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Hi all, from Michelle Tinney on Pinterest I have graduated from California State University,
Sacramento, California, where I was studying Psychology, on a graduate level.
I have been attending the
West Sacramento (Websites) (Locations & Schedules)
of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; (Mormons - LDS).
I graduated from Patwin Elementary School and R.W. Emerson J.H.S.;
also, went to
Davis Senior High School; all located in Davis, California.
I graduated from
River City High School, in West Sacramento, California.
I graduated from
Sacramento City College, in Sacramento, California.
I graduated from California State University, Sacramento and am now
employed, as well as attending CSUS graduate school in Psychology.

Academic Education Learning Resources
Learning and Homework:
Everything is divided in subjects.
Great way to find help and research information.

English and Literature - Art, Dance, Music and Theater

+ Art: How To Draw Charcoal and Pencil Drawings
+ Flowgo
   Contagious Entertainment.
+ Introduction to Reading Music
'N Sync - NSYNC
   My favorite group is *NSYNC.

Living FAMILY and FUN Portal

+ Eating and Food:
   The Doughboy™, recipes and more.

+ Fun Stuff: Fun Stuff & Games
                   The most FREE greeting cards on the web.


My own creative writings.
My own
☆~Michelle's Blog~☆

The Hamster Dance
Tons Of Hamsters Dancing.


My dad and me when I was 8 years old.

Michelle's Creative World
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