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  Open access, scholarly publishing services and research tools
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  range of their scholarship.  All material published or disseminated by
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  the general public.
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LIBRARY CATALOGS: Browse Subject Headings
- WorldCat® for genealogy
Over 209,000 genealog* results) and (Over 5
00 genealog* results)
California: Local History & Genealogy Resource Guide: California
    Research Guides at Library of Congress.

    - California Academy of Sciences: Academy Library
    - California State Library:
Genealogy Toolkit - California State Library
Helpful Links - California State Library
      - Online Resources - California State Library
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory: Research Library
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory: Research Library
      - Ex Libris Discovery - genealog* (Over 48,200 results)
    - Library (Getty Research Institute):
Getty Library Catalog
SearchWorks: Stanford University Libraries Catalog
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Search Tools
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* SEARCH Genealog* [Additionally: "Family History" - Genealogy - "Local History"]
  Melvyl® Legacy System Catalog Database: (Current & Miscellaneous) - (Numbers)
  - A B C D E F G H  I  J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
    Includes all formats of materials including periodicals that were previously
    in Melvyl® Legacy System CAT and PE databases, "but does not include records
    from some non-UC sources that contributed to PE but not to CAT", including:
    CULP (Public Library Periodicals), SERHOLD (Medical Library Serials Holdings),
    California State University (CSU) Library Holdings, Stanford University Library,
    Getty Research Library and the Lawrence Livermore National Lab (LLNL).
    To preserve the original indexing and some features lost on August 1, 2003,
    when the old Melvyl® Legacy System was discontinued, database indexes
    from the former Melvyl® Legacy System have been included.

* SUBJECT HEADINGS are words and phrases used by the Library of Congress,
  Melvyl® Libraries System, other Schools - Colleges - Universities worldwide,
  the United States National Library of Medicine (
NLM) and other major systems.
Library of Congress Authorities gives access to personal authors and creators,
  including editors, performers, photographers, artists, etc., as well as
access to
  group authors and creators, including corporate entities, government bodies,
  conferences, jurisdictions, etc.  Search for Name, Subject, Title & Name / Title.
  Using the Library of Congress Authorities, browse and view authority headings
  for Subject, Name, Title and Name / Title combinations; and download authority
  records in MARC format for use in a local library system.  This is a free service.
  - Melvyl® Legacy Telnet Database Browse Locality:
Locality (Current & Miscellaneous) Consolidation - WorldCat®

    A B C D E F G H  I  J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

    General alphabetical listings and miscellaneous additions (record sources from
    the Melvyl® Legacy Telnet Database) dealing with, or related to the subjects:
    genealogy, genealogist, genealogies, etc.  Current connecting online locality
    links have been inserted from the FamilySearch Research Wiki,  They are also
    comprehensively interconnected at OneSource Comprehensive Directory Index.
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PERIODICALS: [Examples: "Family History Periodicals" - "Family Periodicals" -
"Genealog* Periodicals" - "Genealogy Periodicals" - "Local History Periodicals".]

See also: Periodicals • FamilySearch -- Genealogical]
* SEARCH for Family Periodicals
Melvyl® Legacy System Periodicals Titles Database (former) search request:
    Subject Terms: "family periodicals" headings & keyword at ALL libraries.
    - A B C D E F G H  I  J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

* SEARCH for Genealog* Periodicals
Melvyl® Legacy System Periodicals Titles Database (former) search request:
    Subject Terms: "genealog*" headings and keyword at ALL libraries.
    - A B C D E F G H  I  J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
SEARCH for generic word "surname" (added for general evaluation).
  Generic word "surname" (added for general evaluation); or specific surname;
   i.e.: search for family newsletters by using each surname that might
   appear in a KEYWORD search, such as the surname "TINNEY".

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* Libraries & Museums: Reference Shelf for The Genealogist & Family Historian
nformation for the amateur to professional researcher, including Harvard,
U. S. Library of Congress, public, private, college, local, university,
  international, worldwide library links and classification systems.
  - Interesting Links (archived), from the International Institute of Genealogical Studies
    [ A-B ] C-D ] [ E-F ] G-H ] [ I-J ] [ K-L ] M-N ] O-P ] Q-R ] S-T ] U-V ] W-X ] [ Y-Z ]

rovides web-based courses for both family historians and professional genealogists.

LibGuides Community: Selected references from thousands of online guides.
    - Search for "family history" - Search for genealog* - Search for genealogy
    - Springshare: Browse All Guides -
Browse By Subject

Sandbox for Library Schools [Browse By Tag - Genealogy]
- Theses & Dissertations: Family History and Genealogy
    [RESEARCH NOTE: Find Institutions Sorted by Last Update & Current Title Designation.
"Computer Keyboard" Find: CTRL + F to do word or phrase searches below; etc.]
    - A-Z Databases
      A-Z Database List at Panola College
    - Academic Integrity - Referencing, Citation & Avoiding Plagiarism
      LibGuides at UCD Library (University College Dublin)
eSupports: A-Z Index - LibGuides at UCD Library
Map Collections at UCD and on the Web
        - Standards and Patents (worldwide)
    - Additional Help - Genealogy and Diaries
      MaxGuides at Bridgewater State University
      - Find Web Resources - Genealogy and Diaries
Adult Education
      Stanford University Libraries
      - Adult Education - Specialized Programs (California Department of Education)
        - OTAN::Outreach and Technical Assistance Network
California Adult Education | Provider Directory
      - African Collections
        - Africa South of the Sahara > Genealogy
      - Apple Computer Collections
      - Chinese Electronic Resources
Latin American & Iberian Collections
African-American Genealogy
      Library Guides at Guilford College

African American Genealogy
      Research Guides at University of Southern Mississippi

    - African American Genealogy Research
      Library Research Guides at Cerritos College
    - African American Genealogy Resource Guide
      Sawyer Library Help & Research Guides at Suffolk University
    - African American History and Slavery
      LibGuides at Lorain County Community College
      - The Black Past: Remembered and Reclaimed: The Genealogy Page
    - All Databases
      Jackson County Library District
    - All Guides
      Library Guides at Ohio University

Athens, Ohio
        Information sources on Athens County and the City of Athens.
      - Collections: International Collections
      - Compendium of Open Access Resources on Southeast Asia
        - Southeast Asia Collection
EAD - OhioLINK Finding Aid Repository
      - OHIO Open Library | Ohio University
    - All Guides Alphabetically: A-Z Databases
      LibGuides at University of Manitoba
      - Archival Collections
        - Arctic/Subarctic Studies Collections
ARCUS - Arctic Research Consortium of the United States: Partners
          - Arctic Blue Books Now Available Online | ARCUS
Arctic Indigenous Scholars Program | ARCUS
          - ICC Alaska | Inuit Circumpolar Council-Alaska
      - Global Linkages
        Graphic look at the changing Arctic (rev.1) |
Indigenous Peoples | GRID-Arendal
      - Icelandic Collection: Research Tools
      - Slavic Studies Collection: Genealogical Resources
        - Ukrainian Studies Guide
      - Social History of the Eastern Arctic Database
    - All Guides Alphabetically:
A-Z Databases
      LibGuides at Zayed University
      - Arabic & Islamic Studies
    - All Guides Alphabetically:
A-Z Databases
      ULibraries Research Guides at University of Utah
      - Aileen H. Clyde 20th Century Women's Legacy Archive
      - Demographic Statistics from the U.S. Census and Other Sources
Digital Public Library of America
- Genetics in Utah: Learn Genetics
      - Mountain West Digital Library:
Mountain West Digital Library
      - Salt Lake Architecture Bibliography
Social Science Data Resources
    - All Research Guides - Marine Corps University Research Library
      Research Guides at Library of the Marine Corps
      - Archives Branch: Personal Papers Collections
    - All Special Collections - College Archives & Special Collections
      Library Website at SUNY Geneseo
      - Books - Local and SUNY Geneseo History: Other Libraries
    - American Ancestors®: Research Guides
NEHGS: National Center for Family History, Heritage & Culture
Research Topics A - Z
    - American Antiquarian Society
      - Digital AAS - American Antiquarian Society
Educational Institutions | American Antiquarian Society
      - Genealogy | American Antiquarian Society
      - Hawaiian Collection | American Antiquarian Society
      - Learned Societies | American Antiquarian Society
      - Library Catalogs | American Antiquarian Society
      - Local, County and State Histories | American Antiquarian Society
    - American Association for State and Local History - AASLH
      - American Association for State and Local History | Rowman & Littlefield
American Historical Association - AHA: Directories | AHA - Dissertations
      - Directory of Historical Organizations in the United States and Canada
Ancestry & Family History
      LibGuides at University of Alabama SLIS [
Browse By Tag]
    - ANT105 Intro to Cultural Anthropology
      LibGuides at Gateway Community College (CT)
    - Anthropology - Key Resources
      Guides at Victoria University of Wellington
Anthropologist’s Tips for Digging Into Your Relatives’ Past
Anthropology Research Guide
      Smithsonian Libraries
SOVA: Smithsonian Online Virtual Archives
    - Appalachian Studies
      LibGuides at Appalachian State University
APUS University Archives | Panhandle History and Heritage Guide
      LibGuides at American Public University System
    - Archive and Special Collections
      The Library at Leeds Beckett University
Archives & Archival Research: An Introduction
      Library Guides at University of California, Santa Cruz
      - Jewish Studies Research Guide
      - Oral History Research and Resources
      - Rowland Collection | University Library
        Collection of "great historical and genealogical importance".
      - What is CART? - Center for Archival Research and Training (CART)
Archives & Special Collections
      LibGuides at Longwood University
    - Archives and ARC - UW-Green Bay: Genealogy and Local History - Collections
      University of Wisconsin-Green Bay
Archives & Special Collections
      Kathryn A. Martin Library | UMN Duluth
Tribal Administration and Governance
        Research Guides at University of Minnesota Duluth
        - Resources for Teaching American Indian History and Culture
          College of Education and Human Service Professions | UMN Duluth
    - Archives in New England and Nearby States
      LibGuides @ URI at University of Rhode Island
      - American Women: Historical Biographical Sources
      - HIS 350: Documenting Rhode Island History, Prof. Widell
    - Archives: Archival Resources
      McGill Library - McGill University
      - Religious Studies - Guides at McGill Library
        - Find Web Sources - Religious Studies - Guides at McGill Library
The Association of Religion Data Archives
Area Research Center Collections
      University Library at University of Wisconsin-Stout
    - Arkansas Genealogy:
Search - genealogy
      LibGuides at University of Arkansas
      - Marshallese Today - Marshallese Resources
      - Russian Language and Culture
Arkivmaterial (med betoning på släktforskning)
      LibGuides at Lunds Universitet
    - Association for Library Service to Children (ALSC) |
      Division of the American Library Association
Great Websites for Kids: History & Biography
    - Austin Area: Select Cities of the Austin–Round Rock MSA
      LibGuides at Austin Community College
Basque: Basque Library
      Library Guides at University of Nevada, Reno
    - Beginner's Book and First Steps - Genealogy and Family History
      LibGuides at University of South Florida Libraries
      - USF Tampa Library Resources/Contacts - Genealogy and Family History
    - Berry Family - Sampling the Generations
      LibGuides at Berry College
    - Biographical Resources (Covering business and industry leaders,
      as well as selected membership directories and websites.)
      Research Guides at Rutgers University
      - Dissertations and Theses
      - New Jersey:
New Jersey Genealogy
        - The Newark Experience: The City
      - Videos on Communication, Religion, and Global Institutions
    - Biographies
      Research Guides at Rowan University
      - Military History - Primary Sources - by Subject

Biography & Autobiography
      Research guides at University of Toronto, Canada

    - Biography & Genealogy Master Index
      Databases @ John Hopkins Library
    - Biography and Genealogy: Find Biographical Information
      Research & Course Guides at Clemson University
      - Patents for Historical Research
    - Biography: Biography Home
      Subject Guides at Grand Rapids Community College Library
    - Birthday Research
Websites - Research the Birthday Project
        MVCC Libraries at Mohawk Valley Community College.
        - Introduction - The Year You Were Born
          Research and Course Guides at Missouri Southern State University.
    - Birmingham Public Library - Resources: Southern History (USA)
      - Archives & Manuscripts
      - Cartography Collection
Digital Collections
      - Genealogical Resources
      - Government Documents
      - Library Newspapers
    - Bosnian Studies
      Taylor Library at Fontbonne University
Fontbonne College Yearbooks, 1927-1962
    - Branding Your Library with
"Local History": RCLS Member Libraries
      [LibGuides at Ramapo Catskill Library System]:
Search - genealogy
      - Genealogy Research at the Nyack Library
      - Goshen Genealogy
Local History - Haverstraw King's Daughters Public Library
Local History - Moffat Library of Washingtonville
      - Local History / Newburgh Free Library: Local History Room
        - Asian Americans: Now and Then: Rise of Asian Americans
      - Orange County NY History Resources
      - Pine Bush Area Public Library Local History Collection
      - Tappan Genealogy Assistance
      - Wallkill Public Library Local History Collection
    - Bridgewater, Massachusetts: Find Books, videos, DVDS and more
      MaxGuides at Bridgewater State University
    - Business & Management Research: Company Research
      Research Guides at Stevens Institute of Technology
*Business - Research Guides at The Florida State University
      - Digital Business Library: A-Z Business Databases
Florida State Heritage & University Archives
    - BYU Family History Library - Family History / Genealogy
      Subject Guides at Brigham Young University
[Alphabetical List and Subject List]
African Studies
      - Ancient Studies
Asian Studies
Biblical Studies: English Bible Translations
      - Book of Mormon
Chinese Studies
Computer Science: Web Resources
      - Detailed Research Guide
Digital Humanities
ELang 324 - History of the English Language
        History of the English Language
      - European Studies
Family History/Genealogy - Beginning Research
        - Family History Internet Sites by Kip Sperry"
      - French Studies
German Studies
Howard W. Hunter Law Library / BYU Law Library
        LibGuides at BYU Law Library
        - [
genealog* | Search | Hunter Law Library]
        - Mormon Legal History 1800-1850: Joseph Smith time period
        - Mormon Legal History 1850-1900: Utah Territory Era
        - Mormon Legal History 1900-1960: J. Reuben Clark Era
Iberian Studies
      - Iconography: General Iconography
Indigenous Studies (Latin America & Caribbean)
      - Italian Studies
      - Japanese Studies
      - Korean Studies
Language and Linguistics
Latin American Studies
      - Latter-day Saint Movement Studies:
Resources A-Z
      - Maps, Atlases and Gazetteers
      - Medieval Studies
Middle East Studies
REL 200 The Eternal Family
      - Step-by-Step Guide & Research Rescue: Basic Research Strategy: Y Search
    - CAHS 100: Hospitality Management (Web - Hospitality Management)
      Research Guides at City College of San Francisco

California State Library:
Sutro Library (San Francisco)
California History Section
Our Collections
      - Genealogy Hub - California State Library: Genealogy Toolkit
      - Online Resources
    - California State University Office of the Chancellor | CSU:
Campuses | CSU
      - 5 Things to Know Before You Take a Home DNA Test | CSU
      - A—Z Site Index | San Jose State University
        - Research Trends & Emerging Technologies for Genealogists (2015)
        - SJSU Research Guides at San José State University Library: A-Z Databases
Articles, Databases & More - Economics
          - Military Science
          - Permalinks Introduction - Permalinks
SJSU Special Collections & Archives
          - Slave Trade in British North America
      - Alphabetical | San Francisco State University
        - Find Articles, Books & More | J. Paul Leonard Library
          - Special Collections & Archives
      - Cal Maritime
      - Cal State LA | We Are LA
In Memoriam | Cal State LA
      - California State University Channel Islands (CI)
      - California State University Dominguez Hills
City of Compton Collections
Gerth Archives & Special Collections
        - LA as Subject Collection
        - Library Floor Maps - Spaces & Technology
        - Rancho San Pedro / Dominguez Family Collections
      - California State University, East Bay
Surviving the Odds
          - Against All Odds: 5 Generations
PowerPoint Presentation
      - California State University, Fresno
Fresno Research
      - California State University Monterey Bay
      - California State University, Northridge
CSUN University Library Digital Collection
        - Digital Heritage Databases
        - German Materials in California
        - San Fernando Valley History Contributing Repositories
      - Central Valley History (California State)
        LibGuides at CSU Stanislaus
Chicana & Chicano Studies (CHIC)
        LibGuides at California State University, Fullerton
      - Collections & Resources
        Historical Research Center | CSU Bakersfield
Women's Property Rights - Women's Rights: 1839 - Present
      - Data Sources & Repositories: Link+ Catalog [
Encore -- genealog*]
        Research Guides at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo
        - Genealogical Research / Researching People in the Central Coast
          - California Language Archive:
Native California Language Keyboards
            - Northern Chumash Village Names around Cal Poly on Vimeo
              - Chumash People (See also) Chumash (Judaism)
                [Research Note: Since in Judaism, Chumash /
Ḥumash, is a Torah,
                in printed and book bound form; this implies that the Chumash Tribes
                are literally, the People of the Book; i.e., Book of Mormon descendants.
                In other words, descendants of the
The Brass Plates of Laban records,
                having Old World kinsmen noted in the
Pentateuch and The Law of Moses.
 See: “The Word of the Lord in the Original”: Joseph Smith’s Study of Hebrew]
        - Researching San Luis Obispo History
Trace Your Family Tree
          Courtesy of the Girl Scouts of the Central Coast of California.
      - Genealogy
        Research Guides at California State University Sacramento
Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names (Getty Research Institute)
Other Resources - Genealogy
History: California, North American & World History Resources
        Guides at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

