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  The Genealogy and Family History Internet Web Directory has
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interested in their
  Tinney/Tenney/Tennyson, etc. variations Surname and

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  has been
created as a useful Internet research tool for anyone doing
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  The Tinney-Green(e) / Baker-Quibell Family Organization Newsletter
  has been established at:
  The Tinney Surname study reviews the ancient history of mankind
   to the present.  It includes information on the beginning of surnames
  and record keeping from worldwide sources. Tinney
  Surname/variations relatives, please send us your E-mail address,
  if interested, with permission to add to our address section.  Please
  send with current residence and your records of research interest.
  We would also like to be informed of your earliest Tinney/Tenney/
  Tennyson/etc. ancestor in your family branch, or data on any
  family reunions.  Please drop us a line, if interested.  We will
  be happy to hear from you and add you to our growing number of friends.
  Respectfully yours,
  V. Chris and Thomas M. Tinney, Sr. and Family [updated]
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Subject:   Elizabeth Tinney
Date:             Born 1910; died 20 June 1984

Subject:     Tinney Family: Belcourt Castle, Newport, Rhode Island [USA]
Date:          1956

Subject:     Captain Richard L. Tinney
Date:          1964/03/11
Subject:     Captain Richard L. Tinney
Date:          1965/06/09
Subject:     Oscar W. and Margaret Ann Tinney
Date:          1974/02/22
Subject:     Ruth Tinney family
Title:          Newport House robbed as its hosts entertain. (Belcourt Castle
                  mansion burglary, Rhode Island, [USA]).
Journal:     New York Times v132 (Sat, 1983/07/02):6(N), col 6.
Subject:     Michael Tinney, (LL.B.), in Victoria, Australia.
Date:          1984
Subject:     Tinney, Richard D.
Title:          Bohemia Inc. (Who's News).
Journal:     Wall Street Journal (Fri, 1984/09/28):10(W), 16(E), col 4.
Subject:     Ross Tinney Productions, now RT Films, of Perth, Western Australia.
Date:          1985
Subject:     Tinney, Richard D.
Title:          Bohemia Inc. (Executive Changes).
Journal:     New York Times v136 (Wed, 1987/09/30):30(N), D2(L), col 5.
Subject:     Craig Tinney: The Tucson Friends Of Traditional Music
Date:          1995/02/16-22
Subject:     Jordan Tinney, teacher at a Middle school, Victoria, BC, CANADA.
Date:          1995/05/26
Author:      Tinney, M.D.
Affiliation:       Canadian Dept. of Nat. Defence, Canada.
Title:                An integrated protection and control system for a warship's electric plant.
Source:            Inst. Marine Eng, 1995. p. 3-1-3-9 of 250 pp. 4 references.
Conference:     Electric Propulsion. The Effective Solution?  Proceedings of Electric
Propulsion:      The Effective Solution, London, UK, 1995/10/05-06.
Subject:     Matthew Tinney
From:         Press Democrat, Sports Section;
Date:          1996/01/17
Subject:     GOLDEN + other surnames (Long!)
From:         Patrick McCarthy <T80PWM1@WPO.CSO.NIU.EDU>
Date:          1996/05/23
Message-ID:     <4o2r13$>
Article Segment 2 of 2:
                        . . . 5. Susan m. Charles Tinney
Subject:     TINNEY/WILLCOCKS/KEAL of Cornwall
From:         The Millers <rmiller@WATERW.COM>
Date:           1996/08/26
Message-ID:     <>
Looking for relatives and information about the ancestry of John Tinney
(born 17 Jan 1856, Welltown, Forrabury, Cornwall, ENGLAND), who 
(21 Apr 1878, Plymouth, Devon, ENGLAND), 
Catherine Willcocks
, (born
24 Mar 1858); she the daughter of Capt. 
John Willcocks
, (born 29 June 1835,
probably at Looe, Cornwall, 
ENGLAND; died about 1925) and Mary ----------.John Willcocks' ship, 
"The Volunteer", was docked at the port of Plymouth at
the time the 
A.D. 1881 Census was taken.  They may have lived in West Looe,
one time.  Their son-in-law and his wife, their daughter; namely:
John Tinney, and his wife Catherine Willcocks, probably lived in 
Cornwall, ENGLAND, at least in the 1880's - early 1890's, 
before coming to the
USA.  John Tinney's parents were: David Tinney
( . . . died before 21 Apr 1878),
and his wife Elizabeth Keal.
I would enjoy hearing from anyone with information on these families.
Subject:     Tinney
From:         Eugene Tinney <>
Date:          1996/08/30
Message-ID:     <>
Need help on fore and after genealogy of Thomas Tinney who arrived 
in the
United States in mid 1800's, with two brothers, from Cornwall, 
  His wife was Caroline Pritchett from Carroll County, 
Georgia.  His son was
Thomas Howelsworth Tinney, born Feb. 4, 1868, 
died March 23,1941.  His
grandson was Paul E. Tinney, born 
Aug. 15, 1914.
Subject:     Re: Tinney
From: (Leonard M. Keane)
Date:          1996/09/05
Message-ID:     <50mp8m$>
In <> Glen Rossignoli
<grossi@OZEMAIL.COM.AU> writes:
I too am looking for Tinney, but from London, ENGLAND:
Claranda Tinney, born 29 Sept 1855, at Paddington, London, ENGLAND;
Daughter of William Tinney and Elizabeth Leigh.
Arrived AUSTRALIA, circa A.D. 1880.
Married James Maxim Byham, 27 Dec 1880, at Melbourne, AUSTRALIA.
From: Pat Rossi; Melbourne, AUSTRALIA.
Using her sons email account  <>  and loving it!!
Subject:     Larry Tinney Farm Worker II Horticulture Farm 845-3526.
Date:          1996/09/05
Subject:     Re: Loyalist paranoia hits new highs (lows)
From: (Gareth G Davis)
Date:          1996/09/13
Message-ID:     <51bvnt$>
My description of them as 'managers' is inaccurate - they are the
members of the board of directors. John Keon (CEO) and 
Lexie Tinney
named in a newsletter report, along with three 
other members of the board.
Tinney himself is a clerk of session 
of the church.
Subject:     Re: Netscape slowness & freezing
From:         Brian Tinney <>
                  Netscape/2 for OS/2 doesn't seem to have that problem.
Date:          Mon, 1996/11/25 21:57:43 -0500 (EST)
Subject:     Anthea Tinney, Head of Environment Australia’s 
                  Environment Protection Group

