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General alphabetical listings and miscellaneous additions
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Contains current information on specific areas listed below; i.e.,
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additional consolidation of selected FamilySearch localities for
scholarly review with each of the UC Melvyl® catalog sections.

Topics presented are: Category: Beginners
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Kachhawahas -- Genealogy.
Kachhwaha (Indic people) -- Genealogy.
Kachhwahas -- Genealogy.
Kachhwahas -- Genealogy.
Kaduna State, Nigeria -- Genealogy.
Kagoshima-han (Japan)
Kagoshima-han (Japan) -- Administrative and political divisions -- History -- Sources.
Kagoshima-han (Japan) -- Biography.
Kagoshima-han (Japan) -- Church history.
Kagoshima-han (Japan) -- Civilization.
Kagoshima-han (Japan) -- Commercial policy -- History.
Kagoshima-han (Japan) -- Economic conditions.
Kagoshima-han (Japan) -- Economic policy.
Kagoshima-han (Japan) -- Genealogy.
Kagoshima-han (Japan) -- History.
Kagoshima-han (Japan) -- History, Military.
Kagoshima-han (Japan) -- History -- Sources.
Kagoshima-han (Japan) -- Officials and employees -- Diaries.
Kagoshima-han (Japan) -- Officials and employees -- Registers.
Kagoshima-han (Japan) -- Officials and employees -- Salaries, etc.
Kagoshima-han (Japan) -- Politics and government.
Kagoshima-han (Japan) -- Politics and government -- Sources.
Kagoshima-han (Japan) -- Relations -- Europe -- Congresses.
Kagoshima-han (Japan) -- Social conditions.
Kagoshima-ken (Japan)
           ALSO KNOWN AS:
             Kagoshima-ken, Japan.
             Kagoshima, Japan (Prefecture)
Kagoshima-ken (Japan) -- Bibliography.
Kagoshima-ken (Japan) -- Bibliography -- Catalogs.
Kagoshima-ken (Japan) -- Bibliography -- Union lists.
Kagoshima-ken (Japan) -- Biography.
Kagoshima-ken (Japan) -- Civilization.
Kagoshima-ken (Japan) -- Description and travel.
Kagoshima-ken (Japan) -- Earthquake, 1997.
Kagoshima-ken (Japan) -- Economic conditions.
Kagoshima-ken (Japan) -- Economic conditions Statistics.
Kagoshima-ken (Japan) -- Gazetteers.
Kagoshima-ken (Japan) -- Genealogy.
Kagoshima-ken (Japan) -- History.
Kagoshima-ken (Japan) -- History -- Pictorial works.
Kagoshima-ken (Japan) -- History -- Sources.
Kagoshima-ken (Japan) -- Maps.
Kagoshima-ken (Japan) -- Maps, Outline and base.
Kagoshima-ken (Japan) -- Officials and employees -- Training of -- History -- 19th century.
Kagoshima-ken (Japan) -- Pictorial works.
Kagoshima-ken (Japan) -- Politics and government.
Kagoshima-ken (Japan) -- Relations -- Korea.
Kagoshima-ken (Japan) -- Rural conditions.
Kagoshima-ken (Japan) -- Social conditions.
Kagoshima-ken (Japan) -- Social life and customs.
Kagoshima-ken (Japan) -- Statistics.
Kagoshima-me (Japan) -- Genealogy.
Kaifeng Xian (China) -- Antiquities.
Kaifeng Xian (China) -- Census, 1982.
Kaifeng Xian (China) -- Description and travel.
Kaifeng Xian (China) -- Ethnic relations.
Kaifeng Xian (China) -- Genealogy.
Kaifeng Xian (China) -- History.
Kaifeng Xian (China) -- Population -- Statistics.
Kaifeng Xian (China) -- Race relations.
Kaifeng Xian (China) -- Religious life and customs.
Kaiserswerth (Dusseldorf, Germany)
Kaiserswerth (Dusseldorf, Germany) -- Buildings, structures, etc.
Kaiserswerth (Dusseldorf, Germany) -- Church history -- 20th century.
Kaiserswerth (Dusseldorf, Germany) -- Church history -- 1933-1945.
Kaiserswerth (Dusseldorf, Germany) -- Economic conditions.
Kaiserswerth (Dusseldorf, Germany) -- Genealogy.
Kaiserswerth (Dusseldorf, Germany) -- History.
Kaiserswerth (Dusseldorf, Germany) -- History -- Sources.
Kaiserswerth (Dusseldorf, Germany) -- Hospitals.
Kaiserswerth (Dusseldorf, Germany) -- Politics and government.
Kaiserswerth (Dusseldorf, Germany) -- Social conditions.
Kalahari Desert.
Kalahari Desert -- Antiquities.
Kalahari Desert -- Bibliography.
Kalahari Desert -- Description and travel.
Kalahari Desert -- Economic conditions.
Kalahari Desert -- Economic conditions -- Congresses.
Kalahari Desert -- Genealogy.
Kalahari Desert -- History -- 19th century.
Kalahari Desert -- Juvenile literature.
Kalahari Desert -- Maps.
Kalahari Desert -- Race relations.
Kalahari Desert -- Social life and customs.
Kalamazoo County (Mich.) -- Biography.
           ALSO KNOWN AS:
             Kalamazoo Co., Mich.
Kalamazoo County (Mich.) -- Biography -- Indexes.
Kalamazoo County (Mich.) -- Census, 1910.
Kalamazoo County (Mich.) -- Census, 1970.
Kalamazoo County (Mich.) -- Census, 1980.
Kalamazoo County (Mich.) -- Directories.
Kalamazoo County (Mich.) -- Economic conditions.
Kalamazoo County (Mich.) -- Genealogy.
Kalamazoo County (Mich.) -- History.
Kalamazoo County (Mich.) -- History -- Indexes.
Kalamazoo County (Mich.) -- Housing.
Kalamazoo County (Mich.) -- Maps.
Kalamazoo County (Mich.) -- Population.
Kalawao County, Hawaii -- Genealogy.
Kalkaska County, Michigan -- Genealogy.
Kalmar County, Sweden -- Genealogy.
Kaluzhskaia oblast' (Russia)
Kamehameha, House of.