Meriam Library - CSU, Chico
        - Butte County Directories Collection
Meriam Library Special Collections and University Archives
        - Researching for American Indian Studies
      - Native American Studies Research Guide: Web Sites
        Research Guides at (Cal Poly) Humboldt State University
        - AILA - American Indian Library Association
          - Academic Library Resources
California Indian Library Collections | Ethnic Studies Library
          - Public Library Resources
Resources - American Indian Library Association
          - School Library Resources
          - Tribal College Librarians Professional Development Institute
            MSU Library | Montana State University - International
          - Tribal Libraries, Museums, and Archives - uMap
          - Tribal Library Resources
        - ATALM - Association of Tribal Archives, Libraries, and Museums
          Sustaining and Advancing Indigenous Cultures
          - Chief George Manuel Memorial Indigenous Library
            Center for World Indigenous Studies
Indigenous Librarianship: A Global Perspective | About ALA
          - Indigenous Nations Library Program
          - National Indian Law Library (NILL)
            - International Indigenous Rights
            - Tracing Native American Family Roots
        - Humboldt Room - HSU Library Special Collections
          - Special Collections Recommended Websites
What is Oral Tradition? - Native American Oral Literature and Tradition
      - Oral Histories - History Research Guide
        CSUSM Library Guides at California State University San Marcos
Arts & Letters Daily - ideas, criticism, debate
      - Our Collections:
        University Library at Sonoma State University
San Bernardino & Regional: Online - Historic Newspapers
        Library Guides at John M. Pfau Library - CSUSB
Books by Subject - How Books are Arranged in the Library
          C- Auxiliary Sciences of History (includes archeology, genealogy, & biography, etc.)
      - SDSU Library: Digital Collections | SDSU Library
        San Diego State University Library
        - Find | SDSU Library and Information Access
          Local History and Genealogy Shelf List: F-65
          Microforms Center / Microfilm - Library Addition 1st Floor (LA-1)
Special Collections & University Archives Finding Aid Database
      - Unique Materials Available in Public Libraries: Guides By Subject
        Research Guides at California State University, Long Beach
        - American Indian Studies (oldest continuous existing program)
          - Troy Johnson (deceased) - American Indian History and Related Issues Link

        - Long Beach and Local History
        - What Are Primary Resources? - Finding Primary Sources for History Research
    - Cape Fear History - Local History Room
      NHCPL Guides at New Hanover County Public Library
      - A-Z Databases: Biography, History & Genealogy
    - Caribbean Studies
      Research Guides at New York University
    - Carlos P. Surratt Genealogy Room
      Library at Surry Community College Library
      - Country Studies
      Case Law - Electronic Resources
      Library Guides at Creighton University
      - World Trials Library - HeinOnline
        Transcripts and critical court documents, trial-related resources;
        monographs that analyze and debate the decisions of famous trials.
        It also includes biographies of many of the greatest trial lawyers in history.
    - Census Research
      Research Guides at Loyola University Chicago
    - Center for American War Letters
      Legacy Project | Chapman University
    - Center for Research Libraries - Global Resources Network: CRL Members
      Supporting academic libraries in a rapidly evolving/changing world.
LAMP | CRL - (Latin American Materials Project
LARRP | CRL - (Latin Americanist Research Resources Project)
      - Topic Guides: genealog* Search In Online Catalog
    - Centre for Newfoundland Studies
      Subject Guides at Memorial University of Newfoundland Libraries
      - Web Resources
Cities, Communities, Regions
        - Genealogy
History, Heritage and Culture
        - Indigenous Peoples
        - Newfoundland and Labrador Primary Sources
Chattanooga History Collections
      University of Tennessee | UTC Library
    - Chemists' Biographical Information
      LibGuides at Othmer Library of Chemical History
      - Top Chemists - Biography, Facts and Pictures
    - China-US Million Book Digital Library Project (
Million Book Project)
E-Books - Chinese Studies
        LibGuides at University of California San Diego
CADAL (2.5 million Chinese e-books) | Princeton University Library
      - Design and Implementation of a Chinese Genealogy Information System (pdf)
        National Taiwan University - Taipei
      - Divorcing China: The Swing from the Patrilineal Genealogy of China
        to the Matrilineal Genealogy of Taiwan in Taiwan’s National Imagination |
        I will investigate, from a cultural studies perspective, how cultural imagination
        has come to serve as the vehicle to formulate resistance, mobilize voters,
        gain power and, most importantly, reconstruct Taiwanese nationalism within
        Taiwan’s political limbo for decades. | Journal of Current Chinese Affairs
Global Memory Net: Potential and Challenges
        (for Archiving and Sharing Cultural and Heritage Resources)
      - Open Access - China Studies Primary Sources
        LibGuides at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    - Chinese Canadians: Chinese-Canadian Genealogy
      Research Guides at University of British Columbia
    - Chinese Studies
      LibGuides at University of California San Diego
Chinese Studies and Language
      Library Guides at University of Melbourne
    - Chinese Studies Resources
      Research Guides at Ohio State University
      Data, insights and analytics for the innovation lifecycle.
      - ProQuest | Databases, EBooks and Technology for Research

        - Ancestry Library Edition
        - Books & eBooks
        - Genealogy
        - Genealogy Group Page
        - History Vault
        - ProQuest Libguides
    - Collections: Genealogy Collection - Special Collections
      LibGuides at Morehead State University

      - News Databases - Newspapers and News Sources: International

    - College and Lutheran Church Archives
      LibGuides at Gustavus Adolphus College
    - Columbia University in the City of New York: A-Z Index
      - Asia for Educators
        Columbia University
My China Roots – Trace Your Ancestry in China
Other Asian Studies Resources
        - Primary Sources with DBQs
          - List of Rulers of China | Lists of Rulers
            Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History | The Metropolitan Museum of Art.
          - MIT Visualizing Cultures
        - Resources for Other World Areas
      - BBC - Family History (archived)
        Tracing your Asian roots on the Indian subcontinent.
      - BBC News: Hindu Genealogy - Images
        Rooting out a Hindu family history the traditional way.
      - Libraries & Affiliates:
CLIO - "family history"
 - CLIO - genealogy
        Columbia University Libraries
        - Archival Collections Portal
Oral History Archives at Columbia
        - Global Studies:
          - About the African Studies Collection
            - Basic Guide to Research on Africa
              - African Oral Tradition, History, & Literature
          - About the Chinese Studies Collection
            Largest collection of Chinese genealogical records in North America.
          - About the Japanese Studies Collection
            - Find Biographical Information - Japanese Studies Research Guide
          - About the Korean Studies Collection
            - Electronic Resources
          - About the Tibetan Studies Collection
            - Columbia Research Guide for Modern Tibetan Studies
            - Tibetan Studies
          - East Asian Studies
            - East Asian Library Websites in North America
          - Jewish Studies - Research Guides at Columbia University
Hebraica and Judaica
            - History of Jewish Studies Collections
          - Latin American & Iberian Studies
Affiliated Departments & Institutes
          - Middle East & Islamic Studies
            - Online Resources - Middle East and Islamic Studies
          - Russian, Eurasian & East European Studies
South & Southeast Asian Studies
    - Conducting Genealogy Research in Hawaiʻi
      LibGuides at Leeward Community College
    - Conducting Historical Research Online
      Research Guides at Eastern Michigan University
    - Country Information:
Country Overviews
      Research and Course Guides at University of St. Thomas
      - Church History (Patristic Era, Ecumenical Councils, the Papacy, and Saints)
        - Papal Genealogy: The Families and Descendants of the Popes: Images
          - Kingdoms of Italy - Bishops of Rome / Popes
            Christian Church / Roman Catholic Church
            - Library : Popes Through the Ages | Catholic Culture
              - (PDF) Articulating Work and Family
                Lay Papal Relatives in the Papal States, 1420-1549 |
                Jennifer Mara DeSilva -
            - List of Popes:
Liber Pontificalis - Liber Pontificalis (pdf)
              - Catholic Encyclopedia: Liber Pontificalis:
Liber Pontificalis
      - Irish Genealogy Resources
      - Luxembourg Genealogy Resources
      - SOCI 110--Social Problems
    - Databases/Search Engines - General Interest
      Library at California Institute of Technology (Caltech)
Research Data Support - Caltech Library
        - | Registry of Research Data Repositories
          - D-PLACE
            Contains cultural, linguistic, environmental and geographic
            information for over 1400 human ‘societies’.
          - Kinsources:
            Research perspective that seeks to understand the interaction
            between genealogy, terminology and space in the emergence
            of kinship structures.
            - Human Relations Area Files
              Cultural information for education and research
KASS - Kinship and Social Security
ODSAS: Online Digital Sources and Annotation System: Genealogies
      - See Also: Cross-Cultural Research: SAGE Journals
        - Editors’ Introduction: Murdock and Goody Revisited
          The idea for This Special Edition: Cross-Disciplinary Interest
          in Family Systems and Their Origins. | Patrick Heady, Mikołaj Szołtysek, 2017
    - DC History & Local Area Studies
      LibGuides at American University
      - Genealogy Resources | District of Columbia Public Library
- Department of Nordic Studies and Linguistics
      University of Copenhagen
      - Names & Genealogy:
Names in Denmark
    - Detroit Public Library: All Databases
      - Research | Biography and Genealogy
    - Dewey Decimal Classification System
      UCF Research Guides at University of Central Florida Libraries
    - Dig to the Roots of Your Family Tree!
      Research Guides at Community College of Baltimore County
    - Digital Humanities
      Research Guides at Temple University
      - Philadelphia Directories
Programming Historian
        Novice-friendly, peer-reviewed tutorials that help humanists learn a wide range
        of digital tools, techniques, and workflows to facilitate research and teaching.
    - Digital Humanities:
Archives & Digital Collections - Tools
      LibGuides at University of Toledo Libraries. Includes the state-by-state layout
      of state and regional archives and libraries, as well as many  specific archives
      and libraries in Ohio; and the Toledo area. Regional and multi-state collections
      are included, as well as historical newspapers and large international data sets.
      - Classroom Materials at the Library of Congress, Available Online
        Primary Source Set | Library of Congress.
State Digital Resources (Virtual Programs & Services, Library of Congress)
    - Digital Library of Idaho (DLoI)
      Cultural Heritage Collections Online in the State of Idaho.
    - Digital Theological Library:
LibGuides at Digital Theological Library
      - A-Z Databases
      - Articles
      - Books
"Family History" | Search | Digital Theological Library
Genealogy | Search | Digital Theological Library
      - Open Access Digital Theological Library
        Digital library for theology, religious studies, and related disciplines.
      - Subject Guides
        - African & African-American Resources
        - Asian Languages
Film, Video, Available Online, Video | Library of Congress
Mormon Studies
    - Digitized Archives & Collections
      LibGuides at Bard Graduate Center
    - ENG098 Intro to Advanced Reading & Writing - Websites
      LibGuides at Gateway Community College (CT)
    - eResources by Subject:
Research | Hesburgh Libraries
      Library Guides at University of Notre Dame
    - Ethnicity in Canada (Anth 335)
      Library Guides @ VIU at Vancouver Island University Library

European Library - Connecting Knowledge: Discover Contributors
      Collections of 48 National Libraries of Europe and leading Research Libraries.
      - The European Library is now in Europeana | Europeana
        - Discover Europe’s digital cultural heritage | Europeana
        - Empowering digital change for the cultural heritage sector | Europeana Pro
Europeana Newspapers
          Capturing the details of daily life in the past | Europeana Pro.
          - Newspapers | Europeana: Europeana Newspapers (Our Network)

    - Faith Clayton Genealogy Room
      Southern Wesleyan University
Family and Genealogy Research: Web Resources
      Subject Guides at Norco College

Family and Local History: Resources
      Research Guides at Bates College
      - Lewiston History: Resources
    - Family Capital: Santa Clara University Libraries
      Working With Wealthy Families to Manage Their Money Across Generations.
Genealogy SIG - Osher Lifelong Learning Institute - Santa Clara University
      - Lawguides | A-Z Database
    - Family History & Genealogy
      LibGuides at Tufts University
      - Arabic and Middle Eastern Literary and Cultural Studies

      - History 093: Family Histories and American Culture
Family History & Genealogy Research: Family History Topics
      Research Guides at Brigham Young University-Idaho:
Family History
- Basic Research Strategy
      - Digitized Primary Sources
FHGEN 110 - Family History Research Success
FHGEN 120 - Internet & Computer Skills: Genealogical Databases
FHGEN 130 - Introduction to Paleography
FHGEN 241 - Introduction to Family History, Part 1: Record Groups and Methodology
FHGEN 242 - Introduction to Family History, Part 2: Analysis of Research Evidence
FHGEN 340 - Genealogical Writing
FHGEN 411 - Research Methodology
      - Find Background Material - Basic Research Strategy
      - Introduction to Primary Sources - Primary Research
      - Open Educational Resources
      - Rel 261 Introduction to Family History
    - Family History and Genealogy
      LibGuides at College of Charleston
Online Resources
    - Family History and Genealogy
      LibGuides at Duke University

Archival Research in Europe
      - Chinatowns: A Cultural History
      - Getting Started - Dead Sea Scrolls Resources
      - Getting Started - Durham and Local History
      - Getting Started - Slavic, Eurasian, and East European Studies
      - Middle East & Islamic Studies: Middle East
      - Scholarly Publishing Collective: Journal of Biblical Literature
        - Journal of Biblical literature. - Duke University Libraries Catalog
        - Journal of Biblical Literature | Scholarly Publishing Collective
        - The Joseph Smith Papers: The Papers - Bible Revision Manuscripts
          - Bible Used for Bible Revision
            - New Testament Revision 1
New Testament Revision 2
            - Old Testament Revision 1
            - Old Testament Revision, John Whitmer First Copy
Old Testament Revision 2
          - Book of Abraham and Related Manuscripts
            - Alphabetic History of Civilization: Ancient and Modern Genealogies
Fragmented Pedigrees of the Tribe of Ephraim
Calendar of Documents: List
          - Comprehensive Works Cited
          - Other Contemporary Papers
Scripture Citation Index (Índice de Citas de las Escrituras)
            - Doctrine and Covenants, 1835 edition
      - Starting Points - GIS Data Sources
The Duke Family
    - Family History Guide
      Library Guides at James Cook University

Family History Overview
      LibGuides at Minnesota Historical Society Library
      - Adoption Research
      - African American Family History Research

      - Court Records
      - Dakota Family History Research Guide
      - Historic Business Research
House & Building History Research
      - Metis Family History Research
      - Military Service Records Research
      - Ojibwe Family History Research
      - State Hospitals: Historical Patient Records
      - State Prisons: Historical Inmate Records

Family History Project
      LibGuides at Niagara County Community College
Family History Resources - Genealogical and Family History Resources @ Pitt
      LibGuides at University of Pittsburgh
Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania - Greensburg Campus
Family History Sources in the Princeton University Archives
      Research Guides at Princeton University
      - Classical Historiography for Chinese History
Footnotes made easy
Princetoniana Collection

Family History / Genealogy
      Research Guides at Eastern Kentucky University

Family Studies 450: Family History
      Research Guides at University of Nebraska Kearney (UNK)
    - FamilySearch Library • FamilySearch: United States Archives & Libraries
Archives and Knowledge Management
        Scholarly Online Resource Evidence and Records
Category:Archives and Libraries by Country • FamilySearch