Date:          1997/01/29
Subject:     Stand in the Gap deadline nears
From:         Lloyd Colston <>
Date:          1997/02/17
Message-ID:     <>
Newsgroups:    soc.religion.christian.promisekeepers
This offer has a deadline of Friday 21 Feb. so please call David Tinney
at 800 488 7901 if you are in the middle America (close to Kansas City) and
want to go to DC same day air on October 4.
Subject:     LIVERS (surname)
Date:          1997/03/21
Message-ID:     <>
Newsgroups:   alt.genealogy
This doesn't seem to be a common surname.  If the name is familiar to 
you we
may be able to share information.  I have a Rebecca Long 
Benge (1874 AR-1949
KS) who married a Livers after 1900.  She 
had Children: Amos, Dan, and Chule
of El Dorado KS, M. Tinney of 
Modesto, CA and Sylvia Lowder of Van Buren AR,
Pearl Taylor and 
Maude Bookout of Modesto CA (or OK), and C.W. Benge of

Arkansas City AR. All this according to her 1949 obituary.  I'd like to
contact her descendants.  Apparently Chule (1913-1971) died in 
Wichita KS, and
Sylvia Lowder (1903-1988) died in Fort Smith AR 
according to the Social
Security records.
Subject:     Re: PECKEL anyone?
From:         "Mike Zuchick (Mikhail Kozupchik)" <kozupchik@CITYNET.NET>
Date:          1997/03/29
Message-ID:     <>
Newsgroups:    soc.genealogy.slavic
Could you tell me where these Peckels lived, those that you knew?  
Maybe an
address, so that I can get in touch with them?   The family 
lived in Carswell Hollow in
McDowell County, West Virginia near 
Kimball, W. Va.. A Friend of mine
Richard Tinney married one of the 
Peckel's Granddaughters.  The Old Man made fine Violins 
and was crippledin his legs, but I do not know what from, most likely

Polio. One of hisson's was Harry, but Harry was never married. Harry's 
brother and his
family lived with Harry and his mother and dad, but I can 
not remember his name.
  This was around 40 years ago and I could not 
tell you much more about any
address because the family moved away 
in the 70's, but I will do some searching
for Richard Tinney to see if
can find him and let you know how to contact him.

+ O Lord and Master of my life, Grant not unto me a spirit of idleness,
of discouragement, of lust for power, and of vain speaking. But bestow 
upon me,
Thy servant, the spirit of chastity, of meekness, of patience, 
and of love.
  Yea, O Lord and King, grant that I may perceive my own 
and judge not my brother, for blessed art Thou unto 
ages of ages.  Amen.

Subject:     Re: "Tenny" = Jane?
Date:          1997/04/26
Message-ID:     <>
Newsgroups:    soc.genealogy.misc,
My great grandmother was named Tinney Emmett, this name appears on 
all official
documents we have found relating to her.  She was born Bristol, 
[ENGLAND], circa 1850.
Subject:     Re: Tories and Daisies
From: (Stephen Horgan)
Date:          1997/05/13
Message-ID:     <>
Article Segment 2 of 2
It is this philosophical quandary, plus their complacency, plus their
financial troubles, plus the lack of anything new to offer, that is
slowly killing the Tory Party.  It started to disaffect youth in the
1990s.  I remember observing a Young Tories conference in Torquay in
1990.  I was handed a leaflet calling for the dismissal of Andrew Tinney,
then the head of the Young Tories, because membership was
dropping by the thousands.  As the Tory Party has stagnated, and
turned in on itself, it is reasonable to suggest that only die hard
