language: English

Los Angeles Public Library           1+ Jy1977+

Orange Family History Center         7-15 1983-91



The Virginia gazette--genealogy. Naugatuck, Conn. : Wulfeck

Language: English

CSL Sutro       CS42 .V5             1959-62



Virginia Genealogical Society newsletter. Richmond, Va. :

Virginia Genealogical Society, 1973-

Language: English

CSL Sutro       F221 .N487          

                Vol. 15, no. 3 (May/June 1989)-v. 17,

                no. 1 (Jan./Feb. 1991); v. 18, no. 5

                (Sept./Oct. 1992)-v. 19, no. 5 (Sept./Oct. 1993);

                v. 20, no. 3 (May/June 1994); v. 21, no. 1

                (Jan./Feb. 1995)-v. 22, no. 3 (June 1996);

                v. 22, no. 5 (Oct. 1996)-v. 23, no. 3 (June 1997);

                v. 23, no. 6 (Dec. 1997)-v. 24, no. 5 (Oct. 1998);

                v. 26, no. 4 (Aug. 2000)-v. 27, no. (Apr. 2001)

Los Angeles Public Library           5#1+ Oct1977+

Orange Family History Center

       [10-12]-13-14-[15-17]-18-[19-20]-21-24-[25-27] [1984-2001]



The Virginia genealogist. [Washington, J. F. Dorman]

Language: English

Willows Public Library               1966-68,1979-82

CSL Sutro       F221 .V79            Vol. 23, no. 1 (Jan.-Mar. 1979)

Sonoma County Library                1957-58

Stockton-San Joaquin County Library

                1-14, 18-20, 22-25, 31-34 1957-70,

                1974-76, 1978-81, 1987-90

Tulare Public Library                1969-70

El Segundo Public Library            Ja1983-Je1987,Oct1987+

Los Angeles Public Library           1-6,11+ 1957-62,1967+

Orange Family History Center

                16#2, 30, 31#1-#2,#4, 32, 39#1,#3-#4

                Ap/Je1972, 1986, Ja/Mr-Ap/Je, Oct/Dc1987, 1988,

                Ja/Mr, Jy/Se-Oct/Dc1995

Pomona Public Library                1974+



The Virginia magazine of history and biography.

Richmond, Virginia Historical Society.

Language: English

Online Access:  Available for:  Materials Included  
Access Note  Online Location UCB 

Some issues available online through ProQuest Direct at:            
Link to Journal

NRLF      MICROFILM 33805 v.1-6 JULY 1893-APR. 1899, v.7-12 JULY

          1899-APR. 1905, v.13-19 JULY 1905-OCT. 1911, v.20-25 JAN.

          1912-OCT. 1917, v.26-31 JAN. 1918-OCT. 1923

NRLF      F221 .V5 Unbound issues in Periodical Room 1-5, 9-13,

          15-33, 35-94

UCD Shields     F221 V5    v.1-101, 1893-1993 (v.100 is incomplete).

          Cancelled: closed    Subscription cancelled.

CSL Sutro       F221 .V91            v.1(1893/94)-v.76(1968).

CSU Chico       F221 V91             (v.39-) 1931-

                [Microfilm=v.1-v.43 1893-1935]

CSU Humboldt    MF1426               (v.99-) 1991-

                [Microfilm=v.82-v.104 1974-1996] F221.V91.

CSU Sacrmento   No call number  (1-2, 4-82) 1893-1895, 1896-1974

UCB Main        F221 .V5            

                BOUND v.1(1893)-106:2(spring 1998), 106:4(fall 1998)-

                v.109(2001); later issues unbound

                Unbound issues in Periodical Room AT NRLF: 1-5, 9-13,

                15-33, 35-94

UCB NewsMicro   MICROFILM 33805      1(July 1893)-31(Oct 1923)

                AT NRLF: v.1-6 JULY 1893-APR. 1899, v.7-12 JULY 1899-

                APR. 1905, v.13-19 JULY 1905-OCT. 1911, v.20-25 JAN.

                1912-OCT. 1917, v.26-31 JAN. 1918-OCT. 1923

UCSC McHenry    F221.V91             91:3(July 1983)-

                Back issues: Stacks. Currently received.

CSU San Fran    No call number       (70-) 1962- [Microfiche=89-

                1981- ]  Current two years in paper

CSU San Jose    F221.V91            

                (v.58,v.60,v.74-v.90,v.104-) 1950, 1952,

                1966-1982, 1996-

                [Microfilm=v.90-v.103 1982-1995] Vol.78 incomplete.

CSU Sonoma      No call number       (v.86-) 1978-

STAN Green      F221 .V91 Stacks    

                1, 1893- Latest in current periodicals.

Stockton-San Joaquin County Library

                64-67#1 1956-Ja1959

Los Angeles Public Library

                1+ Jy1893+ (M) 38+ 1930+

Orange Family History Center

                [48#3-#4]-49-[50#1, 53#2-#3]

                [Jy-Oct1940]-1941-[Jn1942, Ap, Oct1945]

Pasadena Public Library

                [56-74] [1948-66]

UCI Main Lib    F 221 V91 Latest in Curr Per Rm


                Currently received.

UCI Main Lib    [MICROFILM] S 000577 Curr Per Rm


                Not currently received.

UCLA YRL        F221 .V81 Periodicals

                U106N1-2, 4(1998). U107N1-4(1999)

                U108N1-4(2000) U109N1-4(2001) U110N1-2(2002)

                URLPERI-STAX Currently received.

UCLA YRL        F221 .V81 Stacks    

                B1-105(1893-1997) ***Copy 2: V.82

                URLSTAX-STAX Currently received.

UCSB Main Lib   E1 .V57              v.1 (1893)-v.107 (1999)

                Currently received.

CSU Fullerton   F221 V91            

                (85-) 1977- [Microfilm=1-97 1893-1989].

CSU LongBeach   F221.V91            

                (1-) 1893- [Microfilm=85-95 1977-1987].

CSU Los Ang     No call number       (1-101) 1893-1993

                [Microfilm=88-100 1980-1992]

CSU Northridg   No call number       (72-99) 1964-1991

CSU San Luis    F 221 .V91           (77-101) 1969-1993

                [Microfilm=1-76 1893-1968]

San Diego Public Library

                1-101 Jy1893-1993 (M) 88+ 1980+

UCR Rivera      F221 V8 Recent in Current Periodicals;

                older in stacks   v.1(1893)-107(1999)-.

                Currently received.

UCSD SSH        F 221 V91 Current Shelves-Bound in Stacks

                1- (1893- ) Currently received.

CSU Bakersfld   No call number      

                (82-) 1974- [Microfilm=82-84 1974-1976]

CSU San Diego   No call number      

                (1-37, 74-) 1893-1929, 1966-

                [Microfilm=38-73 1930-1965].

                Indexes=78-80 1970-1972

CSU SanMarcos   No call number       (v.98-) 1990-




The Virginia magazine of history and biography [microform]

Richmond, Va. : Virginia Historical Society, 1893-

v. : ill., plates, ports., maps (part folded), plans, facsims.,

folded geneal. tables

Language: English

CSL Sutro       MICRO- FILM 706      Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 1893)-



Virginia Tidewater genealogy. Hampton, Va.,
Hugh S. Watson Jr. Genealogical Society of Tidewater, Virginia.

Language: English

CSL Sutro       F225 .V89            V. 7, no. 2 (June 1976)-

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