FamilySearch Library Classes and Webinars • FamilySearch
        - FamilySearch Learning Center • FamilySearch
          - Classes in the Learning Center • FamilySearch
            Over 2100 classes and counting.
Joining a Zoom meeting – Zoom Support
          - Webinars and Online Classes from outside FamilySearch • FamilySearch
            - RootsTech Home • FamilySearch: [RootsTech]
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              - RootsTech 2024 Registration Is Open!: Virtual Expo Hall
                - On Demand Library • RootsTech • FamilySearch: Getting Started
                  Find what you're looking for in more than 1,500 sessions
                  on 185 topics in over 30 languages. (3818 Results)
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        - Representative Family Search and Affiliate Centers
        - System FamilySearch Centers and FamilySearch Library Resources
      - Finding Primary Sources - Colorado History
        Library Guides at University of Denver
        - Denver Public Library History:
Genealogy - Genealogy Collection
          Genealogy, African American & Western History Resources
Granite Genealogy - Training
        Links to materials on the Internet that will help you learn to do your family history.
      - Libraries and Museums: Reference Shelf for The Genealogist and Family Historian
        - Libdex
          Worldwide index of library catalogues, libraries & books.
        - LibWeb
          Library WWW Servers - World Libraries Online.
        - List of Libraries: Online Public Access Catalog
Template:Libraries and Library Science - Wikipedia
Template:Library nav - Wikipedia
      - Search Historical Records • FamilySearch
      - Websites for Family History Beginners: Directories of Genealogical Websites
WorldCat® Libraries with a Significant Genealogical Collection
Federal Depository Library Program (United States of America)
FDLD Directory (over 1,300 Federal Library Locations)
FDLD Regional Hierarchy
      - U.S. Federal Depository Library Program
        - Ben’s Guide To the U.S. Government
CyberCemetery, Browse Agencies by Branch of Government
        - Search Engines - Federal Depository Library
Special Indexes of Federal Information on the Internet
FEEFHS - Foundation for East European Family History Studies
FEEFHS Resource Directory | FEEFHS
    - Finding and Using Images (New York Library): A-Z Databases
      LibGuides at
Sotheby's Institute of Art Libraries - LibAnswers
    - Finding E-Books and Audiobooks
      LibGuides at Moreno Valley College
      - Online Historical Newspapers:
A - Z List of States
    - Finding Historical Primary Sources
      Library Guides at UC Berkeley
A-Z Databases: Archival Collections and Primary Sources
      - Indigenous Peoples of California
      - Global and Area Studies
Finding Primary Source Materials
      LibGuides at University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
      - Art & Architecture
      - Medieval Art & Architecture
      - Researching the American South
        - Orange County History Guide

    - Finding Resources - Genealogy and Academic Resources
      Research Guides at University of North Carolina at Charlotte
      - Genealogy and Academic Resources
      - Stages of Life Records
    - Florida Resources - Genealogy Resources
      Guides @ UF at University of Florida
      - Fast Internet Reference Sources / Genealogy

Free Access Databases
      LibGuides at Florida A&M University Libraries
      - African American Studies:
      - Other Internet Sources
        Local History & Genealogy Reading Room (Library of Congress)
    - French Literature, Language, and Culture Resources: Web Sites
      LibGuides at Ashland University
Funeral Service Research Guide
      Research Guides at Tidewater Community College
    - Genealogical Research: Genealogical Sources
      LibGuides at Bentley University Library
Genealogical Research
      LibGuides at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania Library
Getting Started with Children's Literature - Children's Literature
Children's Literature & Language Arts Websites

Genealogical Research
      LibGuides at USA at University of South Alabama
      - AN 340: Native American Cultures
    - Genealogical Research
      Research Starters at Our Lady of the Lake University
    - Genealogical Resources
      Legacy Washington - WA Secretary of State

Genealogical Resources
      Library Guides at University of New Orleans
Louisiana Cemeteries
Supreme Court Archives
Genealogical Resources: Overview: Websites
Special Collections & Archives LibGuides at Furman University
Genealogical Resources - Polish Room
      University at Buffalo Libraries
      American Revolution - Daughters of the American Revolution
      - Daughters of the American Revolution
        - DAR Library: DAR Library Catalog
        - How-To Guides
Military Records in Genealogy - How to Find Your Ancestor's Records: Links
        - Researching Your Family Tree: An Introduction to Genealogy
Researching Your Revolutionary War Patriot Ancestor
      - Youth - National Society Children of the American Revolution
    - Genealogy
      American Revolution - National Society Sons of the American Revolution
      - National Society Sons of the American Revolution – Since 1889
        - Military Records in Genealogy - How to Find Your Ancestor's Records: Links
Patriot Research System
        - Researching Your Family Tree: An Introduction to Genealogy
          - Researching Your Revolutionary War Patriot Ancestor
SAR Education – American Revolution Educational Resources
        - SAR Genealogical Research Library:
Catalog of the SAR Library
        - Society Websites

      - Youth - National Society Children of the American Revolution
    - Genealogy
      Contra Costa County Library

    - Genealogy
      Delgado Community College Libraries at Delgado Community College
    - Genealogy
      DeWitt Library Research Guides at Northwestern College
Web Resources: Sioux County & Iowa - Genealogy
      Earlham Libraries at Earlham College

      Guides at Middlebury College
Disability Studies Guide
      - Student Resources

Vermont Studies
    - Genealogy
      High Plains Library District - Colorado
    - Genealogy
      Las Vegas-Clark County Library District
    - Genealogy
      LibGuides at American University of Beirut
      - Al-Nakba
      - Lebanon Reference Guide

      LibGuides at Boulder Public Library

      LibGuides at Carson-Newman University [
Browse By Tag]
      LibGuides at Dalton State College

      LibGuides at Dallas College -  Eastfield Campus Library
A-Z Databases

      LibGuides at Florida Atlantic University
      LibGuides at Francis Marion University
      LibGuides at Hampton University
      LibGuides at Jacksonville State University
    - Genealogy
      LibGuides at Mesa County Libraries
      - Technology Guide: Tutorials

    - Genealogy
      LibGuides at Middlesex Community College Library
      - Research Libraries - Genealogy
    - Genealogy
      LibGuides at New Jersey State Library
      - Guides and Handouts - Genealogy
        Research Guides at New Jersey State Library.
    - Genealogy
      LibGuides at Rice University
American History
Brazilian Studies
      - Clayton Library Friends
      - French and Francophone Studies
Accueil - Publications officielles France
          Portails et guides thématiques at Bibliothèque nationale de France.
      - History - Government Sources
        - Society for History in the Federal Government - history@fedgov
          Links to every existing history page created by an agency
          of the federal government, from Cabinet departments
          to the smallest independent commissions.
          - Executive Branch Agency History Links
Joan and Stanford Alexander South Texas Jewish Archives
      - Latin American History
Research A-Z
        Knowing how to find, evaluate, organize, use,
        and present information is an essential part of education.
      - Researching African American Genealogy
      LibGuides at Samford University
      LibGuides at South Georgia State College
      LibGuides at Southeastern Louisiana University
Free Databases for Louisiana Genealogy
      LibGuides at Texas Christian University
      - County Historical Societies - Genealogy
    - Genealogy
      LibGuides at University of California, Santa Barbara

General Reference Sources - Religious Studies
      LibGuides at University of Illinois at Springfield
    - Genealogy
      LibGuides at University of Mary Washington
      - Historic Preservation
    - Genealogy
      LibGuides at University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Special Collections & Archives | University Libraries
      LibGuides at University of South Dakota
      LibGuides at Wichita State University
      Browse our best resources, organized by subject.
      - High School Students: National History Day Projects
Local History & Genealogy
    - Genealogy
      Libraries at Houston Community College

Clayton Library Center for Genealogical Research
      - Magazines & Journals - Genealogy
        Provided by WT Cox  Information Services
        Subscription Services for Schools, Libraries & Businesses.
      - Open Educational Resources (OER)
Massive open online course - Wikipedia
        - OASIS: OER by Subject
    - Genealogy
      Library Guides at Montana State University
      - Overview - MSU Library Research Guide

      Library Guides at Nova Southeastern University
      - Genealogy Databases for NSU Patrons.
Online Resources - Alvin Sherman Library
      - Useful Websites - Genealogy

      Library Guides at UW-La Crosse
Wisconsin Area Research Center Network | Wisconsin Historical Society
    - Genealogy
      Library Research Guides at St. Clair County Community College
      - Adoption Resources
      - Birth, marriage and death: How to find vital records
      - Castle Garden and Ellis Island Immigration Records
        - Castle Clinton: New-York Historical Society (Images)
      Research Guides @ Fordham at Fordham University Libraries
      - Biography
      - Internet History Sourcebooks Project
      - One-Step Webpages by Stephen P. Morse
    - Genealogy
      Research Guides at Auraria Library (UCD, MSCD, CCD)
      - Wikipedia vs. Google vs. Databases - Evaluating Sources
    - Genealogy
      Research Guides at Bowdoin College
    - Genealogy
      Research Guides at Dartmouth College
      - Indexes to Names - Genealogy

      Research Guides at UCLA Library
Hungarian Studies
Jewish Los Angeles
Primary Resources and Archives
        - A-Z Databases: Primary Sources
        - Center for Primary Research and Training (CFPRT)
      - Tibetan Studies: Tibetan Studies Links
United States Census Statistics and Information
      - Wikipedia: Editing and Use
      Research Guides at University of Delaware
      - Biographical Information
Delaware Historical Maps
      - Genealogy- Old
World War I Resources

      Research Guides at University of Kentucky
      - Biographical Information
      - Community Patrons Research Guide
      - High School Research Guide
      - Kentucky and Local Information
      - Kentucky Federal Depository Libraries Information
      Research Guides at University of Minnesota-Morris
      Research Guides at University of Winnipeg
      - East European Genealogical Society
Genealogy Facts | Family History 101
      Resource Guides at Orange County Library System.
      - Coping with Grief
Electronically Preserving Obituaries as Cultural Heritage | EPOCH
      - Florida History
Orlando Memory
      - West Oaks Branch Library and Genealogy Center
      Resources by Subject at C. G. O'Kelly Library
LLS 1365: Family Matters

      Simpson Library at University of Mary Washington
Historic Court Records | Fredericksburg, VA - Official Website
Soldiers and Sailors Database - The Civil War (U.S. National Park Service)
The Heritage Center | Historical Archives | Fredericksburg, VA

      Subject Guides at Binghamton University Libraries
      - Minorities in China and Beyond (AAAS384/HIST384)

      Subject Research Guides at University of Massachusetts Amherst
      UCF Research Guides at University of Central Florida Libraries
Central Florida Memory | University of Central Florida Research | STARS
      - Guide to Florida Archives and Manuscripts Repositories

      UVa Research Portal at UVa Library
Genealogy: Virginia Genealogy
        Guide to Genealogical Resources at the University of Virginia
        - Library Guides & Online Library Resources in Virginia & Elsewhere
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Social Networks and Archival Context
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Virtual Jamestown: Virtual Jamestown Links
    - Genealogy
      UWM Libraries: University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
Biographies, Genealogy, Wills – Martha Carlin
Directory of Royal Genealogical Data (archived)
Genealogy Resources
      - Historical Census and Genealogy - US Census and American Community Survey
      - The history of family history:
Xin Yu - History
        Professor explores Chinese genealogies - Letters and Science.
      - Wisconsin Genealogical Resources in Other Repositories
    - Genealogy
      WMU Research Guides at Western Michigan University
      - Kalamazoo Valley Genealogical Society - Research & Society Links

Genealogy & Family History
      Library Guides at University of Washington Libraries
      - Demography
      - Historical Visual Materials Collections
      - House Histories
      - Mathematics, Pure and Applied: History and Biography Resources
      - Pacific Northwest Reference Collection
      - Pan-Hispanic Ballad Project
      - Primary Sources: Mexico, Central America, Caribbean
Primary Sources: South America
      - Tacoma Community History Projects
      - U.S. Decennial Census: Census Home
      - ZoteroBib: Fast, free bibliography generator
        MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard citations.
    - Genealogy & Family History
      Seton Hall University Libraries at Seton Hall University
    - Genealogy & Family History
      Subject and Course Guides at University of Texas at Arlington
Czechoslovak Genealogical Society International

Genealogy & Family History - Genealogy / Family History
      LibGuides at University of South Carolina Upstate
    - Genealogy & History:
Locations | HCPLC
      HCPLC - Hillsborough County Public Library Cooperative
Genealogy & Local History
      Truman State University
      - Database List: A to Z
      - Free Databases for Magazine/Journal Articles, etc.
Research Guides

Genealogy & Local History: Guides
      LibGuides at Gaston County Public Library
A Young Person's Guide to Genealogy - Homework Topics
    - Genealogy & Local History: Local History
      Omaha Public Library

Genealogy & Local History | Newberry
      Chicago Independent Research Library
Collection | Newberry Library
Digital Collections
Research Guides | Newberry Library
    - Genealogy and Diaries - Find Books and DVDs
      MaxGuides at Bridgewater State University
      - Diaries Online - Genealogy and Diaries
    - Genealogy and Family History
      LibGuides at Bellevue University

    - Genealogy and Family History
      LibGuides at Ohio Northern University
      - Internet Portals - Maps
    - Genealogy and Family History
      LibGuides at St. Louis Community College

Genealogy and Family History
      LibGuides at the Eli M. Oboler Library at Idaho State University
    - Genealogy and Family History
      LibGuides at University of South Florida Libraries
    - Genealogy and Family History
      Library and Archives Canada
      - A to Z Tools and Guides
Outils et Guides de A à Z
    - Genealogy and Family History
      Library Guides at Penn State University
American Social History by Eras and Decades
      - Databases - Obituaries - Local and International
      - Genealogical Resources in Pattee Library
      - Mining People and Companies - Pennsylvania Mines and Mining
        - Anthracite Coal Mining Region of Northeastern Pennsylvania
Perseus Digital Library
    - Genealogy and Family History
      Research Guides at University of Massachusetts Boston

      - Selected Resources for Genealogical and Family History Research
    - Genealogy and Family History
      Vancouver Public Library
Vancouver History
    - Genealogy and Local History
      LibGuides at Washburn University
      - Washburn University School of Law: Law Library
        - Autograph Collection of Supreme Court Justices
        - Native American Legal Materials Microfiche Collection
          Historical collection of laws, treaties, and law-related materials pertaining
          to Native Americans (American Indians, Eskimo, and Native Hawaiians).
Native American Legal Materials Brief Bibliographic Records, Titles 1752-1998
    - Genealogy and Local History
      Online Genealogy Research at Pender County Public Library
W. Dallas Herring Carolina Heritage Research Center
    - Genealogy and Local History @ UNH
      Research Guides at UNH - University of New Hampshire
Genealogy and Local History Resources
      LibGuides at Michigan State University Libraries
      - British Isles Free Web Sites: General and History
      - British Victorian Period Research
      - Doing Jewish Genealogy, Doing History in the Nazi Camps
Getting Started - Genealogy and Local History Resources
      - Global Catholicism in the Age of Discovery, 1450-1700
      - History of the Family Around the World
      - Immigrants in the United States
      - Medieval West - Reference Sources
        - Medieval West - Additional Web Resources - General and History
      - Personal Archiving: Managing & Preserving Your Papers & Family History
      - University Advancement Library Resources: Evaluating Information
Genealogy - Appalachian Studies
      LibGuides at Appalachian State University
: Archives & Regional History Collections
Michigan County Histories and Atlases
Genealogy - Archives and Special Collections
      LibGuides at Central College - Geisler Library
      - Genealogy TV Shows - Genealogy
Genealogy at the BPL - Genealogy
      Research Guides at Boston Public Library
    - Genealogy at the UGA Libraries:
Digital Library of Georgia
      GALILEO@UGA at University of Georgia
      - University of Georgia Center for Continuing Education
IGHR – Institute of Genealogy and Historical Research
          - Historic Pathways - Elizabeth Shown Mills (retired)
            - [Articles - Books
- Links - Research]
Evidence Explained | Historical Analysis, Citation & Source Usage
                - QuickLesson 18: Genealogy? In the Academic World? Seriously?
    - Genealogy: Atlanta Area Libraries / Archives - Genealogy
      GSU Library Research Guides at Georgia State University
      - Legal and Constitutional History: Getting Started
    - Genealogy: Atlantic City Genealogy
      LibGuides at Atlantic City Free Public Library
    - Genealogy: Austin Genealogical Society
      Information Guides at Austin Public Library
      - Contact Information for People
      - Dallas Public Library - Genealogy
        - Index to the Dallas Public Library Surname Vertical Files
HPL - Research Centers - Visit us at Houston Public Library
      - Resources – Austin Genealogical Society
        - The Portal to Texas History
    - Genealogy: Baker Genealogy Center
      Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library
      - Popular Tools
    - Genealogy Basics
      Kirkwood Library at Kirkwood Community College Libraries

