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Does Google™   Spy On Me?
Give Me Back My  GOOGLE™
Global Research Library,  Inc.
Information Today - Periodicals
Interactiva Directory: Genealogy
Mix | Curate | Share: In One Place
NetMarketShare and Search Engine
 PDF Search Engine | Search Engine
Search DuckDuckGo: All Anonymously
Search Engine History: 1945 to Google™
Search Engines List (Top 50) - oTechWorld
Searching the Internet: 2024 Guide To
SEG --- Search Engine Relationship Network [
Directory --- Google™.com]
The Best Academic Search Engines- Paperpile
Top 26 List of Search Engines in the World
Top Genealogy Websites in the World
TopSite [Tag - Topic]

    Discover sites that just don't make it to the top of the search engine results for whatever
    reason; (poor SEO, new site, small marketing budget, competitive keyword / s, etc.).
New Explore Historical Images Tool for Searching Records • FamilySearch
Quick links to popular sites: The 10 Best Image Search Engines
Reverse Image Search - Search by Image on Android & iPhone
Imgur:  The Most Awesome Images on the Internet

WEB SEARCH ENGINE: Web Search Engines
* ** 2023 MiniGuides & 2024 Publications by Marcus P. Zillman, M.S., A.M.H.A. **
  Comprehensive series of competent miniguide resources and sources
  that are currently freely available on the Internet; constantly updated.
* Artificial Intelligence:
Artificial Intelligence | Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
  - 7 Best AI Search Engines to Use as Google™ Alternatives
Perplexity (Where Knowledge Begins)
      - Can This A.I.-Powered Search Engine Replace Google
        It Has for Me. - The New York Times.
      - (Sample Search: "Thomas Milton Tinney, Sr.")
  - 7 Best AI-based Search Engines Popular in 2024
  - ai and artificial intelligence - Google™ Scholar
  - Artificial Intelligence (AI): What it is and why it matters | SAS
  - Artificial intelligence - Expert Systems, Algorithms, Automation | Britannica
  - Empowering Genealogists with Artificial Intelligence - National Genealogical Society
  - Genealogist’s Guide to Artificial Intelligence
  - Genealogy and Artificial Intelligence (AI) | Facebook®
    Explore the intersection of genealogy and artificial intelligence (AI).
    Harness the power of new AI-based technologies; its benefits and limitations.
  - Glossary of Artificial Intelligence
  - Writing a Family History Using AI Chat - James Tanner (21 Jan 2024) - YouTube™
* Best Search Engines For Your Information Need - Laptop Study
* List of Search Engines: Top 15 Most Popular Search Engines
List of Search Engines
The Most Popular Search Engines
* NASET: Search Engines
  Listing of many Internet search engine sites.
Search Engine Dictionary
  Glossary of search engine terms.

Search Engine List

  Comprehensive list of search engines.
Search Engines List - Search Engines, Portals and Online Directories
  Over 1500+ Searchable Directories, Search Engines, Archives and Portals.
  All links are tested for being LIVE and working.

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History of the Web Browser - Timeline of Web Browsers
* 20 Things I Learned About Browsers & the Web
* Brave Browser
  Secure, fast and private web browser with Adblocker. Also, this site
  incorporates the Internet Archive’s
Wayback Machine's lookup process.
Whoa! Brave browser can now show you web pages that no longer exist.]
  When the browser encounters 404, 408, 410, 451, 500, 502, 503, 504, 509,
  520, 521, 523, 524, 525, and 526 errors, it lets you click a button to show
  the archived page from that site, if it exists in their archived database.
* Browsers & Technologies: The Evolution of the Web
* Browserscope
  Community-driven project for profiling web browsers; to foster innovation
  by tracking browser functionality and to be a resource for web developers.
* Browsershots
  Check browser compatibility, cross platform browser test.
* Comparison of Web Browsers: List of Web Browsers
Firefox®: Download Firefox® - Firefox for Android
Google™ Chrome: Google™ Chrome - Google Mobile Services: Android (apps)
    Get a fast new browser. For PC, Mac, and Linux.
Internet Explorer: Internet Explorer Downloads - Microsoft Edge
  - Online Research Browsers and Data Visualization Tools (pdf)
  - Opera Web Browser: Opera Browser -
Opera Mobile
  - Safari Web Browser:
Apple - Safari
    Browse the web in smarter, more powerful ways.
UC Browser
Usage Share of Web Browsers: Mobile Browser