Kamehameha, House of -- Genealogy.
Kamehameha, House of -- Pictorial works.
Kanabec County (Minn.) -- Census, 1860.
Kanabec County (Minn.) -- Databases.
Kanabec County (Minn.) -- Genealogy.
Kanabec County (Minn.) -- Maps.
Kanawha County, Virginia -- Genealogy.
Kanawha County (W. Va.) -- Antiquities.
Kanawha County (W. Va.) -- Biography.
Kanawha County (W. Va.) -- Biography -- Indexes.
Kanawha County (W. Va.) -- Census, 1810.
Kanawha County (W. Va.) -- Census, 1820.
Kanawha County (W. Va.) -- Census, 1830.
Kanawha County (W. Va.) -- Census, 1840.
Kanawha County (W. Va.) -- Census, 1850.
Kanawha County (W. Va.) -- Census, 1860.
Kanawha County (W. Va.) -- Description and travel.
Kanawha County (W. Va.) -- Genealogy.
Kanawha County (W. Va.) -- History.
Kanawha County (W. Va.) -- History -- Indexes.
Kanawha County (W. Va.) -- Maps.
Kanawha River Valley (W. Va.) -- Antiquities.
Kanawha River Valley (W. Va.) -- Genealogy.
Kanawha River Valley (W. Va.) -- Historic buildings.
Kanawha River Valley (W. Va.) -- History.
Kanawha Valley (W. Va.) -- Biography.
Kanawha Valley (W. Va.) -- Genealogy.
Kanawha Valley (W. Va.) -- Historic buildings.
Kanawha Valley (W. Va.) -- History.
Kandiyohi County, Minnesota -- Genealogy.
Kane County (Ill.) -- Biography.
Kane County (Ill.) -- Census, 1865 Indexes.
Kane County (Ill.) -- Directories.
Kane County (Ill.) -- Directories -- Indexes.
Kane County (Ill.) -- Genealogy.
Kane County (Ill.) -- Genealogy -- Indexes.
Kane County (Ill.) -- Genealogy -- Periodicals -- Indexes.
Kane County (Ill.) -- History.
Kane County (Ill.) -- History -- Dictionaries and encyclopedias.
Kane County (Ill.) -- Maps.
Kane County (Ill.) -- Maps, Topographic.
Kane County, Utah -- Genealogy.
Kankakee County, Illinois -- Genealogy.
Kano (Nigeria)
Kano (Nigeria) -- Biography.
Kano (Nigeria) -- Buildings, structures, etc.
Kano (Nigeria) -- Court and courtiers.
Kano (Nigeria) -- Directories.
Kano (Nigeria) -- Economic conditions.
Kano (Nigeria) -- Ethnic relations.
Kano (Nigeria) -- Genealogy.
Kano (Nigeria) -- Guidebooks.
Kano (Nigeria) -- History.
Kano (Nigeria) -- History -- 19th century.
Kano (Nigeria) -- History -- 20th century.
Kano (Nigeria) -- History -- Congresses.
Kano (Nigeria) -- Kings and rulers.
Kano (Nigeria) -- Manufactures.
Kano (Nigeria) -- Maps.
Kano (Nigeria) -- Police -- Assaults against.
Kano (Nigeria) -- Politics and government.
Kano (Nigeria) -- Riot, December 1980.
Kano (Nigeria) -- Social conditions.
Kano (Nigeria) -- Social life and customs.
Kano State, Nigeria -- Genealogy.
Kansas -- Genealogy.
               Kansas Family History Centers
Kanyakubja Brahmans -- Genealogy.
Karben (Germany) -- Genealogy.
Karben (Germany) -- History.
Karl Ernst von Baer; genealogy.
Karnataka (India)
           ALSO KNOWN AS:
             Karnataka, India.
Karnes County, Texas -- Genealogy.
Kars (Ont.) -- Genealogy.
Kars (Ont.) -- Registers.
Kasanga (African people) -- Genealogy.
Kaskaskia (Ill.) -- Genealogy.
Kaskaskia (Ill.) -- History.
Kaskaskia (Ill.) -- History -- Chronology.
Kaskaskia (Ill.) -- History -- Sources.
Kaskaskia (Ill.) -- Maps -- Early works to 1800.
Kasrawan (Lebanon)
Kasrawan (Lebanon) -- Description and travel.
Kasrawan (Lebanon) -- Genealogy.
Kasrawan (Lebanon) -- History.
Kasrawan (Lebanon) -- Monasteries.
Kasson Township (Leelanau County, Mich.) -- Biography.
Kasson Township (Leelanau County, Mich.) -- Genealogy.
Kasson Township (Leelanau County, Mich.) -- History.
Kasur (Pakistan : District) -- Census, 1981.
Kasur (Pakistan : District) -- Genealogy.
Kasur (Pakistan : District) -- History.
Kasur (Pakistan : District) -- Population -- Statistics.
Katonah (N.Y.) -- Genealogy.
Katonah (N.Y.) -- History.
Katonah (N.Y.) -- Maps.
Katsina (Nigeria : Province)
Katsina (Nigeria : Province) -- Biography.
Katsina (Nigeria : Province) -- Commerce.
Katsina (Nigeria : Province) -- Economic policy.
Katsina (Nigeria : Province) -- History.
Katsina (Nigeria : Province) -- Kings and rulers -- Biography.
Katsina (Nigeria : Province) -- Kings and rulers -- Genealogy.
Katsina (Nigeria : Province) -- Population.
Katsina (Nigeria : Province) -- Rural conditions.
Katsina State, Nigeria -- Genealogy.
Kattani family -- Genealogy.
Kauai County, Hawaii -- Genealogy.
Kauai (Hawaii)
Kauai (Hawaii) -- Antiquities.
Kauai (Hawaii) -- Biography.
Kauai (Hawaii) -- Census -- Maps.
Kauai (Hawaii) -- Description and travel.
Kauai (Hawaii) -- Economic conditions.
Kauai (Hawaii) -- Emigration and immigration.
Kauai (Hawaii) -- Filipino Strike, 1924.
Kauai (Hawaii) -- Genealogy.
Kauai (Hawaii) -- Guidebooks.
Kauai (Hawaii) -- History.