    - Genealogy Basics
      Research Guides at University of Tennessee Knoxville

Appalachia (Special Collections)
Guides/Handbooks - U.S. Census and Related Sources
      - Knoxville History (Special Collections)
    - Genealogy Basics Research Guide: Genealogy Resources
      LibGuides at LaGuardia Community College
NYC Jewish Genealogy - Genealogy Basics Research Guide
    - Genealogy: Beeson-OAP
      Library Guides at Santa Rosa Junior College
    - Genealogy Blog Research Tips & Tools
8 Genealogy Tips for Tracing Female Ancestry
    - Genealogy Center
      LibGuides at ABC (Albuquerque & Bernalillo County) Library
Genealogy Center
      - Local History
    - Genealogy: Databases Digital Libraries | Indexes | By State or Region | Other
      Princeton Public Library:
United States and international digital collections.
    - Genealogy: Delawareana
      LibGuides at Delaware Division of Libraries
    - Genealogy, Family & Local History Research
      University of California at Davis – UCD

    - Genealogy: Finding Your Ancestors Online
      LibGuides at Cornell University
      - American Historical Newspapers Online
      - Biographical Resources: A Research Guide
      - Biographical Resources: An African & African Diaspora Approach: Online Resources
      - Finding Cartographic Resources Online: Map Collections
Genealogical Guide to the Early Settlers of America
      - Primary Sources: Latin America, the Caribbean, Spain and Portugal
      - Unexpected Images
    - Genealogy : Free Texts : Free Download, Borrow and Streaming
      From the Internet Archive
      Digital Library of Free & Borrowable Books, Movies, Music & Wayback Machine
      - About the Internet Archive
        [Audio Recordings (including Live Concerts) -
eBooks and Texts - Images
        Software Programs -  Videos (including Television News Programs - Web Pages:
        Includes exploring and reviewing about 800 billion web pages saved over time.]
    - Genealogy: Genealogical Research
      Research Guides at Swem Library, William & Mary
      - Williamsburg - Related Collections in the Special Collections Research Center
    - Genealogy Guide: Getting Started with Your Family History Research
      LibGuides at Center for Jewish History
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A-Z Databases
      - Genealogy Guide: Argentina
Genealogy Guide: Austria
      - Genealogy Guide: Belarus
Genealogy Guide: Bulgaria
Genealogy Guide: Canada
Genealogy Guide: Czech and Slovak Republics
      - Genealogy Guide: France
      - Genealogy Guide: Galicia
Genealogy Guide: Germany
Genealogy Guide: Holocaust Research
Genealogy Guide: Hungary
      - Genealogy Guide: Israel
Genealogy Guide: Jewish Names
Genealogy Guide: Landsmanshaftn Records
Genealogy Guide: Latvia
      - Genealogy Guide: Lithuania
Genealogy Guide: Maps
Genealogy Guide: Mexico
Genealogy Guide: Poland
      - Genealogy Guide: Rabbinical Genealogy
Genealogy Guide: Researching your Ancestral Town
      - Genealogy Guide: Resources at the Center for Jewish History
Genealogy Guide: Romania and Moldova
      - Genealogy Guide: Sephardic and Mizrahi Research
      - Genealogy Guide: South Africa
Genealogy Guide: Ukraine
Genealogy Guide: United Kingdom and Ireland
      - Genealogy Guide: United States
      - Genealogy Guide: United States Synagogue Records
Genealogy Guide: Yizkor Books
      - Genealogy Research Guides
      - Hebrew Union College - Jewish Institute of Religion
        - American Jewish Archives:
AJA Catalog
AJA - How to begin your research at the American Jewish Archives
            - Educational Resources
              - Colonial Jews Archives
            - Finding Aids
            - Genealogy:
Outside Genealogy Resources - American Jewish Archives
American Jewish Historical Society
              - First American Jewish Families
Genealogy -
Louis Kessler's Jewish Genealogy Links
Tracing Your Jewish Roots
        - Libraries - HUC
          Located in Cincinnati, Los Angeles, New York, and Jerusalem.
          - Free Online Resources - HUC (Includes Genealogy - View Resources)
          - Library Blog - HUC
Elijah's Cup with Stuart Nedelman - HUC
            - Josephus's Second Temple Period - HUC
              - Josephus Flavius (ben Matityahu) (37 - c.100) - Genealogy
              - “Lineage and Virtue in Josephus:
                The Respective Roles of Priestly Worldview and Roman Culture,”
Journal of Ancient Judaism 11.1 (2020): 26-44 |
                Katell Berthelot - - Share research
              - The Works of Flavius Josephus
            - The Diaspora Jews of Kaifeng, China - HUC
          - Library Databases - HUC
          - Museums - HUC
      - International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies
        The World of Jewish Ancestry - IAJGS
DoJR - L’Dor V’Dor Foundation (LDVDF): Partner
          Restore the Chain - Generation to Generation.
          - Documentation of Jewish Records Worldwide (pdf)
          - Tools & Resources
IAJGS Member Organization World Map
          - Member Societies - IAJGS
            - Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain - JGSGB:
Publications - IAJGS
        - Resources - IAJGS
The History of the Jews: From the Time of Alexander the Great
          to the Destruction of Jerusalem by Titus . . . B.C. 409 to A.D. 70.
Jewish Virtual Library: History Wing
      - Scholarly Publishing Collective: Journal of Biblical Literature
        - Journal of Biblical literature. - Duke University Libraries Catalog
        - Journal of Biblical Literature | Scholarly Publishing Collective
        - The Joseph Smith Papers: The Papers - Bible Revision Manuscripts
          - Bible Used for Bible Revision
            - New Testament Revision 1
New Testament Revision 2
            - Old Testament Revision 1
            - Old Testament Revision, John Whitmer First Copy
Old Testament Revision 2
          - Book of Abraham and Related Manuscripts
          - BOOK [Stick] of JUDAH
          - BOOK [Stick] of LEVI

          - BOOK [Stick] of NATHAN

Calendar of Documents: List
          - Comprehensive Works Cited
          - Other Contemporary Papers
Scripture Citation Index (Índice de Citas de las Escrituras)
            - Doctrine and Covenants, 1835 Edition
    - Genealogy: Online Resources - Resources by Format
      Research Guides at Virginia Tech
      - Celebrating Virginia Tech's Sesquicentennial
      - Medieval and Early Modern Studies:
Other History Guides
Preston Family Resources
      - Researching Blacksburg, Virginia, History
      - Special Collections and University Archives Resources for APS1704
        - Relating to Appalachia generally, as well as about specific topics.
      - Virginia Tech History Resources
American History
        - Area Studies and Comparative Politics
        - Historical Primary Sources Online
History - Essentials: Starting Points
        - Local History and Genealogical Research in the University Libraries
        - World History - Essentials: Starting Points

    - Genealogy Project - UWSSLEC
      LibGuides at University of Wisconsin System School Library Education Consortium
      - Early American History
        Critical Thinking Through Inquiry and Problem-Based Approaches
      - Kenosha - Our Home Town
    - Genealogy: Quaker Genealogy
      All Guides at Eugene Public Library
    - Genealogy Reference Tools: Genealogy
      Subject Guides at Cuyahoga Community College
    - Genealogy Research
      FIU Libraries: Research at Florida International University
    - Genealogy Research
      LibGuides at Alfred University
Genealogy Research
      LibGuides at Neumann University
    - genealogy: Research
      Library Blog - Indiana University East [
      - Celebrating family history
      - Family Research Tools
      - Finding Your Past
      - masloan
      - "My Life Indiana: Super Achievers" Stories
Genealogy Research
      Library Guides at Texas A&M University
Genealogy Research Forms • FamilySearch
      - Genealogy Resources (A - Z) - Genealogy Research

    - Genealogy Research
      Research Guides at West Virginia University
    - Genealogy Research
      Research Help at Fitchburg State University
Local History & Genealogy | Worcester Public Library
Genealogy Research Guide
      Jim Dan Hill Library at University of Wisconsin - Superior

Genealogy Research Guide
      LibGuides at Lewis J. Ort Library, Frostburg State University
Genealogy Research Guide
      LibGuides at Metropolitan Community College Kansas City
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Local and Regional History Research Guide
Open Educational Resources & MOOCs
    - Genealogy Research Guide
      LibGuides at New Mexico State University
      - Public History
Genealogy Research Guide
      Library Guides at Iowa State University
Iowa Genealogy

Genealogy Research Guide
      Research Guides at University of Michigan Library
Biographical and Historical Resources for Health Sciences
      - Islamic Manuscript Studies
      - Korean Online Resources
      - Related Collections - Genealogy Research
Online Resources for Library Cardholders
      - Wikipedia at the University of Michigan
        Basics of Wikipedians contributing edits, additions, and new entries.
    - Genealogy Research in California (CaliforniaGenealogy - check back later.)
      San Jose State University SLIS
CALIFORNIA State Information
Genealogy Research In Federal Documents
      LibGuides at The University of Oklahoma Libraries
      - History & Primary Resources
Indian Territory and Early Oklahoma
      - Oklahoma History: Primary Sources
      - Pioneer Library System - Genealogy
      - Secondary Resources - Oklahoma History
Genealogy Resources
      Fairmont State University Library at Fairmont State University
    - Genealogy Resources
      LibGuides at Arizona Western College
      - Arizona Archives Online
      - Arizona Memory Project
Genealogy Resources
      LibGuides at Deakin University - Genealogy Collection

Genealogy Resources
      LibGuides at Lehigh Carbon Community College
    - Genealogy Resources
      LibGuides at Old Dominion University

Genealogy Resources
      LibGuides at The College at Brockport

Genealogy Resources
      LibGuides at University of Illinois Library at Urbana-Champaign
A-Z Databases
Archives of Russia, Eastern Europe & Eurasia
      - Digital Collections at the University of Illinois
      - Foreign Countries - Genealogy Resources
      - Global Studies Research Guide
      - History 200D: Families and History
      - History 200E: Family, Gender, and Law: Transitions, East and West
      - History, Philosophy, and Newspaper Library
- American Newspapers, 1800-1860
      - Illinois: Introduction (Check alphabetical list of counties with data sets.)
        Vast amount of information pertaining to Illinois History.
Illinois Genealogical Databases
        - Illinois Websites for Genealogy
      - Information Sciences Virtual Library:
Websites by Topic
      - International and Area Studies Library
      - Primary Source VILLAGE
      - Publicly Available Research Resources
      - Regional Map and Contact Information
        Illinois Regional Archives Depository (
) System.
        - Administrative Histories / Record Descriptions
        - Local Government Records Database
        - Quick Links
        - Regional Map and Contact Information
        - Research Policy
      - United States - Genealogy Resources
        - Government Resources for Genealogy
University of Illinois Archives
      - Using the Archives | Urbana Free Library:
Local History Online
      - Web-Based Resources - Genealogy Resources

Genealogy Resources
      Research Guides at The College at Brockport

Genealogy Resources
      Subject Guides at South Texas College
Genealogy Resources
      Valdosta State University
Genealogy Resources: Information Links
      Walker Library at Middle Tennessee State University
      Forty County Website / Facebook Resources and Contacts.

Genealogy Resources @ MSU
      Library Class & Subject Guides at Minnesota State University Mankato
Databases A-Z: genealogy
      - Genealogy Websites
      - Getting Started - Minnesota
Websites - American Indigenous Peoples of Minnesota
    - Genealogy Resources at the MVC Library
      LibGuides at Mountain View College
    - Genealogy Resources for Northeastern New York
      LibGuides at Clinton Essex Franklin Library System

Genealogy Resources - Research & Learning
      Boise Public Library - Idaho

Genealogy Resources (Texas)
      Research Guides at Sam Houston State University
Archive Discovery: A How-To Guide
Paleography / Reading Old Handwriting
      - Find Digital Tools - Digital History
      - HIST 5388: Public History - East Texas History
History Databases
      - History Teaching: Guide to Resources
      - Houston & Huntsville History - Historical Geography
Texas History: Primary Source Collections Online
Genealogy: Services & Info
      LibGuides at Texas State University-San Marcos

    - Genealogy Sources: Get Started - Genealogy
      Cornette Library, West Texas A&M University
      - America by Era - Web Collections of Digitized Primary Source Documents
      - Parking/Maps - Genealogy Tour

Genealogy - Special Collections and University Archives
      LibGuides at Murray State University

    - Genealogy - The Library of Trinity College Dublin
      Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin, Ireland
About Manuscripts & Archives
      - Libraries & Archives in Dublin
        Resources: Trinity Medieval History Research Centre
        - CIRCLE:
Links (Calendar of Irish Chancery Letters c. 1244 - 1509)
      - Research Collections at Trinity
        New Tales from the Old Library, Trinity College Dublin
      - Search Collections - The Library of Trinity College Dublin
    - Genealogy:
The State Historical Society of Missouri
      Library Guides at University of Missouri Libraries
      - Federal - Government Documents by Type
        - General Sources - U.S. Federal Information on Foreign Countries
Topic Guides - Federal Government Information
      - Genealogy and Family History Research Guide
Genealogy and Family History - Digital Collections
      - Genealogical Research in Government Documents
HIST 2950: European Migration in the 19th-20th Centuries
      - Maps and Geographic Information Systems
Missouri Government: Other States
    - Genealogy - U. S. Government Information
      Yale University Library Research Guides at Yale University
      Subject Guides at Yale University Library
      - Biographical Resources for the Sciences
      - British Country Houses, Gardens, and Castles
Researching Family / Individual Histories
Caribbean Resources & Collections at the Yale University Library
      - Database A-Z - Chinese Studies
      - Free Web Resources on Religion; Food and Religion
      - Image Resources

      - Pass It On: Preserving Your Personal Collections
Genealogy - Useful Reference Links
      LibGuides at Indiana University Kokomo

Genealogy Web Sites
      LibGuides at Webster University
St. Louis/Missouri Web Sites: Basic Sites and History
Genealogy Websites
      Library at UHV Library
Genealogy - Websites by Topic
      Research Guides at Randolph Community College

    - General Genealogy - Genealogy and
      Research Guides at Tri-College Libraries
General Guides
      Research Guides at Colorado College
      - Reference Resources
        - Prisons Project: Maps, Visualizations, Papers

    - General Reference & Research Help
      Research Guides at University of Southern California
Classics Research Guide
      - History, U.S. & Canada
        - Los Angeles and Southern California
      - Latin American Studies: Web Resources
      - Los Angeles and Southern California
      - Medieval Studies and Research
      - SHEAR - Society for Historians of the Early American Republic
The Panorama  Expansive Views from the Journal of the Early Republic
    - Genetic Counseling: Websites
      Research Guides at Brandeis University
      - International Nucleotide Sequence Database Collaboration | INSDC
    - Genetic Disorders - Resources
      NSHS guides at Newton South High School Library

    - Getting Started - Genealogy and Family History:
A-Z Databases
      LibGuides at Truckee Meadows Community College
    - Getting Started - Genealogy and Family History
      Research Guides at University of Minnesota Minneapolis
      - Finding Norwegian Bygdebøkers Held at the University of Minnesota Libraries
        - Norwegian Geographical and Administrative Divisions
      - Minnesota Genealogical Society
      - Minnesota People Records Search | Minnesota Historical Society
    - Getting Started - Genealogy Resources
      LibGuides at Coastal Pines Technical College
      - Freedmen's Bureau Online
Georgia's Virtual Vault
        Georgia Archives - University System of Georgia
      - Tribal Directory
    - Getting Started - Genealogy: Websites - Genealogy
      Subject Guides at Auburn University
    - Getting Started - Lakota Studies
      Woksape Tipi Library & Archives at Oglala Lakota College
Archives: Archives Genealogy and Tiospaye Resources
Genealogy & Tiospaye History Resource Guide
      - Websites - Lakota Studies
    - Getting Started - Topic: Researching Your Family History
      LibGuides at University of Connecticut
      - Blogs, Podcasts,X & More - Topic: Researching Your Family History
    - Gilbert - Immigration & Genealogy: Library Resources
      SSD Public Website at Salem School District
    - Global Collections
      Guides at Penn Libraries
      - Academic / Library - Directory of Judaica Online Resources
Introduction - Judaic Studies
        - Israel Studies
Searching for Hebraica Titles in Penn's Online Catalog "Franklin"
      - African Studies: Africana Studies
        - Botswana - General Information
Penn Dissertations on Africa
        - Reference Works on Christian Missions in Africa
      - Early and Imperial China:
Sources for Modern and Contemporary China
      - Japanese Digital Resources
      - Korean Studies: North Korea
      - Latin American Studies
        - Andean Studies
        - Libraries in Latin America - LANIC
Luso-Brazilian Studies
        - Mexican Studies
      - Research Guide to Middle Eastern Studies
      - Russian and East European Studies
        - Medieval Rus'
Old Church Slavonic
        - Russian Invasion of Ukraine
      - South Asian Studies
Google Images Search: Genealogy - Wikipedia (Curlie)
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African Genealogy
American Genealogy
      - Asian Genealogy
      - Australian Genealogy
Canadian Genealogy
Caribbean Genealogy
      - Central American Genealogy
Central & North-West European Genealogy
Central Asian Genealogy
      - Chinese Genealogy
Countries Worldwide Genealogy
Eastern European Genealogy
Egypt Genealogy
      - English Genealogy
      - European Genealogy
Family Genealogy and History Internet Education Directory - Wiki™
      - Greek Genealogy
Islands Antarctica To Arctic -- Atlantic Ocean Genealogy
Italian Genealogy
      - Japanese Genealogy
      - Korean Genealogy
Latin American Genealogy
      - Mexican Genealogy
Middle American Genealogy
      - Middle Eastern Genealogy
North - Africa | South - Africa Genealogy
      - North American Genealogy
Oceania - Australasia Genealogy
Pacific Islands Genealogy
      - Puerto Rico Genealogy
Regional / Continental Genealogy
Southern European Genealogy
      - Spanish Genealogy
      - United States Genealogy
Western European Genealogy
    - Government and Heritage Library
      LibGuides at State Library of North Carolina
      - Beginning Genealogy Resources
        - Digital Collections and Online Resources
      - Genealogical Indexes and Abstracts of Newspapers
      - North Carolina Vital Records
      - Researching African American Ancestors
    - Government Documents and Information Canada
      Subject & Research Guides at Saint Mary's University
Archives of Ontario
Libraries and Archives | Government of Prince Edward Island
Government Information
      Blume Library at St. Mary's University
    - Guide to Genealogical Research
      LibGuides at Mt. San Jacinto College
        Search the world's historic newspaper archives.

