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Academic & University News
Chronicle of Higher Education
Education Center US News Education
Education Week       News and Issues Global Coverage
® International Soc for Tech In Ed
National Teaching & Learning Forum
NYTimes  The Learning Network Blog
PBS NewsHour Extra Teacher Center
Technological Horizons  in Education
USA TODAY® Education:
World Education ---- Websites
World Education Blog Links

ADMINISTRATION: Education - Portal:Education - Topic Outline of Education
Academic Administration: Academic Education Learning Resources - Education
Educational Leadership:
NCEE > Center on International Education Benchmarking
NCEE > Comparative Data for Top Performing Countries: Top Performing Countries
Association for Practical & Professional Ethics
* Education International: Around the World
  World's largest educators' federation.
  - AEDE - European Association of Teachers:
Useful Links
Teachers of India: Partners | Teachers of India
    - Centre for Learning Resources
  - UNITED STATES: Private and public organizations.
    - ACE: American Council on Education™
      Major coordinating body for all the nation's higher education institutions.
American Association of University Women: Resources
AAUW Branches and C/U Partners
      - National Conference For College Women Student Leaders
    - American Federation of Teachers
    - Association of Teacher Educators
    - Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation
List of NCATE Accredited Institutions
    - National Education Association
National PTA®
    - U.S. Department of Education
      - Educational Associations and Organizations (archived)
Teachers -
* Graduate Women International (GWI)
  Empowering women and girls through lifelong education.
Our Membership | Graduate Women International (GWI)
PDK - Phi Delta Kappa International
  Growing and connecting leaders in education.

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Professor: List of Academic Ranks
Apple and Education
  - Education - iPad Makes The Perfect Learning Companion: Resources
    - Apple - iTunes U
      Learn anything, anywhere, anytime.
  - Education - Mac in Education - Resources
* Becoming a Teacher in a Field-Based Setting: WWW Links
  Introduction to education, classrooms and instructional resources.

* Higher Education Academy
  Helps institutions, discipline groups and all staff to provide
  the best possible learning experience for their students.
  - Disciplines
networking opportunities in four discipline clusters.
* Internet Resources for Higher Education Outcomes Assessment
  Use the browser's Find (Ctrl-F) function to locate information about a particular topic.
KU: Center for Teaching Excellence
  Worldwide information about teaching and learning centers in higher education.

  Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching.
Online Communities of staff, volunteers, and members who work together
  in various ways to provide users of OER (Open Educational Resource) teaching
  and learning materials with a wealth of services and  functions that can enhance
  their instructional experience.
* National Communication Association (USA)
  Communication studies in higher education.
National Education Association (USA) - Teacher Quality
  - NEA - Reference Center

* NoodleTools Teacher Resources
* Normal School
List of Normal Schools by Country
* OpenStax CNX: Sharing Knowledge & Building Communities - OpenStax CNX
  Global repository of free educational content, at all levels; from children
  to college students. to professionals; in small modules that can be organized
  as courses, books, reports or other academic assignments.
* PBS TeacherLine®
Professional development for PreK-12 educators.
  Inform, empower, and encourage aspiring, new, and veteran USA teachers.
  Teacher chat, information, lesson plans and teaching careers.

Teachers Network
  Enables teachers to collaborate in order to grow professionally.
  Helping teachers shape the future.
* Teaching Excellence in Higher Education (eBook, 2013)
  Teachers at the university and high school levels can achieve teaching excellence
  by grounding their teaching in pedagogical theory that takes into account students'
  abilities and the ultimate goals of teaching: to develop students' capacities
  for thought, reflection, questioning, and engagement to their fullest extent.

CTE - Higher Ed Bibliography
* TES - Education Jobs, Teaching Resources, Magazine & Forums
  Largest network of teachers in the world.
UNESCO | Building Peace in the Minds of Men and Women
  United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.
  - Education For All:
EFA Goals
    Six internationally agreed education goals aim to meet
    the learning needs of all children, youth and adults by 2015.
  - Education for the 21st Century:

* VoS - Voice of the Shuttle
  Teaching resources.

