Patwin Elementary School
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Davis, CA 95616


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PATWIN School Song

1.   When Patwin School was built for us in 1992,
      Up into the valley sky, like a rainbow the building grew.
      It was tall and colorful and part of the roof was round.
      Children came to work and learn
      In the school that was built on Patwin ground.

      In the land where the Patwin people once lived
      We all work and play.
      And the circle of learning goes on and on
      Hour by hour and day by day.

2.   A school is like a family
      With everyone doing his part.
      Principal, teachers, parents and kids
      Using our minds and using our hearts.   CHORUS

3.   Felix the custodian makes everybody smile.
      He sings in the halls and barks like a dog.
      His bark is rough,
      But his manner is mild.   CHORUS

4.   The red-tailed hawk soars overhead
      Above the chorus' song,
      And Spirit Days and school plays
      And the circle of learning goes on and on.   CHORUS

5.   So we will work and learn and play
      And do our lessons well.
      And maybe in some other time,
      Our story they will tell.   CHORUS

Written by Linda Book and the Patwin Elementary
School Song writing Committee
{Tom Tinney, Jr. was a committee member}

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