    - Guides by Course
      LibGuides (
Emory University Libraries)
      - Latest Trends - Social Media Marketing Intelligence & Analytics
        - Free Social Media Analytic Tools

    - Guides By Subject
      LibGuides at Cape Cod Community College
      - Funeral Service Resources
      - Native American History and Culture on Cape Cod
    - Guides By Subject
      LibGuides at City College Libraries - CUNY
Introduction to OER - CCNY OER
      - Jewish Studies
      - Latin American and Caribbean Studies

Dominican Studies: CUNY Dominican Studies Institute
Guides By Subject: Databases A-Z
      LibGuides at University of Texas at Austin
American Indian Histories and Cultures - Adam Matthew Digital
      - Archival Organizations - Archival Studies
      - Historic Preservation
Latin American Network Information Center - LANIC
        - Genealogy in Latin America - LANIC
      - Latin American Open Archives Portal - LAOAP
      - Maps: Finding Maps Online
        - Online Maps of Current Interest
          - Topical Maps on Other Web Sites
            Perry-Castañeda Map Collection
      - Slavic and Eurasian Studies
Czech Studies
      - Taiwan Studies: Taiwan's Indigenous Peoples 台灣原住民

    - Guides - Resources, Subjects: By Type
      LibGuides at National University of Singapore
      - A Bibliography on Hokkien Research 福建文化研究参考书目
      - Chinese E-Resources 中文电子资源
      - Chinese Overseas:
Internet Sources - Chinese Overseas
    - Harvard Dataverse:
Digital Access to Scholarship at Harvard
      Collaboration with Harvard Library, Harvard University IT, and IQSS.
      Share, publish, and archive your data. Find and cite data across all research fields.
      - African Studies: African-American Studies
      - Archives
        - Digital Humanities
Harvard History
      - Articles in Magazines, Journals, & Newspapers
        - Guide to Newspapers and Newspaper Indexes
      - Asian Studies
        - Comprehensive Catalogue of Chinese Genealogies.xlsx - Yuhua Wang Dataverse
        - Research Guide for Chinese Studies
        - Research Guide for Korean Studies
Biography - Research Guides at Harvard Library
        - Biographical Research: Quick Links
        - Finding Biographical Information: Genealogical Sources
        - New England Naturalists: A Bio-Bibliography
        - Religious Biographical and Genealogical Information
      - Explore Collections | Harvard Library
      - History: Library Research Guide for History
        - Historical Dataset of Administrative Units for Galicia 1857–1910 - Harvard Dataverse
      - History of Science
        - Library Research Guide for the History of Science
      - HOLLIS - Databases: HOLLIS - genealogy
        - Life Histories of Persons marrying, between 1600 and 1999,
          in the Netherlands [GO924] - TreeChGen
      - Latin American / Hispanic Resources
        - Library Research Guide for Latin American Studies
Law: Research Guides at Harvard Law School Library
        - Historical & Special Collections (HSC) and Harvard History
        - Introduction - Local Law Libraries
        - Legal History
Legal Research Sources & Methodology
        - Records, Briefs & Court Filings - Getting Started
Libraries: Library Collections & Services
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        - Families of Newtown, New York, 1642-1790
        - Immigration to the United States, 1789-1930
        - Information Wanted - Boston College Dataverse
        - Library Research Guide for United States in the World
          - Digital Libraries / Collections
Slave Sales and Appraisals, 1775-1865
        - Take Them in Families: The Enslaved People of Casa Bianca Plantation, Florida
          Journal of Slavery and Data Preservation Dataverse
        - Worlds of Change: Colonial North America at Harvard Library
      - Medieval Studies
        - Library Research Guide for Finding Manuscripts and Archival Collections
        - Medieval Studies in Microform to 1500
        - Resources for Medieval Art & Architecture
Middle Eastern Studies
        - Middle East and Islamic Studies Library Resources
Regional & Cultural Studies
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        - Rinascimento - Digital Renaissance Studies
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        - Slavic and Eurasian Studies at Harvard : Library and Archival Resources
        - Soviet History: Archival Resources at Harvard University Library and Archives
Ukrainian Studies
      - South Asian Studies
        - Library Research Guide for South Asian Studies
Unitarianism and Universalism - English Unitarianism | Britannica
History of Unitarian Universalism |
        - Unitarian Universalist Congregations

HathiTrust Digital Library | Millions of Books Online
      - Full-text Search Results - genealog* | HathiTrust Digital Library
        Over 68,180 Full-Text results.
      - Our Membership: Member Community
Hawaiʻi - Genealogy Research (Asia & Pacific Islands)
      Research Guides at University of Hawaii at Manoa
      - Center for Pacific Islands Studies:
Research and Publications
Chinese Studies
      - Chronicling America: Historic Newspapers from Hawaii and the U.S.
DOE-Hawaiian Studies Kupuna Program: Library Information
      - Early Accounts of Hawaii by Non-Hawaiians
      - Finding Court Records in Hawai'i
      - Government Documents - Department of Commerce
Hawai‘inuiakea School of Hawaiian Knowledge: Resources
      - Hawaii Censuses
Hawaiian and Pacific Collections
      - Hawaiian Collection
      - Hawaiian Communication:
        Bibliography on Hawaiian Folklore, Mythology, Literature, Music, Hula
Hawaiian Language Research
      - Kamakakūokalani Center for Hawaiian Studies Resource Center
      - Mary Kawena Pukui Annotated Bibliography
Okinawan Studies
      - PACS 202: Origins and Migrations: Basic Research Tools
Pacific Libraries and Archives
Resources Relating to Hawaiian Knowledge
      - Southeast Asia Research Guide:
Explore S.E. Asia
      - Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands Archives
      - Web Archiving Project of the Pacific Islands
    - HIS 216: Local News, History and Resources: Websites
      Information pertaining to Poughkeepsie, the Hudson Valley; State of New York
      Ritz Library at Dutchess Community College
    - HIST 2301.01 (Thompson) Texas Towns & Counties:
      Research Guides at McLennan Community College
    - Historical Government Documents
      Library at Baker University
    - Historical, Legal & Philosophical Foundations of Education
      LibGuides at University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
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Archives and Manuscripts in Bibliographies
        Citing Archives, Manuscripts, Oral Histories, City Directories, and Maps

Databases for Education Research
      - History (primary sources)
      - Researching an American Indian Culture
      - What is "Scholarly"? - CJ 300: Research Methods
    - History 321: History of U.S. - Japan Relations:
Oral Histories
      Research Guides at Williams College Libraries
    - History & Genealogy
      LibGuides at Connecticut State Library, Division of Library Development
      - Biographical Information
      - Colonial Records Links - Colonial Records & Topics
Genealogical Societies Authorized to do Business in Connecticut
      - Judge & Attorney Biographies
      - Map & Geographic Information
      - Vertical Files
Vital Records for Connecticut (Birth, Marriage & Death Records)
    - History & Genealogy: Genealogy
      Info Guides at Winnipeg Public Library
      - Getting started - Indigenous-related topics
    - History and Art History
      George Mason University
      - Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media:
Our Work
        Leverage Technology To Democratize History.
        - Children and Youth in History
    - History, Biography, Genealogy
      Alameda County Library

The Great Courses Video BingePass - Binge Pass by | hoopla
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        - Search Results for "genealogy"
History - Internet Sites with Primary Sources for U.S. History
      LibGuides at Montana State University-Billings
    - History Library Guide
      Library Guides at Tulane University

Genealogy and Biographical Resources
        [for physicians and other health professionals]
        (19th Century -20th Century) : A Guide: Tulane Alumni
    - History of Barry University
      LibGuides at Barry University
    - History of Kansas City Resources - English Composition (Arthur)
      LibGuides at Rockhurst University
    - History of Medicine Electronic Resources
      LibGuides at Mayo Clinic
Articles - End of Life
      - Brief Guide to Genomics
        National Human Genome Research Institute
      - Medical Informatics - Informatics
Medical Library Association: History of the Health Sciences Links
MLA : Education Programs
        - MLA : History of Diseases Links
MLA : Libraries & Archives
      - Resources - Mayo History and Culture
      - Spirituality & Healthcare Resources
    - History Research
      LibGuides at University of Colorado Colorado Springs
    - History Research: Data, Maps, & Genealogy
      Research Guides at Boston College
      - Asian Studies Programs & Centers
        Association for Asian Studies
AAS Language Database: Languages
Countries & Regions | Asia Society
        - Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Asian History
           - Search Results for Genealogy
      - EN 501 / HS 522 Imaginary Walks in Old Boston
      - EN453901: Writing the Past: Getting Started
Genealogy Research - Boston College University Archives
      - Irish Genealogy (Irish Studies)
      - Open Access - Open Access and Scholarly Publishing
      - Photography
      - Reliable Web Resources
Research Strategies - Genealogy Research
      - Specialized Article Databases - Resources for History Graduate Students
    - History Research Guide - Internet Resources
      LibGuides at Elon University
      - Alamance County North Carolina
Databases & Resources by Subject
      - How To Begin Your Research - Family Research & Genealogy
    - Historypin
      Connecting Communities with Local History.
Historypin | Collections Genealogy
    - Homeland Security Digital Library: On the Homefront – the HSDL Blog
      Securing the homeland through the power of information.
      - Books & Journals
        Locate current and scholarly book and journal information
        from various library catalogs, book vendors and major publishers.
    - Hong Kong Studies
      LibGuides at The Chinese University of Hong Kong
      - University of Hong Kong (HKU): Libraries Databases
HKU Scholars Hub
HKU Scholars Hub: Family 'Drama' and Self-Empowerment Strategies
            in the Genealogy Writings of Yuan Jingrong 袁镜蓉 (1786–ca.1852)
    - Honors 380 - Writing Your Heritage
      LibGuides at Washington State University
Resources for Family Research
        Honors 270: Principles and Research Methods in Social Science
    - How Do I Find Reference Sources?
      Library Guides at UChicago
      - Data Repositories
        - Social Sciences Data Repositories
          - ISIDORE - Accès aux données et services numériques de SHS
Medieval & Byzantine Studies
      - Science and Medicine Biography
      - Slavic/Eastern Europe/Eurasia Studies
HTY 141 & HTY 142: African American History
      Subject Guides at University of Southern Maine
    - HUM 313 Western Culture III
      Guides at Pepperdine University
      - Western Civilization_ A Concise History - Volume 1 - Google™ Docs
Western Civilization_ A Concise History - Volume 2 - Google™ Docs
      - Western Civilization_ A Concise History - Volume 3 - Google™ Docs

HWST 115 - Mo'okū'auhau: Hawaiian Genealogies: Subject Guides
      Library at Windward Community College

Illinois and Chicago History (HIST 230)
      Saint Xavier University
      - Library: Search by Subject
        Subject and Research Guides
Film Studies Research Tools
        - Maps & Stats - Chicago's Neighborhoods & Communities
        - Religion Research Tools

    - Image Research Guide:
Finding Images on the Web
      LibGuides at University of Richmond

    - Indigenous Studies
      LibGuides at Western Sydney University
    - Indigenous Studies
      Subject Guides at Ara Institute of Canterbury

Internet Resources by Subject
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Getting Started Guide: Biographical Information
      - Primary Sources: Genealogy Research
      - Primary Sources: U.S. States
        - Primary Sources: The American West
Primary Sources: Virginia
    - Internet Sites with Primary Sources for U.S. History
      LibGuides at Bowling Green State University - BGSU
HIST 3223: American Revolutionary Era 1763-1789

Introduction to Legislative Histories
      Lawguides at Santa Clara University School of Law
    - Ireland: The Search for Sources
      LibGuides at Molloy College
    - JSTOR:
      - JSTOR for Genealogists - LibGuides at JSTOR
        - All Guides Alphabetically - LibGuides at JSTOR
      - Open and Free Content on JSTOR and Artstor - About JSTOR

Kristallnacht and German Jewry
      Research Guides at Montclair State University
    - Kurdish Digital Library (BNK)
      Kurdish Institute of Paris

Latin American & Caribbean Studies Research Guide
Databases, Websites & Related Resources - Guides at University of Houston
LEH 354 The Family Jewels: Exploring Your History
      Research Guides at CUNY Lehman College
      - Citizenship and Immigration
LibGuides at Arizona State University
      - American Indian Genealogy - American Indian Studies
          Proud to promote the heritage of the Native people.
        - Trace Indian Ancestry | U.S. Department of the Interior
      - HST 591 Oral History and Peace
      - Open Education
      - Streaming Video: Internet Sites
LibGuides at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
      - Digital History Resources and Tools
      - Getting Started - Genealogy Resources:
Genealogy Websites
      - Life Scientist's Guide to Long Island, New York
        - Long Island Genealogy
      - Preserving Family Photos and Memorabilia
    - Library & Information Science
      Research Guides at University of California Irvine
      - Visual Literacy
      - Writing a Scientific Paper
    - Library | Alamo Colleges District
      San Antonio College
      - Federal Depository Library
      - History 1301 - Johnston, Greg
      - OER Resources Toolkit (Open Educational Resources)
      - San Antonio Area Information
    - Library and Campus Resources - African and African Diaspora Studies
      UWM Libraries Research and Course Guides at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Fire Insurance Maps Online
      - Historical Census and Genealogy
        US Census and American Community Survey
      - Reference Sites - Online Reference
    - Library Services | Clarksburg-Harrison Public Library: Waldomore
      Research genealogy and local history from archives and special collections.
    - Library Sources for the Portfolio Project (FirstNations) - FNAT 102
      Library Guides @ VIU at Vancouver Island University Library
    - Linguistics: Endangered Languages: Web Resources
      Subject and Course Guides at University of Texas at Arlington
      - Genealogy & Family History
SIL International: Blog | SIL International - Language Services - Related Sites
        Language is essential to human life. The languages we speak or sign are at
        the very core of our human identity and integral to our ability to flourish in life.
ScriptSource - Writing Systems, Computers and People: Scripts
ScriptSource - Language Index
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Webonary – Dictionaries and Grammars of the World: Published Dictionaries
    - Living Handbook of Narratology – Narrative Theory and Narratology
the living handbook of narratology]
      University of Hamburg
Handbook of Narrative Analysis (pdf)
LHN - Living handbook of narratology | European Narratology Network
    - Local and Family History Research
      Guides at Milner Library, Illinois State University
    - Local and Regional History: Using Primary Resources for Research
      Library Guides at Western Washington University
Local History
      Guides at Sheridan College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning
    - Local History
      LibGuides at Allen University
    - Local History & Genealogy
      Toronto Public Library

    - Local History & Genealogy Reading Room:
Using the Library of Congress
      Humanities and Social Sciences Division, Library of Congress.
All Guides Alphabetically - Research Guides at Library of Congress
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          - Church & Synagogue Records for Genealogy:
External Websites & Databases
          - German Origins in the United States: Online Resources
          - Hispanic Origins in the United States: Online Resources
Irish-American Genealogy Resources: Databases and External Websites
Native Americans: Resources: External Websites and Databases
            - History of Native Americans
          - Nordic and Scandinavian Emigration to the United States:
Online Resources
          - Portuguese Origins in the United States: Online Resources
Scottish Clans: A Resource Guide: Databases and External Websites
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External Websites and Databases
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Online Resources
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Finding Books Online
Databases: Library of Congress Electronic Resources Online Catalog
      - Global Gateway: World Culture & Resources (Library of Congress)
Handbooks for Foreign Genealogical Research - Bibliographies & Guides
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        (Virtual Programs & Services, Library of Congress)
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        Access to Library of Congress Collections and Research Tools.
Z39.50 Gateway: [LC Catalog or Handbook of Latin American Studies]
        Access to catalog of the Library of Congress, and updated on 23 July 2023;
        and those of many other worldwide institutions.