supporters remain.  And as was suggested on Newsnight, the average age
of a Tory activist is 64.
Subject:     Barb Tinney and Bill Tinney, school teachers
Date:          1997/05/27
Subject:     J. Tinney and Sons
Date:          1997/06/06
Subject:     Alfred Deller, the man...
Date:          1997/06/11
b - When I was an under grad at SUNY College at Fredonia in the late 
'50s, the
School of Music produced an extensive Baroque symposium.  
Deller was invited to
participate -- which he did.  Being an old friend of 
my organ Prof., the late
Hans Vigeland (Westminster Presbyterian Church, 
Buffalo), he stayed with the
Vigelands, here in Buffalo.  The evening before 
he returned to England, during
a grand parting reception in the Vigeland's 
home, a quick, violent set of
thunderstorms came through the area.  A large 
tree in front of the Vigeland's
home was struck by lightening, came down, 
and crushed a car parked in the
driveway.  Astrid Vigeland, who was about 
two or three years old at the time,
was awakened by the lightning crash and 
came downstairs, crying.  With all of
the turmoil going on around them, 
Deller scooped her up in his arms (he was a
pretty big guy, as those of you 
who ever saw him will remember), and began
singing lullabies to her -- sheer 
magic!  Astrid quieted right down -- and so
did everyone else!
c - In July 1979 my wife and I -- and one other woman -- happened to be the
congregation at Evensong in Guildford Cathedral the day that Deller died.  
son and grandson were, at that time, singers in the Guildford choir.  The 
clerks sang plainsong with faux-bourdons, and, as I recall, Morley 
and Byrd
that day, in Alfred's memory.  Just some remembrances and 
additions to the Deller lore.  Cheers!
Herb Tinney, Choirmaster & Organist
Church of the Ascension (Episcopal)
16 Linwood Avenue  ::  Buffalo NY  14209  USA
Librarian, Music Department
Buffalo & Erie County Public Library
Lafayette Square  ::  Buffalo NY  14203  USA
Marion Lowe -
Subject:     TINNEY; IRL > MI,USA; 1860-
From: (PeggyLoos)
Date:          1997/06/16
Message-ID:     <5o4apa$>
Newsgroups:    soc.genealogy.surnames
Looking for information on the following Tinney Family Line.
Please email me at
Riley Tinney b: IRELAND
Clark Tinney
 +Fillie MacComber
Erwin Clark Tinney
 +Nellie Barks
Subject:     TINNEY; IRL > MI,USA; 1860-
From: (Numis Star)
Date:          1997/06/20
Message-ID:     <5ocju8$>
Newsgroups:    soc.genealogy.surnames
Where are your Tinneu's from? What County? I may have a Tinney from
Monaghan or Cavan, [IRELAND].  Please let me know.  Thanks, Bill Duffy
Subject:     RSL: New R Surnames, June 1997 Update
From:         Roots Surname List <>
Date:          1997/06/23
Message-ID:     <5onpjk$>
Article Segment 21 of 24
                  ptinney  Paul Tinney,
                  PO Box 132   Clifton Park,  NY   12065
Subject:     Alpamare: Austrian Snowboard Pros: Vanessa Tinney
Date:          1997/07/14
Nationality:      Deutschland
Subject:     STINSON; anywhere; anytime
From:         Graeme Murphy <>
Date:          1997/08/28
Message-ID:     <5u48qh$>
I'm looking for information on my aunt's husband's ancestry.
The following contains all the info that I have:
3.  Samuel Copeland STINSON was born c1869 in Paisley, Ontario, 
  He died 23 Jun 1950 in Peterborough, ON.  He was 
buried in Little Lake Cemetery,
Peterborough, ON.  He married  
#1, Winnifred "Alice" GOSNEY.  She was born in
Portsmouth, England.  
He married #2, Sarah CLARK.