Kauai (Hawaii) -- History, Local.
Kauai (Hawaii) -- Maps.
Kauai (Hawaii) -- Maps -- 1903.
Kauai (Hawaii) -- Maps -- 1908.
Kauai (Hawaii) -- Maps -- 1912.
Kauai (Hawaii) -- Maps -- 1937.
Kauai (Hawaii) -- Maps -- 1976.
Kauai (Hawaii) -- Maps -- 1986.
Kauai (Hawaii) -- Maps, Tourist.
Kauai (Hawaii) -- Name.
Kauai (Hawaii) -- Pictorial works.
Kauai (Hawaii) -- Poetry.
Kauai (Hawaii) -- Politics and government.
Kauai (Hawaii) -- Road maps.
Kaufman County (Tex.) -- Biography.
           ALSO KNOWN AS:
             Kaufman Co., Tex.
Kaufman County (Tex.) -- Genealogy.
Kaufman (Tex.) -- Genealogy.
Kautokeino (Norway) -- Genealogy.
Kautokeino (Norway) -- History.
Kautokeino (Norway) -- Social life and customs.
Kay County (Okla.) -- Antiquities.
           ALSO KNOWN AS:
             Kay Co., Okla.
Kay County (Okla.) -- Genealogy.
Kay County (Okla.) -- History.
Kay County (Okla.) -- Maps.
Kayasths -- Genealogy.
Kazakhstan -- Genealogy.
           ALSO KNOWN AS:
             Kirgizskaia A.S.S.R. (1920-1925 : R.S.F.S.R.)
             Kirghiz A.S.S.R. (1920-1925 : R.S.F.S.R.)
             Kazakskaia A.S.S.R. (R.S.F.S.R.)
             Kazak A.S.S.R. (R.S.F.S.R.)
             Kazakhskaia S.S.R.
             Kazakhskaia Avtonomnaia Sovetskaia Sotsialisticheskaia Respublika.
             Kazak S.S.R.
             Kazakh A.S.S.R. (R.S.F.S.R.)
             KASSR (R.S.F.S.R.)
             Kasachische SSR.
             Kazakhskaia Sovetskaia Sotsialisticheskaia Respublika.
             Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic.
             Kazakhskaya SSR.
             Kazakhskaya Sovetskaya Sotsialisticheskaya Respublika.
Kearney County (Neb.) -- Biography.
Kearney County (Neb.) -- Genealogy.
Kearney County (Neb.) -- Genealogy -- Sources.
Kearney County (Neb.) -- History.
Kearney County (Neb.) -- History, Local.
Kearny County, Kansas -- Genealogy.
Kebbi State, Nigeria -- Genealogy.
Keene (N.H.)
Keene (N.H.) -- Biography.
Keene (N.H.) -- Church history.
Keene (N.H.) -- Directories.
Keene (N.H.) -- Directories -- Indexes.
Keene (N.H.) -- Genealogy.
Keene (N.H.) -- History.
Keene (N.H.) -- Maps.
Keene (N.H.) -- Social life and customs.
Keene (N.H.) -- Traffic surveys.
Keighley (England) -- Church history.
Keighley (England) -- Economic conditions.
Keighley (England) -- Genealogy.
Keighley (England) -- History -- Pictorial works.
Keighley (England) -- Maps.
Keighley (England) -- Politics and government.
Keighley (England) -- Social conditions.
Keith County, Nebraska -- Genealogy.
           ALSO KNOWN AS:
Kelmarsh (England) -- Genealogy.
Kelmarsh (England) -- History.
Kemper County, Mississippi -- Genealogy.
Kenai Peninsula Borough (Alaska)
           ALSO KNOWN AS:
             Kenai Peninsula Borough, Alaska.
Kenai Peninsula Borough, Alaska -- Genealogy.
Kendall County (Ill.) -- Antiquities.
Kendall County (Ill.) -- Biography.
Kendall County (Ill.) -- Directories.
Kendall County (Ill.) -- Genealogy.
Kendall County (Ill.) -- History.
Kendall County (Ill.) -- History -- Dictionaries.
Kendall County (Ill.) -- Maps.
Kendall County, Texas -- Genealogy.
Kenedy County, Texas -- Genealogy.
Kenley (England) -- Genealogy.
Kennebec County (Me.)
Kennebec County (Me.) -- Biography.
Kennebec County (Me.) -- Church history.
Kennebec County (Me.) -- Directories.
Kennebec County (Me.) -- Directories -- Indexes.
Kennebec County (Me.) -- Genealogy.
Kennebec County (Me.) -- History.
Kennebec County (Me.) -- Maps.
Kennebec Valley (Me.)
Kennebec Valley (Me.) -- Genealogy.
Kennebec Valley (Me.) -- History.
Kennebunk (Me.) -- Biography.
           ALSO KNOWN AS:
             Kennebunk, Me.
Kennebunk (Me.) -- Description and travel.
Kennebunk (Me.) -- Description and travel -- Poetry.
Kennebunk (Me.) -- Genealogy.
Kennebunk (Me.) -- History.
Kennebunk (Me.) -- Industries.
Kennebunkport (Me.) -- Genealogy.
           ALSO KNOWN AS:
             Kennebunkport, Me.
Kennebunkport (Me.) -- History.
Kennebunkport (Me. : Town)
Kennebunkport (Me. : Town) -- Genealogy.
Kennebunkport (Me. : Town) -- History.
Kennedy, Matthew. A chronological, genealogical, and historical dissertation of the royal family of the Stuarts.
Kennett Square, Pa -- Directories.
Kennett Square, Pa -- Genealogy.
Kenosha County (Wis.)
Kenosha County (Wis.) -- Antiquities.
Kenosha County (Wis.) -- Biography.
Kenosha County (Wis.) -- Directories.
Kenosha County (Wis.) -- Genealogy.
Kenosha County (Wis.) -- Genealogy -- Bibliography -- Catalogs.
Kenosha County (Wis.) -- History.
Kenosha County (Wis.) -- History -- Sources -- Bibliography -- Catalogs.
Kenosha County (Wis.) -- Maps.
Kenosha County (Wis.) -- Maps, Topographic.
Kensington, England -- Genealogy -- Sources.