Directory Resources on the Internet (pdf)
2022 Directory of Directories
* List of Web Directories
Definition of a Web Portal

Traditional search engines have transformed themselves into web portals.
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* Baidu: [百度一下,你就知道] [
Baidu Baike: [百度百科_全球最大中文百科全书]
  Chinese Wikipedia: [
Soso (search engine): [搜狗搜索引擎 - 上网从搜狗开始] - [English Search]

      Google™The Keyword | Blog - Topic Outline of Google™
  "When someone types your name inside quotation marks on the popular search
  engine Google™, your history emerges, with your past places of employment,
  significant others, athletic achievements and academic record potentially popping
  up on the screen.  Any variation on the spelling of a name -- say, dropping the 'W.'
  in 'George W. Bush' -- also alters the results."  (Can be used on any search engine.)
  - 9to5Google™: 9to5Google - YouTube™
    9to5Google™ covers the latest in Google™: the nitty gritty of Android, the latest
    handsets from the various Android OEMs, and coverage of all Google-related stuff.
AncestorSearch: Google™ Custom Search
Directory of Google™ Custom Search Engines
Google™ Custom Search - Search Just United States: State Web Sites
    - Google™ Custom Search - Search Just United States: Counties Only
    - Google™ Custom Search - Search Just United States: Cities Only
  - Google™ | Facebook®
  - Google™ (@Google) | X
  - Google™ Guide: Help with Searching:
Google™ Search Help
    - Google™ | Inside Search
      Improve Google™ search skills with Power Searching
      and Advanced Power Searching online courses.
Google™ Like a Law Librarian
    LibGuides at William S. Richardson School of Law.
  - Google™ Resources - Google
™ for Research
    Yale University Library Research Guides at Yale University.
  - Google™ Search
    LibGuides at New York Institute of Technology.
  - Google™ Search Operators: The Complete List (42 Advanced Operators)
Example: intext:tinney
      Any results containing the word “tinney” in the page content will be returned.

Example: intitle:tinney
      Any results containing the word “tinney” in the title tag will be returned.
Example: inurl:tinney
      Any results containing the word “tinney” in the URL will be returned.
Example: map:happy valley

      Google™ shows map results for the specific location desired for evaluation.
  - Google™ Toolbar
  - Google™ Tutor: Tutorials & Tips for Google Users
  - Grow with Google™
Learn Digital Skills, Prepare for Jobs, Grow Your Business.
Hot Tips on How to Use Google™ for Genealogy Searches
Cyndi's List - Googling for Your Grandma
Easy Google™ Genealogy Searcher by Ancestor Search
      Learn the possibilities Google™ offers for a genealogy search.
    - Genealogy Search using Google™
      WebSearch Wizard steps one, two and three.
Getting the Rest of the Gold out of the Google™ Goldmine for Genealogists Part 1
Getting the Rest of the Gold out of the Google™ Goldmine for Genealogists Part 2
Getting the Rest of the Gold out of the Google™ Goldmine for Genealogists Part 3
Getting the Rest of the Gold out of the Google™ Goldmine for Genealogists Part 4
Getting the Rest of the Gold out of the Google™ Goldmine for Genealogists Part 5
Getting the Rest of the Gold out of the Google™ Goldmine for Genealogists Part 6
    - Getting the Rest of the Gold out of the Google
™ Goldmine for Genealogists Part 7
    - Google™ Genealogist (part 1) - YouTube™
      Utilizing the latest tools from Google to find your family history.
    - Google™ Genealogist (part 2) - YouTube™
      Utilizing the latest tools from Google to organize your family history.
    - Google™ Genealogist (part 3) - YouTube™
      Utilizing the latest tools from Google to organize your family history.
    - Google™ Genealogy Style
      Google™ power search tips for genealogists.
    - How To Do Custom Searches with Google™ for Genealogists: Part 1
    - How To Do Custom Searches with Google™ for Genealogists: Part 2
How To Do Custom Searches with Google™ for Genealogists: Part 3
    - How To Do Custom Searches with Google™ for Genealogists: Part 4
How to Refine Google™ Genealogy Searches
How to Use Google™ Advanced Search for Genealogy - Part 1
    - How To Use Google™ Advanced Search for Genealogy - Part II

List of Google™ Products
    - Google™ - Products
      Meet your Google™ Assistant.
    - The Google™ Cemetery
      Google™ Graveyard: Dead Google™ products.
  - Scholar's Guide to Google™
    Research Guides at Harvard Library.
    - Google™ Books
    - Google™ Scholar
    - Google™ Web
  - YouTube™ - Google™: Channels -
How YouTube™ Works
    Experience the world of Google™ on our official YouTube™ channel.
    Watch videos about our products, technology, company happenings
    and more. Subscribe to get updates from all your favorite Google™
    products and teams.