Samuel STINSON and Winnifred "Alice" GOSNEY had the following children:
4+      i       Frederick Copeland STINSON.
5        ii      Dorothy STINSON.  She married Raymond  LERGERON.
7        iii     Hazel STINSON.  She married Harry HAMILTON.
8        iv     Florence STINSON.  She married Arthur TINNEY.
9        v      Olive STINSON.  She married A. HOUSTON.
10      vi     Mary STINSON.  She married Jack JOHNSTON.
11      vii    David STINSON.
12      viii   Elijah STINSON.
13      ix     Samuel STINSON, Jr.
14      x      Gerald STINSON.
15      xi     Alex STINSON.
Laurelee Walkey
Armstrong, BC, Canada
Subject:     Native/Western Canadian History
From: ()
Date:          1997/09/01
Message-ID:     <5ueo1d$aje$>
Article Segment 3 of 6
                  . . . Ettine Tinney, . . .
Article Segment 5 of 6
                  . . . Sahesa Tinney, . . .
Subject:     Phoebe Tinney's Home Page
Date:          1997/09/17
Subject:     Celebrities in Scientology FAQ
From: (Tilman Hausherr)
Date:          1997/09/22
Message-ID:     <>
Article Segment 20 of 28
                  . . . Allegations from Factnet & L. Wollersheim, Producers
                  - Lon Tinney, Hollywood producer
Subject:     Krissy Tinney, Class A -- Ann Arbor Huron, [Michigan, USA]
From:         The Detroit News, High School Sports, by David Goricki
Date:          1997/10/02
Subject:     Re: 11th NJ Infantry
From:         "MacAvoy, Robert F." <>
Date:          1997/10/08
Message-ID:     <61g2f5$>
. . . First, here are the names of those officers and soldiers killed or 
died of wounds
inflicted at Gettysburg whose burial sites were not given 
in Grandfather's letter.
  It would be interesting if you could fill in that 
information. . . .