Kensington, England -- Social conditions.
Kent County (Del.) -- Administrative and political divisions -- Maps.
Kent County (Del.) -- Antiquities.
Kent County (Del.) -- Biography.
Kent County (Del.) -- Census, 1800.
Kent County (Del.) -- Genealogy.
Kent County (Del.) -- History -- Sources.
Kent County (Del.) -- Maps.
Kent County (Del.) -- Politics and government.
Kent County (Md.)
           ALSO KNOWN AS:
             Kent Co., Md.
Kent County (Md.) -- Church history.
Kent County (Md.) -- Genealogy.
Kent County (Md.) -- History.
Kent County (Md.) -- Maps.
Kent County (Md.) -- Militia.
Kent County (Md.) -- Militia -- Registers.
Kent County (Md.) -- Politics and government.
Kent County (Mich.) -- Biography.
Kent County (Mich.) -- Biography -- Indexes.
Kent County (Mich.) -- Census, 1910.
Kent County (Mich.) -- Directories.
Kent County (Mich.) -- Genealogy.
Kent County (Mich.) -- History.
Kent County (Mich.) -- History -- Indexes.
Kent County (Mich.) -- Maps.
Kent County, Rhode Island -- Genealogy.
Kent County, Texas -- Genealogy.
Kent (England) -- Genealogy.
Kent Region (Wash.) -- Genealogy.
Kent (Wash.) Genealogy.
Kenton County (Ky.) -- Census -- Maps.
Kenton County (Ky.) -- Genealogy.
Kenton County (Ky.) -- Maps.
Kenton County (Ky.) -- Maps -- 1966.
Kenton County (Ky.) -- Maps -- 1980.
Kenton County (Ky.) -- Maps, Topographic.
Kentucky -- Genealogy.
                   Kentucky Family History Centers
Kentucky County, Virginia -- Genealogy.
Kentucky Lake Region (Ky.) -- Genealogy.
Kenya -- Genealogy.
 Kenya Family History Centres
Keokuk County, Iowa -- Genealogy.
Keokuk (Iowa)
           ALSO KNOWN AS:
             Keokuk, Iowa.
Keokuk (Iowa) -- Canals.
Keokuk (Iowa) -- Church history.
Keokuk (Iowa) -- Commerce.
Keokuk (Iowa) -- Description and travel.
Keokuk (Iowa) -- Directories.
Keokuk (Iowa) -- Directories -- Indexes.
Keokuk (Iowa) -- Genealogy.
Keokuk (Iowa) -- History.
Keokuk (Iowa) -- Maps.
Keokuk (Iowa) -- Pictorial works.
Kern County (Calif.)
           ALSO KNOWN AS:
             Kern Co., Calif.
Kern County, California -- Genealogy.
Kerouac family -- Genealogy.
Kerr County (Tex.)
Kerr County (Tex.) -- Antiquities.
Kerr County (Tex.) -- Biography.
Kerr County (Tex.) -- Economic conditions.
Kerr County (Tex.) -- Genealogy.
Kerr County (Tex.) -- History.
Kerrville (Tex.) -- Genealogy.
           ALSO KNOWN AS:
             Kerrville, Tex.
           ALSO KNOWN AS:
             Ciarraighe, Ire. (County)
             Kerry, Ire. (County)
Kerry -- Genealogy.
Kerry -- History.
Kerry -- Religious life and customs.
Kerry (Ireland)
Kerry (Ireland) -- Anecdotes.
Kerry (Ireland) -- Antiquities.
Kerry (Ireland) -- Antiquities -- Registers.
Kerry (Ireland) -- Description and travel.
Kerry (Ireland) -- Description and travel -- Guidebooks.
Kerry (Ireland) -- Drama.
Kerry (Ireland) -- Genealogy.
Kerry (Ireland) -- Genealogy -- Handbooks, manuals, etc.
Kerry (Ireland) -- Guidebooks.
Kerry (Ireland) -- History.
Kerry (Ireland) -- History -- Anecdotes.
Kerry (Ireland) -- History, Local.
Kerry (Ireland) -- In literature.
Kerry (Ireland) -- Intellectual life.
Kerry (Ireland) -- Literary collections.
Kerry (Ireland) -- Maps.
Kerry (Ireland) -- Pictorial works.
Kerry (Ireland) -- Politics and government.
Kerry (Ireland) -- Rural life.
Kerry (Ireland) -- Social life and customs.
Kerry (Ireland) -- Social life and customs -- 20th century.
Kerry (Ireland : County Kerry) -- Genealogy.
Kershaw County (S.C.)
Kershaw County (S.C.) -- Census, 1840.
Kershaw County (S.C.) -- Genealogy.
Kershaw County (S.C.) -- Maps.
Ketchikan Borough, Alaska -- Genealogy.
Kewaunee County, Wisconsin -- Genealogy.
Keweenaw County, Michigan -- Genealogy.
Keya Paha County, Nebraska -- Genealogy.
Khandesh (Kingdom) -- Genealogy.
Khandesh (Kingdom) -- History.
Khandesh (Kingdom) -- Politics and government.
Khatib al-Tamimi al-Dari (Arab tribe) -- Genealogy.
Khitrovo family -- Genealogy.
Kidder County, North Dakota -- Genealogy.
Kierspe, Ger. (Kirchspiel) -- Genealogy.
           ALSO KNOWN AS:
             Kirchspiel Kierspe.
Kierspe (Germany : Kirchspiel) -- Genealogy.
Kievan Rus.
Kildare (County) -- Genealogy.
Kildare (County) -- History.
Kildare (County) -- History -- Bibliography.
Kildare (Ireland : County)
Kildare (Ireland : County Kildare) -- Genealogy.
Kildare (Ireland : County) -- History.
Kildare (Ireland : County) -- History -- Bibliography.
Kildare (Ireland : County) -- History, Military.
Kildare (Ireland : County) -- History -- Sources.
Kildare (Ireland : County) -- Maps.
Kildare (Ireland : County) -- Maps -- Early works to 1800 Facsimiles.
Kildare (Ireland : County) -- Politics and government.
Kildare (Ireland : County) -- Social life and customs.
Kildwick-in-Craven (England) -- Genealogy.