Mozilla Blog - Mozilla Firefox®:
  Mozilla Firefox
® Web Browser for Mac, PC & Linux [Mozilla Project]
  Faster, more secure and customizable.
Mozilla Firefox®

*          MSN®: MSN® [Microsoft Windows - Office 365]
  - Bing™:
Bing™ Search Blog
List of Services by MSN®
  - - Hotmail, Outlook, Skype, Bing, Latest News, Photos & Videos
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All Internet Resources by Title
List pulls together all of the free Internet Resources found in the various subjects.
All My Faves: Visual Bookmarks & Web Directory
* Beaucoup! 2,000+ Search Engines, Indices and Directories
* CEOExpress® Multi-Search
* Dogpile® Web Search
Find List of Global Search Engines with Search Engine Colossus
* Instya MultiSearch
Ixquick™: Startpage™ Search Engine
Metasearch Search Engine -
* Search-22 - Internet Search Engines
UnaBot® - All-in-One Meta Search Engine
* WebCrawler® Web Search
* Yahoo!®

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100+ Alternative Search Engines You Should Know
* BBC - Homepage
  World's largest broadcasting organization.
* Bots, Blogs & News Aggregators
* Cyndi's List - Search Engines
* Dotdash
  Looking for answers, advice and inspiration.
  - Lifewire - Tech Untangled
  - The Balance - Make Money Personal
  - The Spruce - Make Your Best Home
  - is the World's Largest Education Resource
  - TripSavvy - Vacation Like a Pro
  - Verywell - Know More. Feel Better.
* HotSheet® Best Websites Directory - Super Search - News
* List of Search Engines
  Search engine resources.

Search Engine Colossus
  International directory of search engines.  Conduct exhaustive web searches
  using English, or the home languages of countries.  Submit to search engines.
Search Engine Guide Blog
Search Engine List
  Comprehensive list of Search Engines.
Search Engines of the World
* Search Links
  Top search engines, directories, libraries and metasearch pages.

* Top 50 Search Engines
Web Search Engines
Wolfram|Alpha: Computational Knowledge Engine
* YaCy - The Peer to Peer Search Engine
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EUROPAGES - unbubble
  - European Search Engines, Directories and Lists
    Europe > @ the First European Web Directory
  - Ezilon Europe - Regional Web Directory and Search Engine
  - Regional Genealogy and Local History Research in Europe
Search Engine Market Share Europe | StatCounter Global Stats
  - Search Engines: Beaucoup! Geographical - Europe
  - Search Europa
  - Search Europe:
Austrian, Swiss, German Search Engines; Italian, French, Russian Search Engines
    - France
How to Find French Websites
      - Qwant® - The search engine that respects your privacy
    - Germany
MetaGer: Privacy Protected Search & Find
    - Russia
      - Mail.Ru: почта, поиск в интернете, новости, игры
      - VKontakte
      - Yandex
    - Switzerland
Swisscows the secure search engine
    - United Kingdom UK Search Engines from Search Engine Colossus
Oscobo - Search the Web
  - Genealogy Guide to Google™ Country Search Engines
Google™ Translate
    English language search engines in all countries in the world.
    - Brazil: Universo Online

    - China:
      - Top 100 Chinese Websites
    - India:
    - Israel:
Top Search Engines & Directories in Israel
    - Korea: Naver
    - New Zealand: New Zealand Search Engines and Directories
    - Slovenia:
    - Vietnam:  Cốc Cốc | browser - surf web Vietnamese style.
  - Top Search Engine Websites in the World
    - Top Search Engine Websites in Argentina
    - Top Search Engine Websites in Australia
    - Top Search Engine Websites in Austria
    - Top Search Engine Websites in Belgium
    - Top Search Engine Websites in Brazil
    - Top Search Engine Websites in Bulgaria
    - Top Search Engine Websites in Canada
    - Top Search Engine Websites in Chile
    - Top Search Engine Websites in Colombia
    - Top Search Engine Websites in Croatia
    - Top Search Engine Websites in Czech Republic
    - Top Search Engine Websites in Denmark