* We The Teachers
  Teacher community.
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Best Websites for Teaching & Learning
   American Association of School Librarians (AASL).
Landmark Websites For Teaching & Learning
Collaborize Classroom
  Online education technology for teachers and students
. Designed to complement
  classroom instruction and engage students in online activities, assignments and
  discussions that allow for deeper participation inside and outside the classroom.
Curriki - Free (Open Educational) Learning Resources for the World
  Find free to use learning and teaching content from diverse content providers
  and educators from around the world.  Classroom teachers from every country
  in the world take part in a global community of sharing curriculum and best
  practices.  Nonprofit K-12 global community for teachers, students, and parents to
  create, share, and find learning resources that enable true personalized learning. 
EDSITEment | The Best of the Humanities on the Web
  Teacher resource lesson plans and at-home activities.
  - Best-of the-Web Spanish Language Websites
Lesson Plans
Student Resources
* Education World®
  The Educator's best friend™
* Educational Technology & Mobile Learning: Site Map
  Extensive resource of educational web tools
  and mobile apps for teachers and educators.
  - All Categories
21st Century Teaching Resources, Teachers Web Tools, Google™ Tools for Teachers,
    Educational iPad Apps, Content Area Resources, & Educational Social Networking.

For Teachers (Library of Congress)
  Bringing the power of primary sources into the classroom.
Internet Resources: Lesson Plans & Other Teaching Aids
Free Technology for Teachers
Gateway to 21st Century Skills (archived)
* HotChalk® Global Learning Management System
  Connecting teachers, students and parents.
Hotchalks Lesson Plans Page
     Over 4,000 lesson plans for teachers by teachers
* Lesson Plan Library
  Kindergarten, elementary, middle school and high school lesson plans.
  Search 350,000+ teacher reviewed online lesson plans and worksheets.
* linksforteachers:
  Free & Open Source.
* PBS LearningMedia [Sample:
Results for Genealogy]
  Gateway to America’s largest and most trusted classroom for teachers and students.
* Promethean Planet
  Free teaching resources, lesson plans and worksheets.
Reach Every Child

Lesson plans and teaching kits to primary source materials for student research.
  Students and teachers website to safely share videos online;
  by over a dozen National Education Associations for use in K-12 schools.
* Share My Lesson - Free K-12 Lesson Plans & Teaching Resources
Teacher Resources, Lesson Plans & Educational Worksheets
    Aligned to common core state standards,
covering all aspects of the standards,
    from advice and guides to help with dedicated resources that support the standards.
    A space for educators to share free K-12 learning materials, including activities,
    worksheets and lesson plans.  Discover how you can upload or download
    resources on a number of subjects for students at any grade.
  Social teaching and learning network (platform) focused solely on education.
  It taps the teacher in all of us and enhances the learning process by providing
  access to a wealth of knowledge, help, instruction, standards-aligned content,
  and expertise available to learners everywhere.
Teachers Notebook
  Ideas Worth Sharing

  Thinking Teachers Teaching Thinkers®
  Online teacher made videos
  Teacher lesson plans, printables, and worksheets by grade or subject.
* Timesavers for Teachers
  Classroom forms, masters and worksheets.
  - Printable Teacher Worksheets, Elementary Worksheets
* Verizon
  Thousands of free lesson plans and educational resources for teachers.

  Exchange ideas and share knowledge
* WatchKnowLearn
  Free educational videos for K-12 students.

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Annenberg Learner
  Teacher professional development; uses media and telecommunications
  to advance excellent teaching in American schools.
Many programs
  are also intended for students in the classroom and viewers at home.

* Blackboard
  Enables institutions to embrace the full power of the Internet
  with access to any learning resource at any time from any place.

Cable in the Classroom
CIC is the U.S. cable industry’s education foundation;
  to foster the use of cable content and technology to expand
  and enhance learning for children and youth nationwide.

Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies
  Making sense of e-learning trends, technologies and tools.
Directory of Learning & Performance Tools & Services
    Over 1,000 entries for learning and working in education and the workplace.
  - Social Learning Handbook 2014
Top 100 Tools for Learning
* Education - YouTube™: YouTube™ for Schools
  Access to hundreds of thousands of free educational videos.
  - CrashCourse - YouTube™
  - Google™ for Education - YouTube™

Khan Academy - YouTube™
Mental Floss - YouTube™
  - MinutePhysics - YouTube™
SciShow - YouTube™
  - Teachers - YouTube™
  - TED-Ed - YouTube™
* Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling
Serves as a useful resource for educators and students who are interested
  in how digital storytelling can be integrated into a variety of educational activities.
  Today the use of digital storytelling is being practiced in neighborhood community
  centers, schools, libraries and businesses, by novice technology users to those with
  advanced skills.  In the field of education, teachers and their students, from early
  childhood classrooms through graduate school, are using digital storytelling
  in many different content areas and across a wide range of grade levels.

Nonprofit association and the foremost community of IT leaders
  and professionals committed to advancing higher education.

Connect and Contribute
  - Research and Publications
Teaching and Learning
  - Wiki: Wiki Index
Eliademy | Create your own online course

E-learning platform that allows educators and students to create,
  share and manage online courses. It is a free alternative to Moodle,
  Blackboard and other commercial learning management systems.