Kilkenny (Ireland : County Kilkenny) -- Genealogy.
Kilmore (Ireland) -- Genealogy.
Kiltullagh/Killimordaly (Ireland : Parish) -- Genealogy.
Kiltullagh/Killimordaly (Ireland : Parish) -- History.
Kim Bai (Vietnam) -- Genealogy.
Kimball County, Nebraska -- Genealogy.
Kimble County (Tex.) -- Antiquities.
Kimble County (Tex.) -- Biography.
Kimble County (Tex.) -- Genealogy.
Kimble County (Tex.) -- History.
Kincardineshire (Scotland) -- Genealogy.
Kinchafoonee County, Georgia -- Genealogy.
Kinderhook County, Missouri -- Genealogy.
Kineton (England) -- Genealogy.
Kineton (England) -- History.
Kineton (England) -- History, Military.
Kineton (England) -- History -- Sources.
King and Queen County (Va.) -- Biography.
           ALSO KNOWN AS:
             King and Queen Co., Va.
King and Queen County (Va.) -- Genealogy.
King and Queen County (Va.) -- History.
King and Queen County (Va.) -- History -- Sources.
King and Queen County (Va.) -- Social life and customs.
King County, Texas -- Genealogy.
King County (Wash.)
           ALSO KNOWN AS:
             King Co., Wash.
King County (Wash.) -- Archival resources.
King County (Wash.) -- Biography.
King County (Wash.) -- Census.
King County (Wash.) -- Charter.
King County (Wash.) -- Description and travel.
King County (Wash.) -- Directories.
King County (Wash.) -- Directories -- Indexes.
King County (Wash.) -- Economic conditions.
King County (Wash.) -- Genealogy.
King County (Wash.) -- History.
King County (Wash.) -- History -- Chronology.
King County (Wash.) -- Maps.
King County (Wash.) -- Maps, Topographic.
King County (Wash.) -- Maps, Tourist.
King County (Wash.) -- Occupations.
King County (Wash.) -- Officials and employees -- Travel regulations.
King County (Wash.) -- Personnel management -- Evaluation.
King County (Wash.) -- Politics and government.
King County (Wash.) -- Population.
King County (Wash.) -- Population -- Statistics.
King County (Wash.) -- Social conditions.
King County (Wash.) -- Statistics.
King George County (Va.) -- Economic conditions.
           ALSO KNOWN AS:
             King George Co., Va.
King George County (Va.) -- Genealogy.
King George County (Va.) -- Maps.
King George County (Va.) -- Genealogy.
King William County (Va.) -- Description and travel.
King William County (Va.) -- Dwellings.
King William County (Va.) -- Genealogy.
King William County, (Va.) -- Historic houses, etc.
King William County (Va.) -- History -- Sources.
King William County (Va.) -- Maps.
King William Parish (Va.)
King William Parish (Va.) -- Genealogy.
Kingfisher County (Okla.) -- Genealogy.
Kingfisher County (Okla.) -- History.
Kingfisher County (Okla.) -- Maps.
Kingman County (Kan.) -- Genealogy.
           ALSO KNOWN AS:
             Kingman Co., Kan.
Kingman County (Kan.) -- Maps, Topographic.
Kings and queens -- Genealogy.
Kings and rulers -- Genealogy.
Kings and rulers -- Genealogy -- Early works to 1800.
Kings and rulers -- Great Britain -- Genealogy.
Kings County (Calif.)
Kings County, California -- Genealogy.
King's County (N.B.) -- Census, 1861.
King's County (N.B.) -- Census, 1891 -- Indexes.
King's County (N.B.) -- Genealogy.
Kings County (N.Y.) -- Archival resources -- Bibliography.
Kings County (N.Y.) -- Biography.
Kings County (N.Y.) -- Buildings.
Kings County (N.Y.) -- Buildings, structures, etc.
Kings County (N.Y.) -- Description and travel.
Kings County (N.Y.) -- Genealogy: Kings (Brooklyn).
Kings County (N.Y.) -- History.
Kings County (N.Y.) -- History -- Revolution, 1775-1783.
Kings County (N.Y.) -- History -- Sources.
Kings County (N.Y.) -- Maps.
Kings County (N.Y.) -- Politics and government.
Kings County (N.Y.) -- Registers.
Kings County (N.Y.) -- Social life and customs.
Kings Langley (England) -- Genealogy.
Kings Langley (England) -- History.
Kings Langley (England) -- History -- Sources.
Kings (N.S. : County) -- Genealogy.
Kings (N.S. : County) -- History.
Kingsbury County, South Dakota -- Genealogy.
Kingston (Mass.) -- Anniversaries, etc.
Kingston (Mass.) -- Genealogy.
Kingston (Mass.) -- History.
Kingston (Mass.) -- Statistics, Vital.
Kingston (Mass. : Town) -- Genealogy.
Kingston (Mass. : Town) -- History.
Kingston (N.H. : Town) -- Church history.
Kingston (N.H. : Town) -- Genealogy.
Kingston (N.Y.) -- Census, 1890.
           ALSO KNOWN AS:
             Swanenburgh, N.Y.
             Kingston, N.Y.
Kingston (N.Y.) -- Church history.
Kingston (N.Y.) -- Directories.
Kingston (N.Y.) -- Directories -- Indexes.
Kingston (N.Y.) -- Dwellings.
Kingston (N.Y.) -- Economic conditions.
Kingston (N.Y.) -- Genealogy.
Kingston (N.Y.) -- History.
Kingston (N.Y.) -- History -- Sources.
Kingston (N.Y.) -- Maps.
Kingston (N.Y.) -- Periodicals.
Kingston (N.Y.) -- Social conditions.
Kingston upon Thames (London, England) -- Genealogy.
Kingston upon Thames (London, England) -- History.
Kingston upon Thames (London, England) -- History -- Sources -- Bibliography.
Kingston upon Thames (London, England) -- Maps.
Kinlet (England) -- Genealogy.
Kinney County, Texas -- Genealogy.
Kinross-shire (Scotland) -- Genealogy.
Kinzig River Valley (Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany) -- Genealogy.
Kinzig River Valley (Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany) -- History.
Kiowa County (Colo.) -- Biography.