Top Search Engine Websites in Egypt

    - Top Search Engine Websites in Finland
Top Search Engine Websites in France
    - Top Search Engine Websites in Germany
    - Top Search Engine Websites in Greece
    - Top Search Engine Websites in Hong Kong
    - Top Search Engine Websites in Hungary
    - Top Search Engine Websites in India
    - Top Search Engine Websites in Indonesia
    - Top Search Engine Websites in Iraq
    - Top Search Engine Websites in Ireland
    - Top Search Engine Websites in Israel
    - Top Search Engine Websites in Italy
    - Top Search Engine Websites in Japan
    - Top Search Engine Websites in Kuwait
    - Top Search Engine Websites in Malaysia
    - Top Search Engine Websites in Mexico
    - Top Search Engine Websites in Morocco
    - Top Search Engine Websites in Netherlands
    - Top Search Engine Websites in New Zealand
    - Top Search Engine Websites in Norway
    - Top Search Engine Websites in Pakistan
    - Top Search Engine Websites in Peru
    - Top Search Engine Websites in Philippines
    - Top Search Engine Websites in Poland
    - Top Search Engine Websites in Portugal
    - Top Search Engine Websites in Qatar
    - Top Search Engine Websites in Romania
    - Top Search Engine Websites in Russian Federation
Top Search Engine Websites in Saudi Arabia
    - Top Search Engine Websites in Serbia
    - Top Search Engine Websites in Singapore
    - Top Search Engine Websites in Slovakia
    - Top Search Engine Websites in South Africa
    - Top Search Engine Websites in Spain
    - Top Search Engine Websites in Sweden
    - Top Search Engine Websites in Switzerland
    - Top Search Engine Websites in Taiwan
    - Top Search Engine Websites in Thailand
    - Top Search Engine Websites in Turkey
    - Top Search Engine Websites in Ukraine
    - Top Search Engine Websites in United Arab Emirates
    - Top Search Engine Websites in United Kingdom
    - Top Search Engine Websites in United States
    - Top Search Engine Websites in Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic Of
Top Search Engine Websites in Vietnam
* REGIONAL (Multi):
  - Ezilon®.com
    Regional web directory and search engine.
  - Global Gateway: World Culture & Resources (Library of Congress)
@ Internet Archive Wayback Machine]
    Library of Congress selective links (including search engines),
    providing authoritative and in-depth information
    about the nations and other areas of the world.
  - Google's Vast Domain: A Google Country-Level Site List
    Websites in Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, South America & Oceania.
Kurdistan: [Egerin: Egerin Search Engine]
Middle East Search Engines – What you need to know | IstiZada
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Internet - Portal:Internet
* Bare Bones 101
  Basic tutorial on searching the web.
Beginners Quick Reference Guide to Being Online
* Best Tools for Finding Information When Google
™ Isn't Enough
  Hub for teaching web skills.
Fagan Finder
  Find anything and everything online
* Finding Information on the Internet - Information Literacy
  LibGuides at University of Groningen
Free Internet Tutorials at GCFLearnFree
  From seniors learning computer basics to seasoned professionals brushing up
  on Microsoft Office to unemployed individuals gaining career skills to students
  practicing math, everyone can find something useful.  All sizes and types have
  benefited, including K-12 schools, home school groups, colleges, libraries,
  prisons, churches, community centers, employment centers, hospitals, businesses,
  government agencies, and nonprofits with a variety of missions and populations.
Guide To Searching the Internet (pdf)
* How To - Learning Guide | Website
  - Find Information
* Internet 101 | Computer Science | Computing | Khan Academy
  Learn how the internet works - everything from WiFi
  and IP addresses to cybersecurity and crime.
* Internet Basics:

Best Search Tools Chart | Infopeople
  Tutorials, trainers, online lessons and references for the newbie.

