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About Me: 
I graduated from Patwin Elementary School; attended R.W. Emerson Junior High School
for two years, all located in
Davis, California
I also have  graduated from River City H.S.,
West Sacramento, California.  I graduated with highest honors as a R.C.H.S. Valedictorian
and received a Rotary Club scholarship.  I attend
West Sacramento (Websites) (Locations)
of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; (Mormons - LDS), where I successfully
achieved the rank of Eagle Scout, in Scout Troop 43.  After High School, I began to attend
the University of California, at Davis, California; majored in Computer EngineeringI then
became a Computer Science transfer student, to
California State University, Sacramento.
I make and launch rockets as a hobby and am involved in studying new computer games,
computer software, computer hardware; all related current and future programming data.
I entered, and successfully completed the CSUS Computer Science Graduate program.

Science is my favorite subject.  I study all aspects of science:
Science, Technology and How Things Work

* Exploratorium®
Museum of science, art and human perception.
* Fun Science Gallery
  Homemade projects for the amateur scientist.
  - Little Shop of Physics
IPPEX Interactive
  Introduction to many of the basic concepts involved with Electricity and Magnetism,
  static charge, moving charge, voltage, resistance, and current magnetism and how
  it relates to electricity will also be presented. (You need shockwave to view.)
Science Fairs
  Free science fair project ideas, answers and tools for serious students.

* ScienceDaily Magazine

If you need some help with homework try visiting:
* Academic Education Learning Resources
* Computer - Internet - Software: Genealogy Programs Support
* English and Literature - Art, Dance, Music and Theater
* Foreign Languages: Translations and Translators
* Reference and Homework Help
* Scholastic.com
  Helping children around the world to read and learn.



I like playing games.  Try visiting:

* Fun Stuff and Games

  Games and Activities for everyone.
  Cheat codes, hints and help.

* MiniClip.com
  Free online games and shows.
* Neopets® - Virtual Pet Site
  Games, trading, auctions, greetings, messaging and more.
* Nintendo®
  Country selector.
* PlayStation®Network
  PSN games, movies and TV.

* Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 Central
* Wav Central
  Best sound site on the 'Net.

I like making Robots:

* Budget Robotics
  Robot Kits, robotics kits, robot parts, educational robots and amateur robots.
* Jameco's Robot Store
  Robot kits, parts and more.
* Robot kits, robot arm and robotic accessories
* Robotikitsdirect.com


I like scouting and belong to my LDS church troop:

Boy Scouts of America:
Boy Scouts of America - Sitemap
  - Golden Empire Council
History of the Boy Scouts of America
List of Eagle Scouts
    - Genealogy
  - Real Knots
  - Scoutstuff.org
    Official online catalog.
* Scouting Guidebooks
Aaronic Priesthood and Scouting Startup Guidebooks,
  Job Descriptions and Support Information: LDS/BSA.

World Organization of the Scout Movement
List of Scouts
  - National Scout Organizations
  - Regions:
Africa Scout Region
    - Arab Scout Region
    - Asia-Pacific Scout Region
    - Eurasia Scout Region
    - European Scout Region
    - Interamerican Scout Region


I like sports and especially SOCCER:
AYSO - American Youth Soccer Organization
Davis, California AYSO
Football Skills Soccer Tactics
  Training and drills for players and coaches.
Free Soccer Drills & Youth Soccer Coaching Advice
  Soccer tips and tactics
* Soccer Performance
* Soccer Skills

  Learn to play the game, from SweetSpot

* Soccer Training Information Resource Center
Soccer Universe: Soccer Drills
  Soccer training tips and strategies.
* SoccerHelp™
  Soccer Drills, Positions, Formations.
* Soccerway
  Club Domestic - Soccer Competitions, Cups and Leagues.
* Sports & Fitness
  How To information from eHow™.
Take Part - Coach | The FA
Teaching the "Soccer" Basics: Introduction
* U S Soccer Network
* Youth Soccer Coaching

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