Kiowa County (Colo.) -- Genealogy.
Kiowa County (Colo.) -- History.
Kiowa County (Colo.) -- Maps.
Kiowa County, Kansas -- Genealogy.
Kiowa County (Okla.) -- Economic conditions.
           ALSO KNOWN AS:
             Kiowa Co., Okla.
Kiowa County (Okla.) -- Genealogy.
Kiowa County (Okla.) -- Maps.
Kiowa County (Okla.) -- Public lands.
Kiranti (Asian people) -- Nepal -- Genealogy.
Kirchengemeinde Breinermoor -- Genealogy.
Kirchengemeinde Breinermoor -- Registers.
Kirchengemeinde Hesel -- Genealogy.
Kirchengemeinde Loga -- Genealogy.
Kirchengemeinde Logabirum -- Genealogy.
           ALSO KNOWN AS:
             Logabirum, Ger. Kirchengemeinde.
Kircudbrightshire (Scotland) -- Genealogy.
Kiribati -- Genealogy.
                Kiribati Family History Centers
Kirin Province (China)
Kirkerup, Denmark (Soro) -- Genealogy.
Kirkham (Lancashire, England) -- Genealogy.
Kirkham (Lancashire, England) -- History.
Kirkham (Lancashire, England) -- Social life and customs.
Kirkland (Ohio) -- Biography.
Kirkland (Ohio) -- Genealogy.
Kirkleatham (England) -- Genealogy.
Kit Carson County, Colorado -- Genealogy.
Kitsap County, Washington -- Genealogy.
Kittanning (Penn.) -- Genealogy.
Kittery (Me.)
Kittery (Me.) -- Biography.
Kittery (Me.) -- Centennial celebrations, etc.
Kittery (Me.) -- Genealogy.
Kittery (Me.) -- History.
Kittery (Me.) -- History -- Biography.
Kittery (Me.) -- History -- Revolution, 1775-1783.
Kittery (Me.) -- Maps.
Kittery (Me. : Town) -- Description and travel.
Kittery (Me. : Town) -- Genealogy.
Kittery (Me. : Town) -- History.
Kittitas County (Wash.) -- Biography.
Kittitas County (Wash.) -- Census.
Kittitas County (Wash.) -- Description and travel.
Kittitas County (Wash.) -- Genealogy.
Kittitas County (Wash.) -- History.
Kittitas County (Wash.) -- Maps.
Kittson County, Minnesota -- Genealogy.
Klamath Basin (Or.)
Klamath Basin (Or.) -- Antiquities.
Klamath Basin (Or.) -- Genealogy.
Klamath County, California -- Genealogy.
Klamath County (Or.)
           ALSO KNOWN AS:
             Klamath County, Or.
             Klamath Co., Or.
Klamath County (Or.) -- Antiquities.
Klamath County (Or.) -- Bibliography.
Klamath County (Or.) -- Biography.
Klamath County (Or.) -- Description.
Klamath County (Or.) -- Description and travel.
Klamath County (Or.) -- Economic conditions.
Klamath County (Or.) -- Genealogy.
Klamath County (Or.) -- History.
Klamath County (Or.) -- History, Local.
Klamath County (Or.) -- Maps.
Klamath County (Or.) -- Pictorial works.
Klamath County (Ore.) -- Genealogy.
Klamath County (Ore.) -- History.
Klamath Falls Region (Or.) -- Antiquities.
Klamath Falls Region (Or.) -- Biography.
Klamath Falls Region (Or.) -- Genealogy.
Klamath Falls Region (Or.) -- Historical geography.
Klamath Falls Region (Or.) -- History.
Klamath Falls Region (Or.) -- Social life and customs.
Kleberg County, Texas -- Genealogy.
Kleve (North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany)
           ALSO KNOWN AS:
             Cleves, Ger.
             Cleve, Ger. (Kleve)
             Kleve (North Rhine-Westphalia)
Kleve (North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany) -- Charters, grants, privileges.
Kleve (North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany) -- Church history.
Kleve (North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany) -- Church history -- Sources.
Kleve (North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany) -- Economic conditions.
Kleve (North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany) -- Genealogy.
Kleve (North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany) -- History -- Sources.
Kleve (North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany) -- Newspapers -- history -- 18th century.
Kleve (North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany) -- Pictorial works -- Catalogs.
Kleve (North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany) -- Sources.
Klickitat County (Wash.) -- Biography.
           ALSO KNOWN AS:
             Klickitat Co., Wash.
Klickitat County (Wash.) -- Census.
Klickitat County (Wash.) -- Census, 1860.
Klickitat County (Wash.) -- Census, 1870.
Klickitat County (Wash.) -- Census, 1880.
Klickitat County (Wash.) -- Description and travel.
Klickitat County (Wash.) -- Directories.
Klickitat County (Wash.) -- Directories -- Indexes.
Klickitat County (Wash.) -- Genealogy.
Klickitat County (Wash.) -- History.
Klickitat County (Wash.) -- Maps.
Klondike River Valley (Yukon)
Knapdale (Strathclyde) -- Genealogy.
Knights and knighthood -- Spain -- Seville -- Genealogy.
Knights of Malta
           ALSO KNOWN AS:
             Knights Hospitalers of St. John of Jerusalem.
             Malta, Knights of.
             Knights of St. John of Jerusalem.
             Knights of Rhodes.
             Knights Hospitalers.
             Hospitalers of St. John of Jerusalem, Order of the.
             Jerusalem, Knights of the Order of St. John of.
             Jerusalem, Order of the Knights of St. John of.
             Rhodes, Knights of.
             St. John, Knights of.
             St. John of Jerusalem, Knights of the Order of.
             Order of Malta.
             Order of St. John of Jerusalem.
             Ordem Hospitalaria de S. Joao de Jerusalem.
             Sovereign Order of St. John of Jerusalem.
             Ordine di Malta.
             Zakon Maltanski.
             Fursan al-Qiddis Yuhanna.
             Order of the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem.
             Sovrano militare ordine di Malta.
             Ordre S. M. H. de Malte.
             Ordre souverain militaire et hierosolymitain de Malte.
             Orden de San Juan de Jerusalen.
             Ordre souverain de Saint Jean de Jerusalem.