Open Learning - OpenLearn - Open University
  - History & The Arts
    - Culture
Literature and Creative Writing
        - Writing Family History
    - History
      - Heritage
        - Genealogy
Library Services: Library Resources
OpenLearn Create: Free Courses
    Create and publish your own free courses.
    Skills accessing, finding and reviewing information
Tag Finder
Tag: ancestry - Tag: genealogy
* SearchTeam: Blog
  Search alone no more, when using the world's
  first real-time collaborative search engine
Using The Internet For Seniors: BBC WebWise - A to Z Glossary
  Beginner’s Guide by Cheeky Munkey.

Virtual Training Suite
  Free Internet tutorials to develop Internet research skills.

* Web Search Engines FAQS: Questions, Answers & Issues
Wires: Inside the Internet
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44 Free Tools to Help You Find What People Search For
* Association of Internet Research Specialists | AIRS: AIRS Search Engine
  Promotes profession through recognition, education and certification.
  - Use the Internet for Family History Research - Genealogy
* Association of Internet Researchers
Academic association dedicated to the advancement
  of the cross-disciplinary field of Internet studies.
Autocomplete - Search Help
  As you type into the search box, Google™ Suggest guesses
  what you're typing and offers suggestions in real time.

blekko | slashtag search
  Results culled from a set of trusted websites;
  excluds material from such sites as content farms.

* BrightPlanet: Deep Web Intelligence
  - BrightPlanet | White Papers & Publications Archives
  - KwMap
    Keyword map for the whole Internet.
Search Engine Dictionary
    Use keywords, keyword map and WordNet
    for similar Internet word searching.

WordNet and WordNet Search - 3.0
nline lexical reference system, with English nouns,
    verbs, adjectives and adverbs organized into synonym
    sets, each representing one underlying lexical concept.
    Different relations link the synonym sets.
Cloud Computing
  - Cloud Computing
Cloud Basics for Nonprofits & Libraries
    - Development Cloud Solutions | Electric Cloud
  - Curlie - Computers: Internet:
Cloud Computing
    - Cloud Reviews | Cloud Hosting | Managed Cloud | Cloud Storage & Apps
Grid, Distributed and Cloud Computing Resources Primer 2024 (pdf)
* Data Science Central® - Online Resource for Big Data Practioners
  Statistics to Analytics to Machine Learning to AI,
  with the latest information on technology, tools, trends, and careers.
  - Dataset Search
    Discovering millions of datasets on the web.
  - Machine Learning, Data Science, Big Data, Analytics
Open Data Science - Your Data Science and AI News Source
  - Top 20 Recent Research Papers on Machine Learning and Deep Learning
Top 7 Online Data Science Courses — 2024 Guide & Reviews – LearnDataSci
DeepMind: News & Blog - Open-sourcing DeepMind Lab
  World leader in artificial intelligence research
  and its application for positive impact.
* DEEP WEB: Deep Web - JEP
  Deep Web Research and Discovery Resources (pdf)
  Internet annotated link dataset compilation.
  Deep Web Search |
  What it is, why it exists, how to find it and Its inherent ambiguity.
  Content in the deep web is massive -- approximately 500 times
than that visible to conventional search engines -- with
  much higher quality throughout.  Directed query technology is
  the only means to integrate deep and surface Web information.
  The information retrieval answer has to involve both "mega"
  searching of appropriate deep Web sites and "meta" searching
  of surface Web search engines to overcome their coverage problem.
Beyond Google™: The Invisible Web
    Some fast facts about the invisible web.
CompletePlanet (archived; discontinued March 2014)
    Discover over 70,000+ databases and specially search engines.
Deep Linking and Deeper Linking

  - DeepDyve - Search for Research
DeepPeep: DeepPeep: Discover the Hidden Web
    Eventually aims to make 90% of all WWW content accessible.
How to Search the Invisible Web -

  - Pipl - People Search
    Most comprehensive people search on the web.
White Papers
    By Internet Expert Marcus P. Zillman, M.S., A.M.H.A.
* Information Quality Resources (pdf)
  - Evaluating Resources
  - Evaluating Web Pages: Questions to Consider
* Mashable
  Leading source for news, information & resources for the Connected Generation;
  reports on digital innovation that empowers and inspires people around the world.
* Noodle Tools
Information literacy: search strategies.
* Online Research Tools
  Online tools that will aid your research and searching of the Internet.
* Ultimate Guide to Boolean Search for Social Listening
* Using Online Resources and Sharing Information
  Free tutorials and strategies that provide information for refining web search skills.
* Using the Internet as a Dynamic Resource Tool for Knowledge Discovery (pdf)

Web-based Internet Evaluation
  Evaluating Internet sites 101.
* Web Pages for Scholarly Societies

World Wide Web Visual Search Engine: Content-based Image Retrieval
  - List of Visual Search Engines
      Watch HD cooking, yoga, and fitness videos.

