The LORD Jesus Christ,
Jews, The House of Joseph, Gentiles and Heathens:
A Careful Study of the TINNEY Surname from Worldwide Origins.

Tree of Life has stem of Jesse as center trunk:
Messiah Jesus Christ
Branches small and great are the gathering of Twelve Tribes of Israel
Roots are Keys of the Priesthood: Spirit, Power and Calling of Elijah
Fruit of the Tree of Life is the immortality and eternal life of Mankind
Dove flying (wings of power) is symbolic representation: Holy Ghost

The Being and Kind of Being God Is
The Immortality of the Intelligence of Man
"The mind or the intelligence which man possesses is co-equal with God himself."
Therefore, to think is a manifestation of godliness.  Purely human, inculcates the
immortality of the spirit of man, which comprehends God himself as a self-existent
being, the great: "
I Am that I Am".  It is one of the most famous
Bible verses, given
to Moses by God; by the great Jehovah, even Jesus the Christ, who himself testified:
"Before Abraham was, I am."  Indeed, the great gods Ahman & YHWH (Son Ahman)
together made man out of the earth and put into him Adam's spirit, and so became
a living body. "The intelligence of spirits had not beginning, neither will it have an
end.  That is good logic."  In other words, every human, every man, woman, or
even little children can speak, can say this great truth: "I think, therefore I AM."
[The Latin phrase cogito ergo sum [a] (/ˈkoʊɡɨtoʊ ˈɜrɡoʊ ˈsʌm/, also /ˈkɒɡɨtoʊ/,
[b] "I think, therefore I am") is a
philosophical proposition by René Descartes.
The simple meaning is that thinking about one’s existence proves—in and of itself—
that an "I" exists to do the thinking.  This proposition became a fundamental element
of Western philosophy, as it was perceived to form a foundation for all knowledge.
While other knowledge could be a figment of imagination, deception or mistake,
the very act of doubting one's own existence arguably serves as proof
of the reality of one's own existence, or at least of one's thought.]

King Follett Discourse in the Light of Ancient & Medieval Jewish & Christian Beliefs
There is only one true religion upon the face of the whole earth:
The life and example of Jesus Christ, and those who follow Him.


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The following record is written in the spirit of peace, to renounce war
and to turn the hearts of the children to their fathers and the hearts
of the fathers to the children.  It traces the history of the TINNEY
surname and its variants back through time, thus preserving
for future posterity, findings in records past of the surname.
There are detailed references to beliefs and writings of Jew,
Mormon, Gentile, Roman, Greek, Egyptian, Chinese, Japanese,
ancient British Isles and American civilization, with other cultures
back into antiquity.  It shows the unity of cultural thought and surname
meaning in the beliefs of these varied groups, through this erudite study of
the TINNEY surname.  This report includes variant spellings of Teny, Tenney,
Tenni, Tennison, Tinn, Tinne, Tinning, Tyne, Tynne, Tynney and many others.

Document Section from 4000 B.C. to the Birth of Jesus Christ

Document Section ---- Jesus Christ to A.D. 1453

Document Section from A.D. 1453 to A.D. 1700

Document Section from A.D. 1700 to A.D. 1776

Document Section from A.D. 1776 to A.D. 1830

Document Section from A.D. 1830 to A.D. 1850

Document Section from A.D. 1850 to A.D. 1861

Document Section from A.D. 1861 to A.D. 1880

Document Section from A.D. 1880 to A.D. 1900

Document Section from A.D. 1900 to A.D. 1930

Document Section from A.D. 1930 to A.D. 2018

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 The LORD Jesus Christ, Jews, The House of Joseph, Gentiles and Heathens:
A Careful Study of the TINNEY Surname from Worldwide Origins
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