             Ritterlicher Orden St. Johannis zu Jerusalem.
             Orden Hospitalaria de San Juan de Jerusalen.
             Ordre souverain militaire de Malte.
             Jeruzsalemi Szent Janos (Maltai) Lovagrend.
             Cavalieri di Malta.
Knightsbridge (Eng.) -- Genealogy.
Knockin (England) -- Genealogy.
Knott County (Ky.) -- Biography.
Knott County (Ky.) -- Census, 1900.
Knott County (Ky.) -- Genealogy.
Knott County (Ky.) -- Maps.
Knott County (Ky.) -- Social life and customs.
Knox County, Illinois -- Genealogy.
Knox County (Ind.) -- Biography.
Knox County (Ind.) -- Genealogy.
Knox County (Ind.) -- History.
Knox County (Ind.) -- History -- Sources -- Indexes.
Knox County (Ind.) -- Maps.
Knox County (Ind.) -- Politics and government.
Knox County (Ky.) -- Archival resources.
           ALSO KNOWN AS:
             Knox Co., Ky.
Knox County (Ky.) -- Genealogy.
Knox County (Ky.) -- Maps.
Knox County (Ky.) -- Social life and customs.
Knox County, Maine -- Genealogy.
Knox County, Missouri -- Genealogy.
Knox County, Nebraska -- Genealogy.
Knox County (Ohio)
Knox County (Ohio) -- Biography.
Knox County (Ohio) -- Genealogy.
Knox County (Ohio) -- History.
Knox County (Ohio) -- Maps.
Knox County (Tenn.)
Knox County (Tenn.) -- Charters.
Knox County (Tenn.) -- Genealogy.
Knox County (Tenn.) -- Genealogy -- Sources.
Knox County (Tenn.) -- History.
Knox County (Tenn.) -- Maps.
Knox County (Tenn.) -- Politics and government.
Knox County (Tenn.) -- Population.
Knox County, Texas -- Genealogy.
Knoxville (Tenn.)
           ALSO KNOWN AS:
             Knoxville, Tenn.
Kodiak Island Borough, Alaska -- Genealogy.
Kogi State, Nigeria -- Genealogy.
Konken (Germany) -- Genealogy.
Koochiching County (Minn.) -- Biography.
Koochiching County (Minn.) -- Genealogy.
Koochiching County (Minn.) -- History.
Koochiching County (Minn.) -- Remote sensing -- Databases.
Kootenai County (Idaho)
Kootenai County (Idaho) -- Census.
Kootenai County (Idaho) -- Directories.
Kootenai County (Idaho) -- Directories -- Indexes.
Kootenai County (Idaho) -- Genealogy.
Kootenai County (Idaho) -- Maps.
Kopparberg County, Sweden -- Genealogy.
Korcula Island (Croatia)
Korcula Island (Croatia) -- Genealogy -- Congresses.
Korcula Island (Croatia) -- Guidebooks.
Korcula Island (Croatia) -- History.
Korcula Island (Croatia) -- Maps, Tourist.
Korcula Island (Croatia) -- Pictorial works.
Korcula Island (Croatia) -- Politics and government.
Korcula Island (Croatia) -- Social life and customs.
Korea -- Genealogy.
           ALSO KNOWN AS:
Korea (North) -- Genealogy.
Korea (South) -- Genealogy.
                          South Korea Family History Centers
           ALSO KNOWN AS:
             Taehan Min'guk.
             Dae Han Min Kuk.
             Tae Han Min Guk.
             South Korea.
             Tai Han Min Kook.
             Korea (Republic)
Koreans -- Japan -- Genealogy.
Kortemark (Belgium) -- Genealogy.
           ALSO KNOWN AS:
             Cortemarck, Belgium.
             Kortemark, Belgium.
Kosciusko County, Indiana -- Genealogy.
Kosovo -- Genealogy.
Kossuth County, Iowa -- Genealogy.
Kostromskaia oblast' (R.S.F.S.R.) -- Bio-bibliography.
Kostromskaia oblast' (R.S.F.S.R.) -- Genealogy.
Kostromskaia oblast' (R.S.F.S.R.) -- History -- Manuscripts -- Catalogs.
Kostromskaia oblast' (R.S.F.S.R.) -- History -- Sources -- Bibliography -- Catalogs.
Kostromskaia oblast' (Russia)
Kostromskaia oblast' (Russia) -- Administrative and political divisions -- Maps.
Kostromskaia oblast' (Russia) -- Antiquities.
Kostromskaia oblast' (Russia) -- Archival resources -- Guidebooks.
Kostromskaia oblast' (Russia) -- Bibliography.
Kostromskaia oblast' (Russia) -- Biography.
Kostromskaia oblast' (Russia) -- Church history.
Kostromskaia oblast' (Russia) -- Climate -- Maps.
Kostromskaia oblast' (Russia) -- Economic conditions.
Kostromskaia oblast' (Russia) -- Genealogy.
Kostromskaia oblast' (Russia) -- History.
Kostromskaia oblast' (Russia) -- History, Local.
Kostromskaia oblast' (Russia) -- History, Local -- Dictionaries.
Kostromskaia oblast' (Russia) -- History, Local -- Sources.
Kostromskaia oblast' (Russia) -- History -- Revolution, 1917-1921.
Kostromskaia oblast' (Russia) -- Maps.
Kostromskaia oblast' (Russia) -- Maps, Physical.
Kostromskaia oblast' (Russia) -- Maps, Topographic.
Kostromskaia oblast' (Russia) -- Statistics.
Kotliarevskaia (Russia) -- Genealogy.
Kraichgau (Germany)
Kraichgau (Germany) -- Antiquities.
Kraichgau (Germany) -- Genealogy.
Kraichgau (Germany) -- History.
Kristianstad County, Sweden -- Genealogy.
Kristiansund (Norway) -- Genealogy.
           ALSO KNOWN AS:
             Christianssund, Norway.
             Kristiansund, Norway.
             Christiansund, Norway.
Kristiansund (Norway) -- History.
Kristiansund (Norway) -- Statistics, Medical.
Kronach (Germany : Landkreis)
Kronach (Germany : Landkreis) -- Antiquities.