Kadaza: Visual Web Directory
Genealogy and Family Networks

Quintura™ for Kids: See & Find
Click the words in the cloud to discover popular search topics or surf the web.
      Reverse visual search
    - Same Energy | Visual Search Engine
    - The Entire Wiki with Photo and Video Galleries - WikiVisually
"Family History" Search Results - WikiVisually
Genealogy Search Results - WikiVisually
      Most relevant search results, based on the combination of
      website rankings by the top 3 search engines – Google™, Bing™
      and Yahoo!®.  Results presented in a visually compelling manner
      that illustrates how they rank on the three engines simultaneously.
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All pre-modern historical events, recorded by individuals
deficient in Historiography procedures, (prior to modern
instant recording and reproduction capability), should be
evaluated as primary contemporaneous sources, subject
to some time lapse and cultural interjection of bias.
Genealogists, in the capacity of the expert witness, must
reduce the degree of removal from past physical and social
events, (through a thorough exhaustive understanding of all
surviving record sources); insomuch, that their opinion or
testimony of what is the "truth", (as contained in the written
documents or other valid sources), has the essential equivalent
trustworthiness equal to an unbiased eyewitness account.

* Ancestor Hunt
Ancestor Search
  Find your family history with
free genealogy search.

* Beginning Internet Genealogy

Cyndi's List - Handy Online Starting Points
Cyndi's List - Internet Genealogy
Doctoral Study of the Use of the Internet for Genealogy (pdf)
  Kylie J. Veale has commenced a PhD research program
  with Curtin University of Technology, Australia, to examine
  how genealogists use the Internet, and to investigate the
  consequences of the development of genealogy
  as a significant Internet-based activity.
Free Genealogy Search Engines
  Genealogy, family tree and lineages.
Genealogist's Internet, 5th Edition: Links
Comprehensive introduction and guide to
  researching British family history on the Internet.

* Genealogy Inforseeker

  Genealogy related search engines index.
* Genealogy Search Engine (5 billion free ancestral records +)
  Largest Free Ancestral Search Engine on the Internet.
  It is the leading independent genealogy search engine in the world
  and the leading free alternative to subscription genealogy websites.
Family Tree Search Engine
Rare Book Search Engine
Bing™ (Bing™)
 -  Google™ (Google™)
Google™ Book Search
(Google™ Book Search)
Google™ Groups (Google™ Groups)

- Yahoo!® (Yahoo!®)
* Genealogy Webmaster - Webmasters
  The what, how and why of constructing
  and maintaining Internet genealogy sites.
  Global search.
* History (University students develop their Internet research skills.)
  Learn how to make discerning use of the Internet to help find information
  for your coursework and assignments.  Free "teach yourself" practice tutorial
  that develops Internet information skills.
Information Research: Genealogists & Family Historians
  Open access, international, peer-reviewed, scholarly journal; making accessible
  the results of research across a wide range of information-related disciplines.

  - Investigating the Information-seeking Behaviour of Genealogists & Family Historians
* Internet Guide: How to Find Your Family History and Cultural Roots (pdf)
  "For generations, members of your family have sent
  you the historical equivalent of a message in a bottle.
  They launched them from . . .  every corner of the world
  with every immigrant’s voyage to America.  Every day now,
  these messages, in the form of historical documents and records,
  are coming ashore from the vast ocean of information we call
  the Internet. . . . In the blink of an eye, the Internet makes it
  possible to do much of the searching from your own home. . . ."
Live Roots Genealogy Search Engine
  Locating genealogical resources, both online
  and offline in repositories around the world
* Mocavo and Findmypast
MooseRoots | A Genealogy Research Engine (archived)
  Delivers deep insights via data-driven articles, visualizations and research tools.
* MyHeritage: SuperSearch
™ Historical Records
  11,095,874,587 historical records and counting.
MyHeritage Education
    Features and tools that will help you make the most of your research.