        - [Research Note:
In July 2023, the Library of Congress will decommission
          this Z39.50 Gateway for access to the LC Catalog and the Handbook
          of Latin American Studies.
 Please direct your web searches to the LC Catalog
          ( or to HLAS Web (]
    - Local History & Information
      Research Guides at Modesto Junior College Library
    - Local History and Archives
      LibGuides at SUNY Jefferson Community College

    - Local History and Genealogy Research - Michigan
      LibGuides at Lawrence Technological University
    - Local History Archives
      Research Guides at Wilkes Community College
    - Local History Center
      City of Roseville, California
    - Local History Resources
      LibGuides at Freeport Memorial Library
    - Local Information Research Guide
      LibGuides at Austin Peay State University
Local Research
      Jackson County Library District
    - Local Websites - Bloomington (Area Community Information)
      Ivy Tech Libraries at Ivy Tech Community College
    - Long Island
      Research & Subject Guides at Stony Brook University
      - Databases - History - Research Resources for Graduate Students
      - Genealogy & Family - Walt Whitman's Long Island: A Research Guide
      - George Washington and the Culper Spy Ring
      - Government Documents & Information
      - HIS 411: Life Stories in Historical Context
      - Long Island Gravestone Studies: Research Sources
    - Los Angeles Public Library
      - Research Guides: Genealogy
    - Louisiana History Research Tools
      Research Guides at Louisiana State University
Louisiana Genealogy
    - Maine Histories and Peoples
      LibGuides at Colby College Libraries

Maryland Genealogical Research: External Genealogy Resources
      LibGuides at University of Maryland Libraries
      - Biographical Information on Scientists
      - Researching Historic Houses
    - Massachusetts Institute of Technology: MIT Libraries
Copy of 21W.022: Reading and Writing Autobiography
      - 21W.022: Reading and Writing Autobiography Section 1
      - 21W.022: Reading and Writing Autobiography: Section 2
21W.022.03: Reading and Writing Autobiography, Section 3
Collections | Distinctive Collections (MIT ArchivesSpace)
      - Research Support | MIT Libraries
    - Medical Humanities
      LibGuides at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
4-H Projects: 4-H Project Genealogy
        - Indiana 4-H Showcase Genealogy - YouTube™
Biographical, Genealogical & Historical Resources | Purdue Libraries
Facts and Figures
      - History of Medicine
Purdue University System
    - Medieval & Renaissance Studies: Selected Websites
      CSSLibraryGuides at The College of St. Scholastica
Mener une recherche généalogique - Généalogie
      Portails et guides thématiques at Bibliothèque nationale de France

Methodist Genealogy Research: Free Online Resources
      Research Guides at Southern Methodist University

Mexican History Resources in Houston - HIST 3394 - Mexican Expulsions in the U.S.
      Guides at University of Houston

Middle Ages: Databases & Websites
      LibGuides at Concordian International School - Thailand
    - Military History & Leadership [United States of America]
      Research Guides at Naval Postgraduate School (NPS), Dudley Knox Library (DKL)
      - Lineage, Heraldry, Honors
      - United States Department of Defense
        - A0600-8-1c AHRC DoD > Defense Privacy and Civil Liberties Division
        - DOD Service Portals
        - U.S. Military Rank Insignia
Milledgeville / Baldwin County Oral History Project
      Research Guides at Georgia College
    - Mining the Deep Web: Free Electronic Resources
      LibGuides at The Harker School

Disciplinary List of Our Favorites
Digital Commons Network | Free Full-Text Scholarly Articles
    - Mississippi Baptist Historical Commission
      LibGuides at Mississippi College-Leland Speed Library
Moise A. Khayrallah Center for Lebanese Diaspora Studies
      NC State
    - National Archives | The United States of America: A-Z Subject Index
      - America's Founding Documents
      - Educator Resources
      - Genealogy | National Archives
        - Genealogy: Ethnic Heritage Links
        - Resources for Genealogists and Family Historians
          - Genealogy Activities For Kids
      - History Hub:
Space: Genealogy | History Hub
      - Military and Veterans Research and Resources
        - Veterans' Service Records
      - Online Research Tools and Aids
Open Government Initiative | National Archives
      - Presidential Libraries and Museums
      - Prologue Magazine | National Archives
        - Prologue | Genealogy Notes
Prologue: Archives of Previous Issues
            - “Any woman who is now or may hereafter be married . . .”
When Saying “I Do” Meant Giving Up Your U.S. Citizenship
      - The Center for Legislative Archives

    - National Digital Library of India: National Digital Library of India
National Digital Library of India - YouTube™
    - National Genealogical Society: UpFront with NGS - Blog
NGS Learning Center
        - Free Genealogy Resources
        - Society & Organization Resources
            - British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa
            - Czechoslovak Genealogical Society International
International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies: Member Societies
            - Palatines to America German Genealogy Society
            - Slovenian Genealogy Society International
          - Societies and Organizations Directory (Selected Sample of Link Sites Only)
            Find a Society, Library, Museum, Archive, or College Program. (370 + records)
            United States of America List of Genealogical & Historical Societies
            - Alabama Genealogical Society
Alabama History Hub
              - Genealogical Society of East Alabama
            - Alaska Historical Society: Local Historical Societies
              - Anchorage Genealogical Society
              - Fairbanks Genealogical Society
            - American Society of Genealogists
            - American-Canadian Genealogical Society
              - American-French Genealogical Society
Arizona Genealogical Advisory Board - Societies: Statewide Resources
Library & Archives | Arizona Historical Society
              - Navajo County Library District - Genealogy
            - Arkansas Archives, Historical & Genealogical Societies
              - Arkansas Historical Association
Organizations – Arkansas Genealogical Society
            - California Genealogical Society: California Genealogy
              - California Genealogy Network | Facebook® - Private Group
CALIFORNIA State Information
              - California State Library - Genealogy Hub: Research Guides
                - County Genealogy Indexes: Online Resources
              - Directory of Genealogical Resources in California
              - Genealogical Association of Sacramento
San Diego Genealogical Society
              - San Joaquin Genealogical Society
              - Southern California Genealogical Society
            - Colorado Council of Genealogical Societies
              - Boulder Genealogical Society
              - Castle Rock Colorado Genealogical Society
              - Colorado Genealogical Society
Denver Public Library History - Genealogy
History of Colorado Research Collections & Archives | History Colorado
            - Connecticut Society of Genealogists
              - Connecticut - Professional Genealogists and Genealogical Societies
                - Connecticut Professional Genealogists Council, Inc.
Historical Societies
              - Middlesex Genealogical Society
            - Delaware Genealogical Society
              - Delaware Archives, Historical & Genealogical Societies
              - Delaware Historical Society
            - District of Columbia Public Library - Genealogy Resources; within:
Washington Metropolitan Area with National Capital Region Map]
              - AAHGS | Afro-American Historical and Genealogical Society: Chapters
              - American Archive of Public Broadcasting
              - Biographical Directory of the U.S. Congress - Retro Search:
Bioguide Search
                - Biographical Directory of the U.S. Congress: A Historical Introduction
              - Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) | Indian Affairs
                - National Congress of American Indians | NCAI: Tribes | NCAI
                  - REFERENCES:
(LDS) Saints and Indians in Frontier America
                    - 1912 - Handbook of American Indians - North of Mexico; Part 1
                      Full View | HathiTrust Digital Library
                    - 1912 - Handbook of American Indians - North of Mexico; Part.2
                      Full View | HathiTrust Digital Library
                    - Alaskan Natives Indigenous Tribes
                    - American Indian Digital History Project - University of Kansas
American Indian [Lamanite] Heritage of the Tinney Family -  Worldwide
                    - American Indian Records in the National Archives
                      - Indian Census Rolls | National Archives
Congressional Research Service: [46] results for: "American Indians"
                      - Indigenous Peoples in Latin America: Statistical Information (pdf)
                        - Seminar on the Acquisition of Latin American Library Materials - SALALM
                          Latin American & Caribbean Digital Primary
                          Links to open access digitized collections of primary sources that relate
                          to Latin America and the Caribbean. Currently listings searched by country.
Latin American Collections & Statistics
                    - External Websites and Databases - Native Americans
                      Resources in Local History and Genealogy - LOC
                    - Federal Register 2023
                      - Directories of Tribes and Alaska Native Villages, Tribal Law Gateway
                      - Federal Register :: Indian Entities
                    - History of the Indian Tribes of North America: Browse or Category
                      - History of the Indian Tribes of North America : V1
                      - History of the Indian Tribes of North America : V2
                      - History of the Indian Tribes of North America : V3
                      - Principal Chiefs from [some of] the Indian Tribes of North America
                      - The Indian Tribes of North America / by John R. Swanton
                      - The American Indian Frontier, by William Christie Macleod
                      - Third Edition - 1991: American Indians Today
                      - Welcome to the new Google™ Books:  First Peoples
                        A Documentary Survey of American Indian History (2018)
The Indian World of George Washington (Oxford University Press)
                          The First President, the First American, and the Birth of the Nation
                    - Indian Tribes and Resources for Native Americans | USAGov
                    - Indians / Native Americans | National Archives
Indigenous Peoples Resources | American Antiquarian Society
                    - List of Indian Reservations in the United States
                    - List of Indian Reserves in Canada
NATHPO - National Association of Tribal Historic Preservation Officers
                      - Tribal Historic Preservation Officers | Rural Development
Native Language Preservation Reference Guide (pdf)
                      For Establishing Archives and Repositories
                    - Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act
                    - State-recognized Tribes in the United States
U.S. Indian Tribes, federally non-recognized -- Index by State
                - Native Americans
                - Native American Tribes List
                - Tracing American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN) Ancestry
                - Tribal Leaders Directory
Tribal Nations and the United States (pdf)
              - Center for Legislative Archives | National Archives
                - Association of Centers for the Study of Congress
                  - Biographical Information - Social Policy - Brown School Library
                    Research Guides at Washington University in St. Louis
              - Documents | DocsTeach: The Federalist Society (
Freedom of Thought Project)
              - Genealogy and Historical Research at Washington, DC | National Archives
GovInfo | U.S. Government Publishing Office: Browse by A to Z | GovInfo
              - Hereditary Society Community
                - Alphabetical Listing of All Active Hereditary Societies
                  Subsets: A-E = F-M = N = O-R = S-Z (Direct Links are separately Included.)
                - Family Associations | The Hereditary Society Community
                  Formed by individuals who share a common ancestor or surname.
                  Determination is based on lineage requirements and the historical
                  significance of the common ancestor. Two independent listings are:
Alphabetic History of Civilization: Ancient and Modern Genealogies
                  - The LORD Jesus Christ, Jews, The House of Joseph, Gentiles and Heathens
                    Careful Study of the TINNEY Surname from Worldwide Origins.
                - Hereditary Society Precedence List: Precedence List
                  Chronological order of the date of founding of each Society.
                - Online Directory of Known and Functional Society Websites
                - Resources | The Hereditary Society Community | - Independent Link:
                  [Family Genealogy and History Internet Education Directory™ - Wiki]
              - Jewish Genealogy Society of Greater Washington, Inc.: Local Resources
              - National Endowment for the Humanities:
NEH Digital Repository
                - Freedom of Information Act: The Freedom of Information Act: Library
Reclaim The Records: Public Data for Public Use - Reclaim The Records
                - Landmarks of American History and Culture | NEH-Edsitement
                    Historic Preservation and Cultural Resource Management Resources &
                    Research Tools for Historical Societies, Organizations & the General Public.
                    - Directory of Historical Societies, Preservation Organizations & Programs
                      United States and Canada Resources and Research Tools.
National Park Service: National Register of Historic Places
                - State and Jurisdictional Humanities Councils
              - National Society of The Colonial Dames of America
National Society United States Daughters of 1812 - Founded 1892
              - Society of the Cincinnati: Collections Overview
                - Search Library Collections - The American Revolution Institute: Overview
                  - American Revolution Research Resources Online
Explore the American Revolution
                  - Reading Lists and Research Guides
              - U.S. House of Representatives: History, Art & Archives
                - Download or Request our Publications
                - History | US House of Representatives: Historians of the House
                - Mapping Congress: Records Search
                - National History Day 2024: Turning Points in History
                  - National History Day Resources
                - Researching the House: Bibliographies
              - U.S. Senate: Art & History - The Senate Historical Office
United States Department of Homeland Security
                - U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services | USCIS
                  - USCIS National Records Center: Genealogy | USCIS
                    [USCIS Genealogy Program in Lee's Summit, Missouri]
                    - Genealogical Records Contacts | USCIS
                    - Requesting Records | USCIS
                    - Research Guides | USCIS
                      - Researching Individuals | USCIS
                      - Researching Topics and Events | USCIS
Social Media Policy | USCIS
              - White House: About The White House - Executive Office of the President
                - White House Historical Association
World Digital Library  |  Digital Collections  |  Library of Congress
            - Florida State Genealogical Society
              - Florida Archives, Historical & Genealogical Societies
              - The Florida Historical Society's Library of Florida History
            - Georgia Genealogical Society
              - Augusta Genealogical Society
              - Central Georgia Genealogical Society
              - Georgia Archives, Historical & Genealogical Societies
              - Georgia Historical Society
              - Public Information Network for Electronic Services - PINES
            - Guampedia: » Search Results » genealogy - » Guam Villages
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Familian Chamorro: The Genealogy Work of Paul Souder
            - Hawaii Genealogical & Historical Records Online
              - Genealogical Resources in Hawaii
              - Hawaiian Historical Society
Idaho Genealogical Society
              - Idaho Archives, Historical & Genealogical Societies
              - Idaho State Historical Society: Idaho State Archives
            - Illinois State Genealogical Society
              - Bureau County Genealogical Society
CAGGNI - Computer Assisted Genealogy Group - Northern Illinois
              - Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Illinois
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Illinois State Historical Society
              - Zion Genealogical Society of Lake County (Illinois, USA)
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              - Boone County Genealogical Society, Inc.
              - Browning Genealogy & Local History
Indiana Archives, Historical & Genealogical Societies
Indiana Historical Society: Genealogy Across Indiana
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Iowa Archives, Historical & Genealogical Societies
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Kansas Archives, Historical & Genealogical Societies
Kansas Historical Society - Genealogy Indexes
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KYGS Site Map Details
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              - Genealogy Tips from the Past Fifty Years
Kentucky Archives, Historical & Genealogical Societies
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Our Guide to Genealogy as a Hobby
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Louisiana Archives, Historical & Genealogical Societies
Louisiana Historical Center | Louisiana State Museum
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              - Resources - Louisiana Historical Association
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              - Maine Historical Society: Maine Memory Network
Maryland Genealogical Society: Data - Research Guides
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              - Maryland Archives, Historical & Genealogical Societies
              - Maryland Center for History and Culture: Research Guides
            - Massachusetts Genealogical Council: Institutional Records
Chinese Historical Society of New England
              - Essex Society of Genealogists, Inc.
              - General Society of Mayflower Descendants: Passenger Profiles
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Digital MHS
Pilgrim Hall Museum
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Michigan History Center: Michigan History
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                - LibGuides at Minnesota Historical Society Library
                  - Family History: History at Home
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Genealogy | Mississippi Department of Archives & History
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Local Historical Societies | Mississippi Historical Society
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NebraskAccess - Websites Selected by Librarians
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OneSource Comprehensive Directory Index
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                - Nebraska History
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              - Nevada State Library, Archives and Public Records
              - Nevada Historical Society
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              - New Hampshire Archives, Historical & Genealogical Societies
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              - New Hampshire History Network
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              - General Society of the War of 1812
              - New Jersey Archives, Historical & Genealogical Societies
New Jersey Historical Society
            - New Mexico Genealogical Society
              - Albuquerque Genealogical | Genealogist New Mexico
              - National Hispanic Cultural Center
History & Literary Arts, Library, and Archives - NHCC
New Mexico Archives, Historical & Genealogical Societies
New York State Library: Genealogy
              - Afro-American Historical and Genealogical Society: New York City & State
              - Central New York Genealogical Society
              - Colonial Dames of America: Historic Preservation Since 1890
General Society of Colonial Wars
New York Archives, Historical & Genealogical Societies
              - New York Genealogical & Biographical Society
              - New-York Historical Society
NYPL - New York Public Library Digital Collections
              - Western New York Genealogical Society (WNYGS)
            - North Carolina Genealogical Society: Genealogical & Historical Societies
              - Federation of North Carolina Historical Societies | NC DNCR
              - Historical Society of North Carolina
              - North Carolina Archives, Historical & Genealogical Societies
            - North Dakota State Genealogical Society - Facebook®
              - North Dakota Archives, Historical & Genealogical Societies
              - North Dakota State Historical Society

