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(Photos compiled by Charles and Patricia Tinney and other members of the Tinney families)

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TinneyGreenePedigreeTinney - Green (e) Pedigree  

Tinney Family Photos
 Joseph Tinney Circa 1937 Joseph Tinney, circa 1937
 Addie Arnett 1937 Addie Arnettie (Hardin) Tinney, 1937

  Joseph & Addie Tinney, circa 1938   

PrenticeAndArnettieTinney1947 Prentice Tinney & Mom, circa 1947


Green (e) Family Photos

WmHarrisonGreeneMartidaThompsonGreene Green (e) - Thompson Family      SusanElizabethRedingerCirca1885 Susan Elizabeth Redinger, circa 1885
WilliamHarrisonGreene William Harrison Green (e)

HazelGreeneTinney1968 Hazel Kathleeen Green (e) Tinney, circa 1968


1420WayneAveDaytonOhio1420 Wayne Ave, Dayton, Ohio

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TINNEY - GREEN (E) Family Photos
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