  Genealogy, ancestry, family history
  search and family tree.

Online Genealogical Research Resources
  BYU Studies review.

* Pedigree & Lineage Networking: Family Trees

* Primary Source
: Genealogical Proof Standard
Primary Sources: What Are Primary Sources?
Using Primary Sources on the Web
    From Reference & User Services Association (RUSA).
  Public records and genealogy search engine.
* Researching Your Family Tree
  Self-paced tutorial is designed for beginning genealogists,
  with basic computer and Internet skills.
Search Historical Records -
  - Family History for Beginners | Learn |
* Search the Web's Free Genealogical Data
  Use Family Discoverer to search Linkpendium free genealogical data.
* TheGenealogist
  Leading British genealogy research website.
You Searched for Genealogy - MakeUseOf
* W3 Search Engines - Internet Search Engines
  WWW-VL History.

* Who Can Find People?
  Information and resources for genealogists, family historians
  and researchers to find people, places and things.
* Wikipedia
®: Help:Searching - Qwika
  Provides a detailed overview of Wikipedia's search feature,
  and instructions on using
external search engines, such as Google™,
  to find information.  For a short introduction to searching Wikipedia®.
List of Wikipedias - Meta
  - Portal:Contents
Portal:Contents/A–Z Index
  - Search Results - Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia
      Searched for
family - [Index]
- genealogy - [Index] ETC.
      Sample set: (10k of over 25k for genealog* and counting)
genealog* - Search results 00001 - 00500
genealog* - Search results 00501 - 01000

      - genealog* - Search results 01001 - 01500
      - genealog* - Search results 01501 - 02000
genealog* - Search results 02001 - 02500
      - genealog* - Search results 02501 - 03000
genealog* - Search results 03001 - 03500
      - genealog* - Search results 03501 - 04000
    - genealog* - Search results 04001 - 04500
      - genealog* - Search results 04501 - 05000
      - genealog* - Search results 05001 - 05500
      - genealog* - Search results 05501 - 06000
    - genealog* - Search results 06001 - 06500
      - genealog* - Search results 06501 - 07000
    - genealog* - Search results 07001 - 07500
      - genealog* - Search results 07501 - 08000
    - genealog* - Search results 08001 - 08500
      - genealog* - Search results 08501 - 09000
    - genealog* - Search results 09001 - 09500
genealog* - Search results 09501 - 10000

        - [Listed below are a few of the above numbered
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Almanach de Gotha
            Directory of Europe's highest nobility and royalty.

            Study of anthroponyms, the names of human beings.
Name: Category:Names
              - Ethnonyms
Family Name
- Given Name
                - Category:Given Names
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              - Nickname
              - Personal Name
              - Surname
                - Category:Surnames
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                - Surname Newsgroups: Blogs, Genealogy Newsletters and Periodicals
          - Family
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            - Category:Family:
Family History
            - Family History Society
Family Tree
          - Genealogia Deorum Gentilium
Genealogical Bewilderment
            Group of psychological problems stemming
            from lack of knowledge of one's ancestors.

          - Genealogical DNA test
          - Genealogical Method
Genealogical Numbering Systems
Genealogical Society of Ireland
          - Genealogical Society of Utah

Genealogies of Genesis
            - Alphabetic History of Civilization: Ancient and Modern Genealogies

Genealogies of the Nobles

History book related to Islam, authored
Ahmad ibn Yahya al-Baladhuri (d. A.D. 892).
          - Genealogy
Academic genealogy of Theoretical Physicists
            - Category:Genealogy and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
            - Genealogy (Foucault):
Michel Foucault
            - Genealogy of Khadijah's Daughters
              - Khadijah bint Khuwaylid, first wife, of
                the last
of the Prophets of Islam: Muhammad.
                She had six children.  See also:
Muhammad's Wives
Genealogy of the British Royal Family
            - Genealogy of the Spanish Royal Family
          - Genealogy Software
            - - Wikipedia: ( Corporate)
              Acronym of Genealogical Research and
              Analysis Management Programming System.
          - Genetic Genealogy
Kinship Terminology

        - Category:Nobility
          - Toponymy
            Scientific study of place-names (toponyms),
            their origins, meanings, use and typology.
            - Category:Place Names
William the Conqueror
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