Intel® Education: K-12 Professional Learning
  Improving 21st century teaching and learning.
Education Idea Showcase
Free Teaching Resources, Tools
  - Teach Program Worldwide
* Learning Management System | LMS Software | D2L
  Helps advance research and education in media analysis and critical thinking.
  - MediaSmarts
    Canadian not-for-profit charitable organization for digital and media literacy.
    Our vision is that children and youth have the critical thinking skills to engage
    with media as active and informed digital citizens.
Moodle - Open-source learning platform |
  Robust, secure and integrated system to create personalised learning environments.
Totara LMS
    Change how learning technologies are developed, delivered and purchased.
* MyGradeBook™
  Enhancing communication between teachers, parents and students.
Online Teaching and Learning
  UW Colleges Virtual Teaching & Learning Center.

Open Colleges - InformED: 50 Educational Podcasts You Should Check Out
  - Podcast Directory for Educators, Schools & Colleges
    - Selected Home, School & College Podcast Channels
  - Using Podcasts in Education
* ProQuest K-12 - Educator Tools & Lesson Plans
  Digital teaching and learning resources for K-12 schools and libraries.
* Slideshare: PowerPoint in the Classroom
World's largest community for sharing presentations; supports documents,
  PDFs, videos and webinars.  Upload and share PowerPoint presentations.

Art & Photos - Education
- Entertainment & Humor
    Health & Medicine -
Social Media - Technology
* Useful Links
  United Kingdom multimedia platform, providing innovative
  and informative content for everyone involved with or wanting
  to be involved in schools.  Besides all the content from Teachers TV,
  there is something for everyone: videos, interactive games, work sheets,
  fact sheets, information and latest education news.

* Teach With Movies
  Use entertainment as a learning tool.
Teachers Media® International
  UK free education videos and resources for professional development.

* Video Conferencing [PowerPoint Presentation (pdf)]
  How classroom video conferencing works.
* WizIQ
  One of the world’s largest cloud-based education platforms.
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PUBLICATIONS RESOURCE: Ulrich's Periodicals Directory
Education - Google™ Book Search
* Books - Publications: Genealogical Materials
* ERIC - Education Resources Information Center
Free access to bibliographic records of journal articles,
  other education-related materials and links to full text, if available.
* Research Society for American Periodicals
  Resources for research: periodicals.
* Serials in Cyberspace (archived)
  Selective listings of worldwide web sites and resources,
  having electronic journal collections and services.
UNESCO Publications
* Web Pages for Scholarly Societies
* What's New in Family History, Genealogy & Local History Books?

SPECIFIC: Google™ Scholar -
Microsoft® Academic Search - Organisations
CITE Journal
  Online, peer-reviewed journal, sponsored
Creative Teaching Press®
  Family-owned and teacher-managed supplemental
  educational publisher for children ages 3–14, grades PreK–8.
* Education Magazines
  Education magazines and journals online.
Remedia Publications
  Develops basic skills for children and young adults.

Scholastic: Global Websites | Scholastic International
  Promotes literacy with books for kids of all ages and reading levels.

Scholastic Book Fairs - Your Reading Partner
Teacher Express @ Teacher Store

    For preK to 12th grade educators only; classrooms, schools, and districts.

* WikiEducator
Developing free and open educational content for the world.
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Academic Disciplines Outline
Glossary of Education Terms
- 0-9 A B C D E F G H  I  J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
* American Bar Association: Division for Public Education
  Promotes public understanding of law and its role in society.
* Benchmarks Online ~ Project 2061 ~ AAAS
  What all students should know or be able to do
  by the end of grades 2, 5, 8, and 12.
Common Themes - Designed World
    Habits of Mind - Historical Perspectives
Human Organism - Human Society
    Living Environment - Mathematical World
Mathematics - Physical Setting
    Science -

Connections - A Global Education Initiative
  Promote students' understanding of world cultures and U.S. Olympic values.
* Disability Resources
  For people with disabilities, their families and friends.
* EconEdLink
  Economic lesson materials for K-12 teachers.
Education | Asia Society
  Education and learning.
* ePals Global Community

Safe collaborative technology for schools to connect
  and learn in a protected, project-based learning network.

* Family Genealogy and History Internet Education Directory
™ - Wiki
Digital History: American Private Life
  - Family History in the Classroom
  - Family History in the Classroom - Resources for Teachers
  - Genealogy in the Classroom
  - Genealogy Lesson Plans Reviewed by Teachers
Where I Come From
    Take research heritage a step beyond the construction of a family tree.
    Travel through cyberspace to find out what's happening in ancestral
    homelands today and explore the sense of connection to these places.