            - Ohio Genealogical Society
Ohio Archives, Historical & Genealogical Societies
              - Archives & Library - Ohio History Connection
Member Institutions | OhioLINK
              - Piqua Public Library
            - Oklahoma Genealogical Society: General Genealogy
              - Computers and Technology
              - Oklahoma Archives, Historical & Genealogical Societies
              - Oklahoma Historical Society - Genealogy
              - Oklahoma State Resources:
County Resources
            - Oregon Genealogical Society: Oregon Index Online
              - Bend Genealogical Society & Library
              - Genealogical Forum of Oregon
              - Oregon Archives, Historical & Genealogical Societies
Oregon Historical Society - Research and Library
            - Pennsylvania Genealogical Society: GSP Website - Public Resources
              - Bucks County Genealogical Society
Historical Society of Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania Archives, Historical & Genealogical Societies
            - Puerto Rican Genealogy Society: Central Genealogical Research Library
              - Association of Caribbean Historians
            - Rhode Island Genealogical Society
              - Rhode Island Archives, Historical & Genealogical Societies
              - Rhode Island Historical Society
            - South Carolina Genealogical Society, Inc.
              - International African American Museum
IAAM Center for Family History
South Carolina Archives, Historical & Genealogical Societies
              - South Carolina Department of Archives and History
              - South Caroliniana Library
South Dakota Genealogical Society
              - South Dakota Archives, Historical & Genealogical Societies
South Dakota State Historical Society
            - Tennessee Genealogical Society: County Data - Locality Guides
              - Middle Tennessee Genealogical Society
              - Tennessee Archives, Historical & Genealogical Societies
              - Tennessee Encyclopedia of History and Culture - Tennessee History
            - Territories of the United States – Constituting America
What Are The US Territories? - WorldAtlas
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Austin Genealogical Society
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Texas Archives, Historical & Genealogical Societies
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TSHA - Texas State Historical Association | Handbook of Texas
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Utah Archives, Historical & Genealogical Societies
              - Utah Division of State History: Utah State Historical Society
USHS Research Resources: Library & Collections (Collections: Tinney)
Digital Collections | Utah Division of State History
Utah Jewish Genealogical Society: Genealogy Education Around the Internet
            - Vermont Genealogical Society
              - Vermont Archives, Historical & Genealogical Societies
              - Vermont Historical Society
            - Virginia Genealogical Society
              - Afro-American Historical Association of Fauquier County
Jamestowne Society
              - Virginia Archives, Historical & Genealogical Societies
              - Virginia Museum of History & Culture
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              - Eastern Washington Genealogical Society
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              - Washington State Historical Society - Research Center
            - West Virginia Archives and History Genealogy Corner
              - West Virginia Archives, Historical & Genealogical Societies
West Virginia Library Network Catalog
            - Wisconsin State Genealogical Society
              - Bay Area Genealogical Society - Wisconsin: Digital Resources - Repositories
              - County PagesAdams - Columbia
                Crawford - Grant = Green - La Crosse =
Lafayette - Monroe
                Oconto - Racine = Richland - Trempealeau =
Vernon - Wood
              - St. Croix Valley Genealogical Society
Wisconsin Archives, Historical & Genealogical Societies
              - Wisconsin Historical Society
            - Wyoming Genealogy - Genealogy & Family Research
              - Wyoming Archives, Historical & Genealogical Societies
Wyoming Historical Society
    - National Library of Australia | NLA
      - Pandora Archive:
Browse Family History & Genealogy
        Preserving and Accessing Networked Documentary Resources of Australia
        - Mayfield Website
          LibGuides at University of Newcastle Library
      - State Library of New South Wales - NSW:
Researching Your Family History
      - State Library of Queensland: Family History
State Library of South Australia: Family History
        - Family History Starter Guide
          LibGuides at State Library of South Australia
          - Aboriginal Family History
          - Births, Deaths and Marriages
          - Centenary of ANZAC Projects
          - Electoral Rolls
          - English & Welsh Resources for Family Historians
          - European Resources for Family Historians
          - Family History FAQs - Family History Frequently Asked Questions
          - Immigration to South Australia
          - Irish Resources for Family Historians
          - Scandinavian Resources for Family Historians
State Library of Tasmania > Libraries Tasmania: Family History
      - State Library of Victoria:
A-Z Databases
        - Family history
        - Family History
          Research Guides at State Library of Victoria
          - Aboriginal People and Family History
          - Adoption and Forgotten Australians
          - Australian Colonial Forces and Family History
          - Australians in World War 1
          - Early Australian Census Records
          - How to Find Newspapers
          - Maps for Family History
          - Publish Your Family History
          - Researching Your Ancestors from Great Britain and Ireland
          - Researching Your Overseas Ancestors
          - Researching Your Victorian Ancestors
          - Ships and Shipping
      - State Library of Western Australia
        - Research & Collections
Family History: Family History eResources
      - Territories:
        - Australian Capital Territory - ACT Heritage Library
          - Researching ACT Family History
eResources for download | Libraries ACT
Northern Territory - Heritage, Libraries and Archives
Search for Northern Territory History | NT.GOV.AU
      - Trove -  National Library of Australia
        Find Australian and online resources: books, images,
        historic newspapers, maps, music, archives and more.
    - National Register of Historic Places (U.S. National Park Service)
      - 662,922 Historic Homes Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock
Blue Star Museums | National Endowment for the Arts
        - Example: Joel Lane House
          Museum House located in Raleigh, North Carolina.
      - George Washington's Mount Vernon
      - Historic American Destinations | Great American Treasures
    - Nations of the World
      LibGuides at Georgetown University
New Jersey Digitized Historic Newspapers
      Research Guides at New Jersey State Library
    - New York City History
      Spence School Library at The Spence School

New York City History and Westchester (County) History
      Library at Pace University
    - New York Public Library - NYPL
      Irma & Paul Milstein Division of United States History, Local History & Genealogy
      - Research Guides | The New York Public Library
      - Selected Internet Resources
        Genealogy, United States History and New York City History
        - Selected Internet Resources in Genealogy
    - News Sources
      Library Guides at University of Nevada, Reno
    - NHPRC - Queens Immigration History
      LibGuides at St. John's University

    - North Carolina Online Resources: an Annotated List of NC Websites:
      Research Guides at East Carolina University Libraries
Costume: Museums / Digital Images

Developing a Profile of North Carolina Cities and Counties
      - Genealogical Research in the North Carolina Collection
      - Maritime Studies (Worldwide and Interdisciplinary)
    - Northern Studies: Northern Canada/ Circumpolar North
      Research Guides at Lakehead University
      - Northern Studies: Northern Ontario
      - Northern Studies: Thunder Bay
Online Reference Shelf
      LibGuides at Kent State University

Online Reference Shelf: Quick Reference Resources
      Research Guides at University of Cincinnati
      - American Sign Language and Deaf Studies
German Studies: Digital Hub – The German Studies Collaboratory
        - Useful Websites
        - Useful Websites for German Studies
      - Translation Resources: Compare Online Translators
Urban Studies Resources
        - Greater Cincinnati Memory Project - Digital Library
          - Cincinnati Company Profiles and Histories
          - Genealogy and Cincinnati Local History
            - Digital Library: Genealogy & Local History: Items
History at Clermont
    - Online Resources: Arabic Collections Online
      Qatar National Library
Arabian Gulf Digital Archive
Qatar Digital Library

Open Access, A2K & Scholarly Communication: Open Access Directory
      LibGuides at University of the Witwatersrand
      - Disciplinary Repositories
        - Multidisciplinary Repositories
    - Open Education Network
      - LibreTexts - Free The Textbook
        World's Most Popular Online Textbook Platform
        - Humanities LibreTexts
          - Bookshelves - Humanities LibreText
            - History - Humanities LibreTexts
              - Historical Studies - Humanities LibreTexts
                - How History is Made: A Student’s Guide to Reading, Writing,
                  and Thinking in the Discipline (Cole et al.) - Humanities LibreTexts
                  - 3: Part III - Researching Historically
                    - 3.1: Choosing and Narrowing a Topic
                    - 3.2: Locating Sources
                    - 3.3: Archives and Historical Research
                    - 3.4: Organizing Research- Taking and Keeping Effective Notes
                    - 3.5: Database Building
                    - 3.6: Geography and Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
                    - 3.7: Oral History and the Historical Process
                    - 3.8: Digital History
          - Campus Bookshelves - Humanities LibreTexts
      - Open Textbook Library
        - History in the Making:
          A History of the People of the United States of America to 1877
    - Open Educational Resources
      Library at Lynn University
- Open Educational Resources Guide | UNB Libraries Guides
      University of New Brunswick
Newspaper Guide
        - Indexes To Atlantic Canadian Newspapers
          Exclusive of the Library's database packages.
      - Private Papers (Historical & Literary)
      - Related Sites
    - Open Learning - OpenLearn - Open University
Search "Family History"
      - Search Genealogy
Writing Family History
    - Panjab Digital Library
      Revealing the Invisible Heritage of Panjab through Digitization
      Punjab Digital Library, First Sikh Digital Library

    - Philadelphia Neighborhood Research: URBS 210/ URBS 206
      Guides at Penn Libraries
      - Genealogical Research
        University of Pennsylvania University Archives
Philadelphia History
Philadelphia Maps and Geographic Information
      - Philadelphia Statistics
    - Place Based Research
      Subject Guides at New York City College of Technology
People - Places are largely defined by the people who live and work there.
        Includes demographics and genealogy; researching neighborhoods, buildings,
        history districts, architectural, historical, and various socio-political dimensions.
    - Plymouth State Buildings
      Lamson Library at Plymouth State University
    - Polish Genealogical Resources
      Research Guides at University at Buffalo
Portland & Oregon
      LibGuides at Portland State University

Portuguese-American Genealogy: Portuguese Studies
      Library Guides at University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
How to find Birth, Marriage, Death and Other Interesting Information
        (within the pages of Portuguese-American newspapers)
Prairie Studies Initiative Resources
      Research Guides at Kansas State University
Primary Documents for History
      Research Guides at Pacific Lutheran University
    - Primary Source Material in Religion and Politics (archived; available)
      Categorized by era from ancient times to the present.
      - International Center for Law and Religion Studies
        -  Religlaw:
ARDA - The Association of Religion Data Archives
Data Archive - All Categories
J.M Dawson Institute of Church-State Studies | Baylor University
Resources | J.M Dawson Institute of Church-State Studies | Baylor University
      - Primary Source Databases for Historical Research
        Research Guides at University of Toronto
Primary Sources & Historical Documents | Gale
      - Primary Sources - History
        Research Guides at Southern New Hampshire University
      - Primary Sources - Science and Religion from Antiquity to the Present
        LibGuides at Michigan State University Libraries
Religion - Guide to Online Primary Sources
        LibGuides at University of California San Diego
Other Libraries' Digital Collections - Guide to Online Primary Sources
      - Religion - Primary Sources Main
        LibGuides at Florida Atlantic University
    - Primary Sources
      Research Guides at Vanderbilt University
      - Legal History: Research Guides & Portals - Legal History
      - Planning a Research Trip
      - Primary Source VILLAGE
      - Primary Sources on the Web: Finding, Evaluating, Using
      - Special Collections and University Archives
        Jean and Alexander Heard Libraries | Vanderbilt University
    - Primary Sources for Humanities: MHRA - Citing and Referencing
      Subject Guides at Monash University
      - America
        - Asian Collections
          - Indonesian Studies:
      - Europe
International Studies
      - Medieval & Renaissance
        - Family Life in the Middle Ages - Medieval Studies - Oxford Bibliographies
Medieval Family Life | AM
Oral History
      - Theatre and Performance Studies: Websites
      - United Kingdom
      - Women's History
Professional Development for Genealogical Librarians
      LibGuides at University of Alabama SLIS

    - Public History: Genealogy & Familly History
      Guides at University of Iowa
    - Public Library of Youngstown & Mahoning County Online Resources
      LibGuides at Youngstown State University
    - Quaker Genealogy
      LibGuides at Guilford College
    - Recommended Web Sites Grid
      Research Guides at Anderson University - Thrift Library
Digital Libraries and Collections
      - Genealogy
    - Reference and Genealogy - Historic Preservation
      Research Guides at University of Oregon Libraries
      - Finding Obituaries
    - Reference:
Basic Reference Sources
      Research Guides at University of Wisconsin-Madison
      - Censuses & Genealogy - U.S. Census of Population and Housing Basics
      - Genealogy, German: Reference Sources
      - Genealogy, Irish: Reference Sources
Genealogy Library Services - The Information School
      - German Digital Library
        Culture and knowledge online.
      - German Genealogy: Reference Sources in Memorial Library
      - German Language Humanities
      - German Studies Collaboratory
IAS Collections - International and Area Studies (IAS)
      - Material Culture Research
        Investigating People, Places, Things, and More.
      - Max Kade Institute for German-American Studies:
        - Genealogy and Heritage Societies
        - German-American and American English Dialects:
      - Norwegian Genealogy
      - Researcher Profile Guide
      - Robinson Map Library – in the UW-Madison Geography Department
      - Spanish Medieval Literature
      - The Emigrant's Guide to the United States of America.
        Containing All Things Necessary to be Known by Every Class of Persons
        Emigrating to that Continent . . . With a New Map of the United States (1829).
        From new Google™ Books; also contained in
classic Google™ Books.
S. H. COLLINS (of Hull.)
    - Reference - How Do I Do Genealogical Research?
      McMaster LibGuides at McMaster University
Library, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Heritage: Canada's Archival Collections | McMaster University Library
Research Help | McMaster University Library
    - Reference Sites - Online Reference
      UWM Libraries Research and Course Guides at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Religion & Family History
      LibGuides at BYU-Hawaii
Religious Studies - Guides at Stanford University
- Research
      Enoch Pratt Free Library
      - Databases
      - Research Guides: Genealogy & Family History Research Guide
Research by Subject | University Libraries | University of Colorado Boulder
ETHN 3101 Geographies of Art
        Research Guides at University of Colorado Boulder
      - Genealogy - Historical Maps
        Research Guides at University of Colorado Boulder
    - Research Guides at Whittier College: Wikipedia
      Guide to understanding, evaluating, and editing Wikipedia.
A-Z Databases
    - Research on the Free Web Tutorial
      Keleher Learning Commons at University of Saint Mary
Introduction - Scholarly Research Tutorial
    - Research Tools | Research Database
      Licking County Library

    - Researching Family History: Sources by Region
      LibGuides at University of North Florida

Researching Your Family History
      Family History - LibGuides at Mount Mercy University
Online County and Town Histories (USA)
    - Resources for Genealogy & Family History
      - Midwest Genealogy Center | Mid-Continent Public Library
        - Genealogy Online Resources
Web Resources
    - Scottish Studies
      LibGuides at University of Otago
    - Social Media
      DSC Library at Daytona State College
    - Society of American Archivists
      - Associated Organizations & Associations
      - Directory of Archival Organizations in the United States and Canada
      - International Archival Organizations
      - Search - genealogy | Society of American Archivists
        Over 1, 800 results; Examples:
Archive Your Past
        - City of Remembering: A History of Genealogy in New Orleans
        - Donating Your Personal or Family Records to a Repository
Family Trees, A History of Genealogy in America
        - Reference and Research Methods in Local History and Genealogy
      - Using Archives: A Guide to Effective Research
    - Southern Baptist Historical Library & Archives: Links
Collection Descriptions
Digital Resources
      - Family History
    - Special Collections Subject Guide: Genealogy
      Raymond H. Fogler Library - University of Maine
DigitalCommons@UMaine | The University of Maine Research
Franco-American Centre Franco-Américain
      - Franco-American Genealogy
    - St. Louis Legal Encoding Project Resources
      Research Guides at Washington University Libraries
    - Starting Your Research - American History Basic Research
      Research Guides at Mount Saint Mary's University
    - Stoeckel Archives of Local History Resources
      LibGuides at Ball State University
      - How to Research the History of Your House
    - Study of Religions Research Resources
      Research Guides at Wake Forest University
      - First Peoples / Indigenous Studies
      - Journals
      - Publishers in Religious Studies
      - Websites for the Study of Religions
Supreme Court of the United States - GW Law Library
      Library Guides at George Washington University Law School
The Genealogy Center | Allen County Public Library

the PRDH: The Research Programme in Historical Demography
      Université de Montréal; exhaustive reconstruction of the population of Quebec
      from the beginnings of French colonization in the seventeenth century.
The Year You Were Born
      LibGuides at Missouri Southern State University
      [Identify and find information about events that happened on your birth date;
      (or any other relatives), and learn about conditions that existed in these special
      times into which you, or any of your significant relatives were born and raised.]
      World's Largest Education Resource.