The rest all died on July 2. . . .
                  Pvt. Thomas Tinney, Co. E
Date:          1997/10/14
Message-ID:     <>
Newsgroups:    soc.genealogy.britain
I have recently been given a 124 page genealogical history of the Menhinick
family which was printed in 1950. The book contains a number of pedigrees 
associated families and, hand executed, arms. The associated families
include the following:- . . .  TINNEY (Australia) . . .
These names are listed in upper and lower case in the original text 
seems to be an indication of the person being a direct Menhinick 
or not.  I think the book may have been privately published 
for distribution
amongst family members.  A copy was, according to the 
preface, presented to
the Society of Genealogists.  I am willing to carry 
out lookups if anyone is
interested.  I might also add that I am a two 
fingered typist.  It has taken
45 minutes to type this so response time 
could be a little protracted.  Cheers.

Derek Mauleverer Porter
Simon's Town
South Africa
Subject:     Phil Tinney: Southern Golf Journal
Date:          1997/10/14
Date:          1997/10/30
Subject:     The Tinney's Homepage: David & Judy Tinney
Date:          1997/12/07
Subject:     The Tinney Community Center, Olson Drive, Ansonia, Connecticut, [USA].
Date:          1997/12/15
Subject:     Frank Tinney, Principal
Date:          1997/1998
Subject:     Dr. Thomas Tinney and daughter Alissa Tinney
Date:          1997/1998
Subject:     Chris Tinney's Home Page at the AAO
Date:          1998/01/09
Subject:     Valerie Ann Tinney, Surrey County, England
Date:          1998/01/22
Subject:     Jordan Tinney, Vice-Principal at Claremont
Date:          1998/02/02
Subject:     John Tinney's Home Page
Date:          1998/02/05
Subject:     James O. Tinney, Engineer, Alabama Rural Development
Date:          1998/02/09
Subject:     Re: info needed PLEASE!
From:         "Diana Tomasek" <>
Date:          1998/03/06
Message-ID:     <O$>
                  Dr. Leonard Tinney,
                  is the Chairman of the Committee on Wellness for AVMA.
Subject:     Tinney Rug Cleaners
Date:          1998/03/06
Subject:     David Tinney
Date:          1998/03/07
Subject:     George Tinney: Promoted to Network Administrator
Date:          1998/03/09
Subject:     WWII War Brides
From: (Claire & Michael Gibson)
Date:          1998/03/20
Message-ID:     <>
Newsgroups:    soc.genealogy.britain
I have a book here of the War Brides of World War II [A.D. 1940s].
It contains
a list of people who told all or part of their stories.  The women
came from Britain
and Europe and married Canadian soldiers.  If anyone
would like more information
regarding any of the surnames, please email
me and I will be happy to provide what
information there is.  The
surnames are as follows: . . . TINNEY, . . .

I hope this helps someone out there :)
Subject:     Robert F. Tinney, artist
Date:          1998/03/26
Subject:     RSL: New T Surnames, March 1998 Update
From:         Roots Surname List <>
Date:          1998/03/26
Message-ID:     <6fffi8$p35$> Article Segment 3 of 10
+Tenney        1614  1881 ENG>MA>NH,USA randall3
+Tenney        1650  1770 ENG>Kittery,ME,USA megmyers
+Tennison     1628   now NC>MS,USA lambertm
+Tenny          1668  1719 MA,USA mickeya
+Tennyson     1800  1840 NC>TN,USA rhelton
+Tennyson     1910   now TexasCo,MO,USA geotenny
Subject:     Lisa Tinney, Braeview Academy, Dundee, Scotland
Date:          1998/03/30
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