Kronach (Germany : Landkreis) -- Description and travel -- Guidebooks.
Kronach (Germany : Landkreis) -- Genealogy.
Kronberg im Taunus (Germany)
           ALSO KNOWN AS:
             Cronberg im Taunus.
             Kronberg im Taunus.
Kronberg im Taunus (Germany) -- Biography.
Kronberg im Taunus (Germany) -- Genealogy.
Kronberg im Taunus (Germany) -- History -- Sources.
Kronberg im Taunus (Germany) -- Politics and government.
Kronoberg County, Sweden -- Genealogy.
Kronshtadt (R.S.F.S.R.) -- Buildings.
           ALSO KNOWN AS:
             Cronstadt, Russia.
             Kronshtadt, Russia.
             Kronslot, Russia.
             Kronshlot, Russia.
             Kriepost' Kronshtadt, Russia.
             Krepost' Kronshtadt, Russia.
             Kronstadt, Russia.
Kronshtadt (R.S.F.S.R.) -- Directories.
Kronshtadt (R.S.F.S.R.) -- Genealogy.
Kronshtadt (R.S.F.S.R.) -- Guidebooks.
Kronshtadt (R.S.F.S.R.) -- History.
Kronshtadt (R.S.F.S.R.) -- History -- 1917-1921.
Kronshtadt (R.S.F.S.R.) -- History -- 1917-1921 -- Personal narratives, Russian.
Kronshtadt (R.S.F.S.R.) -- History -- 1917-1921 -- Sources.
Kronshtadt (R.S.F.S.R.) -- History, Military.
Kronshtadt (R.S.F.S.R.) -- History -- Personal narratives.
Kronshtadt (R.S.F.S.R.) -- History -- Revolt, 1921.
Kronshtadt (R.S.F.S.R.) -- History -- Revolt, 1921 -- Biography.
Kronshtadt (R.S.F.S.R.) -- History -- Revolt, 1921 -- Personal narratives.
Kronshtadt (R.S.F.S.R.) -- History -- Revolt, 1921 -- Sources.
Kronshtadt (R.S.F.S.R.) -- Maps.
Kshatriyas -- Genealogy.
Kufur (Lebanon) -- Genealogy.
Kufur (Lebanon) -- History.
Kukrit Pramoj, M.R.
Kukrit Pramoj, M.R -- Biography -- Family.
Kukrit Pramoj, M.R -- Chronology.
Kukrit Pramoj, M.R -- Family.
Kukrit Pramoj, M.R -- Genealogy.
Kukrit Pramoj, M.R -- Journeys.
Kukrit Pramoj, M.R. Khawi-Honwichai.
Kukrit Pramoj, M.R -- Political and social views.
Kukrit Pramoj, M.R -- Psychology.
Kukrit Pramoj, M.R. Si phandin. English.
Kumak (New Caledonian people) -- Genealogy.
Kumamoto-han (Japan) -- Biography.
Kumamoto-han (Japan) -- Church history -- To 1600 -- Sources.
Kumamoto-han (Japan) -- Economic conditions -- Statistics -- Sources.
Kumamoto-han (Japan) -- Economic policy.
Kumamoto-han (Japan) -- Genealogy.
Kumamoto-han (Japan) -- History.
Kumamoto-han (Japan) -- History -- Sources.
Kumamoto-han (Japan) -- Officials and employees -- Biography.
Kumamoto-han (Japan) -- Politics and government.
Kuopio County, Finland  -- Genealogy.
Kushans -- Genealogy.
Kutai (Indonesia)
Kutai (Indonesia) -- Description and travel.
Kutai (Indonesia) -- Economic conditions.
Kutai (Indonesia) -- History.
Kutai (Indonesia) -- Kings and rulers -- Genealogy.
Kutai (Indonesia) -- Politics and government.
Kutai (Indonesia) -- Population.
Kutai (Indonesia) -- Religion.
Kutai (Indonesia) -- Social conditions.
Kutai (Indonesia) -- Social life and customs.
Kutztown (Pa.)
           ALSO KNOWN AS:
             Kutztown, Pa.
Kutztown (Pa.) -- Biography.
Kutztown (Pa.) -- Genealogy.
Kutztown (Pa.) -- History.
Kutztown (Pa.) -- Maps.
Kuwait -- Genealogy.
           ALSO KNOWN AS:
             Koweit (State)
             Kuwayt (State)
             Kuvayt (State)
             Kuwait (State)
Kvafjord (Norway) -- Genealogy.
Kvafjord (Norway) -- History.
Kwakiutl Indians -- Genealogy.
Kwangsi Chuang Autonomous Region (China)
           ALSO KNOWN AS:
             Kwangsi Chuang Autonomous Region.
             Guansi-Chzhuanskii avtonomnyi raion, China.
             Kuang-hsi Chuang tsu tzu chih ch'u.
             Guangxi Zhuangzu Zizhiqu, China.
Kwangtung Province (China)
KwaZulu-Natal (South Africa)
Kwena (African people) -- Genealogy.
Kymi County, Finland -- Genealogy.
Kyongju-si (Korea)
Kyongju-si (Korea) -- Antiquities.
Kyongju-si (Korea) -- Antiquities, Buddhist.
Kyongju-si (Korea) -- Antiquities -- Catalogs.
Kyongju-si (Korea) -- Antiquities -- Exhibitions.
Kyongju-si (Korea) -- Antiquities -- Pictorial works.
Kyongju-si (Korea) -- Civilization.
Kyongju-si (Korea) -- Description and travel.
Kyongju-si (Korea) -- Description and travel -- Poetry.
Kyongju-si (Korea) -- Genealogy.
Kyongju-si (Korea) -- Guidebooks.
Kyongju-si (Korea) -- History.
Kyongju-si (Korea) -- History Pictorial works.
Kyongju-si (Korea) -- Maps.
Kyongju-si (Korea) -- Maps, Topographic.
Kyongju-si (Korea) -- Pangnae-ri -- Antiquities.
Kyongju-si (Korea) -- Pictorial works.
Kyongju-si (Korea) -- Social life and customs.
Kyongju-si (Korea) -- Tombs.
Kyrgyz -- Genealogy.
Kyrgyzstan -- Genealogy.

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