* Holidays: Calendars & Clocks
  - Earth Calendar - Celebrate Every Day
  - Festival:
Fest300 - The World’s Best Festivals | Everfest
    - Lists of Festivals (worldwide)
    - USA: Festivals and Events, Festival Vendors, Festival Entertainers
Latin American Network Information Center
  Subject directory.

* Medical & Health: Genetics, Genealogy & History: Fitness
  - HBSC: Health Behaviour in School-aged Children
  - PE Central®
    For health and physical education teachers.
  - Whole Child Education: Resources
* Mineral Information (Mines & Mning History)
Mining Educators Website
* Photography & Clipart Resources
* Regional Education Laboratories
  United States network of support for research-based school reform.
  - Regional Laboratories:
Regional Educational Laboratory: Ask a REL
* Science, Technology & How Things Work
Science foundations and all aspects of scientific education,
  for K-12 students to advanced experts.
* Smithsonian Education
  Gateway to Smithsonian educational resources.
* Teacher's Guide to Folklife

  Resources for K-12 classrooms.
Teachers Homepage - National Geographic Education
* Teaching Guide to the Holocaust
  Education and legacy forum for teaching the holocaust.

* Teaching History &
undamental issues of teaching world history and geography.
History Lesson Plans & Resources
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Learning Sciences - Student
CIRCL: Centre for International Research in Childhood: Literature, Culture & Media
  - Other Interesting Sites - Academic Children's Literature Studies Sites
* Education |
Serves as a central guide for education data resources including high-value data sets,
  data visualization tools, resources for the classroom, applications created from open
  data and more.  These datasets have been gathered from various agencies to provide
  detailed information on the state of education on all levels,
  from cradle to career and beyond.
* emTech Consulting
  Emerging Technologies
resources organized by topics for teachers, students & parents.

Family Education Network®
  Source of educational content, resources, and shopping for parents, teachers and kids.
Great Websites for Kids: Sites for Parents, Caregivers, Teachers & Others
  - Selection Criteria
by the
Association for Library Service to Children (ALSC),
    a division of the American Library Association.

* Houghton Mifflin Pre-K-6 Education Place®
  Resources for elementary school teachers, students and parents.
  Guide to homework help, and educational games websites
* PBS Parents
Parenting tips and parenting advice.
Reference & Homework Help

  Database and search sites for students, parents, educators and the general public.
* Schools, Colleges, Universities, Alumni & Genealogy Education
  Worldwide comprehensive resource of educational institutions,
  past and present students, alumni, associations, faculty,
  friends and military personnel.
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Education in the Best of the Web Directory
Filamentality: AT&T Knowledge Network Explorer
Fill-in-the-blank tool that assists in picking a topic, searching the Internet,
gathering good Internet links, and turning them to online learning activities.
Educational support at
Filamentality WebQuest Teacher Guide.
Awesome Library and Education Resources
  Topic-by-topic breakdown of the best sites on the Internet,
including the top five (5 %) percent in education.
* Educator's Reference Desk: Resource Guides
  High-quality resources and services to the education community.
FREE - Federal Registry for Educational Excellence
  Currently, over 372,000 learning resources registered; digital teaching
  and learning resources created and maintained by the federal government
  and public and private organizations.
Free Teaching Resources
  Association of Teacher Websites.

Google™ for Education - For Teachers
Support teachers in their efforts to empower students
  and expand the frontiers of human knowledge.
Google™ in Education - Google+
* Harvard Graduate School of Education
Collection of professionally chosen Internet links,
  to freely available sites of interest to educators.
* iEARN - International Education & Resource Network
orld's largest non-profit global network that enables teachers
  and youth to use the Internet and other technologies to collaborate
  on projects that enhance learning and make a difference in the world.
Landmarks for Schools: Words of Humankind
  Information and tools designed to help redefine literacy for the 21st Century.
Netskills: Share e-Learning, supporting organisations, web development
  and working on the web.  Make effective use of innovative technology.
  A centre of expertise and knowledge - supporting and enabling the education
  community to make effective, sustainable and innovative use of technology.

* Online Education & Resources:
Research Resources and Research Tools
  Distance education and electronic learning, with online research tools.
Searchable Directory of Selected Journals in Online and Distance Learning
Tired Teacher's Website K-12
  Grades K-12 source materials, lesson plans and classroom activities.

* Top Search Engines & Directories
Worldwide search engine information and databases
  for webmasters and other research specialists.
Virtual Learning Resources Center
  Indexes thousands of the best academic information websites,
  selected by teachers and library professionals worldwide, in order
  to provide to students and teachers current, valid information
  for school and university academic projects.

* WebExhibits Catalogue
ighest quality and most interesting exhibits in the Internet.
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