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La Crosse area genealogical quarterly. La Crosse, Wis. :

La Crosse Area Genealogical Society, 1979-

Related titles: La Crosse Area Genealogical Society quarterly

Language: English

Los Angeles Public Library           1#1+ My1979+



LdF. Roma : Dipartimento di Italianistica,

Facolta di Lettere e Filosofia, Universita di Roma, 1988-

Related titles: Libri di famiglia Bolletino della ricerca

sui libri di famiglia in Italia

Language: Italian

UCB Main        DG401 .L4           

                          BOUND 0(June 1988)-5/6(1994) //



Leicestershire and Rutland notes and queries and antiquarian

gleaner Leicester [Eng] J.& T. Spencer; London, E. Stock

Language: English

NRLF               DA670 .L49L5    Some volumes in NRLF

UCB Main        DA670 .L49L5        

                BOUND 1(APR 1889)-3(JULY 1895)

                AT NRLF: Some volumes in NRLF



Leicestershire and Rutland notes and queries and antiquarian gleaner.

Leicester [Eng.], J. & T. Spencer, 1891-1895.

Language: English

SRLF            No call number      


                      No longer published.



Leicestershire and Rutland notes and queries and antiquarian gleaner,
an illustrated quarterly magazine... Leicester, [Eng.]

J. and T. Spencer, London, E. Stock, 1891-95.

Language: English

UCD Shields     DA670 L49 L5         V. 1-3, 1889-95

                Inactive    Not currently received.

CSU Fullerton   DA670 L49 L5         (1-2) 1889-1893



The Leon hunters dispatch. Centerville, Tex. :

Leon County Genealogical Society, v. : ill.,
genealogical tables Related titles: Continues: Newsletter

(Leon County Genealogical Society)

Language: English

Tulare Public Library                1982+



[Lest-we-forget (Tunkhannock, Pa.)].

Lest-we-forget. Tunkhannock, Pa. :

[Wyoming County Historical Society, 1981-

Related titles: Lest-we-forget--Wyoming County pioneers.

Lest we forget, Wyoming County pioneers.

Lest we forget Wyoming county pioneers

Language: English

CSL Sutro       F157.W8 L47         

                        Vol. 1, no. 1 (15 Sept. 1981)-

Los Angeles Public Library           4#1+ Se1984+

La Sierra University, University Library

                                     1+ 1991+

Loma Linda University, Serials Department

                                     1+ 1991+



[Lexicon (Jackson County Genealogical Society (Mich.))].

Lexicon. Jackson, Mich. : Jackson County Genealogical Society, 1979-
Language: English

Orange Family History Center         9-11 1986-89



L'Heritage. Chalmette, La. : St. Bernard Genealogical Society

Language: In English.

Language: English

CSL Sutro       CS42 .H473           Vol. 1, no. 1 (Jan. 1978)-



The librarian's guide to public records. Tempe, AZ :

BRB Publications, c1995-

Series title: Public record research library LC

Language: English

CSL State Lib      JS344 .P77 Reference Center

                1998 Also in CALIF* SUTRO

CSL State Lib      JS344 .P77 California Non Circ  1998-

CSL Sutro            JS344 .P77           1998-

UCB Doe Refe    HA38.A214 L53       

                BOUND 1996(2)


UCB Law Lib       KF5753.Z95.L52      

                1996; 1998; 2000.

UCI Main Lib      JS 344 P77 L53 Reference

                U(2000)    Not currently received.

UCSD SSH          JS 344 P77 L53 Reference Desk

                U2000 (2000-2000)

                Not currently received.



The Licking lantern. Newark, Ohio : L.C.G.S.

Chapter of O.G.S., [1976-

Related titles: Continues: First issue (Newark, Ohio)

Language: English

Tulare Public Library                [1978]-[1992]-1993

Orange Family History Center

                [16#2, 17#2-#4], 18,[19#4], 20-21

                [Je1991, 1992], 1993,[Dc1994], 1995-96



Lietopis istoriko-rodoslovnago obshchestva v Moskvie.

Orel : Tip. Gubernskago Pravleniia

Related titles: Continued by:
Lietopis Istoriko-rodoslovnago obshchestva v Moskvie
(Moscow, Russia : 1993)

Language: Russian

UCB NewsMicro   MICROFICHE 3153      1(1905)-44(1915)//

STAN Green      CS847 .I83 Stacks    v. 7-10



[Lietopis Istoriko-rodoslovnago obshchestva v Moskvie

(Moscow, Russia : 1993)]. Lietopis Istoriko-rodoslovnago

obshchestva v Moskvie. Moskva : Obshchestvo, 1993-

Related titles: Letopis Istoriko-rodoslovnogo

obshchestva v Moskve Continues:
Lietopis Istoriko-rodoslovnago obshchestva v Moskvie

Language: In Russian with table of contents also in French.

Language: Russian

SRLF                No call number      


UCB Main        CS840 .L54          

                BOUND 1(1993)-4/5(1997); later issues unbound

                Unbound issues in Periodical Room

STAN Green    CS840 .L56 Stacks    vyp. 1-



[The Life-line (Riverside, Calif.)]. The Life-line /,

Genealogical Society of Riverside. Riverside, Calif. :

Genealogical Society of Riverside, 1965-67.

Related titles: Continued by: Lifeliner (Riverside, Calif.)

Language: English

CSL State Lib   No call number General Coll


UCR SpCol       CS42 .L52           

                v.1:1-5(1965-1966), 2:1-2(1966-1967),

                3:1(1967).    No longer published.



Lifeliner. Riverside, Calif., Genealogical Society of Riverside. Related titles:
Continues: Genealogical Society of Riverside Life-line.