Education Resources
        - For Adult Learners
        - For Students and Parents
Homework Help
        - Resources for Educators
          - Homeschooling
        - English
        - History and Culture
          - Family History and Genealogy
Ideas and Issues
        - Literature
        - Philosophy
        - Visual Arts
Language Learning Resources
        - English as a Second Language (ESL) for Teachers and Students
        - Learning and Teaching French
        - Learning and Teaching German
        - Learning and Teaching Italian
        - Learning and Teaching Japanese
        - Learning and Teaching Mandarin
        - Learning and Teaching Russian
        - Learning and Teaching Spanish
Science, Technology, and Math
        - Animals and Nature
        - Computer Science
        - Math
        - Science
        - Social Sciences
    - Top Business Databases - Finance
      Guides at University of North Texas
2023 Family Business Index | EY - Global
        - World’s Top 500 Family Businesses: 2023 Family Business Index
          - World's Largest Family Businesses are Outstripping Global Economic Growth.
Britain's Oldest Family Businesses > To Market
        - Family Business United - United Kingdom
          - The Family Business Top 100
        - Hidden Histories: Oldest Family Businesses - Raw TV
Business & Economics
Business & Finance Websites
        - Family Business Consulting | Family Business Institute
        - Family Business Magazine
          - America's Largest Family Businesses
Family Business Legacy Handbook
          - Family Business - The World's Oldest Family Companies
      - ENTR 3P98: Family Business:
Business Research Guide Finder
        Research Guides at Brock University
        - Biographical Sources
Books on Famous Families
        - Family Business Facts - Conway Center for Family Business
        - Forbes Billionaires: World's Real Time Billionaires
America’s Richest Families List
          - Bernard Arnault & family
          - Carlos Slim Helu & family
Francoise Bettencourt Meyers & family
          - Julia Koch & family
          - David Thomson & family
          - Phil Knight & family
Rodolphe Saadé & family
François Pinault & family
          - Miriam Adelson & family
          - Leonardo Del Vecchio & family
          - Tadashi Yanai & family
          - Harold Hamm & family
          - German Larrea Mota Velasco & family
These are the World’s Richest Families
      - Guides, Handbooks, Manuals - Finance
      - List of the Largest Family Businesses - Top 50
News & Scholarly Articles
      - Websites - Information Science
    - U.S. Women's & Family History
      Research Portal at Ursinus College
    - United Kingdom - Higher Education | Britannica: Universities UK: Our Members
      United Kingdom - Higher Education: Higher Education in the UK
United Kingdom - Schools - Colleges - Universities: Alumni & Genealogy Education
      - AM - Primary Sources Reimagined:
Blog | AM
        Award-winning archival collections, learn how to use them, or create your own.
      - Archive and Library Research - Online course | University of Aberdeen
        Library, Special Collections & Museums | The University of Aberdeen
Family History Resources in Special Collections
      - Are You Looking for an Ancestor?
        Modern Records Centre - University Library, University of Warwick
Cambridge Libraries (All Libraries | Cambridge Libraries): A-Z Databases
        - Cambridge LibGuides - LibGuides at University of Cambridge Subject Libraries
Cambridge Digital Library ― University of Cambridge
Cairo Genizah : Genealogy
Taylor-Schechter Genizah Research Unit | Cambridge University Library
Library: Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge University
            Depository of Cambridge University Heraldic & Genealogical Society
      - College of Arms:
Resources - College of Arms
        Official heraldic authority for England, Wales, Northern Ireland
        and much of the Commonwealth, including Australia and New Zealand.
        - Heraldry:
Heraldry | Britannica
Roll of Arms
Roll of the Baronetage
        - Roll of the Peerage: Contents
        - The Law of Arms
      - Cope Collection, Special Collections, Hartley Library
        LibGuides@Southampton at University of Southampton Library
      - England Higher Education System
      - Family History - The British Library
        Research your ancestry with our archive and reference materials.
Genealogy of the Kings Of England,
          In A Collection Of Chronicles Of English History And Miscellaneous Tracts.
      - Family History Research at LHSA: LHSA Links to External Websites
        The University of Edinburgh
        LibGuides at University of Strathclyde
      - Guides By Subject
        LibGuides at University College London, Global
        - Bartlett Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis
GeoDem: Geodemographics and Geo-Genealogy
            A recent ESRC research project investigated the distribution of surnames
            in Great Britain, both current and historic, in order to understand patterns
            of regional economic development, population movement and cultural identity.
        - Legacies of British Slavery
        - Ptolemaic Genealogy
Medieval Genealogy is the Only Way to Connect: Written Past with Written Present
Oxford Bibliographies - Your Best Research Starts Here
      - Oxford University Press - The Oxford Companion to Family & Local History
        Most authoritative guide available to all things associated with the family
        and local history of the British Isles.  It provides practical and contextual
        information for anyone enquiring into their English, Irish, Scottish, or Welsh
        origins and for anyone working in genealogical research, or the social history
        of the British Isles.  Included are entry-level web links for hundreds of entries
        updated via the Family and Local History companion website.
Companion to Family and Local History Companion Website - Oxford Reference
Oxford Companion to Local and Family History - Oxford Reference
      - Subject and Research Guides:
Databases A-Z
        Oxford LibGuides at Oxford University
        - Finding Aids and Catalogues | Bodleian Libraries
Getting Started - Russian and East European Area Studies (REES)
        - Getting Started - Visiting Archives in Germany
          Guide to discovering and using them.
Historical Directories of England & Wales - Special Collections
        - History, American
          - Visiting Libraries & Archives in the United States for Research in US History
        - History Collections
          On open-shelves in the Old Bodleian, Radcliffe Camera and Weston Library
        - Inspiring Physicians | RCP Museum
          Obituaries or biographies of fellows of the Royal College of Physicians,
          starting from 1518 to the present day.
        - Local History
        - Oral History - Guide to Resources:
A-Z List
Public library - hfloxford - Diigo
        - SOLO: Search Oxford Libraries Online
          - SOLO: Search Oxford Libraries Online - "family history"
SOLO: Search Oxford Libraries Online - genealogy
        - Witchcraft & the Law in Early Modern Europe & USA: North America
The National Archives: Research Guides - Family History - The National Archives
Our Research and Academic Collaboration - Research and Scholarship
    - United States Presidents: The United States Presidents
      LibGuides at Cedarville University
    - Universal Digital Library
      Million Book Collection, hosted by Carnegie Mellon University
Browse our Collections
    - University of Kansas:
A-Z Directory
      - Clio: Your Guide to the History Around You | Humanities for All
      - International Documents Finding Guide
        Subject & Course Guides at University of Kansas
        - Biography & Genealogy: Biography
        - East Asian Studies
          - China Studies: Chinese Dictionaries
        - European Studies (EURS) - Research Guide
          - Polish Culture and Society
        - Haiti, Cuba and the Caribbean
        - Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies (REES)
        - South Asian Studies
        - U.S. Government Information for American Indian Studies:
    - University of Alberta: Colleges + Faculties
      - Faculty of Arts
Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies
          - Encyclopedia of Ukraine
            - People of Ukraine and Ukrainians Abroad
      - Institute of Prairie and Indigenous Archaeology
        - Community Resources
          Collection of resource documents and links to various resources,
          to help communities who are investigating unmarked graves.
          - Archival Research Guidance Document (pdf)
Métis Archival Project (MAP) Research Lab | Faculty of Native Studies
        Online database that allows
Métis people to investigate their genealogy.
        - Métis National Historical Online Database
USGenWeb® - Always Free: USGenWeb® Archives
Special Projects- Always Free
UTEP History
      UTEP Library Research Guides at University of Texas El Paso
      - El Paso History
      - Latin American & Border Studies
    - Vital Records
      Guides at Saint Paul Public Library
    - Wabash Center
      Seeks to strengthen and enhance education in North American
      theological schools, colleges and universities.
      - Religion and the Internet - Wikipedia
Religion Online
        - Top Faith and Beliefs Websites Ranking | Similarweb
      - Resources
      - Theological Education
    - Watch and Listen - History Resources
      Manchester Metropolitan University
    - Web. Index. Links. Glossary
      LibGuides at University of Wyoming
Wyoming Genealogy - Genealogy & Family Research

Website Evaluation
      Library Guides at Limestone College
Wikipedia (Reliability of Wikipedia):
Template:Wikipedia - Wikipedia
        - Genealogy/Websites - Wikibooks, open books for an open world
Genealogy - Wikibooks
Family Genealogy and History Internet Education Directory™ - Wiki
Genealogy - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
      - List of Online Encyclopedias - Wikipedia:
Encyclopedic Knowledge - Images
    - Wilmington History
      NHCPL Guides at New Hanover County Public Library
A-Z Databases: Wilmington History
    - World Data System
      Creating trusted communities of scientific data repositories.
ICPSR - Inter-University Consortium for Political & Social Research
        - List of Member Institutions and Subscribers
          Consortium made up of over 780 universities,
          foundations, government institutions, non-profits; etc.
NICHD - Eunice Kennedy Shriver NI of Child Health and Human Development
          - Population Dynamics Branch (PDB)
Data Sharing for Demographic Research
              [Over 300 search results studies in "family history" and genealogy]
Genomic Data and Biomarkers
"Data Sharing" for Demographic Research - Google™ Scholar
    - World Digital Library
Search Results for "family history" - World Digital Library
      - Search Results for "genealogy" - World Digital Library
    - World Heritage
      LibGuides at University of California Merced

Yad Vashem: Museums
      World Holocaust Remembrance Center
: Digital Collections
      World Center for Holocaust Research,
      Education, Documentation & Commemoration
International Institute for Holocaust Research
The Righteous Among the Nations
* OCLC (Online Computer Library Center, Inc.):
OCLC: Worldwide
  Computer network and services link thousands of libraries worldwide.
  - FirstSearch® Online Reference: FirstSearch® Login Screen
FirstSearch® Databases - OCLC Support]
    - WorldCat®: WorldCat® -
WorldCat® for genealogy
Category:WorldCat® Libraries • FamilySearch
      - Inside WorldCat®
New Genealogy |
        Connects genealogy enthusiasts, educators,
        and historian to the world's libraries | OCLC,

        - Results for ' (Firm)'
        - Results for ''
        - Results for 'kw:FamilySearch'
Results for 'kw:Genealogy'
        - Results for 'kw:San_Diego'
          Example of how to do a worldwide OCLC location search.
        - Results for 'kw:Tinney'
          Example of how to do a worldwide OCLC surname search.
        - Results for 'su:Genealogy Computer network resources.'
Results for 'su:Genealogy Computer network resources Directories.'
        - Results for 'su:Genealogy Databases.'
Results for 'su:Genealogy Databases Directories.'
        - Results for 'su:Genealogy Electronic information resources.'
Results for 'su:Genealogy Internet resources.'
WorldCat® Registry
: WorldCat® Registry - Advanced Search
      Web-based directory of libraries.  Registry profiles contain
      details about the physical and electronic location of institutions,
      the relationships between them and the services they provide.
      Advanced Search allows listings by additional types or locations.
Hanging Together - the OCLC Research blog
  - Interlibrary Loan:
Resource Sharing Revolutionized
    Borrow books or receive photocopies of documents owned by another library.
  - List of Academic Databases and Search Engines
    Includes sites with OCLC as provider.
News | OCLC
OCLC Classify -- an Experimental Classification Service
    - Example Search Criteria: author = Tinney, Thomas Milton, 1941-
    - Example Subject Heading results for" "Family History" (
    - Example Subject Heading results for: Genealogy (
    - Example Subject Heading Surname results for: (
  - OCLC Next
    Next provides insight and information about the work
    being done by and for libraries all over the world.

Press releases | OCLC
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WebJunction®: Topic Areas
OpenDOAR - Directory of Open Access Repositories: OpenDOAR
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* Professional Library Sources:
Theses & Dissertations - Family History & Genealogy
Library science information for professional reference librarians and volunteers
  assisting genealogists, family historians and local research specialists.
* Schools, Colleges, Universities, Alumni & Genealogy Education
  Worldwide comprehensive resource of educational institutions,
  their genealogy & family history data, past & present students,
  alumni, associations, faculty, friends and military personnel.
  - 4 International Colleges & Universities
    World universities web ranking and data.
    - Colleges & Universities on Facebook®
      University social networking.
    - Colleges & Universities on iTunes® U
      University lecture podcasts and videos.
    - Colleges & Universities on X
      University micro-blogging and real-time news.
    - Colleges & Universities on YouTube™ or Vimeo
      University videos.
    - Flickr® or Instagram
      University photo galleries.
    - Linkedin®
      University business networking.
    - OpenCourseWare
      Free lecture material and videos.
* University of California System & Campus Libraries
  Statewide resources for family history, genealogy, and local history.
   Obtain search results from all UC campus libraries: (Statistics inconsistent over time.)

  Find Current:
Search UC Berkeley Libraries and Beyond (WorldCat®)
- genealog* | Search | UC Berkeley Libraries (Over 90.400 results)
- UC Library Search - genealog* - UC Berkeley (Over 17,100 results)
    Find Current
Search UC College of the Law SF and Beyond (WorldCat®)
genealog* | Search | UC College of the Law SF (Over 57.300 results)
                          - UC Library Search genealog* - UC College of the Law SF
                            (Over 77,200 results)

Find Current:
Search UC Davis Libraries and Beyond (WorldCat®)
genealog* | Search | UC Davis Libraries (Over 72,500 results)
- UC Library Search - genealog* - UC Davis (Over 5,700 results)
Find Current:
Search UC Irvine Libraries and Beyond (WorldCat®)
genealog* | Search | UC Irvine Libraries (Over 72,500 results)
- UC Library Search - genealog* - UC Irvine (Over 4,200 results)      
Find Current:
Search UC Los Angeles Library and Beyond (WorldCat®)
genealog* | Search | UCLA Library (Over 84,700 results)
- UC Library Search - genealog* - UC Los Angeles (Over 14,900 results)
Find Current:
Search UC Merced Library and Beyond (WorldCat®)
genealog* | Search | UC Merced Library (Over 65,900 results)
                          - UC Library Search - genealog* - UC Merced (Over 700 results)
Find Current:
Search UC Riverside Library and Beyond (WorldCat®)
genealog* | Search | UCR Library (Over 69,200 results)
                          - UC Library Search - genealog* - UC Riverside (Over 3,800 results)
Find Current:
Search UC San Diego Library and Beyond (WorldCat®)
genealog* | Search | UC San Diego Library (Over 91,300 results)
                      - UC Library Search - genealog* - UC San Diego (Over 4,200 results)
Find Current:
Search UC San Francisco Library and Beyond (WorldCat®)
genealog* | Search | UCSF Library (Over 60,300 results)
                          - UC Library Search - genealog*- UCSF (Over 70 results)
Find Current:
Search UC Santa Barbara Library and Beyond (WorldCat®)
genealog* | Search | UC Santa Barbara Library (Over 70,300 results)
                          - UC Library Search - genealog* - UC Santa Barbara (Over 5.400 results)
Find Current:
Search UC Santa Cruz Library and Beyond (WorldCat®)
genealog* | Search | UC Santa Cruz Library (Over 67,100 results)
 - UC Library Search - genealog* - UC Santa Cruz (Over 3,000 results)
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