Language: English

CSL State Lib   No call number General Coll

                Vol. 3, no. 2 (Dec. 1967)-

CSL Sutro       F860 .L5            

                Vol. 7, no. 3 (March 1972)-

Los Angeles Public Library           1+ 1965+

Orange Family History Center

                [6#1-#2], 8,[9#2-#4], 10-11,[12#1-#2,#4],

                13,[14#1, 2, 4] [Se-Dc1970], Se1972-Je1973,

                [Dc1973-Se1974], 1974-76,[Se-Oct1976, Je1997],

                Se1977-Je1978,[Se-Dc1978, Je1979]

Pomona Public Library                Mr1968-My1980

UCR SpCol       CS42 .L53           

                v. 3:2-4(1967-1968), 4(1968)-13(1978).

                Not currently received.



Linajes de Aragon. Huesca : L. Perez, 1910-1916.

Related titles: Continued by: Linajes de la corona de Aragon

Language: Spanish

NRLF               CR4070 .L5    All holdings stored

UCB Main        CR4070 .L5    BOUND 1(1910)-7(1916)//

                          AT NRLF:      All holdings stored



Linajes de la corona de Aragon. Huesca : [s.n.], 1918-

Related titles: Continues: Linajes de Aragon

Language: Spanish

NRLF               CR4070 .L5    All holdings stored

UCB Main        CR4070 .L5    BOUND ser.2:1(1918)-2

                          AT NRLF:      All holdings stored



Lincolnshire notes and queries. Horncastle, W.K. Morton, 1888-[1936]

Language: English

NRLF               DA670.L69 L54 v.1-10, v.11:1-5

SRLF                No call number      


                No longer published.

UCB Main        DA670.L69 L54       

                BOUND v.1(no.1, 1888)-v.11:5(no.89, Jan 1911)

                AT NRLF: v.1-10, v.11:1-5

Los Angeles Public Library

                1-24 1888-1936



Lineage book. Washington, D.C. :

National Society of the Daughters of the American Colonists, 1929-

Language: English

CSL Sutro       E186.99.D3 L5       

                v.1-14, 17, Library copy includes supplements 1 & 2.

Stockton-San Joaquin County Library

                1,14,18+ 1929,1964,1974+



Linkage for ancestral research. Albuquerque, New Mex. :

M.T. Reeder, 1967-

Related titles: Query index : linkage for ancestral research

July 1969-<Jan. 1971> Continued by:

Index to queries of genealogical periodicals.

Language: English

CHS CHS         PERSTATE            

                          v.5, no.4 - v.6, no.3(whole #20-23 (1972)

                          Shelved in State Stacks



The Livermore roots tracer :

Livermore-Amador Genealogical Society quarterly newsletter.

Livermore, CA : The Society

Related titles: Continued by: Roots tracer

Language: English

CSL Sutro       F869.L563 L58        Vol.2, no.1 (Summer 1982)-



Logan County Genealogical Society news.

Guthrie, Okla. : The Society

Language: English

CSL Sutro       F702.L6 L636         

                Vol. 8, no. 1 (Jan., Feb., Mar. 1989)-

                v. 12, no. 4 (Oct., Nov., Dec. 1993)



Los Angeles County (Calif.). [Great register of voters].

California : Los Angeles County

Language: English

CSL State Lib   f 929.3 California Rare Bk

                    1873-1880, 1884, 1888-1890, 1892-1894, 1896



Los Fundadores. San Jose, Calif. :

Los fundadores y amigos del condado de Santa Clara, 1989-

Language: English

CSL State Lib   No call number California

                           Vol. 1, no. 2 (Summer issue--1989)-



[Lost and found (Boise, Idaho)].

Lost and found. Boise, Idaho : G. Suit, 1983-

Related titles: Lost & found

Language: English

Orange Family History Center

                [9#47-#49, 10#51-52, 16#88]

                [Jy1991-My1992, Jy1998]



Lost in Canada? [Sparta, Wis., J. Reisinger, 1975-1994]

Related titles: Continued by: Canadian-American journal of history

& genealogy for Canadian, French and Metis study

Language: English

Santa Maria Public Library           [1989,1992-94]

Los Angeles Public Library           1-17#3 1975-Sum1994

Orange Family History Center

                [4#3-#4], 5-7,[8#2-#4],[9#1-#2,#4],

                10-14,[15#2-#3] [Jy-Oct1978], 1979-81,[My-Nv1982],

                [Fe-My, Nov1983], 1984-88,[My/Jy-Fall1989]



Lost leaves from southern California trails /,

editor, Beverly Stercula. Fullerton, Calif. : Stercula, 1964-66.
Language: English

CSL State Lib   No call number General Coll

                v.1(1964)-v.3,no.6(Mar. 1966).

CSL Sutro         F860 .L6           

                v.1(1964)-v.3(Mar. 1966).



The Louisiana armchair researcher. [Hampton, Ga. :

ArmChair Publications, 1983-

Related titles: LACR L.A.C.R.

Language: English

Los Angeles Public Library           1 1983



The Louisiana genealogical register. Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Genealogical and Historical Society.

Related titles: Continues: Genealogical register

Language: English

CSL Sutro       F366 .L68           

                Vol. XIX, no. 1 (Mar. 1972)-

                Description based on:

                Vol. XIX, no. 1 (Mar. 1972).    "SFPL copy."

Tulare Public Library                     1969

Los Angeles Public Library           13+ Mr1966+

Orange Family History Center

                [18#3], 40,[45#4] [Se1971], 1993,[Dc1998]



Love letters. Pinetop, AZ : The Legacy

Language: English

Orange Family History Center

                [5#2-4]6, 7,[8#1-3] [1988], 1989, 1990,[1991]


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